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Why are monsters so accepting of practically everything?! Not that I'm complaining, I'm just jealous

It’s out of necessity really. I mean think about it. Here’s a species consisting of beasts, undead, and elementals of wildly different shapes, sizes, colors, physical and psychological needs, cultures, and magical powers. Some of them are male and female. Some are both or neither. Some of them are made of goo. And what even ARE temmies?
And all of that diversity is now forced to live in a rather cramped cave system under a mountain in the Canadian wilderness. They HAVE to get along or else a lot of people will die. And so, a sort of silver lining can be seen in the captivity of monster kind. All that pressure forged them into a diamond of hope and acceptance.

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I'm terribly sorry I didn't word it right. Basically I wanted to know what you meant about that The Silver Eyes doesn't treat murder like a cool thing. It's sometimes that's been on my mind for a long time now.

When I said that, I was referring to two things. First of all, it actually portrays the murder of Michael (and Sammy) as events that had painful, long-term, traumatic consequences for a lot of people. It makes the reader feel like something was really lost with Michael and by extension, all the other kids too (I think there’s even a line where Charlie feels bad that she can’t mourn everyone). I like fiction that treats death like it has weight, even when it’s deaths of characters the audience didn’t know, so I appreciated that from the book.

Secondly, the book goes out of it’s way to say that the kind of guy who would put on a rabbit suit and murder children, would probably be a pretty gross and pathetic dude. And I liked that as a contrast to how many people saw that purple pixel sprite and went “he must be a gorgeous generic cool sexy murder dork bishounen”.

Basically I liked that TSE was a book about murder that handled the murder in a non-exploitative way, and the best-written parts of TSE are easily the parts about trauma and grief.

(That being said, TSE also has it’s moments of being a slasher and I don’t think it was nearly as good at doing that, partly ‘cause once I got the feeling no one under the age of 20 was going to die in the present day of the book, that undercut the tension a lot.)

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So you say you'd be here for me if I needed someone to talk to. Well my ex & I broke up, I think we were both kind of tired of each other, but the day we broke up, it was magical, we laughed, we had a good time, and we were intimate as well, I didn't care that my sister was upstairs. But I don't know why I didn't verbalized that I didn't want him to go. After all of that I thought he understood that I still loved him. And now, he's moved on with someone new, and I'm so broken. So sad, so lost :(

Breakups can be painful. You’re allowed to feel sad and frustrated, in fact it’s better than bottling up your feelings. I’m really sorry about what happened to you but I guess if there’s a silver lining it’s that now you’re free to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. Don’t settle for someone who only likes you when you love them xx

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Okay-um-this seems stupid for me to ask-or-to say, Xephos could look good with some earrings, especially when he's talking to Lalnable and Kim. And-uh-I'm going to try to write something for you because your comic is awesome! (I'm going to add my own character...) (Sorry if I sound nervous...)

You do sound quite nervous, not to worry though; I don’t bite… and If I did, there are no witnesses left to back up that claim! :D

I can’t picture Xephos wearing earrings personally, he seems very neat and militaristic with his aesthetic decisions… perhaps he’d have small studs, all Silver & White but that’s about as far as I can picture him going. 

Also, I’ve read the mini-fic you wrote. My one suggestion is to space out the lines so people speak on their own separate lines (my eyes have the tendency to skip words so I got muddled a couple of times missing who was speaking,) but other then that it was a pretty cool read! 

It did make me think about the possibility of Xephos’s actual family… that part of his past is a mystery wrapped in an enigma to me. 

Perhaps he did have family once a long, long time ago… or maybe he’s always been the paradoxical time loop. *shrugs*

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honestly I admire you so much and I wish I could be like you

HOw 2 b liek Rayne (abridged):

1) love all small cute things (this includes my followers cuz y’all are all adorable)
2) read ALL the books
3) Be a GIANT NERD POTATO that draws or cosplays occasionally
4) Buy underwear with cats riding strips of bacon in space, pineapple print is also acceptable.
5) Find the silver linings
6) Workout or yoga every other day
7) Coffee or tea
8) Sniff candles that smell like food or go outside and breathe in fresh air
9) BEES???
10) Take a deep calming breath, and repeat.

