i'm allowed to ship them okay

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Eewww pedo apologist byyye

So I’m a pedo apoligist? Lol… Just so you know, in my state, as long as you’re 16 and the person is 4 years older or under, you’re allowed to date them. It’s legal. I had to look it up for me and my boyfriend because i was scared he’d get in trouble. Also, my brother dated a 16 year old when he was 18, she was literally the best thing that ever happened to him. 

So... I went to the cinema

This Friday I went to the cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (for the second time because holy mother of Jesus it’s amazing), in the middle of the session I felt hungry so I left the room to buy some M&M’s.

While I was nervously looking inside my bag for some money, two guys appeared to buy popcorn and something brought my attention: they were holding hands.

I’m a HUGE lgbtq+ supporter and I see no problem with it, love is love in all forms, but the real problem was their faces. They looked scared, looking around all the time to check if someone potentially threatening was looking at them.

I live in Brazil and homophobia here is really common, I hate it. I’ve heard people say shit about the lgbtq+ community before and I was conscious that lgbtq+ couples are constantly afraid of demonstrating affection in public – especially in crowded places like that specific shopping mall – but, until that day, I had never seen it happen.

My heart suddenly shrunk, I looked at them and I felt what they were feeling. I felt afraid. As a bisexual girl inside the closet, that made me feel afraid of coming out to my family and to the world. I understood their struggle.

I managed somehow to make them look at me and smiled the most fondly way I could and said “tudo vai ficar bem” (“everything is going to be okay”). I think it was a lie.

I don’t want it to be a lie, I want everything to be okay.

I’m posting this because I know that a lot of people out there see things like this in a daily basis, and I want them (YOU) to do something. Anything. Smile, blink, say something comforting, show affection, show people that they’re allowed to love whoever they want, that there’s nothing wrong about it.

And I know that lots of people on tumblr ship lgbtq couples, so tell me: how do you want your otp to come out if you don’t show them that it’s okay to love who they love? Small steps, but still worth it.

LMAO??? I still don’t understand why she’s so mad about us shipping bonkai???????????????????????????????? 

 Like okay, I get it she hates bonnie  them together and all but why does it bother her so much if we like them? Why can’t she let the fans ship their damn ship in peace? I have never seen any writer of any show tell heir fans what they’re allowed to ship and what not. 

Who does this bitch think she is ? 

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Anna and Elsa are sisters though? How do you ship them if they are sisters? I'm not hating by the way, just curious:)

*cracks knuckles* All right, allow me to explain you a thing. But first, let me just thank you for being so nice about it instead of lashing out with hate; I think the world needs more people like you :)

Okay. How Seriadne Came To Ship Elsanna: The Novel.

seriously it’s a novel I’m so sorry I got carried away

Yes, they’re blood sisters. Yes, this bothered me at first. Yes, I’m still a bit bothered if people irl know I ship it.

What happened with me was basically this:

Me: *going into the theater* Okay, I’m not gonna ship it. I know my mind is going to try and ship the one pairing that Disney would never have a chance of making canon, but I’m not gonna cave. I know it’s wrong. It’s wrong. No.

Me: *half an hour in* Dammit, NO! I’m not gonna ship them! I can’t! It’s not right!

Me: *after it ends* Maybe if I deny it for long enough…

Me: I’ma make a Frozen blog to distract myself.

Me: I hope people won’t get mad at me if I post a little bit of Elsanna here and there…

Me: *changes name and entire theme of blog to revolve around Elsanna*

But I do have better reasons, I promise. (I’m sorry to tack this gigantic speech onto your question, but I get carried away sometimes.) This is my reasoning for both why I ship Elsanna and why I think it is acceptable.

