i'm all for regina and emma

it goes without saying that i would ship emma and neal regardless of who henry’s father turned out to be. but the fact that he is henry’s father, the fact that emma and neal were and always will be connected through him–the fact that they found love and home in each other–can never be erased. to henry, neal is his one and only father in every way that counts. to emma, he’s her first love. no one can ever replace him in their lives.

a+e might want us to forget about swanfire and their journey, bittersweet as it was. but the truth is, they were the lost boy and the lost girl, no one else. once upon a time, they found each other, and for a while there, emma, neal, and their son were a family. no ship, no writers, and no retcons can take that away from us.

  • *One Drink*
  • Emma: I'm still mad you lured me out here you know?
  • Regina: Would you rather be dealing with a bar fight? I'm sure I could start one with you.
  • Snow: This drink is amazing!
  • *Two Drinks*
  • Snow: Incoherent singing.
  • Emma: How is she already drunk?
  • Regina *shrugs*: She must not have our high tolerance...do you want to take her home or stay here with me?
  • *Three Drinks*
  • Snow: You guys are so pretty...god I wish you two could find happiness.
  • Emma: Me too...I'm sorry you had to let Robin go...again.
  • Regina: And I'm sorry about Hook...you're too good for him Emma.
  • Emma: And you're too good for Robin.
  • *Four Drinks*
  • Snow: Snoring.
  • Emma *laughs*: You look so beautiful like this.
  • Regina: Like what?
  • Emma: With your curls and that dress...all relaxed but hot.
  • *Five Drinks*
  • Emma: Thank you for bringing me out here. I needed this.
  • Regina: You're welcome. Are you okay?
  • Emma: I will be...what is in these drinks?
  • Regina: Alcohol...alcohol and more alcohol...maybe we should stop.
  • *Six Drinks*
  • Regina *drawls*: You're so pretty...why are you so pretty?
  • Emma: I don't know...why are you so cute?
  • Regina *laughs*: We must be magic!
  • Emma: Only together...
  • *They fall silent for several moments before turning to face one another. They move closer to one another before kissing.*
  • *The Next Morning*
  • Snow: We should go drinking more often!
  • Emma *smiles at Regina*: Definitely.

when all you wanted was two characters to talk and be friends, but the show won’t let them even interact anymore because it might be too gay