(But for real, I love you so much and I’m so flattered and amazed that someone wants to be like me)

  • Bobby: I guess y'all could turn right in 200 metres. Oh wait! I meant left! Ah shit sorry, my bad.
  • Hanbin: In 201.5 metres turn left. No. You did it wrong. Do it again. Did you practice driving last night, hyung?
  • Jinhwan: In 200 metres turn left. You have arrived at your destination. Good job. *gets teary eyed*
  • Yunhyeong: In 200 met-hey, do I look good with the all black screen and silver accents? Maybe we should've gone for the rose gold?
  • June: It's in 200 metres. It's literally right there in front of your face. Look, is this gonna take long? I have to see a man about some hair bleach.
  • Chanwoo: My mother said that I'm not allowed to give you any directions.
  • Donghyuk: In 200 metres turn left. Oh good you have reached your destination safely. Hey there's a good parking spot on your right. Make sure you park within the lines. Yes good. Have you got your coat? Yes good. Have fun with your friends and remember, just because he buys you a drink doesn't mean you owe him anything!

vira65 replied to your post “vira65 replied to your post “Silver Lining chapter twenty-nine…”

Whoa! But those strikes are not against you but at how well my YoungSang heart was shot perfectly to shreds. If anything it is says a lot about how good you are at writing to be able to create such an effect! You have got to know that already!

And G, am talking about bowling strikes, those perfect 10s of hitting all 10 pins with a single throw? With a five bagger hitting all 10 pins 5 consecutive times, which is not a common thing!

So, ah, I know nothing about bowling and I was really confused by your strike comment ^^;;; I’ve only heard strike used in the negative sense and I couldn’t tell if you were teasing me or not ^^;;;;

And there are things with my writing that I hope to do (like break your heart often) but I’m unsure if that’s always a good thing to all my readers ^^;;;

I’m sorry. I was so burned by what happened several years ago in the heirs shipping wars that I struggle to see compliments where they are. I will try to be better about this ^^;;;;

okay but rhink snuggling?? do we discuss this enough???????? not enough for me okay here we go.

don’t tell anyone but rhett ADORES being the little spoon. being 6′7″, he’s always the one holding people, making someone else feel small. but when he and link are both laying in bed, somewhere between awake and asleep, and link pulls rhett into his chest? god, it’s heaven. rhett can somehow feel small with his back pressed against link’s chest, link’s beautiful broad shoulders allowing him to put an arm over him. and link smiles into the nape of rhett’s neck, because he knows. 

link, naughty boy that he is, likes being on top of rhett. rhett will be marathoning movies, sprawled out on the couch, just fucking irresistible. once rhett finally pays attention to what link is doing, link is straddling him. and rhett just smiles and looks up at his man with so much amusement and love that link blushes and has to bury his face in rhett’s neck. and rhett laughs, mostly because link’’s stubble is tickling him. they wrap their arms around each other, breathe each other in. rhett tries (and fails) to finish the rest of his movie while link kisses his neck and collarbones.  

but the kind of cuddling they love the most is facing each other. they lay on their side, foreheads almost pressed together, fingers ballroom dancing between them. sharing each other’s air, knees bumping together, laughter hitting laughter, it’s almost too good. they talk about their relationship, their parents, new ideas for the show, the bills. rhett talks about the multiverse theory. they always end up talking about the universe in which they’re too scared to be with each other. but then again, they always always move on to the universe where no one in the world has a problem with their love. link talks about his anxiety dreams, most of which include losing rhett. but waking up with rhett right there gives it all a silver lining. because there’s no dream, no universe, better than the one they’re in now, together.

