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Lmao I don’t get the argument against clizzy and jimon… “but CLACE and SIZZY” like sorry but those are two mediocre ships and literally nothing gets in the way of anything the characters are just moved around and suddenly there’s two superior lgbt ships with more chemistry (and less near incest) than the original hets

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Write about your favourite otp and their first kiss! It's not the most original of things but it's a fun way to make your own events and mould the story in your own fashion!

Oh jeez I have so many first kiss scenarios for aruani I don’t even know where to begin.

Hell, the first aruani fic I ever wrote back in 2013 (yes, I have been here THAT long) was an accidental first kiss during training. I’m still fond of that scenario!

I’ve also always loved the idea of Annie very subtly initiating it. Isolated personality aside, she’s generally socially awkward and can’t really bring herself to feel good about entering into any kind of relationship with him (or anyone) given her circumstances, but hey. She can be selfish once, right? Totally just that once (lmao). So it’s late at night when they’re all supposed to be asleep in their barracks, but she knows Armin sometimes likes to go out to stargaze. Everyone knows that. So she just pretends to be there coincidentally as well when she meets him behind the infamous stables. Or lakeside, depends on the mood I’m in when imagining it lmao. 

Armin would smile and invite her to sit next to him, because it’s always nice to have company. And he feels like he hasn’t hung out with her as much as he’d like to. “If it’s okay with you of course, Annie!” She nods, trying to hold in the fact that she feels like an idiot whose stomach keeps flipping. Annie takes a deep breath and sits down, pretending to look up at the sky with him as he, being Armin, starts to ramble a bit about what’s beyond there.

It’s strange, she thinks. How the world is so unremarkable and cruel, given her knowledge, but she can’t help but get a little excited when he talks about it. The ocean? Meh, it’s nothing but the thing that separates the walls from everywhere else. It’s how she got there. Deserts? Tundra? Who would want to go to such unbearably hot and frigid places? Yet for a split second she’s thinking, maybe if she were to go with him, it wouldn’t be so bad. 

Annie interjects occasionally, making him laugh more than she expected. His rather morbid sense of humor aligns well with her dry wit it seems. Before either knows it, they’ve been out there half the night, and Annie’s been staring at him for so long that it’s practically burning a hole in his head. When he notices, he’s staring right back, and their faces heat up. Please make the move, she’s repeating to herself. I’m already ignoring every bit of common sense I have just being here.

And finally, he does! Armin pushes her hair back and just. Goes for it. They’re young, inexperienced, sloppy. Armin breaks away for a moment to apologize, slightly afraid she’s gonna kill him, but instead she pulls him right back in before he can finish his sentence. If she’s gonna be selfish and give in to an urge just this once (LMAO) then she’s going to enjoy the hell out of and savor it.

….so yeah! I also have this scenario where they get trapped in during a blizzard mid-winter training, but that one ends in a bit more than a kiss if ya know what I’m saying wink wink nudge nudge.

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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Do you have a take on Ryan's tragic backstory? (I know you said you actually have a nicer background for him but i thought you might have a dark version too!)

 Anonymous said: What are some of your head cannons for FAHC Ryan?

Ryan didn’t set out to be what he became. Few children dream of becoming devastation. It’s a trope that is thrown around in all kinds of media – redeemable bad guy, killer with a heart of gold. How quaint. Like most things, the real life version is so much darker.

There’s something bleak and awful in a world renown mercenary who still feels for every victim. Something inescapably tragic in finding satisfaction in an act so personally distasteful. Because Ryan’s never been cruel, exactly. Would never dream of torturing an animal, of hurting a child. Doesn’t even enjoy the majority of the dirty work he’s surrounded himself in. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy any of it. Doesn’t get some level of dark gratification from his own competence, from the fear he’s sown, the reputation he’s nurtured, the safety he’s crafted from blood-soaked screams and scorched white bones. There was a time when the Vagabond was truly as dispassionate as they say, but since joining the Fake AH Crew the mercenary certainly lived up to the gang’s notorious affinity for flare; Ryan always was a bit theatrical, and the only thing worse than an apathetic killer is one who can see the morbid humour in it all.

