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Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.

night at the museum (peter parker x reader)

word count: 1296
pairing: cacw peter parker x reader
warnings: none
prompt: REQUESTED, #1: I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth
#9: We’re hiding from the authorities and it’s very close quarters in here, I can feel your body against mine.
a/n: this has nothing to do with the movie night at the museum, in case you’re wondering. thanks my first ever request on this blog, hope i did well! i love this idea, and museums are the bomb, especially those in new york. I vaguely remember this specific museum from last summer.

“I can’t believe you let this happen!“

 “Me? You’re the one who had to take a picture of the whale from every angle!” Peter tried defending himself, as the two of you zigzagged through a rather boring exhibit about plants at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. You were on a school field trip there, and paired together when told it had to be boy-girl. You two had signed up to take subways home on your own, so you didn’t have to leave with the school, which turned out to be a bad idea. Without the school’s guidance— both of you failed to notice that the museum had closed.

 “That was way before! We could have just walked through the last exhibit, but you just had to look at every single pretty rock!” You fired back, one step ahead of him.

 “They weren’t pretty rocks, they were rare minerals!” Peter attempted to justify himself, the both of you now entering the pre-historic exhibit with dinosaurs. “Out of all the days for the security system to malfunction, you would expect more guards.” Usually a malfunction in the security system wouldn’t get out, but your school had been notified since you were a bunch of minors.

 “Well we have to get out of here without anyone noticing, or they’re going to think we’re trying to steal one of your rare minerals,” you mocked. You were getting confused with the directions, and slightly distracted at the giant bone-structures around you, so now Peter was leading the way, nearly running. You were barely keeping up, whisper-shouting your complaints. “Honestly, I don’t know why they wouldn’t make it more obvious that the museum was closing, and on a night like this! They knew that they had kids here, and I bet this isn’t the first time that—“

 “Shh!” Peter turned around quickly and clasped his hand over your mouth, and your eyes widened in shock. He looked over your shoulder, and then dragged you to the side, so the two of you were just out of sight behind a wall. You were wedged between him and the wall. “There’s someone coming,” he whispered. He looked at you for only a second before realizing the compromising position, and then resorting to leaning forward and burying his face in your neck to avoid looking at your lips. It didn’t help very much for him, however, because he could feel every curve of your body against his. When he imagined the moment he would finally feel that sensation, he definitely didn’t imagine it like this.

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turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

Listen, Beauty & the Beast is literally one of my favorite movies of all time, it’s definitely in my top 3, I can almost fully quote it word by word in 2 languages and, after all I’ve heard and seen so far, I’m much more excited to see this Power Rangers remake that seems actually very promising, for what I’ve heard, than the B&B live action tbqh. 


Alicante School for the Gifted is where the most talented students come to study and hone their craft. Only the best of the best are permitted to attend; thousands of students audition for a spot at the elite school but only a few actually get in.

You are one of the select few.

You have been accepted into the school and now you have to navigate a budding career as an artist in your field while also dealing with the usual drama of high school. With bullies, relationships, and breakups getting in the way, you’ll have to figure out how to stand out and shine among all the other stars at your school.

Be active! Try and post at least once a week. (If you can’t do this, let me know!) Inactive members will be booted from the group.
Track the tag v. school for dreamers
No drama ooc! ic drama, however, is encouraged (it is high school after all).
No duplicate characters/face claims.
Multiple characters are permitted for
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ofcogitari | Lanny | Central (USA) | Alec Lightwood | Artist | Senior

maxielightwood | GMT | Max Lightwood | Dancer | Junior

liightwoodsiister | EST | Isabelle Lightwood | Singer and Pianist | Junior

brooklynxmagic | GMT | Magnus Bane | Actor | Senior

inxcorde | PST | Jace Wayland | Pianist and Director | Senior

ofcogitari | CST | Laurel Walker | Artist | Junior

@junghxseoks replied to your post: I’ve seen the one for Namjoon and Hoseok’s solo as well as…

This is the sweetest thing oh my god!! So, i was there and tbh i didn’t really see them cry so idk if they actually did BUT they were very emotional and so happy and ugh i was sobbing

that sounds amazing! and omg there’s definitely going to be alot of sobbing, shouting, screaming/crying during newark (i already know i’m gonna be happy mess lol). How did you survive? also from the vids, hearing all the fans sing along gave me goosebumps like WOW

txnsxcondsflat-archive  asked:

Rainbow Dash suddenly enters the foster home, carrying two very large stacks of adoption papers. She'd actually taken the time to fill out every little thing, rather than half-arsing it like one would expect. First thing she did was look got someone to give the papers too, because, in complete honesty, she had no understanding of how the adoption process worked.

The foster parents were a pair of earth ponies, living not far from the Ponyville school. Seeing the mare with a stack of papers had them excited and surprised in equal amounts. Nopony came to them with paperwork already done, it was always worked out after they had chosen a foal. They ushered her into the office.

