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I totally like your profile picture and I like the serial it's from😁 And this somehow isn't a question. Well, let's ask you something. I'm so weird. Are you weird?I think not. The things you're posting, did they really happen to u?or just sarcasm?😀

Oh I’m weird. I’m the weirdest person you can ever find, if you get to know me well. Also yes, the things I post actually happen to me, my life is lame and I’m very sarcastic.

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(#01.) Name/Nickname : My real name is an enigma. There are people who’ve known me for 6 years and have yet to spell or say it correctly. What is it really? Why is it so difficult? (Only one person on this blog actually knows it.) I’ve got loads of nicknames but some include Akimi, Bee, Scout, Immy, and Kimi. Also “cute little imouto”, “bby bee” and “bby akimi” :’P 

(#02.) Gender : Female 

(#03.) Star Sign : Taurus 

(#04.) Height : 5′7″!! (edit: actually more like 5′6″ - 5′6.5″ but you know) I’m the tallest female in my immediate family. Surprisingly, I got it from my great-grandfather. Even though he was 100% Japanese, he was well over 6 feet tall. 

(#05.) Hogwarts House : HUFFLEPUFF!! 💛💛💛💛 

(#06.) Favorite Animal : Lizards! They’re so sweet! I love their bellies and feetsies and tails and everything!! Also bats! 

(#07.) Hours of Sleep : I’m not sure. It takes me a while to fall asleep (an hour or so). Maybe 7-8?? 

(#08.) Dogs or Cats : I’m allergic to cats! So, dogs. 

(#09.) Number of Blankets : I use two to sleep under! I have a Falsa blanket made in Mexico that I got one Christmas from a really cool record store before I moved (oooh so hipster, I know I’m Pacific Northwest trash) and a handmade quilt from a lady in Montana. But I also have 2 at the end of my bed - my security blanket that used to be my parents’ comforter until I stole it when I was a toddler, and another handmade quilt from a lady around here that I wore to pieces. And then there’s another blanket rolled up on the side of my bed …. and 2 blankets under my bed (an orange one and a small Sherpa fleece blanket). That’s 7 blankets. I’m definitely a Hufflepuff. 

(#10.) Dream Trip : Japan, the U.K., France, Spain, and Iceland. (Japan because of my mom’s side, the U.K. because of my dad’s side, France because I studied the language for 5+ years, Spain because the warm weather and delicious food, and Iceland because it looks like it’d feel like home.) 

(#11.) Dream Job : Since I was two, I wanted to be a paleontologist and I even got to meet a female paleontologist when I was around 11-12! But I am not dedicated nor passionate enough to pursue it with all the math and science involved. Currently, I have no “dream job”. I love to write and I hope I get to do that, but I’d also like to maybe work in schools internationally, do something involving history (like a museum), or something with languages. 

(#12.) Time : 4:32pm 

(#13.) Birthday : May 10th

(#14.) Favorite Band(s) : anberlin, Of Monsters and Men, Florence + the Machine, Walk the Moon, FOB, MCR, P!atD, Passion Pit, The Head and the Heart (WHO I MISSED IN CONCERT TWICE IN A SPAN OF 6 MONTHS!!) 

(#15.) Favorite Solo Artist(s) : A Fine Frenzy, Lana del Rey, Mika Nakashima, Melanie Martinez 

(#16.) Song Stuck In My Head : Perfect Places by Lorde, only because it was played a lot before our concert started 

(#17.) Last Movie I Watched : I think it was Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom?? 

(#18.) The Last Show I Watched : Chopped! It was the only thing on the hotel TV that wasn’t totally awful. 

(#19.) When Did I Create My Blog : I believe August 15 2017! I’m really so humbled and amazed that it’s gotten the attention and love it has in less than 3 months!! thank you all!!! 

(#20.) What Do I Post/Reblog : Naruto, J-drama, a few random posts, a few bandom things, lots and lots of fanart and fanfics/headcanons, my friends’ work!! and now a lot of Obito. 

(#21.) The Last Thing I Googled : “a fine frenzy”. I wanted to be sure she counted as a solo artist before I included her. 

(#22.) Other Blogs : My not-so-active horror/autumn blog @vicious-vengeful and I have a self-shipping side blog but I’m not gonna link it 

(#23.) Do I Get Asks : Yes, occasionally!! And they’re always very nice! 

(#24.) Why I Chose My URL : Because of my favorite Of Monsters and Men song. There’s a lyric that goes, “I’m ready to suffer the sea”. 