Ryan’s criminal career actually begins years before the Vagabond crashed into being. Started like so many others; young and bored, too clever for his own good and desperate for a way to prove it. He drifts into a group who wanted bigger, wanted better, wanted a life society told them was forbidden. It would be easy to say he got caught up in the wrong crowd, pulled along in their wake, but it wouldn’t be accurate. Ryan has been many things but never meek. Never a blind follower. Ryan who could never settle for simply trusting what others tell him, never believing in absolutes he hasn’t tested for himself. Not when he could find another way around, a way under, when he could take the problem apart and find a solution no one else ever expected.

So he joined, he fit in, he rose and he flourished. Ryan wasn’t a killer back then, criminal yes but not a mercenary; they were thieves mostly, would posture and swagger and inflate their own egos but they kept away from the big gangs. At least at first. Because sooner or later things are going to go south and it wasn’t pretty when they did. The group fractures, those who can flee back to their old lives, or into the relative safety of bigger crews, and those left behind have blood on their hands and a bounty on their heads.

Taking a life isn’t quite as difficult as Ryan had anticipated. Awful, of course, and not something he would do without necessity, but the time for scruples has surely passed and if death is what it takes for the last dregs of his gang to live then Ryan will paint the streets red. It’s wrong, he knows. It’s bad, immoral, everything people aren’t meant to be; it’s wrong and Ryan does it anyway. Figures morality is all well and good but won’t help at all if they’re all dead.

For a while it works, their group is small but it’s solid, together they were magnificent. Not that anyone cares about all that, not when the story everyone knows comes after. Comes, of course, with the birth of the Vagabond.

It’s no real surprise that the prominent story surrounding the origin of the most notorious mercenary in the country is as dark and unforgivable as the man himself. A tale of betrayal, of protecting his identity by wiping out all who knew him before the mask, making a name off of the death of those he once called friends. It’s chilling, horrifically fitting and almost entirely untrue; the crew dies, yes, treachery as the hands of one of their own but Ryan is not their Judas.  

The man who traded away their lives for the right price was Ryan’s best friend in all the world, close enough to call brother, someone he trusted so blindly he’d let himself be beaten half to death before he even thought about retaliating. The only crew blood on Ryan’s hands was, it turns out, the most undeniably clean-cut case of self defence, not that it matters in the long run. Not when it plays out in the dark, out of sight, without witness. Not when he’s the only one who walks away, the one who dons a mask and buries his name, retreats from humanity and loses all semblance of mercy. Against all odds Ryan managed to survive. The man he had once been did not.

The story takes on a life of its own and the Vagabond does nothing to stop it; he is, after all, a killer. People should fear him, should run and hide and pray he doesn’t darken their doors. He killed a man who he loved dearly; what line was there left to cross? What sin could be thought too great?

Free from distraction the Vagabond throws himself into his work, takes job after job and sets to building the most terrifying image possible, a reputation full of atrocities which grow with every telling. There are no weak spots for his enemies to target, no useless emotions dragging him down; they say he’s heartless, say he’s inhuman, call him evil, call him corruption, call him nightmare. Eventually Ryan grows used to the way people shudder when they see him, confident in his talents and comfortable with his image. He finally acclimatises to the way mirrors reflect nothing but a cold black skull, and perhaps he couldn’t quite call himself happy but he isn’t exactly displeased with his life.

It becomes cathartic in it’s own way, a sense of satisfaction born from devastation, a sort of peace found in ruin. It makes him his own kind of damaged Ryan knows. Makes him unfixable, maybe. Or maybe it’s that thought in and of itself that condemns him, self awareness of his own desecration, a self fulfilling future of irredeemable wrongness. Either way he knows there’s no going back to how he was. Either way he knows, deep down, that he isn’t sure he wants to. Isn’t sure he’d take back soft, harmless Ryan even if he could, even with the nightmares, the fear and self doubt, the guilt. The glaring absence of guilt.

Ryan isn’t ashamed of what he is, of who he became. He can track his path directly, has run his choices over and over in his mind and comes to the same solutions every time; the Vagabond has always acted with intention. Ryan has always done what he needed to, what he wanted to, always evolved and advanced and overcome. So he isn’t ashamed, but he’s not always proud either. Not always confident that a life spent doing what is necessary rather than what is right is a life worth preserving.  