Opening Scene of Far Cry 4
  • Pagan: I distinctly remember saying, stop the bus. Yes stop, the bus. Not shoot the bus.
  • Pagan: I'm very particular with my words. Stop. Shoot. STOP. Shoot. Do those words sound, the same?
  • Royal Army Soldier: But it got out of control.
  • Pagan: I'm sorry I didn't hear your what'd you say?
  • Royal Army Soldier: It got out of control.
  • Pagan: Got out of control. I hate when things get out of control. *stabs soldier*
  • Pagan: One fucking job and you couldn't fucking do that!
  • Pagan: And I got blood on my fucking shoes.
  • Pagan: At least there's a silver lining, you didn't completely fuck it up.
  • Pagan: Get up boy. I'd recognise those eyes anywhere. *chuckles and hugs Ajay*
  • Pagan: I'm so sorry about all this. This was supposed to be, well not this.
  • Pagan: We have a party, waiting for you. But I don't think I know your name. Who is this? Hm? Is this your +1? *laughs* Strong silent type, I like it.
  • Pagan: I am terribly embarrassed about all this, this was supposed to be very simple but you know if you feed the monkeys they just throw their shit at each other.
  • Pagan: Oh! Would you hold this for just a moment? I just want to get a little a picture right into the camera there we are! *takes selfie* Awesome.
  • Pagan: Don't you worry about a thing my boy this'll soon be behind us and we'll be off on our grand adventure because I have CLEARED my calendar for you. You and I are gonna TEAR SHIT UP.

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What's wrong with David O. Russell? I'm just curious..

  • He is notorious for treating his cast and crew like shit (see this video of him screaming at actress Lily Tomlin)
  • His transgender niece accused him of groping her but he swore it was, like, totally consensual. 
  • He is a pompous pissbaby (please see this video of the face he made when Emmanuelle Riva won over Jennifer Lawrence last year at the BAFTAs)
  • Also important to mention that Silver Linings Playbook is a really problematic portrayal of people who deal with mental illness 
  • Honestly, with all this stuff and the fact that his films are nothing to write home about it just goes to show that if you’re white and male in Hollywood that you can still act like an immature asshole and people will still support you. 

If anyone else wants to add on, be my guest?

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Okay, so I do wanna ask you because I've been following for awhile and I like your blog. So do you have any good resources or ideas on puzzles? My group doesn't use modules, our campaigns are custom built, and I'm trying to incorporate puzzles more.

So I hit up the G+ think tank about puzzles in D&D, and got some useful insights and perspectives. Many of which line up with my own. 

“Puzzles” is a very specific term, with very specific connotations. You say Puzzles, I think “Pushing crates, moon crest, sword key, tiger eye gems, V-Jolt, Resident Evil”. Or, to a similar degree, “Hookshot, Pegasus Boots, breakable floors, eye sensor, silver arrows, pressure plates, Zelda”. Those are all fun, but they’re primarily single person obstacles, which amount to little more than roadblocks.

Puzzles are problems with limited solutions, or sometimes, just one solution. You have a specially locked door, which requires a special key. Or maybe that door’s locking mechanism is tied to a nearby pressure plate: You can push the nearby statue onto it to make it open, you can just pile up a bunch of goblin corpses on it. Same problem, different but similar solutions. 

The thing is, I kinda don’t like puzzles in D&D. Specifically, puzzles with only one solution. 

These are things like: Riddles, logic puzzles, tile puzzles, special key doors, and the like. Because they only have one solution, and that solution isn’t immediately apparent, they slow down play. They lock off portions of your game behind something that will frustrate your players at best, and bore them at worst. 

But D&D is a freeform game. A game that, depending on how you play it, is ultimately about weird, abstract problem solving. 

Consider this Resident Evil puzzle: 

There’s a crest inside of locked cabinet, and a button in the centre of the room, along with two grates. You push the button, the cabinet unlocks and you can get the crest…BUT, poison gas comes out of the grates. You’ll die before you can leave the room with the crest. 

However, there’s also two big statues in the room. You can push them around. Solution: push the statues to cover the grates, push the button, get the crest now that the gas can’t flow out of the covered grates. 

That’s a pretty good puzzle. Nothing groundbreaking. 

