i'm actually super proud of this (:

an imp and her wolf

3rd place prize for an amazing person who happens to be none other than @jelloinacup  ♥

I hope you like this, I really enjoyed making this and I feel like it’s one of the strongest illustrations I’ve done so far on this blog. 

At first, I was nervous because I knew I’d be using watercolours on a smaller scale because of how I chose to make a scene rather than just body frontals, but this meant the colours were easier to blend and form into layers. I tried to leave visible brush strokes in order to make it look kinda artsy and I think it worked. I totally forgot that I owned a printer until now so I used my brain and scanned the inked version in so that I could get a better image then my shitty photography.

Also, because I did this piece in landscape the recording is very angled so I’m sorry if it’s a bit difficult to see what I was doing, BUUUT the music makes up for it (I love that song too much, it’s my 24/7 mood).

Hope you enjoyed it and I’m sorry that I’ve been posting less frequently, school has started again and I just have a lot on my ginormous fucking plate at the moment so just bear with me, Thanks Team ♥


Make Me Choose:

@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?

“50 years have passed. But… I do not age. Time has lost its effect on me. Yet, the suffering continues. Aku’s grasp chokes the past, present, and future. Hope is lost. Gotta get back. Back to the past. Samurai Jack.

I. Aria - Susumu Hirasawa II. Iron - Woodkid III. In For The Kill - La Roux & The Glitch Mob IV. Make Me Real - She V. I’m Not Done - Fever Ray VI. I Am Shell, I Am Bone - Gazelle Twin VII. Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters & Men VIII. Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here - 65DaysofStatic IX. I’ll Keep Coming - Low Roar X. The Sound of Silence - Disturbed

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