i'm actually really surprised by how much i loved this film

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So there is a post going around about a holo drama Jedi style? Have you seen it? Basically just a documentary group gets the greenlight to film the Jedi and the whole world goes crazy because it shows the Jedi are human and great people - basically what I would LOVE from you is basically aniObiDala trashy heap as the world watches and realizes that Anakin is doomed. :)))) honestly - any little snippets from a documentary style show thingie

“Pardon my lateness, there was an issue in the creche that required council attentio-” Mace tripped over a bump in the carpet and fell as long as he was in front of the holocrew, the Jedi giving a loud yelp of shock before grunting in pain as he actually hit the stone floor.

The frozen crew stared at the Jedi in surprise.

“…Please tell me that you weren’t already filming?” The master of the Order questioned into the floor.

“…If I tell you we weren’t, would that make you feel better?” The holocamera operator questioned, smiling nervously as the Jedi pushed himself up on his knees. Mace sent her a flat look.

“Not really.” He offered wryly before gingerly touching his nose, prodding at it with care. “Should we get on with the interview?” He looked to the journalist.

“Yes, yes of course!” She beamed, utterly delighted.

Cana fluttered over to the set up chairs and eagerly gestured to the free one. “Please Master Windu, I don’t mind the initial wait but lets get started?”

She never expected to get the green light on any of this, actual entrance to the Jedi temple, interview with Jedi knights, masters and padawans, though the latter was with the stipulation that they were off age or were accompanied by adults, something Cana understood all to well.

And the Jedi were not to have a say in what they ran, all questions were permitted but could be refused to answer.

And a Toydarian to interview them, impervious to Force suggestions.

“Now, Master Windu, many are curious about the Jedi and their lives. Lets get started on a few of the many questions the galaxy at large have.” She settled in as Windu leveled a calm look at her.


The Jedi temple was HUGE.

Cana fluttered along side Windu with the recording crew following behind them, the man himself calming explaining where they were and how many Jedi were currently in Coruscant’s temple. So far they had passed several Jedi, though Windu had pointed out that while all were dressed as Jedi, some of them were Corps members.

“Corps members?” Cana questioned.

Windu stopped, peering at her before gesturing. “Corps members are those of us who didn’t get masters or just couldn’t complete the path to become Jedi knight. There’s no shame in it but its not good to just send them out into the galaxy with nothing. So we have corps. Agricore grows food, mainly for our temples but it also provides for the local area and it also provides 50% of Coruscant’s vegetables and grains.”

“I…didn’t know that.” Cana blinked.

The Jedi feed Coruscant?

Windu shrugged. “Its not a well known fact. There is also exploration crops who’s main job is galactic exploration. The medical corps that specialize in healing Force for the good of the galaxy and then there is the educational corps. Many of our philosophers and scholars come from there.”

Cana took a moment to think over it before fluttering more into eye level of Mace Windu. “They aren’t warriors, are they?”

Cocking his head and raising a brow, Mace shrugged. “They carry sabers but…no. Their jobs are not to fighters, their jobs lay in their corps and their talents are directed in those. Healing, learning, teaching, growing or exploring.” He looked around before focusing back on the Toydarian. “Not all of us are warriors or diplomats.”

That was something to think about.

“If you want, you can observe a meditation class?” Windu suddenly offered.

“Meditation class?”


The room was brightly lit by the sun, the stones lightly colored with a few potted plants standing around. There were fifteen blue mats placed out in the room in a circle around a larger one in green and on each of the blue mat a small child sat kneeling or sitting with their legs crossed with their hands resting on their thighs.

On the green mat the teacher sat, none other then Obi-Wan Kenobi, his breathing soft and steady and his voice lulling as he guided the children to empty their minds and calm down.

It was a very tranquil feeling in the room.

This was part of Jedi life, the way they taught their young ones and stars, Cana had never thought about how young some of the Initiates were.

“…Do you often get so young children?” She whispered to Windu.

“Younger, mostly babes, some as old as six.” Windu murmured in return. “I know that some of the galaxy view us as babe stealers but we have never stolen babies from good families. The parents give them to us, hoping to one day hear about their children as Jedi knights. I was given to the temple as a baby.” He offered.

“…Good families?” Cana zeroed in on that.

The Korun shifted. “…Some parents get frightened when their children suddenly starts levitating their toys. When their cries makes windows splinter and try to…” He took a deep breath. “Tries to beat it out of them.” He nodded with his chin to Master Kenobi. “Master Kenobi is one of those babes. I can ensure an interview with him at another date if you wish?”

“…I and the galaxy would very much like that.”

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How confident are you that J/B will actually happen? I have to say, I'm feeling a bit nervous right now, after more of the leaks get confirmed and Nikolaj talks so much about Jaime being monogamous and so openly about how he is pro-JB. It makes me fear he's being so open because he knows now it's not going to happen and there's no spoiling at saying that. :(

I understand how you can interpret the interviews that way, but I’m 100% confident that Jaime and Brienne are happening. Remember, Nikolaj and Gwen know the fates of Jaime and Brienne, and since season 3 they have been throwing “love,” “in love,” “confused,” “feelings” and amping it up every promo season. Nikolaj even use the term soulmates, bless.

If Nikolaj and Gwen know that they have to play this pairing as a slow burn romance between two stubborn as fuck characters, their comments in the interviews aren’t going to be disappointed and bitterness. Their comments are going to be setup so the audience knows how to interpret their scenes, and for Nikolaj, an inability to keep chill. Also, if you notice, during each promo season their comments are almost identical in every interview, indicating that this is something that has been rehearsed and possibly fed to them by the showrunners.

Considering how Nik and Gwen were paired together now, of all times, for video interviews and pretty much every single promo for this season, and Nik completely unleashing his shipper soul, I’d bet money that the showrunners realized how the Brienne and You Know Who thing got out of hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a little concerned that the Jaime and Brienne story wouldn’t land with the viewers, so up the promos! Remind people that this story is still a thing because they’re probably coming back to that relationship again this season.  

Now for what’s seen in the show…

Nobody really knows why they are dragging out twincest and keeping Jaime around in KL, but imo the only reason why Jaime is still with Cersei is because the writers think it will increase the shock factor when he ends up with Brienne.

Jaime is definitely headed North by the end of the season, and that’s just always been my guess for his arc. Tywin had three conversations about him needing to leave the KG, be his heir and lead his House, then he was actually removed from the KG, and then Littlefinger in S6 made a comment “the Lannister’s have never brought their army this far North” and Jon said the same thing to Sansa in the first episode of season 7. Without a doubt, Jaime Lannister is going North, which means he’s away from Cersei. Unless Brienne fucks off to Tarth and doesn’t fight in the war (which I highly doubt), he will be in the same place as Brienne, and they will go through another life or death situation and… well, you can fill in the rest ;)

Some would argue that the writers setup plotlines and then drop them, but Jaime and Brienne are different because they are an endgame plot. How Jaime’s character development is handled is a whole other topic that people can debate about, but it in no way affects whether or not Jaime and Brienne will end up together. In other words, Point A and point B are determined, but how the writers get to point B is entirely up to them, and if you see it as messy and inconsistent or totally logical and consistent then that’s your opinion. In the end, Jaime and Brienne will end up together, regardless of the journeys that led them there.

If Jaime and Brienne were meant to remain friends, or end up as an dropped story, they wouldn’t have continued building it up in season 5 and season 6. I’m not even going to bring up the setup for season 2-4 because it would take an eternity.