(#25.) Following : 64!! (-: 

(#26.) Followers : 244!! 💗 

(#27.) Lucky Number : 13

(#28.) Favorite Instrument : I love violins. I was learning violin in elementary school but I gave up. I wish I hadn’t. 

(#29.) What Am I Wearing : sweatpants and a t-shirt 

(#30.) Favorite Food(s) : stews, orange chicken, fried rice, salmon, crock pot meals 

(#31.) Nationality : American 

(#32.) Favorite Song : I’m bad at choosing favorites but maybe “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse or “Black Water” by OMAM. 

(#33.) Last Book I Read : Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls. I’m translating very slowly. 

(#34.) Top 3 Fictional Universes I’d Like To Live In : Howl’s Moving Castle, maybe Naruto, Harry Potter I guess? 

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Hey I love the way you draw hands Do you have any tips?

omF thanks and god i’m actually terrible with hands but i guess i can give you a tip :^D

i always practice until i get better! i’m sorry my tips r super lame lol. i’m not really good at hands at all but ay, it’s cool to teach some tips and maybe tutorials and stuff hehe. i’m sorry if this is poop haha i’m really sorry pls dont kill me i’m not sure if this is even helpful ah aha..

I’ve been sitting on trying to figure out how to say this properly for so long that another sixty-something of you showed up in the meantime.

I just want to thank you guys. Seriously.

I know it sounds lame, but I legitimately never thought I’d get over 10 followers and now look where I am compared to that. Not far in the grand scheme of things, but still way beyond where I ever expected to get. And what only makes it better is that you guys actually show up in the notes and heck, even my inbox (I get all giddy every time I get an ask, you guys are amazing) and are actually interested in what I post. So I’m just…very grateful for you guys being here, however you have found your way to my blog and why you stayed.

Thank you <3

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I went to M&G and got Jack to write out lyrics for my tattoo and anyways it was "Without a doubt, you're all I dream about." And he asked me "Is it your or you're?" And told him and he was like "so you're?" And it was cute and he was writing really slowly and the girls behind me were bitching really loudly and one of them said "Are you getting him to write you a fucking novel?" And Jack was just like "I'm so sorry, this is just going on someone's body forever and I really want it to look good."


You know what makes it cuter? When my friend met him and got him to write something, he didn’t make the S look like an S so he took the paper back and focused real hard to make it look more like an S so she could read it, with his tongue sticking out in concentration omg. He’s precious when he writes stuff.

”Hey, like, the sky is pretty clear tonight, and I happen to have an extra cup of hot chocolate. So I was just wondering if, maybe, you wanted to come look at the stars with me? I know it sounds super nerdy and lame and stuff, but I promise it’s actually really cool once you’re there! Even if light pollution kind of kills it since we’re in the city and all.”

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What does your username actually mean?

It’s a play off of my given name.

My middle name is, Thanh. And in Vietnamese my parents wanted it to mean “pure”. My last name Nguyen is approximately pronounced “win”.

So essentially my URL is a pun of my real name:

Thanh Nguyen -> Pure Win - pure-nguyening

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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Please tell us what's your headcanon for Prussia's childhood!

//AhhhhhHH well the thing that I want to establish first is that Gilbert strikes me a little as an oddity in that he manages to change his nature so many times: he’s the Teutonic Knights, Duchy of Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia, Freestate of Prussia, AND THEN SUDDENLY EAST GERMANY. And that even though there was a gap between the end of Prussia and the rise of East Germany, and the material I’m reading stresses how Prussia itself changed its own nature as well. 

Then he has an odd appearance, albino-like but without bad eyesight etc even though that is a thing nations can have, etc

To me it feels like he’s simulateously more human than other nations and more monstrous than them because he’s just… an oddity in his own existence.

When I contemplated this and did research I wondered if he could have made a much greater switch at a much earlier time already: from Old Prussian to Teutonic Knight. Now, the Old Prussians didn’t have a coherent shared culture per se and were only united when it went against the Polish, so Gilbert as an Old Prussian would have been tiny, weak, and not been around for all that long at all before the Teutonic Knights! He wouldn’t have had a strong attachment to his people, given that they were hardly a people in the first place, so with the appearance of the Teutonic Knights ~1230 and their attempts to assimilate the people and conquer their lands, Gilbert as a detached being has the choice to join them, which I think he’d do because he’d sense there’s a place for him there which he doesn’t have in his original role.
When I first thought of this I didn’t really consider the problematic implications of this, given that the Old Prussians were forcibly assimilated…!!, so I’m not sure I’ll stick with the headcanon, but at the time I quite liked it because it’d establish something interesting about Gilbert and his thus ambigious ethnicity (since Old Prussians were Balts, though Gilbert would not idenitfy as that given that the PRUSSIAN culture itself is certainly German of origin). 
I actually let this influence my design of him a little in that I draw his eyes differently than Ludwig’s. 

