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happy 26th birthday @danielhowell! you may endlessly tease us but enjoy some snacks and solitude (and netflix binges) anyways.

(really though you’re lovely and i hope you have a wonderful year (and many more). have fun celebrating!!)


I’m stealthy, like a ninja. | for @burnhamsmichael

Just your average day in the Matsuno household

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

A well cared for wizarding photo. Scribbled on the back in clean handwriting, Dora and Teddy, June 1999, the Burrow, lunch. 


“Just over a year old, and he can already copy Dora!" 

Harry hid a smile. Next to him, Remus was beaming, his Proud Daddy Grin wide, eyes bright. In the Weasley’s garden, beyond the picnic table laden with lunch and tea, Tonks held Teddy near a lush rose bush. She looked up and grinned back at Remus.

"Well, eyes and hair, anyway,” Remus continued, raising his wizarding camera. “He can’t quite imitate her nose yet.”

“Take a picture, Remus!” Tonks called. She held Teddy up and ruffled his pink hair. “With Mummy, now, Ted! One, two, three…”


REMADORA LIVES AU BECAUSE I CAN. I’m sorry, I had a mighty need to art, and I’ve been a teeny bit obsessed with the Lupin family for a while, and this was the result. My first ever animation! I don’t often draw–these fingers were made for typing, not drawing!–and let me just say, I now have the utmost respect for anyone who makes an animation, because Merlin’s pants, this took me forever. And it’s not even an elaborate animation!


Happy birthday Kanja @waititi!

Oh my goodness, I am really such a lucky girl to have ended up mutuals and friends with you. You are an amazing and hilarious person as well as a delightful friend. I’m really always in disbelief every time I’m reminded of the fact that I’m actually older than you (although for the next month we will be the same age!) You’re always so mature, reasonable, and level-headed I really don’t know how you manage that. Oh, you’re also unbelievably thoughtful and every time you remember some random detail about me it literally makes me tear up. I love following you and seeing your great jokes and maybe even greater gifs. I’d love it even more if you stopped going into retirement every 2 months or so, but you do you and that’s why I also stalk you on twitter. You’ve pretty much written the book on how to be somebody’s #1 fan and I’m totally going to buy said book because I want to be yours (although I’ll settle for top 20 if I can be so lucky). Have a great birthday!

Raw Bean


blood infections | jacksonville, FL | 3.24.15


“i don’t know how to say goodbye”

the lift kiss for @snowscharming ❤​ part ii of your valentine’s gift!

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Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era


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