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so @remusjohnlvpin tagged me to do a thing and by some miracle, I am actually doing it because as you all probably know (or will learn) I love being tagged in stuff but I’m useless at actually passing it along. I’m very sorry, I love you I really do

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people

(some of these are super current on my listening list because I’ve only discovered them in the last few days or so)

1. Sincerely Me - Dear Evan Hansen (Mike Faist, Ben Platt, Will Roland)

2. Voldemort - In Confidence

3. Andrew’s Song - I The Mighty

4. New Heights - Shorelines

5. The Devil You Know - X-Ambassadors

6. Bad At Love - Halsey

7. Ground Control - All Time Low feat Tegan and Sara

8. Tell Me I’m A Wreck - Every Avenue

9. The Good Book - Quietdrive

10. December - Neck Deep

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an imp and her wolf

“50 years have passed. But… I do not age. Time has lost its effect on me. Yet, the suffering continues. Aku’s grasp chokes the past, present, and future. Hope is lost. Gotta get back. Back to the past. Samurai Jack.

I. Aria - Susumu Hirasawa II. Iron - Woodkid III. In For The Kill - La Roux & The Glitch Mob IV. Make Me Real - She V. I’m Not Done - Fever Ray VI. I Am Shell, I Am Bone - Gazelle Twin VII. Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters & Men VIII. Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here - 65DaysofStatic IX. I’ll Keep Coming - Low Roar X. The Sound of Silence - Disturbed

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@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?


Remind me again when your faves got an entire themed press day on Valentine’s Day dedicated to their fictional same sex soap wedding filled with tacky but incredible heart decorations, food, cake, cocktails named after them and their life, and a game of Mr and Mr????

Emmerdale making Danny and Ryan sit with the media surrounded by the cringiest yet cutest and most bizarre celebrations; having to look at their own faces and watch themselves get married… I just can’t believe this was actually a thing lmao. This team are my absolute heroes. They’ve never been so extra but to have this much fuss and to create such big hype for something that was once shamed upon is amazing. HOW ICONIC, HOW SURREAL, I’M WEIRDLY SUPER PROUD.

Going in for a passionate kiss

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Hi there! So, how about the Paladins and Altaens find out that their s/o is a lycan after they change in order to defend them. They also find out that their s/o didn't tell them because they were called a monster by previous partners and didn't want to go through that again. Thanks in advance!

Omg I love this!!!!


  • He panics when he realizes it’s you because you could get seriously hurt. He doesn’t want you sacrificing yourself for him no matter what you can change into. He’s going to ask you so many times if you’re okay.
  • Once he knows that you’re not hurt then he’s going to gush about it. He thinks that it’s the coolest thing ever and he could not be more proud. He’s going to ask you how you do it, if there are others like you and he’s just so interested!
  • He gets super upset when you explain why you never told him. He tells you how much he loves you every single day and that you’re the coolest person ever. If he ever runs into your past partners then he’s going to make sure they pay. He’s not sure how yet, but they won’t get away with it,


  • He honestly is kind of scared at first until he figures out that it’s actually you. He definitely wasn’t expecting it, and he thinks it’s really cool, but don’t just in front of an attack like that, it scared him.
  • He’s actually really interested in your species and wants to watch you transform in a not life threatening situation. He’s secretly going to be really proud of you and your abilities, but he won’t brag. He’ll tell you what he thinks but that’s about it.
  • He’s slightly offended that you hadn’t told him before until you explain why. Then he’s super mad that someone would say that to you. No matter what species you are, you’re still you and should be loved no matter what. He will definitely hurt your previous partners if he ever comes across them.


  • He knows that it’s you immediately and instantly freaks out because you could have gotten seriously hurt. He doesn’t care what you can transform into and how well you can take hits, he doesn’t want you in harms way.
  • He does admit that it’s really cool and he didn’t know you could do that. He secretly likes it when you’re in your human form more because it’s easier to cuddle with you that way.
  • He’s heartbroken when you admit why you never told him. He will reassure you every day that you’re not a monster and that you loves you so much. After that he treats you even better than before (if that’s even possible) to make up for the pain they caused you. He’s going to yell at your previous partners so much that they will regret that they ever wronged you, you’re going to get a sincere apology from each of them because of Hunk.


  • She’s really skeptical of you at first, but since the incident with the Kerberos mission, she doesn’t really trust things that don’t look human right off the bat. It doesn’t take long for her to come around though, and she honestly finds it really interesting.
  • She going to ask you to transform so she can ride on your back because Pidge is tiny and doesn’t want to walk all the way across the castle. She’ll cuddle with you more because you’re so fluffy and warm!
  • She’s pissed when you tell her what past partners have said to you. How dare they insult the most precious person in the world? If she ever finds them then they’re going to wish they had never been born. She’s going to make them feel every bit of pain you went through.