- The Memory

They finally introduced some sort of adaptation of Brienne’s horrible childhood. What was the topic of this memory? Romantic love. This isn’t some memory of why she admired Renly, it was why she fell in love with him. Why? Because prior to mentioning Renly, she talks all dreamily about how the boys said they wanted to marry her and take her to their castles. By including this scene, they are establishing three things:

  1. Yes, Brienne is interested in men.
  2. Yes, Brienne was in love with Renly (why people doubt this I just…..??? I mean it’s been stated many times she was in love with him butmovingon)
  3. Yes, Brienne has a romantic side and therefore is a legit candidate for a love plotline. It wouldn’t be broughten up in the narrative if it wasn’t essential to her arc.

Brienne was introduced to us on a romantic storyline (Renly). The first couple of conversations with Jaime and Brienne were about honor/loyalty and her love life. Oh look, what theme has been playing out and getting resolved for Brienne in S4, S5, S6, and S7 when she was off finding the Stark girls and the moments she spoke with Jaime? Honor and loyalty. What other factor was there in the background, popping up randomly, like her childhood story to Pod in season 5? Love life. And what happened in S6 that the showrunners allowed through the edits? The Ship That Shall Not Be Named. In other words, Love life.  

People think Brienne’s story is to be this great warrior whose purpose is to just help “the good guys” out with a sword and that’s the only lens they see her through. They don’t see that being a strong fighter is just an aspect of who she is and has a small role in her overall arc. It complements her narrative, but it’s not the focus of it. The focus is questioning honor and blind loyalty, and finding reciprocated love for the physical “Beast.” The two go hand in hand (this applies to Jaime as well…slowly and eventually. Their arcs match.) 

- Tarth

They wouldn’t have gone out of their way to film Jaime drooling over Tarth. If you think about it, they had to spend money creating the set, doing the effects, and hiring a bunch of extras to stand around, all so that Jaime could stare and smile at this freakin island that is the residence of some woman he just respects…



-The tent scene. 

I assume they were directed to act that scene as suppressed and confused romantic desire since a) Nikolaj called the sword his heart and b) the writers and the director said their relationship was “complicated” and that Jaime has “undercurrents that he’s uncomfortable feeling.”

Nevermind that they felt it important enough to speak about this specific scene and their feelings in an Inside the Episode segment, when there were dozens of other scenes to choose from. Jaime and Brienne are friends guys gaaaawd.

- The wave goodbye.

Yeah. Again. Same point as in the Tarth scene, but minus the extras.

If they had no intentions to get Jaime and Brienne together by the end of this series, they could have omitted the tent scene, or at least altered the tent scene so that there was not round three of extra long eye fucking…. for just friends.

So no worries anon. They will get together, whether it’s brief or for the long term. If there is one thing I am obnoxiously confident about it is that by the end of this series it will be known by even the delusional fans that these two fools are in love.

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Prompt: Robert fanboying so hard over something. Maybe they get to watching the new guardians of the galaxy or wonder woman?

so i haven’t written anything outside of my english class in the past five or so years so if it’s terrible i’m sorry, but i’d like some more practice so send me prompts!

Wonder Boy. 

Aaron has never be one to go to the cinema. If he want’s to see a film so badly, he can buy it and watch it in the comfort of his living room, thank you very much. But it’s Robert’s turn to plan date night so it’s not like he has a choice in the matter; besides a movie, dinner and a quick snog at the side of greggs sounds pretty good to him.

They’re halfway through their main course now and Robert’s barely taking a breath between his mouthfuls of risotto, the excitement rolling off him in waves.

“But Aaron did you see? She fucking flew! You couldn’t even tell it was special effects!” He’s had a spot of sauce on his tie for the last twenty minutes, but Aaron’s in no rush to tell him.

“Yes Robert, I saw” It doesn’t even process for Robert that Aaron even replied.

“And the way that building just collapsed! It’s like it was actually happening! Imagine if the BT tower just fell right in front of our faces, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do!”

It’s not like his nerd of a husband is new to Aaron, God knows how many hours of Star Wars he’s sat through, how many arguments they’ve had over where to put his “collectables” (“they’re not dolls, Aaron!” ) and he’s lost track how many times he’s had to pull him away from Hotten’s “Nerd Palace” or whatever Liv calls it, but this is a rarity.

Robert’s lips are stained from the red wine he just had to order, traces of dark red around his mouth, his cheeks are flushed so brightly against his pale face, and it’s a surprise that he’s managed to even get any food in his mouth, what with how wide his grin is. There isn’t a part of Aaron that cares about ‘Wonder Woman’ sure, there were some explosions here and there but he’d much rather spend his night doing something he actually enjoyed, like his husband.

“Did you hear everyone gasping when that guy came around the corner! It sounded like the entire place was having a heart attack!”

“Hm, yeah I heard.” It must have been Aaron’s fork hitting the plate as he stabbed into his piece of steak that pulled Robert into reality, looking down at his plate, almost in embarrassment, his cheeks an even brighter red.

“I’m sorry, I know it wasn’t really your thing, you can pick what we do next time. I’m sure you’ll have more fun then.”

Aaron isn’t one to get soppy, but he can practically feel Robert’s heart sinking along with his own. Here is Robert, so used to hiding his passions, not used to being so open with himself and those around him. But here he is, on a date with his husband, in the most romantic, candle lit restaurant Aaron’s ever seen, with risotto around his mouth, ketchup on his tie from when he nicked one of Aaron’s chips, talking more passionately than he even realises.

“No, no! Did you see how quick he fell to the ground when she punched him?”

Robert’s eyes light up, the grin back on his face, and reaches across to gently grasp at Aaron’s hand. 

And Aaron falls in love all over again.

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can i has more cr sense8 au percy pls? (if your up for it of course)


“I’m still not certain we should be doing this.“

It was a meaningless statement even before he said it. With her arm in his, with the warmth of her against his side and the tinkle of her laugh fading in the air, Percy thought he would trust Vex to lead him down any icy path through the woods, with any blindfold on or off, even if he had never known her more intimately than he knew himself. Even if they had just met, somehow, one day, and she had smiled and beckoned, he would have followed.

Exaggerated gagging noises broke into his thoughts—Vax, visiting as almost always, making Vex laugh in the cold Northern darkness. The drugs all but gone from his veins, Percy could feel him again, that knife’s edge of sarcasm prickling over devotion deep enough to fill the sea.

Two (one? three?) months of isolation was turning him poetic. It was horrifying.

“It’ll be fine,” said Vex, tugging him forward. “Turn right—”

Percy followed her instructions obediently. “I don’t know where you get the confidence that she won’t be looking, just this one night. It’s not like the holidays have stopped them before.”

“Because she’s loony, Freddie,” Vax said with overwhelming fondness.

