i'm actually really happy with the way these turned out


Inquisitor Challenge → Round One: Race

No, I’m not Tal-Vashoth. Tal-Vashoth are rebels. You can’t rebel against something you’ve never seen. I’m Vashoth.


@thegrishaversenet event two: the dregs

No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more. A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them, no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose.

Hey-o everybody ❤️ 💙

I was looking at my past art recently, and for some reason it just really got me down. I feel like half of my art is really on the low-quality end, and it’s been making me really insecure about all of my art.

I sorta did a redraw of a cotton candy garnet piece I made a year ago… except more like, melancholy - to match my mood I guess. This is my way of showing myself that I’m not all bad, and I am improving. But idk, it’s still hard to be happy with any of my drawings anymore :/

all reblogs/likes/commentary is very much appreciated  💖


Inktober / Portalber Day IV & V - Draw a Test Subject OC & Draw a Core OC

[ h a hA I’ve never drawn a single OC in my life before so I was kinda dreading this prompt. But I figured I’d put both OC’s together to make it a little easier,,, and ok mostly because I was trying to intentionally avoid yesterdays prompt lmao,,

But anywho, these two are Myrna and Sinclair, both former medical scientists who ended up being forced into testing inside Old Aperture. Ironically, Myrna actually helped create Sinclair to be a triage assistant in the medical wing of the facility, and they eventually ended up as best friends – practically inseparable. Sinclair sees her as his closest companion, and vice versa. They’re basically just trying to survive together up in this totally fucked facility, u guys.

I don’t usually draw cores either (can you tell lmao) so I didn’t really know what to make him look like. I might definitely end up changing his design later. ]

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Didn't SU also have a human zoo that was mostly filled with people of color, which was presented as a happy utopia? I saw the SU critical tag raging about it a while ago but haven't seen the episode myself. Considering the history of ACTUAL human zoos, which were filled with people of color to ogle at as if they were animals - I'm really surprised a show that claims to be pro-diversity did that and defends it.


When the zoo is first described to us, it sounds appropriately horrifying, but when we actually get there, it turns out to be really happy and serene.

There are some dystopian elements to it, like there’s no concept of love, their mates are chosen by a computer, and their lives are so regimented, they literally fall asleep on command.

But it’s all presented in, like, the lightest, softest, fluffiest way possible, heavy on the cutesy comedy, and the storyline ends without the good guys even considering setting the humans free. It’s not even a thought.

In general, the last few seasons of the show have been intensely disappointing, to the point where they almost seem to soil what came earlier.

- Mod A.

“You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.”

multifandom graphics challenge | drahgons
↳ prompt: clara/twelve + “sleeping at last” by saturn

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I just want to say, I want to thank you for drawing your aro/ace dragons because it was due to them actually that I discovered that I'm aro/ace myself. No one I know ever told me that asexuality in humans is a thing and they all think I'm going through a "phase" when I say I have no romantic attachments. So thank you- it's nice to know I'm not the only ace out there.

Anonymous said: *hugs* thank you, I actually told my fam I’m ace this weekend

Oh wow I’m so thrilled that my dragon doodles helped you that way! You’re definitely not the only one and please never let anyone else make you think that they know who you are better than you do.

And @ anon2 congratulations! I’m really happy that you felt confident/comfortable enough to let them know and I hope everything turned out okay

Stay golden guys :)


Joel has an over-sharing boyfriend manip

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Thank you to dumblevehk for indulging me and giving me the prompt “map” for these two. 

Keelan’s tying her mother’s ribbon into Zevran’s hair, it’s her defining article of clothing that she’s had since she was a kid. Giving it to Zev is her way of telling him she loves him (cause she’s not so great at expressing herself). I like to think they’re on their way out of Antiva, heading to Nevarra or somewhere cool.


An unforgivably late Christmas present for my twin, living on a different continent, @kate-the-rabbit, who is also a good friend of mine and incredibly talented writer. It took that long because I was trying to make it look understandable enough (also because of the damned finals), but I’m still not completely sure if I got what I wanted. But I really hope Kate likes it.
Also, happy holidays, y’all!