i'm actually so proud of this okay

these lovebirbs slay me


some art for the new su leaks, featuring background practice!!! which im really fucking proud of!! also featuring blue diamond, who is very very pretty and who i am very very gay for.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Fairy Godmother?

Like she tried so hard and was so earnest to those kids. She was one of the few who didn’t judge the four and actually helped and was such a proud mama and gave them such praise? And support?

And her face was so precious when Mal decided to choose good at the end and she was SO. PROUD.

I just love that woman okay?

I realised that today I haven’t thought about killing myself. My brain hasn’t suggested that death is a good alternative to every little problem I have. I’m proud of myself. I finally feel like things are going to be okay some day. 

Whilst everyone else was proud of all the ribbons they’d won and how many races they’d run, I was just proud I was still alive. And that’s okay. We’re all in different places in life and don’t find everything as challenging as what everyone else does. 

Another fusion I really enjoyed working on: arcanine and houndoom ^.^ I love the outcome a lot, I gotta admit

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do a post explaining your perfect events

Okay, for reference the changes would only start at Collide and I’m leaving out any personal wish fulfillment that wouldn’t have to do with the actual plot (ships and the like).

Under a readmore because this thing is about 1000 words long and includes pictures and screencaps 

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The feedback I’m getting on the birthday fics is a nice reminder of why I love writing for this fandom and have been writing so much for despair (and occasionally hope). Especially for the nanami one.

I actually abandoned that prompt last december because it was difficult to find the right game matches and the suggestions weren’t quite hitting the mark. The only reason I pulled it out again was because it’s Nanami’s birthday and that I wanted it to be special. And what’s more special than videogames?

Hey, I know I wrote this for Nanami and all but thanks for dropping feedback after reading. Leaving comments when reblogging or replying to the post, it’s the only reassurance I have that people are actually reading and enjoying what I write. It’s nice to know that the 2-3 hours I spent on researching, choosing, and writing was worth it and I know it is whenever I read comments.

I Caved, I Doodled The Wolf Son

Every Wand’ring Bark

Okay so basically @jyncassians​ and @dyingsighs​ have both recently expressed an ardent desire for more Bail (and Breha) fic that isn’t about Leia, and me, being me, saw that and decided, “I can do that.” So basically, here you two–and everyone else who has expressed such a desire–go. (Feel free to–aka please! I would love it if you would–reblog and/or tag others who you know will enjoy this. I know it can be hard to spread fic about these two around :(.) Anyhoops, I hope you enjoy.

Many thanks to my roommate the kells for all her help (even though she’s not even close to being in the sw fandom), as well as @princess-sansa-of-ithilien​ and @absynthe–minded​.

This story takes place mid-The Clone War.

Title and all section headers are taken from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

Every Wand’ring Bark

Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds

There is exhaustion in his bones, blood on his robes, and the ash of war in his eyes. Bail steps from the ramp of the ship that bore him to Alderaan, feeling in every step down to the earth of his home the hours that he has not slept, and the hours he has spent overseeing death and destruction with only the paltriest of healing condolences.

Breha meets him there, at the border between heaven and earth, and takes his hands in hers as he steps onto Alderaan for the first time in what must be years. “Welcome home, my love,” she murmurs, and pulls his head down so that she might kiss his cheek. They are not alone on the landing pad, and so the kiss is chaste and, though warm, distant: a dozen guards line the path from ship to palace, and two dozen more staff—councilors, administrators, ambassadors, courtiers—wait to smile and bow before their monarchs. The eyes of their world are on them, hard and heavy and demanding, and they know it.

Bail fights to keep from shuddering away from her touch. The stain of war which clings to him, he thinks, should never so much as touch her lips.

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the 100 + asoiaf house words

does anyone remember when fairy tail was like,,, for kids


when it was about natsu’s motion sickness and not the fact that he is actually the most powerful of zeref’s demons

when it was about gray’s stripping habit and not the fact that he swore he’d destroy E.N.D. and the fact that he probably still thinks juvia’s dead

when it was about erza’s eccentricities and not the fact that she’s faced horrors from her past who have fought and tortured her

when it was about happy being an obnoxious, sassy cat and not the fact that he’s struggling to keep his best friend alive despite the fact that he’s the most powerful demon in creation and lots of people indirectly want him dead

when it was about lucy being a whiny girl and not the fact that she’s willing to fight and die for her guild, her family, after losing so much, willing to fight people much stronger than herself and look danger and pain directly in the eye for the sake of her friends

when it was about wendy being clumsy and not the fact that she has become so strong, and is able to fight and fight well and defend those she loves

just,,,, idk man i’m so proud of them they’ve come so far and developed so much