i'm afraid that

Kinda really concerned about Vanitas’s head tho. He literally was thrown into a brick wall and blacked out, and compared to a lot of injures of others we’ve seen in this series he’s holding his head a whole bunch, and also he already basically had a panic attack and still fucking DOVE INTO HELL and please…let him sleep but wake him up periodically in case of concussion.

So maybe this is from seeing a ton of comp sci job listings but like. Idk sometimes I feel like I made a mistake with majoring in what I did at college. I mean I love anthropology don’t get me wrong but I remember at the field school, when I got to do things like assembling and analyzing remains and memorizing bones and parts of systems and stuff- I just really get into that stuff, creating a database of knowledge and using it in puzzle-solving ways. And sometimes I think that a math or hard science field would have engaged me more. And that I didn’t take those classes because I was afraid of not doing well in them. And that I was afraid of not doing well in them because I’m a woman.


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

An Illustration I drew for my FFXV fanbook ‘Journey’, in which Prompto is an Eos Geo photographer and his bros tagging along to help out

The fanbook will pretty much be a mash-up of FFXV art I want to draw in the following months, so it won’t be only about the theme of a journey, but the core of the fanbook will focus on travelling, exploring and the story in the game.

I’ll also sometimes post wips on my new instagram acc sayuyuv

I am…really struggling to be sympathetic to the plight of men who want Wonder Woman shirts to wear to this movie premiere and can’t find any in their department. Like…walk over to the women’s department. Pick up a t-shirt. I know, gendered clothing sucks. I know, it sucks that nerdy shit isn’t being marketed to you. Welcome. To the world. Of geeky women.

“I’m a big guy, I can’t wear women’s shirts.”

Buddy, you’re talking to a woman who is just large enough that her ability to wear slim-cut women’s hour-glass shaped shirts is limited. I can’t buy a lot of the cute shit at Hot Topic or Target bc I’m just slightly too big. I can’t even buy clothes for the gender which I was designated at birth because I am too large. Welcome. To the world. Of womanhood.

I’m sorry, I just. Nope.


Phillips and pops sketches. :) 

Witch Tip

Once you get rid of the line between magic and mundane, coming up with ideas is much less of a challenge. There is no “normal” you and “witchy” you. It’s all a conglomerate that creates the way you experience life as a whole.


My Twenty One Pilots themed cake for my fondant class final! In total I think I spent around 48 hours on all the details and yes, all the decorations are edible.


Are you looking into my eyes now? Are you? I’m very unsure because it looks like you’re… I’m looking into your eyes now. Very good.