i'm actually really looking forward to this one

Luffy and Pirate Alliances



and i get the feeling that Robin’s earlier warning to Luffy about how alliances and betrayal go hand in hand will act as a foreshadowing of this upcoming alliance, which tbh wouldn’t really come as a surprise, especially with the way this current arc has been so far…



THIS is one of the core messages of the series that I connect with really strongly, and I adore that it comes up so early.

In so many other stories someone will die to protect someone else and it’s treated like a great and noble thing - and yes, protecting others is always worthwhile, but if you die in the process you defeat the entire purpose. One of you is still dying, and destroying the other person emotionally in the process.

It’s the kind of message you don’t expect in a story about ninjas who are trained to kill without holding back, and yet this is EXACTLY the story it should be in. Throwing your life away serves a short time goal, but it devalues your life so much in the process - and how does that help the other person, who wanted very much for you to keep on living?


Houses Opinion of School
  • Gryffindor: School is school, but what I'm really looking forward to is the rocking PARTIES! WOOOOOO!
  • Hufflepuff: I'm excited to see my old friend and meet new ones! The school work is a bummer, but I know we'll all try our best!
  • Slytherin: I'm actually looking forward to school. I'm most excited for my forensic science class. *begins to smile evilly*
  • Ravenclaw: ... Summer is still going on. I don't know what you're talking about. SUMMER IS FOREVER.
  • Hufflepuff: Yeah, but it's starting in a few...
  • Ravenclaw: NOPE!
  • Gryffindor: Dude, chill. It's just sch...
  • Slytherin: What soul?
  • Hufflepuff: But, you do so well in school!
  • Ravenclaw: *stares off into the disntance with a horrified look* So, much, stress...

Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit
Spoilers from the Light Novel coming out this December [100% authentic]
  • Ferid: *will comment on Mika's butt*
  • Ferid: *will tease Mika about Yuu*
  • Ferid: *will be pretending to not be an asshole*
  • Ferid: *will be FABULOUS*
  • Mika: *won't say a word as usual*
  • Mika: *will be dying inside because of how much he misses Yuu*
  • Mika: *will be trying to not murder Ferid every 5 seconds*
  • Krul: *will threaten Ferid of a terrible death if he doesn't leave her precious son alone*
  • Krul: *will cheer silently for her son to succeed in his missions*
  • Crowley: *will wonder what he is even doing there*
  • Crowley: *will have to babysit both Mika AND Ferid*

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I'm always kinda meh when it comes to Phil's videos but this one was so freaking good I watched it twice in a row, like I don't know what it was about but it just worked so well? I love when he's more sassy and adult-y, please give me more

not gonna lie the idea of phil doing a slime video was not something I was looking forward to bc I thought it would be a mess but it was actually good and genuinely funny, I was really depressed and spaced out today and the video actually made me chuckle at various moments Philip Lester does not disappoint

i almost never have strong feelings about ap videos but this video was so funny and cute. i’m never doubting him again.

my fav thing is phil constantly converting ppl into believers ahaha, no one is immune to this man’s charisma and i’m living for it

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You know what's inevitable? A confrontation between Keith and Shiro and i'm worried about my boy. But at the same time I want to see him breaking and crying. And then I want him to be comforted.

I am actually really looking forward to that confrontation. Not because it’s gonna hurt but because that’s gonna be a HUGE step in Keith’s character development. Shiro disappearing and him stepping up as the leader is one thing; Shiro coming back except that he’s not Shiro is another. 

Generally, Keith is a pretty independent person. But we have seen how he reacted to Shiro’s disappearance, it wasn’t pretty. He originally started fighting against Zarkon at the end of s1 to help Shiro get his lion back. When things get hard like in the Marmora trial in s2 he wants to see Shiro. Shiro is his anchor, he is someone that he can trust with everything. He has said it himself: “Shiro is the one person that never gave up on me [I won’t give up on him]”. 