It’s easier now, in the island of misfit toys, the family of selfish entertainment and bloodstained choices. Easier to justify the savagery of necessity when it is more than just his own life he is protecting, more than just his personal goals he is chasing. In the FAHC Ryan has found the acceptance he never knew he wanted, rekindled emotions he’d have sworn were beaten out of him in a dark alley all those years ago. Like stitching together a ragged wound he’d borne for so long he’d forgotten how to live without it; the scars would never truly fade away, still twinge on the worst days, but all of a sudden he’s faced with a life free of constant misery.

There is no way to repay them for that, for showing him a world where death and joy do not cancel each other out, soothing his conflictions without changing who he has become, for kinship between the equally wicked. Ryan knows they believe he’d die for them, and he would. Would jump right in with eyes wide open, just as self-aware as when he let’s Geoff make a show of his obedience, let’s Jack drag him out looking for ridiculously specific vehicles or let’s Jeremy tag in on a job he could have handled alone. As when he slows down a new trick Michael’s covertly trying to replicate or resigns himself to indentured servitude when Gavin plays him like a puppet; affection clearer in action than he could ever conceptualise in speech, trusting his team to understand.

What they don’t seem to understand is the fact that, if they needed him to, he would do so much more than die for them. To die is nothing, is brief sacrifice, but Ryan would ruin. Would create and destroy and conqueror. Were he asked to he would tear down the whole world around them, set it alight and shelter them from the blaze; a level of devotion that scares even himself when he considers it late at night, beyond thankful for their ignorance. Well, Geoff probably knows, something dark and thoughtful in his eyes when he looks at Ryan, something deeply confident in Ramsey when he commands the Vagabond. Assurance that no threat is idle, no harrowing claim is merely theatrics, and that knowledge alone should be enough to send Ryan running, to remind him of what happens when he lets down his guard, but it doesn’t, not anymore. Not since he recognised the clear display of trust in all that conviction, relishing in the opportunity to prove himself worthy; eyes alight with dangerous promise he now merely looks back at Geoff and has faith.

It’s not perfect; no matter how happy he is with his crew Ryan will still lose himself inside his own head sometimes, a place no other can follow, no other can ever truly understand. For all he is the ghoul in the nightmares of so many others Ryan never could quite extinguish his own demons. After all this time he still goes back and considers all his choices, still asks himself endless questions, gives endless answers, constantly assessing his place in the world, his counts and tallies, his debt. It’s how he reassures himself of the truth.

Did he make mistakes?


Does he have regrets?


Does death haunt him?


Did he choose this?


Is he monstrous?


Would he do worse?


Does he love them?


Did they destroy him?


Does he love them?


Will he destroy them?


Does he love them?


Is it worth it?


Are they worth it?


Is he worth it?


Is he worth it?


I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

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I was wondering if you could write about Himawari getting seriously hurt and Naruto can't handle it because he was supposed to protect her? It can be short. I love your writing and everything that you bring to it!

It’s difficult to remember a time when Himawari had been vulnerable.

Naruto has flashes of her vulnerability stowed deep, in the recesses of his present mind. They flash by in swaddles of baby blankets and crib bars, in onesies and unsteady legs insistent on movement. He sees her blue eyes, so like his own, too big for her face, and the crinkles that appear at the corners when he makes her laugh; the weight of her in his arms, feather-light and celebrated, tucked into the inseams of his elbows, streamline against the iron of his forearms.

There was a time when she belonged there, tucked right up against his heart, sheltered in muscle and bone and warmth. His baby girl.

And a different kind of vulnerability when Himawari crested a mountain upon which adulthood peaked, and someone wasn’t careful with her heart. Himawari is a warm girl, bright and smiling, relentlessly peaceful and proactive. She’s all too similar to Naruto in that regard, actions always preceding words, and Naruto knows best how often that can lead to pain. She had not hidden her pain from him, but rather shattered against his chest, tears crystalline; raindrops against pain-stained glass.

The weight of her in his arms; the wet touch of tears against his chest.

