i'm all about the silver linings


There she was again. That girl in black, who usually hung around Adam. He had seen her around the base countless times over the years, and they never really interacted in all of that time. Hell, the only reason Varou knew Adam’s name was because he was such a prominent figure in the White Fang.

But the girl was the one who caught his attention whenever he saw them (and rarely did the lower officer get to see Adam unless he was with the girl in black) though he wasn’t really sure why. It was something about her eyes. They just seemed so…sad. And familiar, actually. A part of him wanted to talk with her, but usually he decides against it. He thinks that maybe it would be a bit too strange for him to just walk over there unprompted. But today that would change.

He had spotted her sitting by herself in the mess hall today reading a book. She seemed distracted by something and had hardly eaten from the plate she had made for herself. It reminds him far too painfully of how Kitra would have gotten if something was bothering her, and he knows he has to say something. So he excuses himself from the table with his teammates and instead sits across from the girl. He doesn’t say anything yet, but instead takes the pudding cup off of his tray and sets it on hers.