IDK I don’t know what to do with this :T 

I have a confession to make… I don’t really know how to say this but…

Essie Davis is a sunshine cupcake and the actual light of my life who deserves all the good things the world has to offer!! I don’t know what we did to deserve her sparkling personality and her general loveliness but I’m glad she exists. I just. Love Essie Davis. So much.

  • Marceline: Turn around.
  • Bubblegum: What? Why?
  • Marceline: Because I'm about to say something serious, and I can't do it if I have to look you in the eye.
  • Bubblegum: [turns around]
  • Marceline: Now take your shoes off and wear them like mittens.
  • Bubblegum: Marcy...
  • Marceline: Okay, sorry. [softer] When we started seeing each other, I was aimless and just thought everything was stupid and lame, and you helped me find goals and learn ambition, which is the only reason I'm even thinking about what I really want.
  • [Bubblegum smiles, Marceline hugs her]
  • Marceline: I just... wanna say thank you. And I love you very much.
  • [Marceline pulls back]
  • Marceline: ... Which is why I've decided not to turn you into a sea urchin, which I could do, because I'm an actual demon, and I'm evil.
  • Bubblegum: I know.

You know what gets really old? When people constantly whine about hating Tumblr. On Tumblr. Like actually, if you dislike it so much and it causes you so much (apparently) physical pain, then DON’T FUCKING USE IT instead of just bitching about it. Comments like, ‘this horrid site’ or, ‘tumblr sucks’ or ‘i don’t even know why i’m on tumblr’ are not humorous. It’s lame, and unappreciative and just plain annoying.