Naruto does not scream, he does not move. He trembles, not from the weight of his daughter, hanging unresponsively in his arms, or the exertion of fighting an army to get to her. No, something insidious hisses from the gaping maw of his own weaknesses, not from exertion.

Rage courses steadily but so slowly, a thawing of feeling, sensation evaporating in increments through his bloodstream. Himawari’s blood stains his clothes and his eyes sharpen into pinpricks, his heart a war drum booming, booming, counting down the seconds before.

Claws pierce through the skin of his fingertips and curl around Himawari’s arm, pinpricks almost touching skin. Battalions close in on him from all sides, weapons flying, seals forming too quickly for the human eye to catch. Naruto feels heat at his back and doesn’t know if it’s a fire jutsu or the rage, peeling at the skin of his back, the wings of his shoulders caved in around the fading light of his daughter.

Naruto leans down and presses his lips to her forehead, the faintest of touches. Time seems to slow as he kneels, settles her unmoving body against the grass at his feet. Something pierces his side, jerking his body but not his attention, and he reaches out to run his thumb along Himawari’s sallow cheek. It comes back with dirt and blood and blood and blood.

Naruto feels the threads of his skin begin to unwind and a roar builds from the pit of his gut to the caverns of his lungs; his bones shift and shatter. The mangled graveyard of his vocal chords vibrates preemptively around a breath, and Naruto raises the necrotic cells back to life with a scream that tears veins from the earth around his feet.

Himawari hasn’t needed his protection for years, had advanced through the ranks quicker than anyone her age, and many above her. She’s as lethal as she is careful, except when she isn’t, and Naruto had failed her. He had failed her.

“My little girl,” he snarls, and the frontlines stutter and stumble, hesitation without control in the face of a monster so willfully unwinding.

He pulls the kunai from his side and crushes it to dust, to dust, to dust in the palm of his hand—the first time he held Himawari, so small and beautiful, two weeks sooner than she should’ve been born, she had fit in the palm of his—

Naruto’s pinprick eyes flash open and he teaches his enemies what it is to become a reckoning.

And it’s the earth and all her creatures that learn to tremble.

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What do you think about the fact that Al and Scor are slytherins? I mean, do they actually have slytherin's traits?


While I do think it’s too-little-too-late to use this play as a Slytherin redemption device, and that it’s massively disappointing that the wizarding world hasn’t gotten over it’s anti-Slytherin bias and that Albus’ and Scorpius’ sorting is framed as a lazy us-against-the-rest-of-the-world isolation both in the context of their house as well as the general Hogwarts population, yes, I do think both of them exhibit significant Slytherin characteristics.

Albus! Albus’ Slytherin traits set the whole story in motion: he is so desperate to prove himself that when he sees an opportunity he pretty much falls to the first trap Delphi sets for him. As far as we know, Albus’ desire to show that he is his own person and his unwillingness to live in his father’s shadow started long before the events of TCC - remember the “oddly public parade of familial dissent” at QWC'14? (as a sidenote, this is when the entire family was wearing Bulgaria red except Albus who was in Brazilian green, supposedly to support the Brazilian Chaser Gonçalo Flores)

When asking the big question from Harry at 9 ¾, I think at some level Albus already knew he'd belong in Slytherin, and perhaps a small part of him actually wanted to get sorted there. While it’s obvious that he did have a choice (as in the AU he was able to choose Gryffindor just to spite Panju - this seems like a very Slytherin thing to do tbh), I think that like Harry, Albus didn’t truly make the choice during the sorting but at Hogwarts Express when he chose to stay with Scorpius.

The whole Cedric shenanigan seems to emphasise Albus’ Slythern traits: he’s not really saving Cedric only because it’s the right thing to do - given their willingness to use a Time-Turner, they could have worked out plan to save a greater number of people. Albus ends up screwing up everything because the story Delphi tailored to him resonated with Albus and provided an opportunity for him to prove himself, to accomplish something on his own terms.

Scorpius? Well, every Black kid, apart from Sirius (and supposedly Teddy Lupin) has been a Slytherin, and I don’t see why Scorpius wouldn’t. Scorpius is loyal. Not Hufflepuff loyal to those who need it, but the possessive kind of unconditionally loyal that will do anything for those who are his. He remains loyal when there’s very little to gain from his loyalty. He is probably the most risk-averse character of the entire play, and he’s instantly willing to confront Snape and mess with time for a chance to, well, give up his kingdom for Albus. This is probably the only time we see Scorpius show zero regard whatsoever for any long term consequences of his actions, just to get the world with Albus back.

