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other ppl: the black has rlly deep important symbolism!! it’s abt his rebirth and character development after the end of cacw, it’s the ultimate symbol of his Grief but also his reinvention + moving past cacw
me: it looks hot, literally the armor is sexy af in black that’s p much all i got

So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

(Nobody’s bolded because I love everyone and felt bad.)

And, uh, here we go?

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So I’m torn between wanting to hide under my covers vs. wanting to trip over the waste basket whilst dancing around like a jackass in my bathroom, because apparently I got a few nominations for the Shrieking Shack Society’s Marauders Medals Awards and I am a mess??!!!

Palo Alto was nominated for Best AU, Watch Me was nominated for Best Smut, and I was nominated for Best Veteran Author.

Voting will be open on 1 October, so keep your eye out for the link and more info. Thank you so much to @shayalonnie, @jencala and the rest of the Shrieking Shack Society for all the hard work they put into these gorgeous icons and, of course, the nominating and voting process. And thank you all so much for reading my stuff! Just being nominated is such an honor, and I’m so happy and excited to be a part of such a supportive fandom! <3 <3 <3 


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Hey hey~~! I am hype for V route! How about you???ノ(・ω・)ノ

My soul disassembled from the moment I saw V with long hair and Unknown in a suit. This is the route we’ve been waiting for.

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Since today is Matthew and Stephs 5th wedding anniversary... Anniversary cuddles? ~🌸

For a second, Matthew almost didn’t want to wake Stephanie up. The way the morning light was gently filtering through the curtains almost seemed to make her skin glow sunkissed and summery and her hair looked streaked with gold and mahogany and a million shades of deep, rich brown and softer highlights of bronze and copper and a beautiful colour Matthew would struggle to describe beyond calling it ‘Stephanie’. She looked like something ethereal and otherworldly, like a faery or an angel or something precious and beautiful and untouchable.

Even then, Matt couldn’t stop himself from reaching a soft hand towards her face and gently stroking a thumb over the curve of her cheek. She felt warm and comforting and if home ever had to be condensed into a single being, Matthew knew it would look like his sleeping wife.

“Hey sleepyhead.” He whispered, feeling her shift and begin to wake from him careful touches. Stephanie rolled over to face him and Matthew felt the breath get knocked out of him as two sleepy brown eyes looked up at him, the light making them practically glow a rainbow of rich browns as she looked up at him. “Hey yourself.” Steph replied in a tired, rusty voice. Even while still half asleep, Matt smiled at the way she tilted her head to lean into his touch and he let the palm of his hand come to rest on her cheek. “Happy anniversary, honey.”

Five years wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things. In the face of a potential 80-90 years of life, five years was nothing. It was a blink, a shrug, a sentence in a vast and incomprehensible book. It was inconsequential. But Matthew knew that, regardless, he wouldn’t trade the last five years for anything. “You’re so beautiful when you wake up.” He said, letting a hint of awe slip into his voice as his eyes traced the soft curve of her eyelashes and the slow, sleepy smile she gave him.

“You’re beautiful too.” Steph’s hand lifted off the mattress and Matt felt a warmth in his chest as her fingers traced the line of his nose, the shadows of too many late nights working that showed under his eyes, the tips tickling over morning stubble before she gently grabbed him by the chin and pulled him in for a slow, sleepy kiss that seems to melt Matt’s bones and leave him star struck and dizzy. “I love you.” Matthew more felt than heard the words, low and soft with tiredness, against his lips. “I love you too.” He replied, pulling Stephanie close to him and revelling in the way she fit so perfectly into his arms he wondered how he was ever comfortable holding anyone else.

“Sleeping time, work later.” He heard Steph mumble, her head resting on his chest right over his heart. “Sounds good to me, love. Sweet dreams.” Matthew said and felt his chest tighten as Stephanie tugged one of his arms away from their spot wrapped around her and laced her fingers with his. ‘I hope I never have to wake up in the morning without Stephanie beside me.’ He thought tiredly, letting his eyes drift closed. 'I can’t wait to celebrate 10 years of marriage.’

why had i never seen the age of ultron deleted scenes so much new footage wHAT IS THIS

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Sophie did u see someone made a whole thread of proofs explaining camila might b in Jamaica with lauren and I'm shook!! All the clues match up the place in camilas last photo where u can see a house and beach behind her (happiness in little things tweet) Laurens resort and some stalker found out the resorts name too. And a while back ppl found d interview where camila says she wants to visit Jamaica!!!! OMG and suddenly camz hs been MIA since lauren left fr Jamaica. C is also near a beach

I haven’t seen that post - do you maybe have a link to it?

It begins like this, Fareeha’s hand brushing her hair out of her face, Fareeha’s eyes meeting hers across the table at which they are eating.  It is four in the afternoon, and they have made taking this meal together a custom, even if the food itself is never shared.  For Angela, this is only Zvieri, not an important meal, and one which she used to eat hastily and alone while working, but this is Fareeha’s lunch hour, and her main meal at that, and Angela would not have her eat it alone, in silence.  Doing so is good for both of them, then, as it has the other benefit of forcing Angela to actually take a break from her work and get out of the lab.  Additionally, it gives the two of them time together, alone, outside of the pressures of the battlefield or the training ground, time where, unlike their evening meal, they are fully awake.  The arrangement is almost domestic, as they eat together and talk about nothing, and when, in training the day before, Lena jokingly refers to it as their “lunch date,” Angela thinks that perhaps she would not object to it being so.  If this gesture, so casual, a hand in her hair to better see her eyes, is any indication, perhaps Fareeha would not object either.  Suddenly, Angela’s stomach is full of butterflies, and she loses her appetite for Zvieri.

The excerpt I based this scene on from one of my favourite pharmercy fan fictions, Touch (I’m All Shook Up (it does get NSFW/Explicit towards the end, so proceed with caution!) by the beautiful and wonderful @agenthill…literally this is one of my favorite scenes!!! It is just so tender and Angela isn’t even sure of her longing and and and???? It’s so good and Angela is so unaware

Literally, okay, I read a plagiarized work based on this fanfic, fell in love with it, was sent to the source work and well wow so that became the start of a friendship where we discuss the Greatest Things I Never Knew I Needed in my life…including Rory. So I’ve been working on drawing one of my favorite sfw scenes from this fic bc for her…honestly…the writing is so fluid and my heart is full every time I read it…and Rory deserves top notch Praise and Art Always. So thank you again for creating this masterpiece Rory, it’s on my phone!!! Forever!!! Just like you’re in my heart!!! Forever!!!!