New interview [full transcription]
  • Jesse: Hellooo.
  • Amy: Hi, Jesse!
  • Jesse: How are you?
  • Amy: I'm good, how you doing?
  • Jesse: I am so excited to talk to you! Did you hear that the fans in Dallas have gone [mental] [if someone knows what the exact word is, please let us know!]
  • Amy: Oh [laughs] that's awesome!
  • Jesse: And a major shoutout to your biggest fan in Dallas, Tyler Bennet who alerted me to the announcement.
  • Amy: Aaww thanks for telling me that. I mean, we really do have incredible fans, it's been like one of the things that makes it so fun, you know? I mean, it's fun to get up on stage and perform but having people all over the world that, like, really care and, like, get it and you know it's just music, we're not changing the world but it feels really good, it feels like we're doing something that means something to people and, man, it just means that much more to you, you know?
  • Jesse: Well, the last time we saw Evanescence in DFW was for Edge Fest 2012, I interviewed you backstage in a bunny suit?
  • Amy: [laughs] Yeah, I remember.
  • Jesse: It seems like after that show you all kind of... just went quietly away. Talk a little bit about what you've been through this past few years.
  • Amy: Oh my lord, it's flown by! Err - Well, the biggest thing in my life, to be totally honest, at the moment is my SON, which I had in the meantime. He's turning one tomorrow. So... [chuckles]
  • Jesse: OH MY GOSH, baby Jack! He is the cutest thing I've ever - I just want to eat him up!
  • Amy: Oh my lord, he is sooo cute! Okay but he has four little teeth now and they're razor sharp and every time I pick him up he gives me this big hug and just chomps on my shoulder [laughs] and it huurts so bad. He's awesome, he's doing well, he's just started to walk and say all kind of crazy words in I don't know what language. But he's really cute and we're really excited about him, it's been a really great experience I can't really describe, it's been an amazing experience from day one since [chuckles]. Just a lot of love, a lot of new inspiration and feelings, you know? There's a whole transformation that takes place that's just your mind and your body and your heart, everything just feels like "WOW I didn't know I was capable of all this stuff", you know? I didn't know I was capable of feeling so many feelings and that my body was capable of doing so many things [chuckles] And now, it's cool because I guess I thought, to a certain degree, "okay one day, I'm gonna grow up and have kids and stop all this crazy rock'n roll business and I'm gonna just focus on being a mom and - I do! I wanna be a mom, like I wanna be great at that, I wanna be the best I can possibly be, but I feel [??], and inspired and empowered and excited about life. Like, I don't want to retire, like I guess maybe as a kid I thought that's how I would feel. I feel really cool, it's funny 'cause I'm doing more, like, in a day that I have done in a long time. Like everyday it's BOOM you're up, you're going first thing, you know? [chuckles]. And I'm taking care of him but also, it's a gym, I lost 21 pounds! Genuinely, it's really, really hard [laughs]
  • Jesse: Do you feel like Superwoman? 'Cause my best friend had a baby and...
  • Amy: ARGH!
  • Jesse: Once it sank in and once she found her groove she just... I'm like "Who are you and can I have some of this?"
  • Amy: I'm going - I'm not kidding, it's like "I'm READY TO GO"
  • Jesse: [laughs]
  • Amy: You definitely feel like you're - err - operating like at highest capacity a lot of time. Which is like, actually makes you feel really good. Like - I don't know, sometimes, when I'm not doing anything, nothing productive, I start to feel pressed, like "Man I need to work but I don't wanna work", I just feel like lame. But now, you know, it's him, working for him, that's a motivator and you sort of wanna be awesome for the sake of that person you love so much. And I'm working on myself and getting excited and getting ready for the end of the year and the shows and knowing that we have, you know, these fans who care and are excited about it, just - It's awesome! Like, I wanna be a mom and a rock star and all those things all at once, it's incredible! If you can, absolutely [laughs]
  • Jesse: I'm glad that you brought that up because it's kind of an interesting prompting, this interview at this juncture of your life and your career, because it kind of mirrors that of your dad, in a small way, doesn't it? Wasn't he in a band when you were born?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah err - yes. My dad, you know, ran away to California with my mom to, you know, be a rock star and get a record deal and - my dad's a great musician, he plays a lot of instruments and has a beautiful voice - But you know, due to the all L.A, you know playing gigs and bar things and early eighties, I mean late seventies-early eighties... Well, then he found out my mom was pregnant with me and I guess when I was born and stuff he was like "Man, this is not the life that I want for my kid, we're gonna go back to Florida, I'm gonna get a radio-station job and like, do that." He's, you know, made a career, a wonderful career at the radio and voice work.
  • Jesse: Has he offered you any words of wisdom, any guidance on how to kind of navigate this new path you're on?
  • Amy: Ouh, I don't... I need to talk to him more... He just called me before I called you. I mean, he said "Hey I got the best of both worlds 'cause I don't have to really do it. I just came home and had my family and then you grew up to be a rock star so I can just live my career through you" [chuckles]
  • Jesse: Back in April you guys announced that you'd be performing for the first time in three years at Ozzfest, in Japan, where's there a catalyst for this particular decision?
  • Amy: You know, I - everyone still out there, we're gonna do something really cool, not super often, this is a special thing but I was just at a point, like when I heard about it, I was like "November? I think I will be back by then", like I feel like I can get my body back and like he will be seventeen months older or something, and gosh if I really wanna do this, like I'm feeling like in my head, like be everything at once, and I don't know, like I rather just do it. Take him with me, and just start now, not wait, you know and it's just a cool thing to have people go "hey come to Japan" you know, and rock out. I mean, it's more complicated than that but then again, it's not, like we'll do all the work to have things taken care of and just fun stuff but like... We get to go to Japan, like I mean, just in general, it's an opportunity to go to Japan. Like so many people are just like "it's a lot of money and it's a big - like why would you go, where would you go, I don't even know", like, we'll go do that, I want that for him, so... We're taking the family [laughs] I'm gonna have my baby on a really, really, really long flight and I apologize in advance to everyone on the plane, I am gonna do everything I can to try to get him to shut up and go to sleep. I can't... No guarantees [laughs].