I’m being totally honest here when I say that I love this part of their relationship. Keith has never had a constant like Shiro in his life, he has never had anyone that he can fully depend on. We have seen how bad his abandonment issues are but he knows that Shiro would never do this to him. He needs and deserves someone like Shiro in his life, the unconditional support that family or very close friends give you.

HOWEVER. Keith has proven that despite his independency he is actually quite… naive? No, that’s not the right word for it but I can’t really find the one I’m looking for D: What I’m trying to say is that Keith, once he trusts someone, trusts them completely. He accepts anything his friends tell him as facts. (That’s a big part of why he can’t understand Lance - Lance hides how he really feels about him but sometimes it shines through. And then Keith is confused because he has gotten conflicting information and doesn’t know what to do with it.)

The same goes for strangers actually - Keith is a very straightforward person. His “plans” are usually “eliminate the root of the problem before it grows in the most direct way there is”. Remember when he freed Axca in the Weblum? He was ready to give her a chance to prove herself when she didn’t attack him. Or king Lubos in s2? He saw how Lubos enjoyed himself while his subjects were enslaved and immediately had an 180° change of mind - from ‘free the king’ to ‘you are no king’. Or how bad he felt when Ulaz proved himself not to be a traitor. 

The examples are endless. It shows that Keith judges people on their present actions; he’s the kind of guy that’s more than willing to give you a second chance if you have proven that you have changed. And that. Kind of makes him naive? I mean, not really, but you get what I’m trying to say with this. It would be very to easy to betray him once you have gained his trust.

So now imagine what would happen to him if he realized that Shiro was a clone. Keith would have to reconsider a lot of how he acts around people - he would have to realize that he can’t always depend on what other people tell him. That while it’s good to have one person to depend on, it’s not so good to have just one person to depend on. He has a team that he can discuss facts with, it’s not just him and Shiro against the rest. He’ll have to realize that even people he looks up to like Shiro make mistakes sometimes (or more like, give orders that would endanger the team) and he will have to learn to grow into the leader position and fight against those orders. And that is something I am really, really looking forward to :0

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Hi!! I've just reread your D:M fic for the 7th time (sorry that sounds a little stalkerish but it's amazing), and I was wondering if you could write a little something on the interactions between Midorima and his little sister? We never really see much of their relationship, but I think it's really cute how a tsundere like him could love his sister so much!! Thank you and your writing is really amazing! I'm always checking for updates!! <3

She gives him a plastic pink ribbon when they meet. “For Oha Asa,” she says shyly, and it’s the first real indication that Midorima has that Dr. Kishitani actually had been talking about him to his daughter.

(He already had a plastic ribbon. He’d bought it at the daisho before the move. But he surreptitiously throws that one away, because this one is clearly better).


“I am not very good with children,” Midorima had said in the car, as Kishitani drove him to what would be his new home.

“Naoko is looking forward to meeting you,” Kishitani said reassuringly. “She’s very shy, but I promise you, she’s very excited.”

That wasn’t quite what Midorima meant. He meant, Children are very fragile and breakable and I don’t know how to talk to them because they’re like creatures from another planet and I can’t understand their experiences.

“Just talk to her like you would talk to anyone else,” Kishitani said.

Which was no help at all. Midorima has never been good at talking to anyone else.


She sits up straight when he sits up straight. He doesn’t think he’s supposed to notice, but he was trained to notice everything. She quietly adjusts her hold on her chopsticks to match how he holds his chopsticks. She starts adding “nodayo” when she talks and he feels guilty about that. She listens to Oha Asa every morning.

Don’t, he wants to say. Don’t be like me. I’m not someone you should be like. I’m not a good model at all.


“Which one is your favorite?” he asks, and she looks surprised and then happy and then shy, like she wasn’t expecting him to ask for her opinion.

“I like Sailor Mercury,” she says, “Because she is so elegant and smart.” He nods and this seems to embolden her to continue, “Ayumi-chan likes Sailor Jupiter because she’s tough. Ayumi-chan is tough too, so that makes sense. Ayumi-chan could probably beat up anyone, if she wanted.”

