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Is it just me but I hate how this fandom is crazy about Soo-won. The dude murdered Yona's father in front of her and I still see all this fanfiction/theories about Yona/Hak/Soo-won running the kingdom together or still being friendly with each other and I'm just in shock. Like, yeah he's a great king, cares for them to an extent, but I mean, c'mon, how can people think like that? I genuinely want to know if anyone has actually put themselves in Yona's shoes and thought if they could do it.

I feel there are two parts I can comment on in your ask anon~

To start with the first, that some people want Yona, Hak and Soo-Won to reconcile and rule Kouka together (or just end the story together and having made up) I agree that I’m not into that at all. I’ve always held that I’d been fine with Yona accepting what Soo-Won did and putting it aside for her own benefit and to remain unbiased in situations where they have to work together, but acceptance is not forgiveness and I don’t think Yona should have to forgive Soo-Won at all if that’s what she chooses to do. I think what Soo-Won did to Yona and Hak was awful, and I personally don’t want the story to end with them all buddy-buddy again - I think too much has happened for that to occur. It’s for this reason that I also don’t like the SooYona pairing outside of AU. I think it’d be a step backwards in Yona’s journey if she just ends up where she started with everyone forgiven.

As for your other comment, that of the fandom being crazy about Soo-Won, that I can personally understand 100%. I like Soo-Won a lot as a character and I can see why people would be drawn to him: he’s always come across as being quite complex, there’s a very conflicting nature to him where he’s done good but also bad and it’s kind of refreshing to have a main “villain” (if one considers him that) that isn’t obviously evil. I think liking Soo-Won though comes with a small fear that something bad will happen to him - Yona as the protagonist seems almost destined to win and at this stage and it’s hard to predict Soo-Won’s fate. Due to this, I could see why people who like his character would want him to have a happy ending (with Yona and Hak if be) even if I don’t agree with the idea myself. To each their own though. If Soo-Won making up with Yona and Hak is what you like, then go for it :) 

The 100 Positivity

You know what would be great? A blog made entirely for people to submit positive things about The 100 and the cast. 

Like on of the confessions pages, or the one for the bellarke positivity one, but used only to support the show and the actors. People can just submit how great someone’s acting was in an episode. Or talk about how important a characters representation is to them. Or praise the writers for a particular story. Or even just gush about your favorite character. 

With all the negativity and hate going around the fandom and surrounding the cast right now, I just think it’d be super cool to just have a place for people to talk positively about the things they love about the show without hate. And it would also help to show that there is still a big fan base of people who care about The 100.

Does this actually sound interesting to anyone? 

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