But D&D offers the ability to solve it in other ways:

  • Smash the glass of the cabinet to get at the crest. 
  • Pick the lock of the cabinet. 
  • Use a spell or potion making you immune to poison gas. 
  • Don’t bother with the room at all…fake the later door mechanism with a false crest of your own invention. 

Puzzles in D&D end up being little more than gatekeeping devices. Don’t use them. 

Instead, think about Problem Solving

Give your players insurmountable problems. Creatures that are way too powerful to kill in head on confrontations. Trapped rooms designed to kill the players slowly. Gates barred by intimidating orcs or monsters. Creatures that can’t be damaged by ordinary means. Physics obstacles that involve weight, balance, and containers. Problems where you can think of one, maybe two solutions to them, but you’re fairly certain there may be other ways past it. 

Pull no punches, throw no soft pitches. Make your players understand that these problems can be solved by combat, but it’s almost suicidal to attempt. Let them use all the their tools, all their wits, and all their spells to carve out a solution…and understand that there might be many ways for them to make a solution. 

For example, consider this encounter and how it could have been solved, and then how it was actually solved. 

For new-school people: If you’re playing a version of the game with a Perception skill, or a Search skill, or any other mechanical roll that allows you to spot traps/solve problems by rolling dice, consider ditching it. Consider your players only being able to discern things about their environment, and act in that environment, by verbally describing what they do and how they react.

As a game master, you must be asked questions in order to give up information. Tell your players no more about a locked chest or secret door or trapped gem-eyed tiger head statue than what they’ve asked about. If they don’t ask about part of the thing, or do something with part of the thing, then they don’t get to know about that part of the thing. 

If you want to use Perception/Search/etc, have it only be able to be rolled once, and provide only a single clue.

This will encourage your players to interact more thoughtfully with the environment. They’ll look less to their character sheets, and more to you, the GM, for a solution. 

In addition: don’t discount how helpful your players’ inventories can be. Flasks of oil, pitons, rope, daggers, blocks of lard, animals, acid, dumb circumstantial magic items that you gave them over a dozen sessions ago that they still have but have never used.

Make ‘em use all of it. 

Have these items be destroyed or broken in the process. Rope frays, pitons bend, daggers snap, oil can fill a room with smoke when lit. Make your players burn through their items to solve a problem. 

So, uh…in conclusion, don’t use puzzles. They’re dumb. Give your players problems instead. 

Hopefully that helps a little. 

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i don't mean to blow up your ask box but do you think grantaire would be as much of a dick to women in modern times as he was in the brick? i'm leaning towards yes, but he'd probably learn faster as the Amis would be even more offended, but i'm not sure either way and i'm wondering what your opinion is? anyway this has all inspired me to write a very passive aggressive fic where the big apology is from Grantaire, for once, so i guess there's a silver lining

I suspect he’d personally have good relationships with the women in his life - in spite of what he says about her romantic life, he seems to have a fairly chummy relationship with Floreal, and for all his problematical views on gender he views her as a person and a friend - but he would probably lean towards that skeevy bio-truth interpretation (based on his pretty-girls-go-for-rich-bankers bit - that all-too-easily translates into a modern equivalent). I suspect (hope!) he’d be less handsy, too, as that would earn him some very cold responses.

I certainly can’t see him being a full-on Red Piller as he’s basically a warm, decent person and he’d find their doctrine laughable, but I think occasionally he’d lapse into a bit of nice-guyism. The problem is, I can see him doing what I see some guys do now - play up a controversial take on gender issues not because they sincerely believe it, but because they’re edgy. Grantaire loves to provoke, and if winding people up about gender issues achieved that, he’d do it. This is a guy who sings royalist ditties not because he’s a royalist, but to get a rise out of his friends. He’d be the edgy friend who we all know is basically a great bloke and good company, who’d be there for you if you were in a jam and who really cares for you underneath all the BS, but who also really annoys you because if he sees an issue is dear to you, he WILL get a rise of you over it.