  • Jesse: The shows now, this week you announced the shows that - three stage sideshows - I think you're kicking it off in Nashville and then you're coming to Dallas...
  • Amy: Yup!
  • Jesse: ... And Los Angeles. By the way, on behalf of all the Dallas fans, thank yoouuu. Where's there a particular reason what we got so lucky?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah. I wanted to head that direction because it's the shorter flight, again about like the baby on plane [laughs].
  • Jesse: Baby high five for Jack! Awesome!
  • Amy: It's like, I mean we could have done New-York but I was like "yeah I need to go the other way, just make it eleven as opposed to fourteen hours" I tried to be in between rock and baby but that's really hard. So, yeah we rehearse in Nashville, it's like a hook for the band. We live all over the country and it's like a central location where we have been rehearsing for the past years. So, we'll get to get there and practice and make sense of the show right there. And Nashville's great for that, anything you need, anything that goes wrong, they've got it covered.
  • Jesse: And is it the same lineup, you, Terry, Tim, Will and Troy?
  • Amy: Yup, it's gonna be rad, the guys are really excited err - just talking to them a lot this week, we're just starting to put together like ideas about set lists and maybe who's gonna open. We don't know that stuff yet.
  • Jesse: On behalf of all the Dallas fans, HOT DAMN GIRL, that's fantastic!
  • Amy: [laughs]
  • Jesse: That's fantastic, I'm so thrilled.
  • Amy: Hopefully this is the beginning of more, more shows to come in the future.
  • Jesse: You just answered my question [laughs].
  • Amy: Yeah, I thought I might! You know, once we do like a set and I feel like "We got this" then it's a lot easier to go "cool" and like accept opportunities and like it's always a good time for this, there's stuff going on that we'll be looking for next summer, for potential ideas.
  • Jesse: Now the biggest question that I've got from fans on Twitter when I found out that I was going to interview you and it was the tweet that you recently posted about going through old files, older recordings, new dreams and I think, you starting the fire again. What is the potential for a new Evanescence album?
  • Amy: Actually, err - I haven't been working on new material for Evanescence. I've been working on new material on my own. Err - so right now, I just went through like a lot of studio - well, I have a studio in my house, I did like that record last year that was like old school music and I do little things there but now that I'm getting there again... I wanted for a long time to flex some different muscles and make music that's - I don't know, I always wanted to make music that's completely true to myself and I love Evanescence I'm stoked to go back on tour and play music with Evanescence. But honestly, lot of musics I listen to these days are very different from that and I collected, it's a big mix. It's fun for me to be something else a little bit, so actually like the first thing is I have been - just for fun - going out there and playing with weird cover songs (chuckles)
  • Jesse: What are you covering?
  • Amy: And I - I don't wanna tell you yet!
  • Jesse: Teaaase!
  • Amy: I'm gonna record them, I'm gonna finish them out and then I'm gonna release them online pretty soon, just like kind of one at a time.
  • Jesse: I love the work that you did on War Story, I think one of the songs from Aftermath just got an Independent Spirit Award but could you talk a little bit about the other project you've been working on, called Indigo Grey. That looks really amazing!
  • Amy: Yeah, I hope it is! I - I think it really is, those guys are so talented. They're, here in New-York, these guys that came out of like Riverdance, where they grew up and just wanna do something creative and unique and edgy and different. So that's like Irish step mixed with like hip-hop and they do a lot of stuff with cool live music. It's kinda hard to explain, because they're just artists, kind of all over the place. They wear like gas masks and do weird dances, it's really cool. So they're putting together like a kickstarter and they're doing like a live experience thing that I'm - I'm still trying to understand, it's like drones and it's interactive somehow, like the audience takes part on what happens, sounds crazy but it's awesome. I don't know exactly when that is gonna be but also, in the meantime, they're doing like these little short films and the first one that they've done is really cool, you know, and we sort of scored it, Dave Edgar and I. So we did the music, a all bunch of it, and then there's actually a cool song-song like by me that I did in my studio. It's not like a song with a bunch of vocals, it's definitely more like rhymes and music but err - that's me making my music so...
  • Jesse: Yeah, yeah, the video in the kickstarter thing was really amazing so I, I really wanted to make a point to ask about that. I can't wait to see how that progresses. The last time they updated it was like June 16, so I keep waiting for more updates.
  • Amy: I know, they're just still, we're just talking about "okay, which day are we gonna release it" I'm keeping on touch but I'm not really sure.
  • Jesse: Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to call in. I know, the pre-sell for the Evanescence shows started yesterday but general public sale are gonna be on Saturday, I predict an immediate sell-out. Happy early birthday to Jack and congratulations to you and your family.
  • Amy: I'm so grateful for that, thank you!
  • Jesse: See you November 15!
  • Amy: Alright, we'll see you soon, it's gonna rock!

I know people are supposed to be excited on their birthdays but I’m just so exhausted after the past few days that I can’t really find it within myself to care. I would stay in my hotel room and sleep all day but it’s my six month anniversary and I want to make it special for Camila since we’ve never actually celebrated an anniversary before. I know she loves it here in Toronto, so I’m going to take her out for a night on the town. A date with my girlfriend is a good enough celebration for my birthday, right? Or is that totally lame?