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Girls Night Out
  • Emma: Well it doesn't matter because Regina Mills is not into women.
  • Ruby: Are you kidding me right now?
  • Kathryn: You have to be kidding.
  • Belle: Or she is completly oblivious.
  • Emma: What are you guts talking about? She is into that lumberjack look. Beards and muscles and you know, dicks.
  • Mulan: Maybe the bar is not the best place to have this -
  • Ruby: Seriously? Of course Regina likes women. Everybody knows that.
  • Emma: You are bullshitting me.
  • Ruby: She had a very wild and very public affair with Maleficent after she killed Snow's Dad. Very very public.
  • Belle: And I think she had a relationship with the head nurse at the Asylum during the curse. She gave her roses and looks.
  • Mulan: She supposedly disguised herself with magic and visited taverns with certain reputations.
  • Emma: You're saying she snuck into ye olde gay bars?
  • Mulan: With Tinkerbell and several other blondes.
  • Ruby: Emma, honey, if Bette Porter and Olivia Spencer had a gay love child, that child would cower in awe of Regina's lady loving powers.
  • Belle: I mean her Evil Queen self pretty much undressed you with her eyes, constantly.
  • Kathryn: Normal Regina does too. All the time. One time she almost ran into a wall because she saw you out running.
  • Emma: Is this a joke?
  • Zelena: I wish it was. I need a curse to erase the tales of my sister's proclivities from my mind. It is bad enough I have to see her lusting after you, but talking about it is worse.
  • Snow: And we can't even get properly intoxicated because we're still breast feeding.
  • Emma: So she really is into girls.
  • Lily: Yup. Hey quick question, can magical gays make babies together? I'm asking for a friend.
  • Emma: I need another drink.
  • What she says: "I'm fine."
  • What she means: "Regina loves Emma so much that in spite of disliking Hook for who he is, what he did to her and being with Emma, in spite of thinking Emma is too good for him, she made it her job to ensure Emma got her dream wedding. She was there with Emma every step of the way through the wedding preparations, all the while looking at Emma like she makes the stars shine. Then she sat through the entire wedding with a smile on her face because Emma looked happy. And if that's not love I don't know what is."
Swan Queen Chat Fic
  • *Emma is with Snow, getting ready for her wedding. Snow is fixing Emma's hair while she stands in front of the mirror. Regina walks into the room, slowly, and tensely.*
  • Regina: Snow? Could we... Could Emma and I have a moment alone... please?
  • Snow: Oh. Um. Sure! Okay.
  • *Snow leaves the room, closing the door behind her.*
  • Regina: Today's the day, huh?
  • Emma: It is.
  • Regina: You don't seem particularly excited.
  • Emma: I am.
  • Regina: Are you sure? Has the pirate bribed you into saying that? Has he--
  • Emma: (Angrily) His name is Killian.
  • Regina: Right. Killian. I'm sorry.
  • *Regina is tearing up. Emma catches on, and her face softens.*
  • Emma: Regina? What's wrong? Why are you crying?
  • Regina: Nothing. I'm just... happy for you. That's all.
  • Emma: I know that face, Regina. Something's wrong. I know you.
  • *Regina steps closer to Emma, until they are only a few feet away.*
  • Regina: Why... Why are...
  • Emma: What?
  • Regina: Why are you marrying him?
  • Emma: (Pause) He loves me.
  • Regina: And do you really love him?
  • Emma: I...
  • Regina: Do you really want to marry him?
  • Emma: Regina. What are trying to say?
  • Regina: I love you. I love you, Emma. I can't watch this happen without saying anything. I love you.
  • *Emma closes the gap between them, pulling Regina into a tight hug.*
  • Emma: Regina... I love you too. Oh, God, Regina... I love you too.
  • Snow: (Bursting through the door) I KNEW IT. I ALWAYS KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT. (Calling) DAVID, IT HAPPENED. GET IN HERE.

Imagine Emma and Regina get back from the wish realm and Emma is so used to having Regina with her all the time that it feels weird to not have that. She’s used to spending her days with Regina, and them comforting each other when they miss home, and sleeping next to her in caves they’ve been hiding in (and not talking about the fact that they often wake up cuddling or holding hands).

And Emma’s just sad living apart from Regina and she can’t sleep and one night she finds herself in Regina’s vault and she stumbles across snake!EQ tucked away in a cage down there and whenever she’s lonely or can’t sleep she goes and sleeps next to snake!EQ and talks to her and it sort of feel like she’s back in the wish realm with Regina.

And when Regina and the EQ finally become one person again, Regina has gets all of the EQ’s memories and remembers being lonely in a cage in the vault until Emma started visiting and goes to Emma immediately because she’d missed her too.

So with filming spoilers starting to roll in and adult Henry appearing in the Emma role, it occurs to me that Once has an Emma problem. Not because the character is no longer on the show, but because of what the character represented.

Emma Swan was a different kind of princess. She was abandoned time and time again, she went though 28 years feeling unloved and unwanted. She built walls, but she survived the worst life through at her. She struggled and fought and won. She found her family, her true love, and her home. She’s the embodiment of hope for anyone who has ever struggled. She was relatable in all her disbelief and hardships.

Here’s the problem - Henry has none of that in his background. (Well we could discuss the ten years with Regina, but the show refuses to go there.) Henry’s story line seems to revolve around his loss of belief. Unlike Emma, who had never believed, Henry is the truest believer. His lack of belief isn’t due to the circumstances of his life and its hardships, but because of a curse. Even the timeline of this curse doesn’t seem to have been very long since we have already seen him interacting with Lucy in the Enchanted Forest. Emma had 28 years to conquer, Henry has a few months?

Henry simply needs to believe and get his memory back then they can defeat the villain that tried to ruin their lives (or inexplicably befriend them and spend the next few seasons parenting them). For Emma, it was never that simple, her belief was one issue, but even once she believed there was so much more she struggled with - accepting her parents, her magic, true love, and the idea of home. At this point Henry’s curse seems to be a plot point, one that they will hopefully resolve quickly. Emma’s story, on the other hand, was about her struggle, her growth, and her eventual embrace of who she is.

