i'm actually very excited for this one

Houses Opinion of School
  • Gryffindor: School is school, but what I'm really looking forward to is the rocking PARTIES! WOOOOOO!
  • Hufflepuff: I'm excited to see my old friend and meet new ones! The school work is a bummer, but I know we'll all try our best!
  • Slytherin: I'm actually looking forward to school. I'm most excited for my forensic science class. *begins to smile evilly*
  • Ravenclaw: ... Summer is still going on. I don't know what you're talking about. SUMMER IS FOREVER.
  • Hufflepuff: Yeah, but it's starting in a few...
  • Ravenclaw: NOPE!
  • Gryffindor: Dude, chill. It's just sch...
  • Slytherin: What soul?
  • Hufflepuff: But, you do so well in school!
  • Ravenclaw: *stares off into the disntance with a horrified look* So, much, stress...

i feel like i’m the only one who genuinely likes black paladin keith

Here’s all of the progress from this morning’s experimental stream.  I’m very, very excited about this one!

good news: one of my favorite contemporary writers has a new novel out

bad news: they stopped printing her short story collection so now it’s like…grossly expensive to buy used on amazon

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Yay, I'm excited because 2CT turned out to be true as well! I'd like to know whether that theory is of yours, is it?

Haha, oh it’s so lovely that you thought so, but no, this theory was first brought up by some very observant Japanese fans back in 2008 (Circus arc) and then has started gaining popularity among the fandom since 2011 (Campania arc). I’m just one of the latecomers who stumbled upon this theory in 2014! (≧▽≦)

Actually, all I can take credit for is this sh*tty edit I made 3 years ago and posted on the bb.net forum! xD


Finally introducing you my d&d OCs, tumblr. ahaha…
From left to right is my cleric Chichi, bard Buns Bonnie, and rogue Aya.
Bottom set are Buns Bonnie’s friends Bunnett, Pyon, Alice, & Whiskers. BonBon is also included there training Buns.
All of them are from different campaigns. We finished the one that I play as Aya. Buns Bonnie one is on hold for I don’t know how long but I miss her lol. And I might play as Chichi soon again, which I’m excited!
Chichi has a very motherly or older sister personality.
Buns Bonnie is my very… dumb character. But she has some sad backstory which I hope to complete.
Aya is wannabe callous character, sometimes sheds some real feel. No, she is not a cabbage thief.

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I'm a huge fan of top yuri so I'm very excited to see that in the fic. I actually really understood why you wrote it as Viktor on top. Yuri always felt that Viktor could have anybody and that he was "giving" to Yuri, but Yuri never felt like he was giving Viktor anything he couldn't get from someone else. He never asks for anything because he's insecure about Viktor leaving. Atleast thats how interpret it

One of the things I really regret about umfb&mha (and be extension obs&bh) is that for plot reasons we never got to see bottom!Viktor which I why I am so excited to finally write it in the extra scenes fic after obs&bh is done!

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for the extra stupid among us (me) can someone explain what Yuri on Stage actually is??? I have no idea what it is(is it a play???), I've been excited but so confused?? is it canon??? WHAT IS THIS NAKED NONSENSE I'M SO LOST HELP!!

im so confused oml what was the event thing

basically, it was a stage event where several of the cast and creators were present, and it was broadcasted to several theaters across japan. it consisted of many different show parts like a talk show, quiz and the live reading that broke the fandom. here is a very nice report from @lunawings​ who attended one of the live viewings, i think it might clear things up for you!

as for whether the live reading script canon or not… i personally consider it to be “crack canon” as it’s written by the creators and performed by the voice actors and while all the characters act pretty much in character, they’re thrown into rather absurd situations and their personalities and reactions are exaggerated for laughs. but these kind of things are always a sort of grey area in general, and everyone can decide for themselves where they draw the line for what material they consider canon and we need to respect that ♥

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is the snaggletooth tag full of the same coyote? :0

oh my god. i assumed not even though they all look very similar, but out of curiosity i just went back and looked to see if the photographers mentioned the location the photos were taken and… all of them were taken in point reyes, CA. so it probably is all the same yote! how neat!!

i actually live just about 2 hours from point reyes and have been there a couple times, i must go back and find Snaggletooth the coyote!!


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I thought CW was very ship friendly too! I was very excited at the end and eagerly awaiting the fan content that would be churned out in the Stony fandom. Of course the reality turned out to be very different with so much hate turned on one half of the pair. It was kind of obvious it would happen since the Stony fandom has been mostly Tony-centric always. But I wasn't expecting it. I'm glad people who actually love both characters in their ship exist or I would have left the Stony fandom long

I’m glad you stayed with it, and yes, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get as many fix-it fics as I anticipated after initially seeing it.  I guess I thought after all the comic book CW fix-its, that’s what we would have, but it didn’t seem to be the case, though there are a number of notable exceptions, don’t get me wrong! 

