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Ninette Day 7 AU

From this prompt list.

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

Marinette stared down at her phone, thumb hovering over her best friend’s picture as another quiet sniffle filled the quiet night air. Alya had promised she could always call after a bad day, but she also knew Alya wasn’t sleeping much as it was and a call at 3:00 might not be best for her best friend’s health.

So, she turned off her phone and tossed it onto her rug. Alya deserved at least one decent night of sleep, and Marinette reasoned that she’d probably feel better in the morning anyway. She swiped away at the tears trickling down her cheek and took a shaky breath. All she needed to do was calm down enough to sleep.

The bass of her neighbor’s music trickled through the thin walls, covering up her hiccuping sobs. She buried her face in her hands and tried to distract herself by thinking of something else. Anything else. Anything but her exceptionally bad, somewhat soul-crushing day.

She hardly noticed when the sound behind her stopped, so her neighbor’s voice through the wall caught her by surprise.

“Hey, are you okay?”

She nodded. “Um, yeah, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. You sound kind of upset.”

“A little, but it’s nothing.”

She could hear his footsteps creak closer and then something, probably his back, slid down the wall. “Well, wanna talk about it?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Just-”

“Seriously. I’m gonna be up for a while.”

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for the love you meme: alyanette, #30

30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf

“Just set me on fire,” Alya grumbles as she pulls on layer after layer, cocooning herself against the gentle snowfall waiting for her outside the bakery’s front door. “Hey, you even have those little torches for caramelization, you could totally-”

Not do that,” Marinette finishes with a laugh as she steps in to help. She deftly buttons up the first sweater before wrestling the next sweatshirt over Alya’s head. “Isn’t this overkill? I’m sweating just looking at you.”

“I’m gonna freeze two steps out,” Alya grumbles. She gathers her hat, gloves, and scarf before they get lost in the jumble of the coat rack, and hangs them all on Marinette for safekeeping. “Not all of us are born radiators.”

“I am pretty hot,” Marinette smiles cheekily. She peeks up at Alya from beneath the hat, her blue eyes sparkling as Alya shrugs on an enormous, puffy jacket.

“Well don’t be rude, share some of that heat!” Alya laughs as she sweeps her jacket wide open like wings. She’s not sure who moves first, but then Marinette is right there, strong arms wrapped around her waist, broad smile tickling her neck. Everything else whites out as the wings of her jacket fold over the both of them, enveloping Marinette in her arms.

And Alya swears, she can feel Marinette’s warmth, sinking through all her layers and into her skin. She breathes in the delicate pink, the dizzying scent of sugar and spice, the breathless laughter, and buries her face into the threadbare scarf looped around Marinette’s neck, holding her all the tighter. There’s something like home, something like heart, that Alya finds in Marinette.

It’s always hard, letting go.

“You feeling better?” Marinette chuckles as she rubs circles along her back.  

“Yes. You’re the best,” Alya mumbles into her neck. The scarf catches her words and tucks them in between strands of yarn, warming them until they press back against her cheek like a kiss.  “I love you.”

“What was that?”

Alya shakes her head. “Stay a little longer.”

“Anything for you,” Marinette hums. “Just for you.”

“Is it a new mic?” Alya asks as she gently shakes the smartly wrapped gift in her hands. Marinette shakes her head. “I know. It’s a new espresso machine.”

Marinette rolls her eyes. “Ok first of all, the box is way too small for that, and second, you don’t need any more help getting caffeine into your system.”

A dramatic gasp escapes Alya as she bolts up straight, excitement burning in her hazel eyes. “It’s a flamethrower.”

This time Marinette doesn’t even bother rolling her eyes, instead burying her face and sighing deeply into the enormous ladybug pillow that Alya gifted her earlier. “Just open it already!”

“Alright, alright,” Alya laughs, finally setting aside her teasing to properly open the gift. She slices through the wrapping paper with practiced cuts and waits until Marinette’s lifted her head to watch before gently lifting the lid of the box.

Alya’s breath catches in her throat as a plush, thick scarf made of sunsets greets her, deep crimsons and burnished oranges and buttery yellows captured in yarn soft enough to be spun from clouds. Streaks of midnight blue and plum purple peek through, blending together so well that deciphering where one colour ends and the other begins is impossible. The scarf loops snugly around her neck, shrouding her with its delightful warmth.

With trembling hands, Alya runs her fingers to the ends of the scarf until she finds the distinctive embroidery of Marinette’s signature. She flips it over to look at properly, and is stunned when she finds, in glittering gold thread, I love you, I love you, I love you.

“You like it, then?” Marinette asks softly. A soft blush blooms on her cheeks as Alya moves close to wind half the scarf carefully, possessively, tenderly around her neck, joining them together.

