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What are your feelings on Cuba? I'm studying my undergrad in Latin American politics and have trouble sometimes defending the spirit of the Cuban Revolution with the current human rights violation accusations. Cuba is my point of focus and I'm dying to actually go and speak to people face to face, but just wanted to hear something from you if possible on the Cuba, the Castros, relationship with US, etc. Thanks man

I’m supposed to be writing a dissertation right now so I can’t write a big thing, but you can probably guess what I think about Cuba - I don’t support the Cuban state or any state, I believe in autonomous working class self-organisation which is illegal in Cuba. I accept that there are many positive effects of the system in force in Cuba, decent healthcare, education etc - but I don’t accept that these things make a country socialist, nor do I see Cuba moving towards socialism. All of the things which make capitalism capitalism eg exploitation, wage labour, commodity production etc are in full effect in Cuba, and are enforced by a bloated, unaccountable state which does not allow people to strike, or form independent working class organisations of any kind. So yeah, if the “spirit of the revolution” you talk about was about was about liberation, then I have a hard time seeing it in the modern Cuban state, despite the high level of social spending etc… sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear comrade, but you did ask an anarchist ;)