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what movies would the RFA take MC to see? sorry if it's a weird request Q_Q

Author’s note: Not a weird request!! I just finished Kimi no na wa and it killed me ♥ do you guys have any favorite movies?? because I need new ones to watch ANY GENRE IS FINE


  • A ROM COM, 100%
  • Of course, he uses you as an excuse when people ask him why he’s watching something “so girly” 
  • Yoosung had been waiting for this movie premiere for months
  • He bought his tickets in advance, came early to get a good spot in line, and had blocked all spoilers from his phone you had even agreed to come along with him!!
  • Everything was going PERFECTLY 
  • Until he saw one of his classmates waiting outside the same movie theatre
  • Quickly, he tried to turn away, but it was too late
  • “Hey, Yoosung!! Whatcha doing in line waiting for a chick flick??”
  • “Uhhh, w-well,” he desperately looked around, “MC really wanted to see this one!”
  • “Your girl’s got you whipped, huh?”
  • “…Whipped?”
  • You overheard the conversation as you came back from the bathroom
  • Walking closer to the two, you gave the stranger a passive aggressive smile, “Come on, Yoosung, let’s go.”
  • You dragged him away from his classmate
  • “Why didn’t you just tell him you wanted to see this movie yourself?”
  • He scratched the back of his neck, “I-I didn’t want to sound lame…”
  • “Hey,” you stopped and turned toward him, “If you were lame, you would have never scored such a cute girlfriend like me!”
  • You twirled around and gave him a wink
  • He chuckled and grabbed your wrist, pulling you in for a kiss
  • “I love you.”
  • “Right back at you… now, come on, we don’t want to be late for my movie!” 


  • Normally he would have taken you to one of his movies
  • BUT
  • there was a something even better out
  • “Are you gonna tell me what we’re seeing??”
  • Nope! It’s a surprise!!”
  • You sighed and continued to cover your eyes with your hands
  • he guided you to a chair and you felt him sit next to you
  • “Okay, you can look now!!” 
  • you glanced up at the bright title screen and oh my god
  • “How he came to be: The story of Zen”
  • “You took me to a documentary about YOURSELF???”
  • “…Yeah.”
  • You tried to act annoyed, but your smile betrayed you
  • “We can go see-”
  • “No,” you rested your head on his shoulder, “I’m good here.”


  • If Jaehee doesn’t choose a Zen movie then assume she’s been kidnapped and replaced with a clone
  • Seriously, the only time she’ll take a break from work is to watch movies starring the white haired narcissist
  • There’s this shirt she wears EVERY TIME the two of you go to and see one of his films
  • “Aren’t you embarrassed wearing a shirt with one of your friends’ faces on it?”
  • “Embarrassed? No. I’m honored that I get to express my fondness of Zen’s artistic-”
  • Blah, blah, blah, let’s just go see the movie so we can get home.”
  • “…Are you jealous?”
  • “W-what? No!”
  • She slipped her hand into yours
  • “Good, because I love way more than some silly movie.”


  • THIS LITTLE PRETENTIOUS PRICK TOOK YOU TO SOME HIGH END FOREIGN FILM you don’t even know what language it’s in
  • And on top of that, the entire movie was in B&W
  • So could Jumin blame you for falling asleep????
  • When it ended he looked over to see if you enjoyed it
  • “MC?”
  • “…”
  • “MC!!?”
  • “H-Huh? Oh, it’s over! What a great movie!!”
  • You stood up and stretched, covering your mouth to hide a yawn
  • He smirked, standing up next to you
  • “Oh, you thought so?”
  • Jumin leaned in closer to you
  • “What did you think about the scene with the flock of flamingos?”
  • “It was so moving, I almost cried!!”
  • “Hmm, that’s strange; there weren’t any flamingos in the entire movie.”
  • You looked away, “…I may have fallen asleep.”
  • “Uh-huh, I saw.”
  • He put his arm around your shoulder, “That’s okay, you didn’t miss much. It was pretty boring.”
  • You rolled your eyes and leaned into him
  • “Next time, I pick the movie.”


  • He chose a scary movie without hesitation
  • and when you get home you can BET YOUR ASS he’ll try to scare you
  • “MC, I think I just saw something outside!”
  • “Yeah, right.”
  • “No seriously-”
  • He watched as you ran down the hall and into the bedroom
  • Seven had to hold onto a wall he waS LAUGHING SO HARD
  • “…I still don’t approve of this.”
  • Once he caught his breath, he turned around
  • “Thanks, Saeran, she was SO scared!!”
  • Seven turned to look down the hall again
  • “…Actually, I think I should go check on her.”
  • Saeran watched his brother wipe away another tear and slowly make his way down to his bedroom
  • He rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen
  • He peaked his head into the fridge to find something to eat
  • “I guess Saeyoung hasn’t realized MC knew he was going to try and scare her.”

Earlier that day

“Hey, Saeran, wait up!!”

He was on his way outside when he heard his brother’s girlfriend call out.

“What do you need?”

MC ran over to the twin and leaned in close, lowering her voice.

“So, tonight, Seven and I are going to see a scary movie, and I know that every time I see one with him, he tries to prank me when we get back home…”

“This is true.”

“And I was wondering if you would be willing to help me exact some revenge on him. It won’t be-”

“I’m in.”


“You had me at revenge. Just text me the details, I’m going for a run.”

Saeran turned back around and left, a smile plastered on his face.”

  • He felt that same smile creep back on his face as he thought of what MC had showed him
  • “ I wonder if she finished setting up-”
  • “-her other prank.”

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I'm most excited to see Rose and her development. I'm just thrilled to see this Asian woman represented on screen. I am also extremely hopeful to see her and Finn in a relationship. In your opinion, from the marketing and hints from interviews, do you think FinnRose is going to be a "thing?" Or do you think it's like in TFA where we were baited into thinking Finn would be a Force user? Also, in the same vein, what about Kylo's and Luke's marketing? How much truth do you think promo portrays?

Yes! Of all the new characters, Rose is definitely the one I’m most excited for. I really, really hope that they’ve learnt from their mistakes and won’t be using Finn as misdirection again, so I do believe that we’ll see the seeds of a romance between Finn and Rose. I don’t think we’ll see a full-blown love story based on Rian’s earlier comments to Vanity Fair, but I absolutely think we’ll see groundwork put down.

Kylo’s marketing is basically non-existent beyond ‘Kylo is very, very sad and very, very alone. Let’s look at how pretty he can be while crying and staring into the middle distance. How very, very sad’, so there’s not much to say beyond the blindingly obvious fact that they are hiding his plot in The Last Jedi and they probably have a very good reason for doing so.

Film promotion has very little to do with what actually happens in the film - it’s all about selling the audience a product that they’ll buy into. That usually means disguising the more controversial or complex aspects of a film (whispers: Kylo Ren :whispers) and hyping up or exaggerating the parts that the audience is hungry for (Luke! Luke! Luke!). Then there’s also the element of surprise - a promotional campaign won’t give away key plot information, since doing so would undermine the film and take away some of its appeal.

In short, take all the promotional stuff with a pinch of salt. They’re not going to give away the meat of the story in EW, and nor should they.

why stiles and derek are back as sterek

I said I wouldn’t get involved anymore and just enjoy the ride for what it is but alas I’m bored and sterek still haunts me at night 6 years later. 

I think most of us came back from our respective garbage cans when we saw Stiles and Derek grace our screens again and together nonetheless. We’re back at it again, but I know we’re also cautious and calling it for what it is. At the end of the day though, let’s agree that we’re all here because we love sterek, no strings attached to teen wolf. So let’s go from there. 

As the hype kinda died (until it airs that is), all that is left is to replay those 4 seconds of sterek until the skin of my forefinger is scraped away. And now, what I’m struggling with is quite simply sterek

It would be foolish to hope for endgame, I know, but at the same time, there are things that don’t make sense. Color me surprised, we’re dealing with teen wolf.

First thought is that it’s a big ass effort to bring back both Dylan and Hoechlin. It is. It’s not just a call all like “so how are you feeling about making an appearance on trash wolf”, “hell yeah sign me up”. No. It’s planning and contracts and like 6 people making a decision and Dylan and Hoechlin with their busy careers. It’s an effort okay. Big one. So why would they do it?