“That sounds like a useful skill,” Midorima says. He’s heard a lot about “Ayumi-chan” and is given to understand her opinion matters a lot to Naoko.


What he likes most is that she seems to understand he doesn’t like being touched. She will sit very close to him on the couch with just enough space between them and he appreciates that. She giggles when he braids her hair with his abilities and seems to think that’s better than if he’d done it with his hands.

“Is it OK if I call you Onii-sama?” she asks, and he hasn’t known her long but he thinks it must have taken a lot for her to ask the question.

“Do you… want a big brother?” he is trying to say, are you sure you want me for a big brother?

“Very much!” she nods emphatically. “Ayumi-chan has a big brother and I always wanted one too.”

“Why?” he asks, because he certainly wouldn’t want older siblings.

“So, you can do big brother things! Like braid my hair, and protect me—”

“Do you need protection?” he asks sharply, because he’s only known for a few weeks now but he’s already certain that if anyone has hurt this child he will end them.

“Well, no, but you could, right?”

“Right,” Midorima relaxes. “Yes. I could do that.” And he will. He’s sure he will. He clears his throat and says, “Yes, that would be…acceptable.”

A/N: Thanks friends!! @sxltyshima and @allebooklover I was very glad you asked! I am always up for siblings feels (although, I am sorry for how long this took, @sxltyshima. You had a very long wait, sorry friend!!) Thank you both!!

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do you have any hope that jaime and brienne will at the very least get together? or do you think its one of those 'this could never actually happen' ships? i'm really looking forward to seeing what jaime's storyline is in the final season


so based on d&d’s writing since s5, i know for a fact that the general audience is not expecting it bc i’ve brought it up to so many casual fans and they were so taken aback and told me that it was never going to happen. however after the final ep of s7, after seeing brienne talk some sense into jaime and after seeing jaime FINALLY leave king’s landing, all of them came around and told me that they could see it now. the show kept them apart for so long that most people dismissed it as platonic, or even forgot about their relationship in general.

bUT the book evidence is all there, plus all the hints from GRRM and nik/gwen so i genuinely do believe it is going to happen in the final season. the thing is idk how it could go from where it is now to full on sleeping together (which i know a lot of shippers want) w/o it feeling rushed. i do believe that the mutual respect and understanding is there, but it took brienne this many seasons to actually reach out and grab jaime’s arm like that in the final ep (which even shocked jaime lol) so for me it’s gotta take so much more for them to actually be full on “together.” don’t get me wrong; i do want them to end up together, and i do think they will. i’m just bitter now bc idk how d&d are gonna write it and make it feel organic. jaime and brienne should have had more interactions to develop their relationship since s5 and i will hold this grudge with me forever. 

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give goro all my kisses <3

‘Ah, so you’re the one that put her up to this! I’ll make sure to pay you back plenty later, so please… look forward to it.~’

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Now that Ex-Aid is nearing it's end, what are your thoughts on it? And how excited are you for Bob the Kamen Builder?

(spoilers for Ex-Aid and Gaim, maybe Build if you’re trying to avoid absolutely anything on it?)

answering this like…a week late, sorry anon. D: anyway overall I’ve actually enjoyed Ex-Aid a lot! like yeah it’s got plenty of problems – for one it keeps killing off all my favorites, uggggggh – but idk, there’s just something about it that’s really clicked with me in a way the past few riders haven’t. it’s been a lot of fun to watch and that’s all I ask for from a show!

not sure how I feel about the finale yet, a lot is going to depend on the last episode…but honestly Ghost and Drive had such unsatisfying endings and Gaim’s was so cray-cray that as long as 1) something actually happens, and 2) that something is not a character literally becoming God and then flying away into space with their girlfriend to go start a new civilization on Mars, then…y’know. I’m good. also pls save poppy she didn’t deserve this

GET HYPE FOR FIZZICS MAN! …okay if I’m being honest, I’m not feeling Build’s premise, buuuuut that’s probably more because it’s deliberately vague (mysteries!!) and I’ll probably get way more into it once the show actually starts. I’ve really liked what we’ve seen of Sento so far so I’m looking forward to him at least! :D give me that carbonation sensation, I’m ready.