“Like it?” Alya laughs, pressing a kiss against Marinette’s pink cheek. “Love it.”

send me a ship/two characters, and a way they say “i love you”


Here are some better pictures of this fuzzy poster I finished coloring. Naturally, when there’s a giant astrological poster with no colors, it should turn into Homestuck.

Even if I’m really dissapointed that they didn’t animate Bakugou showing concern properly, which is a pretty unique expression for him so far, after rewatching the fight several times

I decided on not to hate this scene so much anymore

Because he never let off his guard down and he wanted to keep going as he was getting excited. He was actually waiting for her, he believed she could still stand up and keep going in any minute. 

And wow, I can’t believe Bakugou is such an Ochako stan.

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Hey. <3 Headcanons about Will, Eleven and Mike friendship? I'm definitely need more of this. <3 And how do you feel about Mike having a crush on both Will and El? I'm curious how many people like this headcanon.

<3 Thanks for the ask! There is actually a ship for Mike being in a relationship with El and Will at the same time (and El and Will being like platonic soulmates) and I love it!! (its called milevill)

  • I feel like Will would be pretty excited but also quite apprehensive about meeting El     
  • He’s heard so much about her and is really excited to find out more about her and thinks: ‘If Mike likes her that means she must be great!’
  • Although there’s probably a tiny little subconscious and selfish part of him that secretly kind of hoped it would be longer until El came back because he quite likes all the attention from Mike (y’know when you DEFINITELY don’t want something to happen but there’s a little part of you that you don’t listen to that kind of wants it happen because there is a way you could benefit from it?) 
  • Mike would be super excited for El and Will to meet each other because he love!!!
  • El would probably feel like she already kind of knows him a little bit because she contacted him in The Upside Down and she knows that Mike really likes him and she’s close with Joyce already.
  • El and Will would get along really well and they quickly become best friends and Mike would be: !!!!!
  •  He’s just so happy when he spends time with both of them and soon all three become super close and sometimes even hang out and have sleepovers without the rest of the group (the others don’t mind though)
  • And Eleven and Will would be able to talk about The Upside Down and not have to feel so alone in their experiences. 
  • They’d comfort each other when the started to remember the time they spent there 
  • They sometimes feel guilty about it too (Will because he thinks Bob’s death is his fault and he’s caused his mum to be so stressed, El because she opened The Gate and so she blames what happened to Will + everything that came with that on herself)
  • Mike usually doesn’t say much when that happens, he usually listens and gives them comfort through touches (like hugs and hand holding e.t.c.) and lets them talk about it to each other if they need to and every now and then he will say something to reassure them. 
  • Eventually El realises how close Mike and Will are and because she doesn’t really know much about romantic relationships (she wasn’t exposed to it until now) she just casually is talking to Mike one day and is like:
  • “Why aren’t you with Will like you are with me?”
  • Mike doesn’t really get what she means so he asks 
  • “Daddy (Hopper) said that there are different kinds of love” “He loves me in a different way then you do. I love you in a different way than I love Will because I look at him in a different way” “You look at him the same way you look at me.”
  • Cue Mike questioning his sexuality for the first time.
  • He always felt different with Will to the others, he just assumed that he was just closer friends with him. 
  • He realised that he had felt similar to Will as he did El, especially after he came back but Mike always tried to pretend he didn’t realise it.
  • Now that El had pointed it out though, he couldn’t really ignore it anymore and he kept thinking about it
  • Will keeps thinking about Mike and he pays more attention to him than anyone else, it’s painfully obvious but Will thinks he’s being subtle
  • But he can’t stop thinking about how beautiful his laugh sounds and how after he explained  the science homework Will didn’t understand Mike gave him such a gentle smile, how when Will starts panicking about the memories of The Upside Down, Mike will gently stroke Will’s hair holding him close and telling him it’s okay.
  • And for a while Will thinks it is okay, that he’s okay but no, ‘I’m not okay,’ Will reminds himself, he’s not okay for loving the way Mike smiles, how when Will makes a joke and it’s really not that funny but Mike thinks it’s hilarious. He keeps thinking about Mike and how the disgusted look that would appear on Mike’s face if he ever found out, the same look as the. one that appeared years ago on Lonnie’s face when something about ‘the gays’ was mentioned on TV. He can’t help feeling disgusted with who he is
  • Mike starts to feel confused, he starts to think that there is something wrong with him because he’s starting to feel even stronger feelings towards Will
  • And Mike knows he’s not gay because he still loves Eleven just as much as when he started dating her if not more. 
  • Then one day El is looking something up in the Dictionary and comes across the word ‘bisexual’ and remembers how Mike had started acting around Will. 