Level-headed objective answer is: Stiles and Derek are fan favorites. Nay, they’re the two most loved characters. Of course they would bring them back for the last season. It’s for the fans. Any show would do that for the fans.

But now satan intervenes and it’s like let’s be honest this is teen wolf and jeff davis. How much would they actually do for the fans? They never gave a shit, why would they now, at the very end? Even if it’s for profit. 

Which brings me to my second train of thought. Queerbaiting is basically profit. But are they really making profit from sterek? Not really. The season is already filmed, ratings don’t really count anymore, and hell, they have a reboot on the way. MTV doesn’t give a shit. Sterek/Stiles & Derek are not being brought back for profits. Period. It’s a fact. Accept it.

Now publicity and hype are another thing. Imagine, in an AU, sterek is canon.This show will be remembered as a representation pillar for the unforeseeable future. Jeff Davis would be finally remembered as something positive. Point here is that it’s a good thing and no one can deny it - no freaking media outlet, network, or producer. Not to mention that this is the last season. There would be no pressure of validating or continuing this godforbidden gay ship.  

So taking into consideration the effort of bringing hobrien back, along with this being the last season, and the positive promotion that stiles and derek would entitle, I do have a bit of a “hope” encouraged by the trailer. Hear me out. 

From that supposedly 2 year future flash we get that Stiles is in the FBI and he’s in the DC. But then we get Stiles carrying Derek in the same flash forward. More than, from the people in the background, we can gather that Stiles and his team are there as well so clearly some shit is going on. So if shit is still going on in the future I can draw two conclusions: 1. It’s not serious. Like who would kick start another plot during a series finale. So it must have a higher reason. 2. Derek is on Stiles’ end. Which also means that they kept in contact, which is not that groundbreaking, but showing that after two years and when Stiles is on duty should count for something. I’m not saying it should count for canon sterek, but still. 

Point here is that I want you to grasp the importance of showing Derek and Stiles together after a 2 year gap. Stiles is still the one supporting Derek. Like, how is that still a thing. It’s not about canon at this point. I don’t need an endgame. This is it. Stiles will always be there for Derek and that’s canon. Even after all this time. Thing about it is that it’s predictable and reasonable. Of course, them being friends/family entitles that they are there for each other.

But as in many cases before, showing it makes all the difference

It’s not Stiles supporting Scott, it’s not Stiles supporting Lydia, it’s not Stiles supporting his father. It’s Stiles supporting Derek.

Film choices.

And I’m sure there’s even more to it than we know right now. 

So this is what makes me be all torn up about it. I’m not looking into it as a big proof of anything and I should just enjoy sterek on my screen, but honestly? Even though it’s not suspicious that Stiles and Derek are brought back, it is curious how they’re brought back together.

Am I hoping for sterek endgame? No. But I am looking for some kind of closure. 

Kinda sorta in a way an unpopular opinion...

But as someone who read and thoroughly enjoyed the book, I cannot say that I am surprised that they did not push SSC more.  If they follow the rest of the book the way they have followed it so far, the seven episodes will cover the book perfectly (and as I have said before, if they don’t keep the ending, I will RIOT), and the book does not really leave any dramatic loose ends to justify continuing the story. 

Because of that, I have never fully believed that they would even try to continue into a second season.  It would have been a wonderful, pleasant surprise…but with their lack of significant advertising, it just didn’t make sense to me.  Why they didn’t advertise it as a miniseries I really don’t know…maybe they were leaving room for the show to surprise them and do well on it’s own…but for a genre as particular as this one, even seven episodes does not give it time to establish itself if it is going to be a long-running show.

I think that keeping it to the seven episodes is a sign that they are doing the book justice.  They would have to make even more dramatic changes than they already have, and I don’t know that I would want to see some of the possibilities for the plot twists to keep the story ‘interesting’ enough for Shondaland TV.  I don’t mean that as an insult to Shondaland TV at all…I mean that as an indication of how nicely the story is wrapped up in the epilogue of the book.  It was not written as a story to keep going on and on…and logistically, that just does not make for good long term television.  A kick-ass miniseries?  Hell yes, which is what I have total faith we are going to get.  

Their mistake here, I think, was not being clear in their presentation of this show.  We knew how many episodes were filmed at the start.  We knew that they did little to advertise it…but we also looked at it as a show that *might* be long term.  Many people are afraid to invest in a show, particularly one that challenges (or altogether shatters) race and gender barriers, if there is a good chance that it will get cancelled early on.  Who wants to fall in love with characters, only to have their stories left dangling with absolutely no closure?  It’s safer to wait it out, see how it goes, and then watch it once at least a full season arc has been told.  I can appreciate the feeling…I’ve been stressing every week worrying that we wouldn’t even get the episodes they’d actually filmed, and I know where my characters are going to end up.  Even if the show didn’t air all seven episodes, I still have some closure…but it doesn’t matter.  I’ve fallen in love with the representation by these wonderful actors, and I want to see it all brought to life, dammit!

If they wanted this to be a miniseries, then they should have presented it as a miniseries.  Had they made it clear from the beginning, we wouldn’t be left feeling like we’ve been punched in the chest.  We would’ve known what to expect, and that makes all the difference in the world.  We wouldn’t be INFURIATED right now, and this show would have been seen in a much different light.  By leaving everything up in the air, setting it up to fail, this beautiful, charming, amazing show is left to look like a floundering mess.  This show, had it been properly presented, could have been that truly groundbreaking storytelling that Lashana hoped it would be, because it would have been seen for exactly what it is, rather than tainted by the appearance of failure caused by this horrible uncertainty.  It could have opened the door for more challenging stories like it, designed and developed (and freaking advertised) for long, successful run.  Instead, how many stories will be shot down for the sake of a “failure” that, by all rights, should have been the farthest thing from a failure?

I hate how much I was expecting exactly this to happen…and I am sincerely pissed that they are making us wait another 2.5 weeks for the next episode.

anonymous asked:

hey! first off, i love your acting posts, thank you for taking time to write those! one thing i'm super curious about is how much of what we see in skam is scripted and how much is improvised, so i was wondering, are there any scenes that stand out to you (particularly in season 3 but in the other two as well) as probably improvised? also, in your experience, how much is the body language between characters usually scripted/directed and how much is it left to the actors?

AH MAN ANON, this is such a good question. First off, thank you for the love! It may not seem like it but they usually take around 2-3  hours to write (intense rewatching is crucial) haha, so it’s nice to hear you like them! <3 

Now, onto your question. It’s pretty difficult to know for sure when there’s improvising involved. As a stage actress, improvising is a skill you really need to have because on stage you have no second chances: if you or someone else messes up, forgets a line, you have to fix it right then and there and come back around to the intended scene. As a television series, SKAM has the advantage of editing and reshooting so improvising lines is not necessarily needed. Usually scripts just say the lines and a bare minimum of the actions, so that the actors can fill it in themselves. However, the script Julie posted on New Year’s Eve is quite.. detailed in actions, I think (mentioning that Even pushes back Isak’s fringe, for example, is not something I’ve seen in scripts before. That’s usually up to the actors). But who knows whether that is comparable to the other scripts. However, filming does require pre-existing knowledge on how people are going to move around, so if you improvise you need to keep it within the camera frame.