Both of them prove to be cunning, adaptable, resourceful, comfortable with lying, sure. Both of them exhibit characteristics of other houses, too: thrist for knowledge for the sake of knowledge, recklessness, disregard for rules when it’s convenient (though I’d argue that this, too, is a Slytherin trait). Both of them seem to value academic recognition: Albus finds his shortcomings disappointing, and AU!Scorpius had been striving to be a Head Boy. Both of them seem to think they’re failing to live up to their personal or their own family’s expectations.

What makes them Slytherins, in my books, is their ambition.

In terms of ambition, well, the dissonance in being self-proclaimed losers in a house that represents cutthroat striving for greatness is certainly interesting, but I wouldn’t say these two aren’t ambitious. To quote Scorpius: “My point is - there’s a reason - we’re friends, Albus - a reason we found each other, you know?”, well, this is it. While these boys might not want power over others, both of them crave power over their own lives: isn’t the reason these two found each other, the two kids who entered the Hogwarts Express craving for a chance to find their own form of agency and control over their own lives, not as a son of Voldemort or the Boy Who Lived, but as themselves? Both of them were deprived of power over their own lives by prejudices attached to their respective family names, and in each other they found the one person willing to look past all that and see the real person underneath.

I was always that kind of blogger who suddenly dumps an unreasonable amount of posts on everyone’s dash and disappears, but using drafts definitely let me take it to a whole new level

So I’m about halfway though Monogatari Second Season now. I wrote a bit about it for a /r/anime thread and figured I might as well post it here too. WIth gifs and stuff too, because that’s how you get people to read things on tumblr. You just stick pictures between the paragraphs. 

Monogatari series spoilers up to the end of Nadeko Medusa, and Re:zero spoilers. 

Tsubasa Tiger

The start of the Monogatari SS is a continuation of Hanekawa’s story. Once again we see into Hanekawa’s really messed up family life. The contrast between her pure and white personality vs what she’s actually feeling is pretty incredible, and she just kinda creates aberrations so she can deal with her emotions. This um, not a healthy way to deal with stress. I didn’t originally think that the tiger was something that she created, so that was a nice twist. It was also interesting to see that her feelings of envy were so much more powerful than her repressed sexuality. Really gives you a look into just how fucked up her home life is when she feels like that. The confession scene at the end of the arc was absolutely beautiful too. She confessed knowing that she was going to be rejected, but just being able to express how she felt to Araragi was a huge leap in her character. Really a gorgeous moment in the series. Also that bathing scene with Senjougahara and Hanekawa. 

Hanekawa once again ended up with a new hairdo. Honestly this show is about girls changing their hair style and you can’t convince me otherwise. 

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Rem’s confession in episode 18 really reminded me of Hanekawa’s confession. Sure Rem’s confession was for Subaru’s sake and Hanekawa’s was for her own, but the way in which they were delivered and the circumstances were pretty similar. 

Mayoi Jiangshi

Honestly this arc felt a lot more like it was about Shinbou than it was Mayoi, but it did center around saving Mayoi and the ramifications of saving Mayoi. The conversation with Ononoki at the beginning of the arc was really interesting. It was a little philosophical in nature because they were discussing the nature of their death and what not, but it also did a good job of focusing the arc on finding Hachikuji’s answer to those questions. I was not expecting time travel in this series at all, but what do you know, they went back in time to do his homework but royally fucked everything up. Loli Hanekawa was super fucking adorable, and also just like you’d expect her to be. Sending Araragi to the police station was a nice touch. It looked like it was his mother that was there too. Why Araragi gotta grope the children, Araragi pls. When the scene left off with the narration saying the world had been annihilated I figured it was Araragi being like oh a world without Hachikuji is not a world worth living in, but no they went and destroyed the world. Looking at the different routes and how Shinobu acted in them was fascinating and showed just ridiculously fucking op Kiss-Shot is at full power. In the end, the resolution of alternate world Kiss-Shot was very tragic, but showed a really complexity to Shinobu’s character. She can get back her powers if Araragi dies, but even in the timeline where that happened she ended up trying to kill herself. The exorcists (I always forget the Japanese name for them) continue to be badass and manage to correctly assess how Araragi and friends have messed up the world. Oshino’s explanation of the time travel was great too. It was concise, but thoroughly explained what had gone on. A lot of shows don’t manage to do that right. 