I do think that the Stony fandom tends towards a Tony-centric take, if only because in so many ‘verses, Tony seems to care so deeply for Steve, so that tends to be the ship if you are a Tony fan.  I loved Iron Man 1, but then in IM2, they went with Pepper and Tony and I HATED that whole relationship, so just sort of wrote off shipping Tony, I guess?  There weren’t really many options at the time, so I just kind of shrugged and went on with life. 

I came at the Stony ship by way of CA: TWS, which I know is sort of weird, but so did @sineala, I believe, so I’m in good company!  I don’t know, I loved that movie, and went looking for fic with Steve (initially Nat/Steve and Stucky), but couldn’t find anything that really worked for me until I hit on the Say When video by @stark-spangled-lovers and was like, damn!  That’s the chemistry I’m looking for!  And the rest, as they say, is history. 

I think maybe because while I liked both Steve and Tony (and RDJ and CE), I wasn’t a huge fan of either of them in the beginning, so my fandom really grew from the ship itself.  It wasn’t one or the other where I liked one and then found someone to ship them with.  It was more like, BAM!  Those two dorks. Yes, them.  Thank you.  I’m good now.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s my fandom origin story!

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Haiiii. I just recently discovered the world of bullet journaling and i am dying to start one. (I plan on starting around my birthday when I'll have money to actually buy the journal) I've always loved using different pens and handwriting but all i ever write is schoolwork and i don't have the time to actually try on those so I'm very excited to start my bullet journal. I was thinking i could do it on a weekly basis and i was wondering what type of things (other than tasks) i could write in it?

Hii! I have a tag for that purpose which you can find here (or in the bujo resources section under spread ideas)! :) there are tons of ideas you can include in your journal, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some inspiration there ^^


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

now that i’ve seen the new red band trailer for kingsman: the golden circle, i’m very tempted to revisit that trimberly kingsman au i thought up months ago…

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@anon: a neighbour, who I'm friends with, has ADHD and is a very good veterinary surgeon, is considered one of the best in our area and is widely respected. She does very skilled work successfully and says that her disability, while it has caused some issues, has never stopped her! I too have a mental disability but am still going to study to become a vet :) (I'm actually doing work experience at the practice she works at, and am SO excited!)

Thank you for sharing for our worried anon.

Real talk the “fanartgotmepaid” hashtag going around on twitter today is possibly my favourite thing right now. I shouldn’t be so hesitant to share my work outside of tumblr. If it looks good enough nobody’s gonna care if it’s the same damn show over and over again.

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After that scoop from tvline I'm so excited. I think this episode will be fun! I've always wanted for iris to interact with felicity and if it's for the bachelorette it makes it even better(didn't think iris would even get one lol)

Yay! I’m glad that Iris is getting a party, or at least hoping she is very strongly. And I wish she had her own friends, but I’m not turning down a chance for her and Felicity to actually bond. I’m also still crossing my fingers that Cindy and Cecile will be in the episode, since that’s not something that would necessarily be announced.

If the writers can have the ladies hang out for a bachelorette party, then I see no excuse for them to no form a legitimate female companionship between them.

Their only excuse is their subconscious misogyny, alas. Hopefully the writing staff gained a powerful enough personality this year to overcome that obstacle.

night at the museum (peter parker x reader)

word count: 1296
pairing: cacw peter parker x reader
warnings: none
prompt: REQUESTED, #1: I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth
#9: We’re hiding from the authorities and it’s very close quarters in here, I can feel your body against mine.
a/n: this has nothing to do with the movie night at the museum, in case you’re wondering. thanks my first ever request on this blog, hope i did well! i love this idea, and museums are the bomb, especially those in new york. I vaguely remember this specific museum from last summer.

“I can’t believe you let this happen!“

 “Me? You’re the one who had to take a picture of the whale from every angle!” Peter tried defending himself, as the two of you zigzagged through a rather boring exhibit about plants at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. You were on a school field trip there, and paired together when told it had to be boy-girl. You two had signed up to take subways home on your own, so you didn’t have to leave with the school, which turned out to be a bad idea. Without the school’s guidance— both of you failed to notice that the museum had closed.

 “That was way before! We could have just walked through the last exhibit, but you just had to look at every single pretty rock!” You fired back, one step ahead of him.

