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and you call yourself a spy Natasha

There’s something suspicious about Solas being agnostic but also talking about “great (religious) rituals” and that you should “tread lightly, this is sacred ground” in a reverent voice - what is up with that? Why are rituals worthy of respect to him when he hates the evanuris and finds modern religious organizations to be bad, and he doesn’t think gods are real? 

(This has been in my drafts forever - it’s really long rambling thoughts about spirits, the elven gods, worship, and religion in Inquisition.)

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Inspired by @magicmadiplier’s post to post a photo of myself! :D

I don’t take pictures of myself very often bc I’m really insecure about my appearance, but I’m trying to be more confident in myself!

Also I apologize for my hair it’s pretty messy

Random Headcanon of the Day

When Cullen entered Templar training, some of the other recruits would make fun of his backwater accent and uncultured way of speaking. To escape the teasing and because he believed that a Templar should be exemplary in all things, Cullen made a conscious effort to refine his speech. He emulated his teachers’ accents and started reading widely to assimilate new language patterns. This developed into not just an improved manner of speaking, but also an appreciation for literature and certain forms of poetry.

Today, as Commander of the Inquisition, he has a deeply ingrained habit of choosing his words deliberately and effectively. He is comfortable speaking in front of his troops, though less so at the war table before all these cultured and well-educated women.

When talking to the Inquisitor, he will often rehearse in his mind what he intends to say, but as soon as the words come out, he inevitably finds them lacking. Yet over time, as they grow closer, he finds that she understands not only the words from his mouth, but also the ones in his mind and in his heart.

It may take a long time, but eventually Cullen comes to realize that his words need not be perfect so long as they are truly his own.

I don’t even remember why I was thinking about this but I came to the conclusion that if there were any sort of crossover between The Wicked + The Divine and Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cassandra and Cassandra would probably hate each other less than they would everyone else.

when I was young my family rented a cottage and my brother brought his hot friend and they just played my gameboy the whole time

and then in seventh grade I found his friend’s myspace and creeped it all the time because the friend was really hot and he played in a band okay

now that I’m older and wiser I realize that every single person who has ever hung out with my brother has been a loser