What I think are noticeable improvised moments are usually the comedic ones; comedic acting requires a quick wit and impeccable timing. So you need to give that a bit of your flair and you need to surprise your actors, so that they’ll actually laugh instead of fake-laugh. And SKAM has some strong actors in that regard; Ina Svenningdal and David Sjoholt are stand outs for me. Which is why one of the moments that I think is truly improvised is when David suddenly hugs Henrik in ‘Dette er Even’. 

Henrik had his hand out already when he suddenly got hugged, and it seems like he’s cracking up here. Tarjei is also already moving on with the scene since he’s already getting his phone out of his pocket. It’s safe to say that it’s something David decided to do suddenly: and this kind of improvising is nice, since as a director you get surprised and sometimes it’s really the thing you needed to make a scene. The last few moments of the boy squad after that dancing chicks scene, where Magnus talks about his dream about Vilde, is I think another one that shows improvisation from all the guys since they genuinely seem to laugh. (and making your laughing seem genuine is hard as hell! I think a bit of Tarjei shines through when he cracks up so hard). Other moments might be in 2.10 and 5.10 when music (the message and i’m not in love) is playing over Isak and Even interacting; you just need some material to fill in those moments so what better way than just to film your actors doing some stuff and making each other laugh.

Body language is even harder to say; I think that there is a certain amount of directions on what to do. But since Julie writes and directs, she does have the opportunity to listen what the actors want to do with the scenes. And if certain things feel unnatural to how they would act, she probably would work with them to change things around. If, once again, you want your scenes to seem genuine, you need to have some faith in what your actors are doing with your material (I have personally had some horrible experiences with directors who did not want to listen to actors’ input and that creates a fairly unsafe environment for the actors. I certainly do not see Julie as being that kind of director, from what I’ve read about her).

Basically, it’s hard to know for sure. I could probably find some other moments, but I’ll leave you with these as this ask is getting rather long. I hope I’ve answered your question! If you have any other questions or a follow up question, please do not hesitate to ask! <3


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Three

Excerpts from “The Doctor’s Tale” by David Tennant, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

Coming back this year, for these Specials, felt a bit like returning to the day job after a summer holiday doing something else. I was worried that it might take a while to get back into it, because this is the longest break that I’ve had between bouts. Is it eight, nine months [since filming The Next Doctor, in April 2008]? Yes, it is. I went off and did this play [the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet], which I knew was going to be tough - and proved to be - but also was challenging and exciting, something I’m proud to have done. But the level of scrutiny that it got was surprising, and I’m sure that’s because of Doctor Who. It’s been a constant reminder that I’m part of it and that I’m coming back to it. It’s never felt like I’m that far away from it.

At the readthrough for Planet of the Dead, I found it quite tricky to get into the mindset again. I actually felt that I couldn’t remember the Doctor’s voice. But getting on set, putting on the costume and being surrounded by everyone, is like slipping back into something very familiar. It’s like coming home… he says, basking in the sun in Dubai! A welcome return, really. Most of the crew is back. Yeah, it’s the same team. But obviously none of the other actors are back… well, yet.

I don’t think the break has altered my feelings towards leaving after these Specials. In a way, it was sort of the beginning of the end. I got out of the routine of being here, which is, of course, what’s got to happen in a few weeks’ time. Then this will be gone for me. It’s good to remember that there’s a world outside the structure of a nine-month shooting schedule, and I still think I’ve made the right decision. The break didn’t make me regret it, but it did remind me how much I’ll miss Doctor Who and how much fun it is here. It’s made me more appreciative that this is my last stint and I’ve really got to enjoy every minute of it. This show is fun, and it always has been, and I will miss that - but it’s nice to leave while I still feel that way, or I’ll still be here when I’m 80.

The other parts of this photoset: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ] [ seven ] [ eight ] [ nine ]
[ Masterlist of all behind-the-scenes photosets ]

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

Q&A with Jay Park
  • Request: Can we have a Q/A with Jay as the bf. You are a singer as well, so basically you met at a concert :) and now you were friends before becoming a couple.. And it was SsamD who pushed both of you to confess that you like each other haha full of teasing pls
  • I hope you like it : )
  • ---
  • After watching Simon’s Q&A with his girlfriend, Jay wants to do one with you. Both of you are always busy due to hectic schedules - Jay with his label and you with your singing career. Luckily for both of you, Jay has found some time between his work and you were in Seoul for a press tour for your new album. So Jay asked you to come into the studio to do the Q&A with him along with Simon who will be asking the questions and doing the filming.
  • Jay: Simon, you can’t ask any other questions except the ones on the cards ok?
  • Simon: I know, I know. I've done this before so I should I know better than you, Park Jae-Beom. Ok, I'm ready. Action!
  • Jay: Aiight. Hello everyone, My name is Jay Park and I'm here today with my lovely girlfriend aka [Y/N].
  • You: Hi!
  • Jay: Just a hi, babe? No I'm here with my sexy boyfriend? I'm just messing with you babe so we're going to a Q&A today just like the one with Simon.
  • Simon: They like to copy me. Anyway the first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we were both in your hometown, Seattle. Jay asked me to go this local Mexican place. The food there was amazing!
  • Jay: Yeah, we went to Luna Azul. Shout out to them. Go check them if you're in the area. We didn't do much after hey?
  • You: No, we didn't. It was raining that night so we went back to your house.
  • Jay: Damn right, we went back to my house. I pressed her buttons that night hehe
  • You: What buttons? I think you meant your PS4 controller babe because we played games that night as well.
  • Jay: As well...
  • Simon: Ayyyy TMI. Save those stories to the end.
  • Jay: Whatever man. Read out the next question.
  • Simon: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We met at Justin Bieber's concert. We were both in same VIP room.
  • Simon: What did you think of him?
  • You: I thought he was a very cold person at first because he wasn't really talking to anyone besides his crew. But also, very imitating.
  • Jay: Imitating? Who, me?
  • You: You're right. Jay is like a very enthusiastic.. puppy. He may look like a cold person but once you start talking to him, he's very funny and sarcastic.
  • Simon: What about you, Jay? What did you think of [Y/N]?
  • Jay: I noticed her well before we all got settled in the room. I thought, wow this girl has a very pretty smile and also that ass!
  • You smack Jay on his chest.
  • Jay: I'm sorry baby. Seriously, her smile lit up the room. I was very hesitant to talk to her because I thought she already had a boyfriend. I mean, someone that good looking wouldn't be single.
  • Simon: And ahem who told you to go and talk to her first? Before the Biebs would ask her to go to his after party.
  • Jay: It was you, Simon. He purposely pushed me into her. But in seriousness, I'm thankful for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be as happy as I am today.
  • Simon: Aww too cute, Park Jae-Beom. You better mention me during your wedding. So what is the most romantic thing that he/she has done?
  • You: The time when Jay flew out to Taipei to surprise me on my birthday. I didn't know but when I left Seoul to go to Taipei, Jay was on the next flight out. But he didn't show up until my concert the next night. He surprised me on stage. I kind of hate him for that because I cried and it ruined my makeup.
  • Jay: Do you know how hard it was knowing we were in the same hotel and having to avoid you?
  • You: What was hard, Jay?
  • Jay: I can't say it because Simon is here.
  • Simon: I'm sure I know what I mean Jay. You don't need to speak in codes.
  • Jay: Anyway, I think the most romantic thing [Y/N] has ever done to me, well actually she usually does it when I have a shit day. [Y/N] always prepares a bath for me. You know, with those cool bath bombs and candles.
  • Simon: You in a bath tub? That's an odd picture. Ok, what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • You: Jay's tongue!
  • Jay: My tongue?
  • You: You're always sticking your tongue out. It's so annoying when I want to take a proper picture. Like your tongue should stay inside of your mouth baby.
  • Jay: That's not what you wanted or said last night.
  • You smack Jay across the chest again.
  • Jay: Haha. And you have the bad habit of taking my jackets and caps. To make things worse, she would pack them into her bags when she leaves. It's fucking winter right now and all I've been doing is wearing layers.
  • You: Good. Wearing layers would make it look like your arms are big and muscly.
  • Jay: Hey!
  • Simon: Alright love birds. Next question what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I prefer staying in you know, just a home cooked dinner and Netflix is fine. Plus I get to show Jay how to cook.
  • Jay: Yeah. Given our crazy schedules, it is always nice to wind down and relax.
  • Simon: That's nice. We're nearly at the end of this, are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Jay: I've seen shit going around saying that I have a daddy kink..?
  • You: Ha!
  • Simon: Does he, [Y/N]?
  • You look at Jay.
  • Jay: Fo real tho, I don't.
  • You: He actually doesn't but when he's annoying, I use that against him which makes it worse sometimes and he would pun-
  • Jay: Aye baby don't give away too much.
  • You: Oops, sorry...
  • Jay: Also, I'm just going to straight out tell them this. I like seeing [Y/N] strip.
  • Your face was blushing and you could feel your cheeks burning up.
  • Simon: Okay, last question do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: There are many, right Jay? I remember the one with your song. I'll tell it. We usually listen to music when we um do it and there was this time when one of Jay's songs was playing. What was it again?
  • Jay: It was Do What We Do.
  • You: That's right. So apparently, the track was like the first recording Jay made and at the end, you could hear Simon and Gray talking. They were having an argument of what's better - dumplings or ramen. It was so weird hearing them because I thought they were in the same room as us. So awkward and I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.
  • Jay: Yeah and that was the last time we ever have songs playing in the background.
  • Simon: Aha, sorry guys. Okay that's all the questions, now say goodbye to your fans.
  • You: Thanks for watching this and I hope to do another one soon. Mwah!
  • Jay: Thank you and please go support my baby. Her new album has just dropped, go listen and buy it now! Peace! AOMG! Argh!