It’s the difference between a plot point and character development and one of these has been Once’s biggest weakness for the past few seasons and to the detriment of the show.

Seriously though, if you ever want to know why I hate Regina so much, just watch season 1.  And season 2.  Watch all of the horrible shit she did and got away with without so much as an apology.  Just because the other characters were written to turn a blind eye and forget about all her crimes doesn’t mean I have.  Everyone forgiving her is literally the most unrealistic thing about this show.

  • Me: " You know what's the best and original love story on once upon a time?"
  • Snowing shippers: "US! we started the show on our love and created the savior."
  • Me: "True but No."
  • SwanFire shippers: "US! Our love helped bring Henry into this world to go get Emma and bring her to storybrooke, to save everyone and make her the savior."
  • Me: " Yeah and thank you I was really rooting for you guys but no."
  • Rumbelle shippers: "Us! Were fucking beauty and the beast nobody can beat love as old as time."
  • Me: "But no talking household items so had me lost there but hope you work out all your problems and save your son."
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: "Us! We are soul mates and we lost one half of our ship we deserve this.
  • Me: "I'm very sorry for all your suffering and still no. sorry.
  • CS shippers: US!!!! Emma went to hell for hook and they love eachother the most!!!! A pirate and his savior. HOOOK!!! WE ARE THE BEST AND MOST HEALTHY COUPLE ON THE SHOW. IT IS US! NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY! WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. THEY GOING TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABY PIRATES๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜"
  • Me: ..........???? HELL NO!!
  • Swan Queen: "US! Emma took on the darkness for Regina. They both used TLK on Henry. They are the most powerful when they use magic together. True Love is Magic! And Regina saw Emma in her panties, how is that not gay?
  • Me: "That is all true and I wanted them to end up together but Emma is lost cause she's so far up Hooks ass, along with Adam and Eddy and No. sorry.
  • Snowing shippers: ?????
  • SwanFire shippers: ????
  • Rumbelle shippers: ????
  • Captain Swan shippers: "US, swan queen suck it."
  • Swan queen shippers: "We can do another dark curse watch CS."๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  • OutLawQueen shippers: "Then who the bloody hell is it?"
  • Me: "The best and original love story is of Regina Mills and finally forgiving and loving herself in the end."

Once Upon a Time…

There was an Enchanted Forest filled with all the classic characters we know. Or think we know. One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen. Our World.

I don’t think the world has enough ambulances for all the CSers that just died.

So in 6x10 A&E tried to sell us on the idea that Emma would have been a weak and simpering fool if raised by Snow and David. (And that was their intention until Adam got called out on twitter.)

Then they open 6x11 with baby Emma on the street.

Talk about insult to injury.

Regina ruined Emma’s life. She cost her 28 years of a loving home. And we get treated to scenes of Emma on the street as a young girl, but hey it all worked out in the end?

No. This needs to stop. Stop justifying Regina’s actions because she’s changed. There is nothing that will make up for what Regina cost Emma.

And their wish world interpretation was just flat out insulting, and baby Emma is just heartbreaking.

You can’t have it both ways - you can’t show a lonely, homeless child and then claim those responsible are heroes.

sometimes i’m like *record screech* wow. regina adopted a baby because she was literally just… bored

of course she couldn’t have a child with graham because he was just a boy toy, and she couldn’t like, wait. so she went to the Shady Adoption Agency of New England to purchase her (probably trafficked) child as quickly as possible

but when this poor infant child cried too much her first instinct wasn’t to read self-help books or find another mother in town to ask advice, but to yell SHIT SHIT I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, TAKE IT BACK

i guess she made it through that and loved him and stuff and he was well-fed and clothed and had a nice physical existence

but then when he grew up and developed a little conscience of his own and became a smart, curious, lonely little boy who solved a mystery and came to her about it - instead of ‘fessing up and admitting she had done something wrong, her first instinct was to gaslight her ten-year-old child into thinking he was crazy

….anyway like, all the fairy tale stuff aside, regina was a super fucked up mother