(also I cannot get the theme song out of my head, it’s just a constant chorus of 🎵 BE THE ONE BE THE ONE ALL RIGHT 🎵  up in here 24/7. save me.)

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i'm actually like so... sad??? about the whole thing? like supercorp was, yes a pipe dream, but not necessarily an impossibility, but now i just feel like everything has been taken away from me? in a way? bc it was like the one thing that i was really looking forward to watching? and i just wish it was left alone? or done more appropriately at least, and idk i just feel like a mix of anger, sadness, and emptiness because like, supercorp was important to me and now it's like gone? and idk jus sad

yo, its totally ok to feel sad, I know some shitty stuff went down today and we as fans deserve better. But you know what? I think Katie and Melissa are still gonna keep playing their dynamic the same way they have been and Katie’s gonna keep telling us our ship is valid because she’s amazing and we’re amazing. And if you want to keep shipping them you shouldn’t let what was said today stop you, but if you need to or want to step away than that’s ok too
Just do what’s right for you

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Hello ! 8'D I've been a really big fan of your art for a few months now and I was wondering that if you would be drawing any Persona 5 artwork ? If you are , I'm really really looking forward to it ! Also , I look forward to your booth at Doujima ! :'D <3

Hello @error-7-0-7 !! (๑•́ω•̀๑) THANK U i remember you, lovely! AAA DUDE DUDDEE–OK–PERSONA…YO i really wanna buy the game and eventually i will, but atm i wanna finish FF15 first HAHAA i can only take so many cute boys on one screen at once!! (//∇//) i actually did one quick portrait of the P5 protag when the trailer first came out bc i’m so into that face, LOL. AND AAYYY see you at doujimaaaa !! <33

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...I have just discovered your Sailor Ace AU, and I DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE. (I'm also a Law fan, so I look forward to seeing what you make of him! I think that he and Ace would bond over how many problems get solved by SETTING THINGS ON FIRE).

Haha, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! Law is actually a big part of this. He’s one of the strongest Scouts, actually, after Venus, due to circumstances. For the same reason, he also learned to be well careful about his fire, though, because Mars is fueled by passion and Law has a lot of that!

He and Ace don’t really get off to the best start, unfortunately. Law is unimpressed by his introduction and frankly appalled by the half-baked nature of Ace’s plans. Then they require a distraction, at some point, and, well. Let’s just say a firestorm is very distracting~

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I absolutely adore ur work! I'm actually planning on buying one of ur prints soon, and I'm looking forward to when the t-shirts come out. When do u figure they'll be releasing?

Aw thank you, I really appreciate that! Shirts are gonna be released tomorrow–I’ll make a post when they’re ready to go if you wanna keep an eye out!

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I'm really looking forward to seeing Keith show his own traumas. I remember one of the VA's being asked if Keith had depression or PTSD, and they said it was likely or something like that. I think that showing him actually go through one of those will be amazing to say in tv, especially a cartoon. The story would be great to see. (I believe the VA's response was on Twitter and down by Shiro's VA, but I'm not sure. It was a while back that I saw it.)

Give me some Keith angst 

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Oh goodness I'm glad your back. I was so concerned. But I'm glad your alright... I was worried because a lot of people tend to just up and leave when things like this happen and I really enjoy and look forward to seeing your art and your work. If you did decide to get up and leave I would have respected that decision whole heartedly, but I'm just super pumped that everything is fine and that your okay for the most part. ówò; *Have some fluffy blankets.*

AAAh gosh you guys!!! Thank you so much for the welcome back wishes! ^^

And I mean - things are going good! Though now resting my hand (sort of) from coloring in stuff from the stream previously and I just feel… great? It’s really nice actually! ^^
Since there’s only one test, stress is low, and gosh I am now graduating with my masters in a week! It’s insane!