Adult Hachikuji is bae. I wish she had gotten some more screen time, but she was just kind of there. Araragi and Shinobu just ditched her with the rice though, way to go guys. And then finally at the end we have Hachikuji answering the questions that Ononoki had asked. Her response to Araragi didn’t come off as a confession of love to me, but more a heartfelt expression of her friendship with him. She really feels that her life is better because she met him. I still don’t fully understand their relationship, but I imagine I’ll understand more of it as time goes on.

Nadeko Medusa

This arc was hyped up a lot by a lot of people, so I was looking forward to what it had to offer; and boy did the arc deliver. It starts off with the end of the arc in a truly monogatari fashion. Though, knowing how the arc is going to end makes the tension of how it gets there all the more exciting. This is definitely one of the cases where knowing a spoiler doesn’t make something worse. It also really juxtaposes the expectations we have of Nadeko; her being super cute and really not capable of doing much of anything, with what is shown in the opening sequence; her brutalizing Koyomi and Araragi. When that scene ends and the OP rolls in you’re just like wtf. Really well done with that imo. 

Nadeko is a really fascinating character. She basically glides through life by not doing much of anything and just deflecting the bad things or playing victim so that people want to help her out. She is constantly running away from her problems and letting other people solve them or just ignoring them and hoping that they go away. She’s also pretty much insane too. The envy and inability to deal with the fact that Koyomi has a girlfriend and that her love will go unrequited literally drives her to resurrect a dead god and actually become its vessel. Though I think that Ouji a lot to do with that. I’m not sure what her story is, but she seemed to be up to no good. 

It’s really easy to hate Nadeko in this arc because she does a lot of deplorable things. However I can also relate to a lot of the things she did. I’ve ran away from problems, I’ve played dumb to try and get people to side with me, I’ve had an unrequited love. Being able to relate to her actions makes them all the more revolting though. Watching this sickeningly cute, seemingly pure and innocent character lose her mind is pretty difficult. I didn’t actually realize that she had made up the snake god until he commented that he wasn’t actually real until she had eaten the talisman. There was a lot of foreshadowing with her talking to her scrunchie, but I hadn’t guessed that it was all in her head. 

The girls in Monogatari really should just become rappers because they all seem to have this ability to throw mad shade: Senjougahar is the physical embodiment of shade, Shinobu has had centuries to hone her already sharp wit, Tsuhiki puts the fire in fire sisters, um ok that’s all I have for now. But really, Nadeko got absolutely roasted in her arc. Shinobu was ruthless, Tsuhiki gave her a rude awakening, and Senjougahara told her off too. Shinobu absolutely roasted her. 

Nadeko’s moment where she just snaps at school was really well done too. The stress of all the things she was avoiding or didn’t know how to deal with finally piled up and she just completely lost it. She was finally able to voice her thoughts to her teacher and her peers, but perhaps the price she paid for that was a little bit too high. It’s an interesting bit of character development though. In the end she really did lose her marbles when she became Godeko. She goes full yandere and concludes that it would be far more romantic if the man she loved was dead. Her conclusion here is pretty sad. Even with the powers of a god she wasn’t able to overcome her jealousy or stop running away from the problem. She was only able to lash out and try and destroy what she saw as the problem rather than try and solve it. Nadeko is a pretty tragic character. 

Senjougahara once again shows that she’s a badass when she just phones up Godeko and tells her not to kill her man. I was a little surprised that she asked Nadeko to spare Shinobu as well. I’m not sure what Senjougahara’s feelings for Shinobu are, but I imagine I’ll find out more about that as the show goes on. What a cliffhanger to end the arc on. Really enjoyed it overall and I can see why people like this arc so much. 

