i'm actually really happy with the outcome of this

The one where Liz is acting kinda strange, Red is dumbfounded, and, honestly, Kaplan should have just retired to the island and invited Dom over for Salt Sessions™

So like…I didn’t hate the episode.

I actually really enjoyed it because I was on the edge of my seat. There’s one thing to say that we could all see the outcomes coming a mile away, but these two hours were awesome as hell in terms of acting, set-up, and some character shifts and I’m excited about the unanswered questions.

I had a conversation earlier tonight about my thoughts, and I realized that I wasn’t freaking out about DG being confirmed or Lizzington being dead because this is literally not a new tune to be playing for the show (except Liz’s whole buying into Red being her father) and I don’t believe this DNA test came from reliable sources, so we’re literally where we have been for every other season.

There’s a lot of stuff to still touch base on. And I know these plot points could be forgotten like Hudson, Red’s cat, and Liz’s scar, etc. but for the sake of supposition, there is a lot to unpack next season.

• For instance, the whole memory tampering thing was just glossed right the fuck over (the writers didn’t even blink in that plot point’s direction tonight),

• the suitcase with the body that Tom had was labeled Elizabeth Keen which seemed odd since neither Tom nor Kaplan seemed intent on mailing it to Liz, as far as we the Audience are aware, (but that could be an oversight or a failsafe if things went sideways with Kaplan’s endgame)

• Cooper was supposedly going to have a big secret this season, but that is neither here nor there unless they meant the bloodied shirt????, and

• I’m never convinced of anything the show gives us in terms of answers except when Red’s character presents it to us. A) because, walking that fine line between “I’m not going to tell you , Lizzy” and lies of omission is his character’s specialty and that didn’t go away tonight (especially that last convo with Dembe) B) Red seemed really perplexed about this DNA report (he was more shook up about Liz saying she remembered shooting her father at the end of S2 than this report so ??) and Liz’s ramblings about family and stuff (almost like he didn’t recognize her) C) Liz has an interesting moment when they hug in which it appears she’s “realizing/remembering” something when Dembe’s voice cuts into the scene, but maybe I’m just reading into it too much. (this show I swear. someone look at that footage with different eyes 😂)

• we still Red’s scars, all the stupid “tap-dancing” the writers are gonna have to do around the first season mythology. Namely: Red’s scars, the night of the fire, Red’s family home and what happened there, whether or not he was lying to Madeline Pratt when he told her about his car running out of gas and the horrors he found in his home, etc etc etc (honestly)


• I also need Baz to be A-okay

• But anyway…I didn’t think it was bad. The whole team had a lot to do. It felt more like there was actually a task force towards the end of this season than it has in a long time.

• Ressler, my boy, welcome to the dark side, allow me to get you a chair.


• Dembe’s being his ride or die amazing self. Bless.

• Tom “shady” Keen, Christopher “I can barely handle my own family drama let alone Liz’s” Hargrave, Jacob “I have to many names” Phelps, PUT THAT SUITCASE BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME. AND WHO THE HELL WERE YOU TALKING TO?😡

• (But also don’t because who the hell is in that thing? Also, boy pick a siiiide for goodness sake. I would love a resurgence of antagonist Tom but in my dreams, right?)

• let’s be real, if that’s Katarina’s body, and if Red is now the worst father in the world, they’ve lost all their narrative credibility, hindsight, foresight, and direction. If they’re all one big screwed up family, this show doesn’t have a direction but to end next year. The narrative can’t stand on the legs they’ve left us to assume they’re standing on now. (I’m also still suuuuuuuper duuuuuper bummed with who they turned Kaplan into but C'eat la vie I guess and stuff)

I tried to end on a happy note…haha look I don’t think we should despair just yet. @eaglechica19 has a fantastic imposter theory that has a full on gale-force wind in its sails, as far as I’m concerned. There’s too much canon character behavior against the father-daughter thing to actually legitimize it. Plus I’ve made peace with not knowing all the answers (or any of the answers apparently 😒) until the show is close to ending.

And we may not ever get a romance on screen for those of us that ship Lizzington, but there’s a bigger play at work here and hopefully it won’t turn out to be this cockamamie story about Red feeling guilty for killing Katarina or some dumb shit.

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I cleaned up the sketch I posted a few weeks ago & I actually really like the outcome! So here you go, some InoHinata friendship goodness.

>> Headcanon that Hinata, the kind person she is, helps Ino out on a regular basis in the flowershop.