But gosh I give you all hugs, thank you so much for the messages! ^^

And honestly - I am persistent, it’s hard for me to give up on something when I know I can keep going. So call me DETERMINED cause I’m sticking around for a LONG time! ^^

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Imagine Jumin has no clue what a Bluetooth earpiece is, so when MC gets him one he's just like "the fuck is this" and MC busts up laughing because spoiled little rich boy is clueless to modern technology

You really wanted to do something for Jumin’s birthday, but he insisted that his birthday was just another day. It made you sad that he didn’t think he should be celebrated, but you also wanted to respect him. Although he wouldn’t let you throw him a party or take him out to dinner, you figured you could still do something special for him.

While he was still at work, you called the chef and told him not to come tonight. You had plans to make him dinner, because if this man was going to be stubborn, he was going to have to suffer with your cooking. You threw some chicken on the stove and tried your darn best to make pasta, and it didn’t really come out that bad.

When he came home and you sat him down to have dinner with you, he was still being stubborn. Big surprise. He kept going on about how you shouldn’t have done this for him, he didn’t want to do anything for his birthday, you shouldn’t care so much. You had to explain that you wanted to do this for him, and you may or may not have been totally guilty of buttering him up with “because I think you should always be celebrated! I love you so much!”

Anyways, you finally got the stupid baby man to eat your food, and you actually didn’t hear any complaints from him. As he was finishing up, you got super excited and kept wanting to reach for the little gift bag under the table. He noticed your excitement at one point, then questioned what you were excited about. When you told him that there was more to his surprise, he groaned a bit, but you quickly told him to shut his trap and appreciate you.

“What in the world is this?” He asked you as he read the packaging. “Bluetooth earpiece…..?”

“Yeah! You’re on the phone with people all the time, so I figured this would make it less of a hassle. Maybe now your neck and shoulders won’t get so stiff when you’re constantly on the phone!”

“What…. am I supposed to do with it?” He kept reading over the same line of text on the packaging, starting to squint at it like it would help him understand.

“You’re serious?” When he nodded his head, you laughed a little bit and walked over to help him. “Take out your phone.”

You sank up his phone to the earpiece, then hooked it to his ear. You placed his phone on the other side of the table, brought his hand up to touch one of the buttons on the earpiece, and then told him to press it when his phone went off. After that, you scurried off into one of the other rooms and called him. With just one wall between the two of you, you could hear his loud gasp and confused mumbling when the phone began to ring. It rang a few times and he was still mumbling to himself; something about witchcraft.





You giggled, finding his ignorance and confusion adorable, and spoke when the ringing stopped. “Hi, Jumin.”


“Jumin. Hon. It’s just like talking on the phone. You don’t have to be extra loud.”

“Oh, okay. That makes a lot more sense.”

“You like it?”

“Yes. So… It’s sort of like…? a baby phone? In my ear…?”

“…..I guess….”

He ended up really loving your gift and you think he’s actually looking forward to his next birthday! He has plans to one up you and get you something you’ll love for your birthday even more than he loves his earpiece, though he still doesn’t know what that thing may be. Sometimes he purposely forgets his earpiece at home though, so that you’ll massage his shoulders when he gets home from work.

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saw your zendaya and tom being similar sizes post- im p sure zendaya is actually an inch or 2 taller than tom so. yeah. also i really really love your writing and have read all of your posted works! if you're working on another one i'm looking forward to it! you're a very good writer!

Are you suggesting MJ’s clothes would be BIG on Peter


I haven’t been around the entire year, but the months I have have been so much fun and I look forward to these streams taking away a load of stress every day. These three are so kind, respectful, terrified of horror games, and actually give credit to/ acknowledge the fans. Beautiful.
Here’s to many more streams.