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What makes the series so exciting for me is how relatable the characters are. The aberrations that they deal with are the results of very real emotions and problems. Hanekawa struggles with her sexual frustration and her envy, Senjougaraha shut herself away from people because of trauma in her childhood, Nadeko imagined up a god and ended up making it corporeal because she ran away from a problem rather than being honest with herself, etc. etc. Sure it’s a bit harder to relate to Shinobu because she’s a centuries old almost omnipotent vampire that has fallen from power and well I just haven’t had that sort of experience. Even so there are a lot of complex emotions going on with Shinobu that are very slowly explained and touched upon. I think that most people will be able to relate to one or more of the characters, and that’s what makes the show so satisfying to watch. Maybe the enjoyment comes from a sense of satisfaction of having dealt with a similar sort of issue that comes up in the show, maybe it comes from a sense of belonging because you had a very similar experience to a character, or really any other number of things. 

This is why the show is special to me, and why I think that it will continue to be special as I catch up with what has been made. While there certainly are some flaws here and there, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. Though I don’t think it will overtake Spice and Wolf in the end. 

I’m so conditioned to shows having underwhelming writing that I just get so excited when a show has some good writing, and for me the Monogatari series continues to blow me away. I also can’t get over how good the visuals are. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love the style of the show. I’m looking forward to the rest of SS.

My older sister just told me “it takes courage to carry a baby for 9 months. Being trans isn’t courageous.” And I’m like?? Ain’t nobody going to beat you for getting some dick? Nobody is going to look at your baby and go “are you sure you have a baby? It’s not just a phase? It seems fake to me”. Nobody is going to refuse you service because you have a baby bump, unless you’re at a bar. Holy shit.

anderfeelsy  asked:

so I don't know if you've answered this already, but how do you think Anders would react to finding out there was a cure for tranquility? And that he had the cure on hand?

I have vague memories of perhaps talking about this, but I don’t know when that was lmao, so I’m gonna do it again (if I even did before…).

I think his initial reaction to there being a cure, just generally, would be happiness and relief. This fate, this thing he’d feared for his entire life, this thing that was considered worse than death was curable. Every mage who had been unjustly made Tranquil (read: all of them) could be cured of this horrific fate. It would feel great, and I think he’d want to help spread and implement the use of the cure (something he is uniquely suited to do, of course, and Justice would be 100% into that; righting the greatest wrong ever perpetrated against a mage? Fuck yeah. And Anders could help them adjust after they’re cured as well, since we know that’s tough, and he would be excellent at that). He would also know that if the unthinkable happened to Hawke, if they were a mage, that he could fix it immediately. That would also be immensely comforting, for obvious reasons.

But then there would be a bitter part to it after the immediate relief. Because he would remember Karl, he would realize that he didn’t need to die, that Anders had had the cure inside of him the whole time. Karl could’ve been saved right then and there, but he didn’t know. If he had’ve, that would’ve been a significant thing in his life. I honestly do wonder if Anders would’ve even been interested in Hawke if he’d had Karl around. Karl’s loss had a huge impact on his life, and it would fucking hurt to know it could’ve been avoided all this time.

Of course, he would have Hawke to comfort him. It would help soothe the sting because it was over now, and you can never go back. There was no way he could’ve known. He’d definitely cry over it though, I think. Karl meant a lot to him (I don’t care what he says, he loved him), and the knowledge that he could’ve saved him would definitely cut deep.

But! Anders finding out about the cure for Tranquility, and that he’s uniquely suited to help with that may cause him to realize that he’s immune to it. Which would be… well, I think that would cause him to nearly collapse with relief. The thing he feared most can’t be done to him. The worst thing that could ever happen to him is confirmed to be impossible. And that would be another tearful moment, but those would be of joy rather than sadness, for once.


For your enjoyment, I present to you all four of the McGann brothers.

where the heart is;

(agents of shield // skye/ward // gen // ff.net // ao3)

// in which Skye has a child who grows up trying to deal with her parents’ seriously messed up relationship.

(part ii of home is)

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Part of me really hopes that Dipper picks the wrong side, at least for a little while. I’d love to see Bill take him under his wing and show him some secrets of the gf universe, if only so that we get to see them too.

Super hyped for the new episode! (ノ °◇°)ノ