slotheyes  asked:

Just fuck me up with a Klance exes meeting again after not speaking for years au pls

fic promptsfuck me up here

disclaimers: don’t own
prompt: see above, @slotheyes hope you like ;)
a/n: bc keith as a barista with that stupid little ponytail and lance wearing a star wars t-shirt was the first thing i saw, pls excuse my ridiculous music references, what i listen to as i write always goes into the finished product bc i’m a dweeb

also ☆ here ☆ on AO3


There are plenty of awkward moments in life, some more mortifying than others, some less. Falling up the stairs. Swimming into someone else’s lost Band-Aid at the public pool. Working at a late-night coffee shop on a slow, soggy Tuesday evening — hiss and grind of espresso machine, rattle and clink of dishes in the sink, soft hum of the building’s heater overlaying shop music as the last few regulars pack up, last few non-regulars drift out, a to-goer hurries with his umbrella poised to open — and turning around from washing some house mugs to find your high school ex staring at you from the other side of the Square tablet and register.

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but nomi offhandedly saying to sun “so how did you get all ‘black widow’?” and sun getting confused and responding that she isn’t a spider

and nomi saying “no, like natasha romanoff…scarlett johansson?” and sun just getting more confused and nomi ends up taking a poll of which of the sensates have actually seen the avengers at all because is she the only nerd out of the bunch

and will has seen it because captain america is his favorite superhero and he doesn’t want to admit it but he’s seen pretty much everything chris evans has ever been in

and lito has seen it because dani dragged him there, and riley has seen it because shugs dragged her there, and wolfgang has seen it because felix dragged him there, and he adds that that’s also the reason he’s seen almost every star wars

and sun has heard of age of ultron because it was filmed partially in korea but nomi and amanita just look at each other and shake their heads with a grimace like “no bby you’re not seeing that one”

and kala used to read comic books so she’s convinced that bucky is part of the team and that he looks way different

and capheus says that he’s never heard of them but he would love to see the film with his big trademark smile

and nomi downloading the film in about fifteen seconds and sending out “MOVIE NIGHT, MY PLACE, NOW” and the cluster all visit and watch the movie and spend hours afterwards debating the question “so if sun is black widow, which one am I?”

and they all agree that will is totally steve rogers and the comparison literally brings a tear to his eye

and “wolfgang is thor” and “kala is totally bruce” spark some light debate

and lito is pleasantly surprised when the gang nominates him as tony stark and all he can muster in response is “hombre del hierro…dios mio, guys.”

and it’s really hard for the cluster to decide who everyone else is so nomi and amanita look at each other, shrug, and then turn on agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

and later the cluster just gets a group netflix account so they can get each other’s references.


And now onto my love, my sunshine, my bby, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae tae aka can we talk about how this kid is the definition of whiplash for a second bc this is something I deal with on the daily like one second he’s fucking adorable as hell, with his cute lil giggle and his smile oh my god his eye smile is my actual favorite his eyes in general are my fave like I'm a total eye girl and his are just wow but then oh wait he’s not a kid at all he’s a man with the fucking tongue and the hips and the h an ds and it’s just :) haha this is great I love this but then hey guys don’t worry he goes right back to being an actual angel immediately after he gets off stage

  • Okay but tae is easily youtube material
  • Like his personality is so unique and so him
  • And he’s so genuine
  • Like I really do truly believe he is the way he acts on camera
  • I’m sure he has days where he isn’t as energetic or outgoing, just like everybody does
  • But I think for the most part, he’s pretty happy and ready to go
  • His personality would be the reason he gets popular
  • Of course it doesn’t hurt that he could pull off being a male model without even batting an eye
  • Like have you ever actually looked at him that man is honestly beautiful without even trying to be so when he does try it’s like too much for my lil heart to handle
  • His laughter is contagious so even if his joke sucks, you still gotta laugh bc he’s cracking himself up
  • He is funny as fuck in his own lil cute way like he’s just got a natural way of being really funny that could make just about anyone smile
  • Like Tae’s the youtuber you go to when you’ve had a bad day or just need someone to make you laugh
  • He treats his subscribers like best friends tbh
  • Like you know the way he’s so present with us like he’s constantly updating us all on what he’s doing and shit and he just makes lil random videos to say hi
  • VLOGS 
  • More like v-logs am I right
  • He’d totally make that joke and we all know it
  • Hobi’s the only one to laugh at it though
  • But his specialty is actually vlogs
  • He makes random sit down and talk videos too of course
  • But most people know him for vlogging
  • He vlogs literally anything and everything
  • He could honestly make talking about paint interesting so I have no doubt he could handle vlogging 
  • He lives with you so you’re constantly in vlogs
  • Okay but if you were comfortable with it, you’d be in basically every video
  • Whether it’s just a quick “babe, say hi” or a full on “this entire video is about my love”
  • You two met in school, back when he was just starting out so you’ve been there since the beginning
  • Head canon time ready set go
  • He vlogs the process of getting engaged
  • He of course doesn’t upload them right away bc then you’d know and that would ruin the whole surprise idea behind his proposal
  • He tells the viewers all about his plan, how he wants to take you to Japan and take you to your favorite restaurant there and then propose after dinner
  • He films himself finding the ring
  • He randomly turns the camera on, ready to tell his viewers that he didn’t have any luck finding anything yet
  • But then you just see his eyes light up and he’s all excited
  • He calls Jimin over and is like dude this is it, I found it holy shit
  • Jimin’s equally as excited since they’d been looking for like a week or two
  • And Jimin’s been able to watch your relationship develop from barely being able to say hi to each other without getting all smiley to being able to helping Taehyung find a ring to propose to you with
  • The next clip is tae looking all nic E in a suit and he’s like mumbling about how he has no fucking idea on how to tie a tie
  • He’s rushing around bc he’s two minutes late and that isn’t okay with him
  • He says goodbye to the camera and it just kinda fades to black
  • At the very end of the video, this lil message pops up
  • “Btw, I’m engaged now. My love said yes”
  • Youtuber!Tae is just a total sweetheart who loves his subscribers so so much and would do anything to make them smile