 “They weren’t pretty rocks, they were rare minerals!” Peter attempted to justify himself, the both of you now entering the pre-historic exhibit with dinosaurs. “Out of all the days for the security system to malfunction, you would expect more guards.” Usually a malfunction in the security system wouldn’t get out, but your school had been notified since you were a bunch of minors.

 “Well we have to get out of here without anyone noticing, or they’re going to think we’re trying to steal one of your rare minerals,” you mocked. You were getting confused with the directions, and slightly distracted at the giant bone-structures around you, so now Peter was leading the way, nearly running. You were barely keeping up, whisper-shouting your complaints. “Honestly, I don’t know why they wouldn’t make it more obvious that the museum was closing, and on a night like this! They knew that they had kids here, and I bet this isn’t the first time that—“

 “Shh!” Peter turned around quickly and clasped his hand over your mouth, and your eyes widened in shock. He looked over your shoulder, and then dragged you to the side, so the two of you were just out of sight behind a wall. You were wedged between him and the wall. “There’s someone coming,” he whispered. He looked at you for only a second before realizing the compromising position, and then resorting to leaning forward and burying his face in your neck to avoid looking at your lips. It didn’t help very much for him, however, because he could feel every curve of your body against his. When he imagined the moment he would finally feel that sensation, he definitely didn’t imagine it like this.

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Hello friend I saw your reblog of your step-by-step process of pages 20 and 21 and I'm still in awe of how much work you pour into every little detail and how splendidly it all comes out! I'm sorry if my messages sound more and more excessive but oh my goodness I love your graphic novel!!! I'm so excited to see how you interpret and incorporate everything else in the story. Take as much time as you need my friend; it's absolutely gorgeous :) Have a nice day!

Ahhhhhh!! I’m so glad you liked seeing that!!! 

It’s one of my favorite posts I’ve made, just because like you said it demonstrates just how much work it is to make each page. We’re actually going to get another process work set soon, when another set of pages eventually comes out. It’s going to be fun, hehehe.

I’m very happy to hear you like the graphic novel so much, that helps inspire me to work even harder!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!!✨

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Ok so I'm half upset and half excited about these little clips. As a lizzington shipper, I know this is the father daughter angle whatever I'm probably not going to watch tbh... but as a FF READER.... so many scenarios to make up your own dialogue 😏 what do you think?

Yeah I could rant for three days (and probably have by now) about the show but as for the fanfic side of life I’m very surprised actually. I thought no way in hell I’d ever write something remotely connected to s5 but I took one look at those promo pics and was lost. For me there is still material to draw inspiration from even amidst this retcon pseudo retcon I don’t even know anymore. Personally I’m more comfortable right now with a completely AU setting with no connection to current canon. By that I mean not a fix or an explanation of current events. That’s just me.

From a purely inspiration angle I’m pretty much dying over the premiere plot. Red needing cash so he becomes a bounty hunter. My mind went immediately to the Stephanie Plum series and I’m ready for the fic, the spinoff, the movie, the comic, the everything. So I definitely think it’d be great to see some of these fun ideas make their way into ff. Personally it gives me hope I’ll continue writing because I was doubting that for awhile and it’s sad and there’s enough sad to deal with on the show. Hopefully there will still be a lot of great fic to read. Cheers!

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Congratulations for your graduation! It must feel so good. I've got an anecdote. I'm almost done with outlining my current WIP when suddenly my little brother comes along and asks what the story is about. I explain and show him a drawing of my characters. And. He guesses. Every. Freaking. Plot. Point. I. Have. For. The. Story! With nothing but a one-sentence summary and a drawing as starting point! I admit, I'm worried... Anyway, I'm very excited to see new writing advice. And again, congrats!

Thank you so much! It’s been a long four years, but I’m very excited to be done!

I know exactly how that feels! One time I planned out a fic, posted the first chapter, and within the day had comments correctly guessing every twist and turn I had in mind! It can be disheartening for sure.

But hey- all’s not lost! Depending on the genre you’re writing in, having a somewhat-predictable plot can actually be a good thing. Where would romance be without some angst and a happily-ever-after; where would murder mysteries be without a killer reveal?

On the other hand, plot twists can be really satisfying to read and write. I find that when I’m writing, a lot of my unexpected twists aren’t planned. I’ll have a few key plot points to aim for, but on a whole my “Aha!“ moments and twists come while I’m in the middle of writing a scene, or just after writing it. I’ll usually jot it down in a note somewhere, or (if I’m really excited) go back and re-write the scene again.

So if you’re attached to your WIP and still enjoying planning/writing it, stick with it! You don’t have to have it all figured out right away, and it might change more than you think in the process.

Thanks for the anecdote and the congrats! <3

– Kate

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