  • Immediately scolds you for being so reckless. He doesn’t care if you’ve transformed back of not, he’s dragging you back to the castle before more harm can be done.
  • It surprises him a bit to learn that you aren’t exactly the race he thought you were, but he doesn’t mind. He wants to learn more about your past and what it’s like to be a lycan.
  • When you tell him the things that your past partners used to call you it almost breaks him. He literally has to step aside to process what you just said. Then he’s going to hug you so tightly and repeat “You’re not a monster, you’re so wonderful, I love you so much.” over and over again. If he ever runs into your previous partners (they’re going to wish he hadn’t) he’s going to get angry. And angry Shiro is bad Shiro, they’re done for. No one will ever hurt you again with him by your side.


  • Don’t you dare jump in to take an attack for her, if you get hurt she will never forgive herself. She’s not surprised to find out that you can transform, she just wishes she knew before hand so that you wouldn’t do something like that.
  • She won’t think any differently of you unless it’s in a positive way. Believe it or not, she has actually met others of your species and respects them very much. She loves you for who you are and isn’t afraid to remind you that.
  • She snaps once you inform her why you never told her. She will personally go to your planet and beat the living daylights out of every single one of your past partners if you don’t stop her. She never brings up your past pain unless you initiate it because she doesn’t want you to go through that again.


  • He’s going to immediately take you to a healing pod once  he’s sure that no one else will attack. He won’t even bring up the fact that you can transform because he honestly saw it coming.
  • He’ll tell you about all of the people he came across that were the same species as you. And he seems so happy telling you these stories and he hopes that they make you more comfortable with being who you are.
  • He almost cries once you say why you never told him before. How could anyone ever think you were a monster? You’re the most beautiful living in the world and he’s going to tell you that every single day. He won’t do anything to the people who hurt you because he would much rather not cause trouble and just stay by your side. If they come up to him however, he will defend you with everything he has.

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killjoy prompts: Party babysitting the Girl, Jet getting in a fight, Ghoul cooking a meal, Kobra finding something cool in a dump. if those are too vague hmu for more options

Party had watched, holding the Girl’s hand in his own, as Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul had driven away in the Trans Am. It wasn’t that he was worried, it was just another raid on a Drac base in 2, but he didn’t like being stuck at the diner. He’d rather be out there, feeling the thrill of the fight and the blood on his knuckles. He kinda understood why the Girl was so insistent on going out with them. It hadn’t been so bad getting her to stay at the diner because he was staying too. He hobbled back inside with her and they sat down at one of the worn-out booths. 

“Are you hungry?” he asked. There were only a few cans of power pup left, but he was willing to give his up so she could eat. 

“What do we have?” she asked. He smirked in reply. “Awww, is it just power pup again? That stuff is stinky and gross!” She made a face and Pary laughed. 

“If you don’t eat it on your own I might have to force feed you. You’re a growing girl and you need to stay healthy.” He hated the words coming out of his mouth, they sounded scarily like city propoganda. But she didn’t have to know that. 

After a moment she said, “Nah! Let’s go on the roof instead and watch until the rest of the guys get back.” Before he could protest she was out of the booth and around the corner, heading to the ladder to the roof. Sighing quietly, he followed her. 

When he got up to the roof, she was there, sitting on the ledge, but the energy she had possessed merely minutes before was gone. She seemed much wiser and weary then any seven-year-old should seem. She turned to Party, her large eyes shining. “Party, how come you’re stayin’ with me?”

“You need a babysitter, sand pup,” he replied. 

“I do not. I’m too old for that shit!” the Girl exclaimed. 

“What you definitely are is too young to be cussin’ like that. Who taught you?” 

“You!” she exclaimed, to Party’s laughter. After a moment she spoke again. “What’s the real reason?” She looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if she was daring Party to lie. 

“That is the real reason, sugar. You’d probably blow the place up without adult supervision,” he said. 

“You’re not even an adult, you liar,” she replied. They were both silent for a moment. 

“I guess I’m here ‘cuz I’m grounded too. I was too reckless last time and got hurt, so I can’t go on this raid,” Party muttered, fiddling with his jacket. The Girl scooched closer to him till she was pressed against his side. 

“Party?” she asked, “How come there’s always so much fighting? How come everyone’s getting hurt so much? Why’s everybody always shootin’ each other up?” Party looked at her for a moment. As big as she was, as much as she’d grown, as much as she was part of zone life, she was still a kid. A goddamned kid, who shouldn’t have to see so much fucking violence, who shouldn’t have to be afraid, who should be innocent and happy. Sometimes, Party wondered if keeping her in the zones had been the right choice. But she was happy, right?

“There’s a lotta bad people there,” he said, gesturing vaguely in the direction of Battery City, “and someone’s gotta stop em. That someone’s us.” It was so much more than that, but how could he explain it to a seven-year-old? How could he explain that the bad people weren’t only in Battery City? How could he explain that The Cause wasn’t black and white and how he felt, sometimes, that they were doing more harm than good? How could he explain that some people, including himself, liked the feeling a good firefight brought? So he didn’t try. Instead, he ruffled her hair.

 “Come on,” he said. The sun was down, and it was cold and dark now. “Let’s eat some power pup and go to bed.” This time, she didn’t protest.