Anonymous requested:  “This one might be a little dirty.. hehe.. Sheldon discovers naughty internet videos for the first time. He is fascinated and asks amy to watch a film with him on date night, without her knowing what kind of movie he picked. They talk about it, Sheldon might reveal his secret physical attraction towards Amy and his urges.”

Sheldon was looking at techniques to improve coitus with Amy.  She said he was already good at it, but he thought that he could always get better.  There were a lot of dirty minded people out there, so he was having trouble finding something that wasn’t completely disgusting.  He wasn’t having as much luck as he thought, so he just clicked on one of the videos and covered his eyes.

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anonymous asked:

in the anabasis verse, how do anakin and padme fit together as people? what do they actually like about each other? i get the feeling you're constructing a much healthier relationship than canon; how does that work out? you always have the best meta about how people work as people, as directly opposed to george lucas's complete lack of comprehension of how real life human emotions work (exhibit a: "my heart is beating... hoping that kiss will not become a scar") and i'm really curious!

Hey now, be fair! Anakin’s dreadful lines in canon would actually work really well…if they were just delivered in a completely different tone.

Like, “My heart is beating… hoping that kiss will not become a scar” as said in the film is painfully melodramatic and ridiculous. But the same line delivered deadpan? Hilarious. Or said with dramatic flair while throwing a hand over his brow and swooning backward over the arm of the couch? Amazing.

What I’m saying is the dialogue as is actually could have been really cute and funny if it just…didn’t take itself seriously. You missed such an opportunity there, George.

tl;dr: Let Anakin be a dweeb.

But I’m supposed to be talking about Anabasis. And as this is probably gonna get long, here’s a cut.

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VOGUE: 73 Questions with Taylor Swift
  • Interviewer: What's keeping you busy these days?
  • Taylor Swift: I'm just working out and getting ready for Grammys.
  • Q: What's the most exciting thing in life right now?
  • A: Grammys.
  • Q: What are you completely bored of in life right now?
  • A: Click bait.
  • Q: What is something that recently moved you?
  • A: The movie The Martian.
  • Q: How many guitars do you own?
  • A: I lost track of that in probably 2007.
  • Q: What's the first song you learn to play on guitar?
  • A: Kiss me by Sixpence None The Richer.
  • Q: What's the first thing you do when you get an idea for a song?
  • A: I record a voice memo of myself singing it or I write it down on my notes.
  • Q: What's your songwriting process?
  • A: Lots of preparations. I write a lot of my ideas down before I get to the actual session.
  • Q: What song took you the least amount of time to write?
  • A: Blank Space, because I've written a lot of the lines down already in the year preceding the session.
  • Q: Which one took you the longest?
  • A: All Too Well, because it's really an emotional song and I kept putting it down for months.
  • Q: Is this the room where you keep all your awards?
  • A: No, they're kind of everywhere.
  • Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
  • A: My guitar player, Paul Sidoti teaches me a lot on the road about piano and guitar.
  • Q: If you could teach one subject in school, what would it be
  • A: English.
  • Q: What's your favorite beverage?
  • A: Coffee.
  • Q: What's your favorite cocktail?
  • A: Vodka and Diet Coke.
  • Q: What's your favorite food?
  • A: If we're just saying like, what I wish I could eat everyday, if calories didn't count, is chicken tenders.
  • Q: What would you order at a drive-through?
  • A: Cheese burger, fries, and chocolate shake.
  • Q: What was the best birthday cake you'd ever had?
  • A: It was from Milk bar. It was from my 25th birthday. It was so good that even Jay-Z rave about it.
  • Q: What was the last thing you bake?
  • A: A gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake.
  • Q: What one thing do you need to have in your fridge at any given time?
  • A: Hummus, weirdly.
  • Q: What one thing you still have from your childhood?
  • A: My insecurities.
  • Q: What's your favorite TV show of all time?
  • A: Friends.
  • Q: Favorite TV show that currently on the air?
  • A: Dateline.
  • Q: What is your favorite movie?
  • A: Love Actually.
  • Q: What was the movie that made you cry your eyes out?
  • A: The Martian.
  • Q: Why do you think you're the most followed person in Instagram?
  • A: Because my cats are adorable!
  • Q: Have you ever googled yourself?
  • A: Yeah.
  • Q: What do you think when you google yourself?
  • A: I think you should never google yourself again.
  • Q: If you have a superpower, what would it be?
  • A: Healing people.
  • Q: If you are not a singer, what would you be doing?
  • A: Might be in advertising. Maybe like coming up with slogans and concepts is the same as hooks and songs.
  • Q: Can you show me a really cool or bizarre talent?
  • A: I'm well aware that this is not a talent but this is the only thing I can do. I have a double-jointed elbows. They're weird.
  • Q: What's something you can't do?
  • A: I can't do a cartwheel or a handstand.
  • Q: What's the best compliment you've ever received?
  • A: That I'm generous.
  • Q: What's the best gift you've ever received?
  • A: My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas.
  • Q: What's one habit you wish you could break?
  • A: When I'm sitting, usually I just do this with my leg *shakes leg* and people think that I'm nervous and then they get nervous then everybody is nervous.
  • Q: Do you have any nicknames?
  • A: Yeah. My brother calls me Teffy.
  • Q: What's surprises you the most about people?
  • A: I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that I tell my friends absolutely everything and it never ends up getting out.
  • Q: What makes you laugh no matter what?
  • A: Kevin Hart.
  • Q: What does creativity mean to you?
  • A: Creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning bolt idea moment and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down.
  • Q: I found out that Nicole Kidman swim with sharks. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
  • A: Watching Shark week.
  • Q: What's your favorite lyrics of all time?
  • A: I had some dreams / they were clouds in my coffee
  • from You're So Vain by Carly Simon.
  • Q: What one song you wish you had written?
  • A: The Friends theme song because those were royalties.
  • Q: What's the great fan moment that comes to mind?
  • A: I'll be driving down the street and I'll see a kid walking down the street with my shirt on from my tour and Ill just stop my car and say "Hey, Nice Shirt!"
  • Q: Most memorable career moment so far?
  • A: I think filming the Bad Blood video was my favorite memory.
  • Q: What's one accomplishment you're most proud of?
  • A: My grammys.
  • Q: What's something you've always wanted to try but you are too scared to do?
  • A: Oh, Coachella.
  • Q: What's your spirit animal?
  • A: A dolphin because they are very social. They travel in groups.
  • Random guy: My wife and I's anniversary is coming up, where should I take her?
  • A: Congratulations and you should take her to Big Sur.
  • Interviewer: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a singer?
  • A: Get a good lawyer.
  • Q: Any pre-show rituals?
  • A: I stretch. I warm up my voice. Then my band and the dancers and I get in a huddle and it's just good vibes.
  • Q: What's the most difficult song to perform on stage and why?A: This song I wrote called The Best Day that is about my mom. It's just hard to sing because it makes me so emotional.
  • Q: How many cats are in this room?
  • A: Probably more than 10, and I don't know if you're counting the one that's alive down there.
  • Q: If you were a cat, would you get along with your cat?
  • A: Probably not. They would probably not think I'm cool.
  • Q: How many cat breeds can you name in 10 seconds?
  • A: British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Longhiar, Sphnyx cat, Munchkin, uh...Siamese. Um..the..the... *times up* I can do so much better than that.
  • Q: What's the coolest thing in this room?
  • A: The coolest thing in this room I think is the fireplace.
  • Q: If you could raid one woman's closet, who would it be?
  • A: Blake Lively.
  • Q: What's your favorite fashion trend of all time?
  • A: High-waisted stuff.
  • Q: Besides your phone and wallet, what's the couple must have items?
  • A: I have this lavender anti bacterial hand spray. Whenever me and my friends are in a public bathroom, we have to wait in line at the sink to wash our hands. I'm like, "No! check it out" *makes spraying sounds* and everybody was like, "Thanks girl!"
  • Q: Can you tell me what you'd be wearing to this year's Met gala?
  • A: I'm going to be dress as a robot and I'm gonna carry a sword.
  • Q: My little cousin Julia wants to know, what did you want to do with your life at age 5?
  • A: When I was 5, I knew that my dad was a stockbroker but I did not know what a stockbroker was yet I walk around telling people "I'm gonna be a stockbroker when I grow up."
  • Q: What's the one thing you wish you knew at 19?
  • A: If I could talk to my 19-year-old self, I’d say, hey you know, you’re gonna date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to, but you’re going to be a national lightning rod for slut shaming.
  • Q: What's something you will not be doing in 10 years?
  • A: I'll be 36. I really hope that I'm not stressed about the idea of approaching 40. I hope that aging is not something that really freaks me out.
  • Q: What do you think is the most important life lesson for someone to learn?
  • A: Karma is real.
  • Q: What can you say in other language?
  • A: I can count to ten in German *counts from one to ten in German*
  • Q: What do you love most about the town where you grew up with?
  • A: I grew up on Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and I like the fact that it has a lot of historic buildings.
  • Q: What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
  • A: Writing the Apple Music letter.
  • Q: Most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
  • A: Writing the Apple Music letter.
  • Q: What's one goal you are determined to achieve in your life time?
  • A: I really want an honorary doctorate degree because Ed Sheeran has one and I feel like he looks down on me now because I don't have one.
  • Q: What is your favorite scented candle?
  • A: Byredo Tree House.
Kylo Ren and Microexpression: More proof that Reylo is canon