  • The Westermarck Effect, which states that people who have spent their childhood together are less likely to be romantically attracted to one another. Spent their childhood together like Anna and Elsa have not.
  • The fact that Elsa and Anna are both consenting adults. I’m not saying that everyone should commit incest, but I’m of the mind that whatever consenting (and sober) adults do behind closed doors is their business, so long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone.
  • The widely accepted headcanon that Elsa is queer in some way - strengthened by Jennifer Lee’s comments and favorites on Twitter as well as key details in the movie itself (i.e. “Let It Go” as a coming out song, as well as Hans saying “As heir, Elsa was preferable, but no one was getting anywhere with her” among other examples).
  • The fact that Elsa and Anna are both women, and as such can’t reproduce. Allow me to elaborate. I’m not against the idea of a brother and sister getting together (again, so long as they’re both consenting, sober adults, etc…I can’t emphasize this enough) but should they attempt to reproduce, the fetus could develop very harmful defects. I’m not saying that two sisters can be a couple, but a brother and sister or two brothers can’t; that would be unbelievably unfair of me. It’s just that when anyone’s health comes into play, other factors have to be considered - factors that don’t apply to Elsa and Anna.
  • The fact that they’re fictional - though, if the circumstances were exactly the same albeit in real life, I would probably ship them then as well.

THEN come the more feelsy fangirly reasons.

I know people shame this ship because they think it’s disgusting, sinful, illegal, etc., but the love these two show for each other is, in my mind, anything but. Frankly, I don’t mind if it’s romantic Elsanna or sisterly Elsa and Anna; I just want them to have each other for the rest of their lives. I know what it’s like to feel alone and abandoned, and these women don’t deserve that. Though they’re fictional, there are plenty of people like them, plenty of people with bad memories who deserve more love than can be put into words, plenty of people who are Elsa and Anna. It just so happens that Elsa and Anna are sisters.

But the weird thing is, if you ask me exactly what made me change from shipping primarily sisterly Elsanna to primarily romantic Elsanna, I won’t be able to answer you, because I don’t know. All I know for sure is that they never stopped loving each other, no matter what form of love people choose to perceive it as.

After all, true love saved them both in the end.

the fact that troye had to defend himself about the shipping tweet is not okay. the original tweet was blatantly sarcasm. the fact that he is very clearly involved in ships should have made it obvious that it was a joke. people were being super disrespectful acting as if he didn’t have a right to make the joke and implying that he’s only famous because of shipping. that’s not cool or okay. and even if the tweet was serious, he had every right in the world to say it. just because he has chosen in the past to participate in shipping doesn’t mean he has to continue. he, at any given point, can make the choice to not participate in it anymore. it doesn’t matter if it contributed a lot to his publicity. he is still allowed to move away from it.

those tweets should not have been such a problem that troye felt the need to delete them. he did nothing wrong.

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Nope, we can't get along with amedotshipper their is retarded.

Okay, I will ignore your incorrect use of English language and go straight to the semantical meaning of your words.

Why exactly are amedot shippers retarded? The only thing they’re doing is literally appreciating two characters that could be in a relationship. And guess what! It’s the same exact thing that lapidot shippers are doing!!!!

All I’m saying is that it’s not hard getting along with people who HAPPEN TO LIKE THE SAME FUCKING CARTOON AS YOU. Why are you fighting against someone who agrees that Steven Universe is great?? They just like another ship but literally EVERYONE likes different ships within the same show.

I ship lapidot, amedot, pearlidot, pearlnet, pearlrose, pearlmethyst, rupphire, stevonnie, rock stars, jaspis, jaspidot, ETC ETC ETC ETC. and I don’t fight with anyone about that because I know people have different tastes and it’s all headcanons anyway! I’ll continue shipping these things even if one of them becomes canon because guess what, I’m allowed to! I’m allowed to appreciate the idea of a relationship between two characters!

So get your nose out of your ass and respect other people. Just literally fucking RESPECT THEM. ‘Cause just as you’re allowed to ship lapidot, ANYONE is allowed to ship amedot. Or even both.

Okay, I'm Pricefield trash but I also respect all other ships and don't hate on them.

I also love Warren, he’s such a cutie pie.
I loved him since the beginning and when he ends up with Max so what?

- Every ship is allowed.
- Every ship is worth the love.

Just because you don’t ship someone doesn’t mean you’re allowed to hate on them. You all need to calm down.


I say that even though I’m hella Pricefield trash and I’m literally Chloe Price myself.