“Welcome, miss Dash isn’t it? We’ve never had anypony turn up at our doors with papers pre-signed like this… never knew you wanted a foal yourself.” The mare said, pressing back glasses against her face.

“Oh yes… err… I wouldn’t have thought it from somepony in the Wonderbolts, for sure…”

“Reserve, dear. But I’m sure you’re making more than enough to fit the bill! Shall we take a look?” Even doing procedures backwards, there was going to be a lot of work to go through.

anonymous asked:

do u believe that kira tsubasa seriously doesnt believe that A-RISE lost to Muse? i for one dont buy it and i think she's really keen on helping honkers realize her true idol potential.... prompt: A-RISE calling tsubasa out on her gayness for honkers

“I thought that meeting went well,” Tsubasa said cheerfully as soon as Muse had left UTX. “They seemed excited that we let them use our stage, right?”

Erena nodded absentmindedly. “Yeah, sure, I just can’t believe you actually grabbed Honoka’s hand. That was gay.”


“Why did we let them use our stage in the first place?” Anju wondered out loud. “Like I know they’re cool and we like them and all but to be honest I didn’t even know we were planning on meeting them today.”

“Oh, we weren’t,” Erena confirmed. “Tsubasa just went and did things on her own again, like the besotted little schoolgirl she is.”

Tsubasa glared. “This is rude. You guys are being rude.”

Anju waggled her eyebrows. “Are we rude or are you just gay?”


(opinion on tsubasa under the cut)

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Art improvement seems to be real… and my blog is going to look quite a bit different when I finally update it. Ahh?? I’m very excited right now, actually

teen wolf season 5b
  • dr. valack might be one of the good guys and he has a lot to say so we’ll see him again 
  • the desert wolf is very big in malia’s story and she’s going to cross paths with theo actually and they’re going to find that they might have more common goals than they know 
  • braeden will be back
  • davis is not sure about derek’s return yet
  • there will be more of void stiles
  • scott and stiles aren’t making up anytime soon
  • liam and mason will be doing their best to remind the chimeras of their humanity 
  • kira’s getting her own episode
  • lydia will be taken to eichen after it’s deemed that her injuries from theo have essentially driven her into a catatonic state and that the only place that may be able to help her is eichen house
  • stiles and malia are going to have to deal with their dark sides, but romance is still possible (source)

the rapmon x warren g single is so close and i am so not ready but i have so many questions like:

  • is it a slow jam?
  • is it something a little faster?
  • what is the song going to be about exactly?
  • life?
  • love?
  • will i be able to dance to it?
  • is it going to creep up on me and become one of my favorites?
  • are any of us actually ready?

each of the seventeen members are slowly trying out acting first junhui and now jeonghan i wonder who’s gonna be next but seriously i am so happy about this because hey pledis are actually giving them opportunities to try out these things and most of all we’re gonna see them act !! i feel like a lot of them are really interested with acting and i also feel like each one of them will have a unique approach to acting and that’s just what makes me even more excited about this plEDIS U ACTUALLY STEPPING UR GAME UP im sO PROUD


I’ve spent today planning my future projects because i’m going fabric shopping very soon, which is exciting! But I don’t have much progress to share. So here is a picture of my new orchid, it’s an early birthday present to myself!

I actually got three which is a bit ridiculous. The other two are currently downstairs under quarantine because i’m a little paranoid about bugs. But this one seems really healthy so it has earned a place by my window!

And a little update on my other orchid - it is alive and well! It managed to survive three months in my care and even has new buds! 



I wrote two books and self-published them and they are now available on Amazon! You guys have no idea how excited I am to finally see this and to know that I’ve been able to produce something that people can read and that is actually available! :)

The first one (Behind the Shield) is here. Let it be known that this one is VERY ROUGH! Still in the first edition phase, so there may be editing left to do, but it could be worth big bucks someday! :P

The second one (Seventeen Long Days) is here. A collection of short stories! :)

BOTH OF THESE WERE NANOWRIMO PROJECTS! They both were incredibly fulfilling and I am so beyond proud and happy to see them finally available to people for purchase! :D Please consider buying them for your own and I hope you enjoy them if you do! :)

Seriously though, fantastic beasts would have been a perfect opportunity to have a poc as one of the main leads and it would have not only been /sadly/ groundbreaking when it comes to whitewashed hollywood but also just really fuckin cool because they could have imbedded so many cultures together by having people from all different types of backgrounds join together to discover numerous exotic species and learn the many wonders of magic

the fact that this opportunity was shot is actually extremely disappointing and the fact that jk rowling is so on board with an all white cast is even more disappointing


I’m in love with this precious cyborg! So I did a costest? (With very badly edited eyes, I’m on my phone!!!) I feel so confident as him and this isn’t even my final form ;D

*Please ignore the fact I am actually human and I don’t have his arms xD