(Inspired by this post  and the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell)

(I found this little gem halfway through writing this meta and @ms-qualia​ absolutely nailed it.  Great preface for this and required reading for the whole fandom.)

With all these glorious HD gifs of our whiny space prince Kylo Ren, I want to talk about microexpression.  And so I shall.

I think it’s safe to say that Adam Driver is the modern king of faking microexpression, and his performance as Kylo Ren in the jewel in his crown.  His character takes emoting to another level; everthing on his face and every expression in his eyes seems meticulously choreographed for the scene.  Microexpression is certainly one of the most important (and most subtle) aspects of Kylo Ren.  Lucky for us, microexpression seems to be Adam’s specialty.

But what does this mean for Reylo?

Well I’ll tell you.

“A microexpression is a brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face of humans according to emotions experienced. They usually occur in high-stakes situations, where people have something to lose or gain. Microexpressions occur when a person is consciously trying to conceal all signs of how they are feeling, or when a person does not consciously know how they are feeling. Unlike regular facial expressions, it is difficult/impossible to hide microexpression reactions. Microexpressions cannot be controlled as they happen in a fraction of a second…not all of which are encoded in facial muscles.”

-Wikipedia, microexpression

(emphasis added)

There is so much in here but there’s only a few things we really need.
Let’s start with involuntary.  So much about Kylo Ren’s character shows us that he’s out of control– his tantrums, his obsession with Rey– but this becomes even more pronounced when he takes off the mask. 

The average person shows a microexpression fairly frequently, but Kylo Ren’s face is constantly jumping from one tiny emotion to the next.  Without a word, he shows us just how unstable Kylo Ren feels, and by extension, just how unstable Kylo Ren will act.

Viewers of “The Force Awakens” came away with some some very clear but seemingly out-of-place ideas about the movie, and it’s not initially obvious why.  Times’s description of a “sexual energy” between Rey and Kylo Ren is the best example.  This is the ‘micro’ in microexpression.  Those skilled in imitating microexpression can get us to see and feel and understand things about the film and its characters without us ever knowing why.  Of course, body language is important, but so much of what we perceive comes down to the face.  In this case, Adam Driver’s face.

The next point here is that microexpressions appear “in high stakes situations…when a person does not consciously know how they are feeling.”  This is unsurprising for a man being “torn apart.”  Kylo Ren has peers he distrusts, a family he scorns, an order that he renounced and destroyed– and now he works under a master that he knows is just using him as a temporary tool.  His whole life is a high-stakes situation.  He feels huge inner conflict, and this conflict is clearly shown in his face.  The interrogation scene and the bridge scene in particular are filled with so many tiny flickers of emotion in Kylo Ren, and they serve their purpose perfectly.  He doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He doesn’t know what he’s feeling.  He is truly being torn apart.  We can see it, although we don’t immediately know that we’re seeing it.  That’s the beauty in this performance. Even for all its subtleties you can’t miss the effect.

Now you’re probably still wondering about Reylo.  Don’t worry.  Here it comes.

From the interrogation scene on, Adam Driver establishes Kylo Ren as extremely emotional and extremely volatile.  His expressions are constantly in motion, his face wonderfully dynamic.   But there is a moment where that all comes to rest.  This moment:

This is the moment where (at least some) of his inner conflict settles.  He sees Rey holding the lightsaber that once belonged to him, and things fall into place.  There’s no flash of anger, no tears, no fluttering eyebrows.  This is the most steady expression we get from Kylo Ren in the entire film.  There’s awe, surprise, admiration– but there’s no microexpression.

The entire Star Wars franchise is nothing if not an exploration of contrast.  Light and dark.  Truth and lies.  Weak and strong.  It’s all over the movies, and it shows up again here.  Kylo Ren has been jumping from sad puppy eyes to  wolf-like snarl to haughty prince, and then suddenly– it stops.  He goes from a hundred miles and hour to a dead stop in an instant.  But why?  

One word.  Rey.

No microexpression means that Kylo Ren doesn’t feel the pressure of high stakes.  Now I’m definitely not trying to say that a lightsaber duel isn’t dangerous, but in that moment some of his fear is gone. No microexpression means that he isn’t trying to hide his feelings.  It means that he isn’t confused about what his feelings are. 

When he looks at Rey he isn’t hiding his face anymore– he knows exactly how he feels when he looks at her.

When he looks at Rey, his conflict is gone.

The look on Kylo Ren’s face when he looks at Rey isn’t a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, fration of a second expression.  It’s long and lingering.  It’s obvious.  It’s love.
In whatever form it may be, this is a look of love.  The man with a mask finally feels something he isn’t trying to hide, and he lets his face speak for him.