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Here are some better pictures of this fuzzy poster I finished coloring. Naturally, when there’s a giant astrological poster with no colors, it should turn into Homestuck.

Overwatch OC: Cage

YES I FINALLY DID IT. AN OVERWATCH OC. FINALLY. Well, she’s existed in my head since I started playing, but here’s an actual doodle of her. 

Is she a bit of a self-insert? Absolutely. 

Is she still cool? Sure. She’s cooler than me. 

If you’re interested in her at all, here’s her info page. I don’t do any RPing on this blog, but if anyone’s interested, I’m always up for new RP. 

Pose reference: Senshi Stock


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

A quick Josephine inspired by the Princess vs Peril interview with Allegra Clark because it made me really excited about her - go check it out!

She’s so dreamy.

nargyle is one of my favorite artists on tumblr and I was so excited to see her at AX2015! I caught her in time for this for a commission, which I’ve really wanted for a few years now! I left things pretty up to interpretation, because her poses are always so imaginative, and it turned out so wonderful!!!! I couldn’t stop staring it for the rest of the day!!

credit to nargyle and posted with permission! 


-Rani, girls are super, aren’t they? C’mon, say it…

Rani Padmini (2015)

a concept::: it is the year 2018. the winter olympics are being held in south korea. the closing ceremonies are the biggest stage of them all. a float emerges from the entrance. the crowd is completely entranced. and all of a sudden you hear “listen boy, my first love story…” tiffany appears on the float. she is in her gee! overalls. and then… “my angel. and my girls! my sunshine!” it’s jessica!!! right there!!! ot9 reunion!!! they perform a remix mashup of gee, genie, and into the new world. peace is restored on planet earth. all war has ceased. the skins of mankind are clear. there is an ot9 hug. we all ascend. this beats the spice girls reunion in london and goes down in history as the best surprise of all time. everything is perfect.

The Timing Might be Right

Dear Chuck I loved this episode. I’m going to leave the really big meta writing to those a lot better at it than me, but I can’t help but touch on one little parallel that got me really excited.

So firstly, we have Cas gently letting Hannah know that he’s aware of the feelings that she might be growing towards him and he tells her that they–that he– can’t afford for those feelings to get in the way. He has a mission that he can’t divert from for any reason. He has to get to Dean. 

In other words, he tells her that now is not the time.

Any other time and Cas might have been able to handle the situation, but he’s weak, he’s focused, and the timing for Hannah to develop these feelings is inconvenient. 

“This road we’re on. It’s dangerous. We can’t afford to lose our way… no detours of any kind… I’ve been around humans for long enough to see how easily distractions occur.”


Emotions. Feelings. They’re dangerous temptations.”

What we have here is a discussion between Hannah and Cas discussing timing in direct relation to emotions and feelings. 

Where else in the episode does Cas discuss timing with someone?

Ah yes. At the end with Dean.

It’s almost as an afterthought, just as he’s about to leave the room.

“Hey, maybe you should take some time before you get back to work– allow yourself to heal. It’s uh– I don’t know. The timing might be right.”

*Cue intense look of consideration from Dean*

Because of the previous conversation about timing and how it was correlated with the emotions and feelings, I immediately connected the two talks together. 

Two discussions. 

The first stating the feelings and implying the timing. 

The second stating the timing and implying the feelings. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about failed relationships saying, “The timing just wasn’t right.”

Or successful ones, “It was just perfect timing.”

I don’t know if Cas used a common relationship phrase on purpose, but the writers sure did. 

And maybe the timing is finally right for the feelings between Dean and Castiel. 

Maybe soon.

i know a lot of people like to crossover pjo and gravity falls by putting nico and bianca or nico and hazel in as dipper and mabel but imagine dipper and mabel going to camp half-blood…. imagine…. gideon…. as an obnoxious son of apollo…. imagine wendy and grenda as children of ares….imagine pacifica as a child of zeus…. imagine grunkle stan as Mr. D… imagine… bill… as kronos… 

For the record, I meant what I said about Meg not being a damsel in distress. That’s not what I got from that scene at all. She’s scared, yes, and discouraged. But Killian doesn’t swoop in there to save her. He offers her a chance, and it’s about them helping each other and escaping together. And he doesn’t sacrifice himself just to save her, he wants her to find Emma because he knows they won’t make it out on their own.

He’s the one with the hook and the limp. She’s the one who can run but doesn’t have a weapon. It makes perfect tactical sense for him to stay behind to distract Cerberus while she runs for it. It’s the best chance they have. And it’s entirely in-character for Killian to realise that, to come up with the best strategy, and to do whatever it takes regardless of the danger to himself.

It’s still brave and heroic. But they’re both being brave and heroic here. Meg isn’t a passive bystander, she’s an active participant.

That’s how it came across to me, anyway.

(There’s also a chance that she’s actually working for Hades and the whole thing is an elaborate trap. Which would fit with the spoilers about Hades waiting for Emma, with the bloodied hook to dangle in her face. And in that case Meg is also definitely not a damsel in distress.)

Kira’s getting her own episode

After missing out on the fun of the finale, Kira will return in a big way. “We have a really big episode which is all about Kira and Noshiko going off on their own story to try to figure out how to tame the fox spirit within her and it takes place actually in the desert in New Mexico where they have to journey.” In other words, there’s a possibility for a familiar face/place … we hope. (source)


Beth Parker - generation 4 spare

A few days ago I asked if anyone wanted me to put her up for download, but to be completely honest, I’ve probably would have done it anyway, haha

Beth is from the fourth gen of my legacy, but she was born so late that I’ve already started playing with the next heir. I don’t want her to go to waste though, so I decided to share her with all of you ♥


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Nozomi came in!! I’m pretty excited to wear her since the cosplay is actually really nice quality.
The bikini top is a little eh, and maybe it’s just because I had to tie it myself, but it doesn’t feel secure so I’ll have to figure out how to solve that problem.

I’m just so happy with Sombra’s design! I had to do a quick drawing of her! I’m so excited for her to come out officially. Sorry for the bad phone pic ~

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Imagine genderqueer!Bucke who's always was secretly wondering how it's feel wear skirts and makeup but never actually try because you know it was damn forties. But he remember something now, it's just hit him at night, so he sneak at Natasha's room and steal her eyeliner and sits near mirror until it's morning and Steve wakes up. And Steve just stare at him minute or two and then assure Bucky that he looks gorgeus because Bucky smiling and anything that makes Bucky smile is good with him.

he puts natasha’s eyeliner back right where he found it but she knows. she just gives him a look, and then takes him shopping. he has a lot to learn about makeup, so she helps him pick out a few basic things in colors that he likes to get him started and when they get home, she teaches him how to use all of it and they enlist steve to help, since it’s easier for nat to give him pointers when there isn’t a mirror involved. she shows him some of her favorite makeup tutorials on youtube, and they’re having so much fun that they stay up half the night doing makeovers and painting each others’ nails.