ETA: Very much looking forward to your fic! I’ve seen a few that turn the fanon tropes on their heads, and it can be very refreshing when the tables are turned if it’s handled well (and based on your writing I’m confident you won’t do an OOC take on Grantaire just to subvert fanonical tropes, but rather an interesting take on their characterisation playing with expectations).

Silver Linings Playbook Sentence Starters Pt I
  • "It's a good thing, I'm remaking myself."
  • "It's all under control"
  • "Excelsior!!"
  • "The world's hard enough as it is, it's fucking hard enough as it is!!"
  • "I'm sorry about that song I just wanted to see if it was still a trigger for you"
  • "Well, bravo it's still a trigger!!"
  • "You know what he says to me?? 'You should probably go'"
  • "That's a silver lining!!"
  • "How did who die?"
  • "What meds are you on?"
  • "It takes the light right out of your eyes!"
  • "You say more inappropriate things then appropriate things!"
  • "You can fuck me if you turn the lights off."
  • "I'm gonna take that camera and break it over ya fuckin head!"
  • "There's always going to part of me that's going to be sloppy and dirty but I like that with all the other parts of myself! Can you say the same?!"
  • "So she's a loyal to a dead guy, married slut."
  • "Pick me up at 730"
  • "It's just not right lumping you and I together."
  • "You told your therapist you're in superior mental illness category than me!"

I’d also like to point out how relieved I am by how the Civil War tie in went? I’ve spent so many months since 2B agonizing over the character splitting up and taking sides and duking it out… and none of that happened at all. They were all in it together, no matter what and I’m just overwhelmed with joy about that.

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i've been thinking about Louis meeting with their image lawyer the day of the tweets and i'm wondering if he was advised to go along with modest's strategy for the time being, hence eleanor being brought back into focus. modest can only make things worse for louis, and by extension Harry, the more damage control they feel they need to do. i can't see how they can stay with MM for another year, which leaves us a month of eleanor. i think louis is looking at the silver lining and playing nice.

Everything could be, yeah.
The thing is… You’re all saying it seems he’s “obligated” to playing nice.
And that’s the thing I disagree on.
Louis has always played dirty, he shades when he can, he acts reckless if he wants to.
Him behaving now for me it’s not because someone said to him “If you don’t act nice we…”. Because until 2 days ago he wasn’t doing this. 
He was doing what they were telling him to: go out with Eleanor. Only he wasn’t playing along.
He’s never done that.

This was during the biggest PR stunt of the One direction fandom.
I’m sure they asked him not so politely to act nice. 
He didn’t.
So now you can’t tell me he’s acting nice because he’s blackmailed about something. He’s acting nice because
-It’s convenient to him, for something that will happen
-He wants to.

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Ok, I'm sorry, can we just. Can we just talk about young Thorin. Can we just talk about how devastatingly, ovary-shatteringly good looking young Thorin is? Can we think about Bilbo maybe seeing a de-aged Thorin and passing out because all of the blood in his head has fled south? Can we. Can we just.

i see your young!thorin and raise you… older!retired!thorin, grey of beard and silver-haired! a bit thicker around the middle! with deep laugh lines! creases and crinkles around his eyes when he smiles! happy in the shire! with bilbo!!!

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"Silver! I finally found you!" The khan grinned, carrying a brand new lance. "I'm sorry I couldn't get this wrapped and all, but I still wanted to bring you this as a gift. Happy Nagamas!"

Silver was about to say something, but she stopped as soon as she saw the Brave Lanced Flavia carried with her. instead of the usual blue decorative metal plating that lined its center, ruby red took its place. She smiled warmly and took the lance, examining it carefully.

“Thank you, Flavia.”

Silver looked back at the parcels wrapped in clear wrapping plastic.

“Oh! These um… Mind giving me a hand? I don’t have anywhere to go during Nagamas, and i know Chrom’s going to have his hands filled to the brim with everyone and everything in his new life. So…” She trailed off.

“Would it be alright if I celebrated it in Ferox?”