i'm alive people


taehyung petting hoseok ♥

I’m the kind of person that people like you date after their first love breaks their heart because they need to remember what it feels like to be alive.
—  Things I realized when I stopped lying to myself, part III

okay, but like, i’m 22 and skam has me all nostalgic, missing my teenage years. crying because teens are so pure and i’ll never be one again. i might never fall in love the way i did when i was a teenager.

but for those of you who are actually 16/17 and can relate to skam’s characters? i’m extremely happy for you.

i wish i would’ve seen a show like this when i was 16. i wish there had been such a strong, supportive group of female characters who are friends, who don’t look perfect, and don’t always have the best behaviors either. because they are learning. friends who help other friends to understand, friends who educate each other. they make each other better, because people need people.

i’m tired of those best tv shows of all time lists, in which all we can see are men killing men, or dealing with drugs, or mistreating women. those may be good for entertainment. but shows like skam is what young people need. or, even, what the world needs. i’m so, so, so happy for those of you who are still in their teenage years, and who are watching skam and feeling everything, and learning and falling in love. i’m so jealous and i love y’all so much.

last week we hit 100+ followers! u guys are awesome, thank you for hanging out here with me and my neverending suffering :D:D:D

People on the Oct .& Nov. rosters:

This is going to be a disaster.. So many newbies.. where are the leaders? No Alex, no Ali, no JJ, no Hope, no Pinoe, no HAO, no Whit??? What’s the point of even playing??This is going to blow up in our faces….If I look up ‘disappointment’ on the dictionary it’s have your pic Jillian! We’re going to suck! Who’s going to score and lead the team!?!? 

Christen Press 5 goals and 3 assists later…..

Me to myself: I’ve been reading Torchwood fics the whole day, I shouldn’t ‘waste’ my night like that as well. I should do something else.

Me 5 min later: *gets Torchwood DVDs and puts on the first DVD* *presses 'Play All’* *gets comfy on my bed* Ah, yes. Perfect.

I honestly feel super bad for being inactive but sch and life happened. (But in other news, my sis is officially married!! Congrats to her and her hubbie. I’m glad that the wedding went smoothly. No hiccups apart from cleaning up the wedding venue. I’ll blog about it once I’m more free) I owe people replies. I need to do tag memes. I’m sorry y’all. I’m nearly 2/3 done with subs. 1 essay deadline due by Sunday and I’ll be more active here. I’ll officially be free from the hellhole that is sch by mid April so that’s good.