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Underappreciated CLAMP ladies: Tomoyo Daidouji

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mako joshpeck 😅

You only want poetry
when it is true. 
Well, I can tell you six true things
about that boy;
and I do not think that they
will make you happy.

He looks at his best coming in
when the wind is strong and cold.
Tousled hair, red cheeks,
eyes alight. I like him best dressed in

His smile makes my skin
shiver. It tangles in my corners
and catches in my angles.
I wish I was in possession of a smile
so devastating.

He is nice even when I am
at my drunkest; he pretends not
to mind when I am slurring my
thoughts on angels against
his chest.

He wears his sleeves too long,
pulled down over his hands.
(I have always thought it a 
great shame that he should
cover up hands so lovely.)

I like him drunk. He is
slower and sleepier and
much less together. He is
truest after wine and I am
in love with people’s secret truths.

He told me that it could have been me
one drunken evening. But instead
it’s a girl much prettier and braver
than me. 

(6 and a half.
Someone else has his deepest
truths, and I think
I may die of that fact.)


Gansey continued, “Don’t look at me like that, both of you. The point is this. We found a body. Rotted to bones. Do you know whose it was?

Mine,” Noah said.

have you ever just been hit by spontaneous completely out of nowhere and for absolutely no reason whatsoever depression? like you’re just sitting there or walking there or peeing there whatever the fuck you were doing, and then BAM the world is ten shades darker and your lungs feel ten pounds heavier and you just want to curl into a ball and stare blankly at the wall until everything turns into dust?

Draft/snippet part 1: "Does He Know?" Haylor fic

Authors note:

OK! So hey, this is my first of two (very long) snippet instalments for my new possible Haylor fic which I am thinking of calling “Does He Know?” - now, a few things I want to warn you about: 

1. Taylor is an up and coming stylist who gets her start in the fashion world by earning a joint scholarship and internship for a high end fashion school/company in London. (details not yet figured out regarding location/name/time frame etc)

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Hello everyone, i just reached 3k followers so here’s my first follow forever!!  Tumblr takes up most of my spare time so it’s nice to have met people on here who really make me happy/ have similar interests to myself so this is for those people ^^

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I’m sorry if you’re not on this list! (don’t hate me) it’s probably because you changed your url or because i’m doing this at 1am ^^ or because i’ve had this in my drafts for like a month or two hahahahah…. (im so lazy)

dragon-seahorse said: No problem! and i agree with ya heck even I’m still figuring out how to embrace of my love of certain things. I always tend to stop talking about what I’m into cause i’m scared that I’m annoying everyone with how i’m excited about said things ^////^”

I think though (I feel like such a hypocrite saying this because I totally don’t do this and need to) it’s perfectly fine to ramble about things you’re into! ;u; the thing is it can get annoying if you only talk about yourself and don’t let other people talk about what they’re into (saying you generally, I don’t think you’d do that xD) sometimes if you feel like you accidentally said too much about a thing, you can change the conversation around to talk about someone else’s thing for a bit~ or see if you can get them into the thing you’re into but in a way that’s smooth like you just would like to enjoy a thing with them and not forcing it on it like they NEED to like it because everyone has different tastes~ tbh it’s actually really rude if someone gets really annoyed by anyone talking about what they love because it makes them who they are and makes them happy??? like a lot of the times I struggle to enjoy things that I would get made fun of, it makes me feel stupid for liking it and I hate having those memories attached to that but darn it, what people like/are into make them who they are and make them happy! like I know I struggle with being happy but playing video games and watching cartoons can make me happy then I think of people saying I’m too into that stuff but I’m starting to realize that whoa this is really horrible, it’s okay to have your own opinions to things you don’t like but to make someone feel bad for liking those things is terrible maybe they need these things to achieve happiness why would you not want a person to be happy just because you think what they’re into is dumb please go away just go thank

aradiasorgasm asked:

All the trees!

ash:   would you sacrifice yourself for a stranger?

probably! assuming it wasn’t an obviously bad person or something, then, yeah, chances are i would

bonsai:   are you easily impacted by the feelings of others?

not really. like, i guess there are technically some exceptions, but generally not really.

birch:   how do you cope with loss?

if it’s the loss of a loved one or something, then i’ll just try to keep going and keep moving forward. if it’s a friend leaving, then i’ll probably just end up blaming myself, though

cedar:   do you feel like anyone’s protecting you?

my mom, definitely!

elder:   if you had a fairy godmother, what would you ask her for?

new appearances/body. also maybe a time machine?

fir:   how long do you want to live for?

gosh, i don’t really know. until it’s my time, i guess

heather:   do you believe friendship must be earned?

kinda? like, i like for my friends to be decent people, but i don’t know if that counts?

holly:   what makes you angry?

people being mean, hurtful, and just bad to people they view as “different.” like, really, just be nice v.v 

juniper:   are you easily pressured into doing things you feel uncomfortable with?

no. if i don’t wanna do something, chances are i am not gonna do it.

maple:   if you could have one magic ability, what would it be?

okay, sorry for the cheap answer, but i can’t really decide! either shape shifting, time travel, or the ability to open portals ouo

oak:   what element do you feel the most power over?

um? oxygen, i guess, since it composes most of my body??? also, carbon??????

pine:   list your favorite holidays

christmas! and halloween when i actually celebrate it :p

redwood:   do you respect your elders?

when they warrant respect, yes. i don’t just blindly respect people because of their age.

wisteria:   are you romantic?

ha, no, i’m awkward af. although, according to my first s.o i’m a p good flirter, sooo i dunno?

willow:   what was the last dream you had?

okay, so we were taking a test in ap spanish lit and we could use our homework for it? but, first the teacher had to check the homework, and she was really angry but i got an 97.28 on the homework. 

thank you for the ask!! :D