I have a lot more but for the sake of the length of this post as well as getting this done tonight I’m going to stop there if anyone wants me to continue I gladly will. Thanks you for this it was super fun to write! <333

Guest Lecture (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Notes: My first x reader! Just a bit of fluffy flirting. This was not a request, (they are open!) and there might be a part two if you like it

Y/N was in classes at the Academy, hoping to go to Counter-Terrorism. She had always wanted to help people. When her professor said a BAU agent would lecture, she imagined someone like David Rossi, who literally wrote the book on profiling. She never thought that the lecturer would be barely older than herself.

He walked into the room not long after her, bag over his shoulder, coffee in hand, and an overflow of papers in the other. She assumed he was an intern, an assistant professor at best, certainly not the holder of three PhDs.

Y/N preferred the front rows, especially for guest lectures. The nerdy 7th grader in her wanted to make a good, if not fleeting, impression. She always made sure to arrive early to get a good seat. The man sat down just a seat away from her, and she examined him more closely. He was cute! He had a sharp jawline, bright eyes and a nervous pseudo-smile. 

Y/N wondered how she could ease his anxiety, if it was him who was going to speak. 

“Excuse me, are you Dr. Reid?” Y/N tentatively inquired.

He looked a little startled, like she had burst him out of a bubble of deep thinking. He turned to face her. “I am. Are you one of the students or are you just listening?“ 

"I’m a student.” A moment’s pause, just reaching the cusp of acceptable maximum silence. “I’m very excited to hear from you today, Dr. Reid. I love what the BAU does.” ‘Stop gushing, you sound like a creep!’ She thought.

“O-oh, thanks,” Was he blushing? Y/N could’ve sworn so. “Are you going to be a profiler?”

“Counter-Terrorism, actually. I’m not sure I could be clever enough to analyze behavior.” ‘Are you trying to be annoying, Y/N, 'cause it’s working.’ Her mind berated.

He frowned. “I doubt that. What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Pleased to meet you,” she reached out for his hand, which Dr. Reid couldn’t have moved fast enough.

“Tons of pathogens are transferred when people shake hands. It would be safer for us to kiss each other than shake.” He quickly but unabashedly explained.

It was Y/N’s turn to blush. “Really?” She tittered nervously. He gave a tiny laugh, and his closed grin gave her butterflies. 

Just as she was about to come up with a witty response, the alarms everyone had set went off, meaning her professor was seconds away. 

“That’s my cue, I guess. Listen, Y/N, I’d love to talk with you about the BAU after class, how does that sound?" 

"It’s a date,” she flirted. Her friend tapped her shoulder.

“What was that, Y/N? I didn’t know you could even talk to a guy.” She teased. Y/N rolled her eyes, and focused on her professor’s introduction of Dr. Reid. 

When he started talking, she couldn’t stop listening to what he was saying. She’d read it all before, but from him it was like a whole new lesson. He kept making eye contact with her, and his smile was confident once he realized that a few people were actually listening to him.

She had never been so excited to see someone after class before.

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Oh my gosh! I can't believe I just found your blog because I've admired your art for ages!! It is so flipping great that I can't take it! I'm really sorry for seeming super lame with all of the exclamation points, but I'm really excited that I finally actually found your blog. I hope that you have a wonderful day you talented person.

thank you!! there’s nothing lame about shout poles, i’m glad you found my blog and liked it! here is a christine for you!

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How do you think Lucy vs Natsu post-war spar would go down. (Since they never got to do it in series)

Ohhh, that’s something I really wanted to see tbh! Natsu vs Lucy, no holding back! And I do believe that even if Natsu was hesitant to fight Lucy before the war, he wouldn’t be like that post-war. He’s always believed in Lucy, but right now I feel like he’s actually quite excited to go one-on-one with her.

Same goes for Lucy. In the early arcs, she was often scared to face her opponents directly and I’ve always felt like deep down she felt inferior to the other members of Team Natsu. In that sense, the time skip was quite the confidence boost to her and it was evident in that chapter when she didn’t hesitate to show Natsu how much she’s improved fighting-wise.

So here’s how I see a Lucy vs Natsu post-war spar.

  • August. Quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Original Team Natsu is out fishing.
  • Jokes, laughter, and tons of teasing.
  • “Well, Natsu, maybe you’re just afraid of facing me one-on-one. You don’t wanna lose to a girl, do you?“
  • “Huh?! This has nothing to do with you being a girl!”
  • *cough* Scaredy-cat. *cough*
  • “You’re on.”
  • At first, Lucy wants to go all out. She’s trembling with excitement to show Natsu just how much her training has payed off.
  • Natsu is a bit hesitant. He doesn’t want to hurt her. But he’s also noticed that she’s become more confident on the battlefield. It makes him smile.
  • The first to attack is Lucy. She’s quick and manages to surprise Natsu, but he blocks her attack.
  • Natsu has trained his body a lot longer than Lucy has, so he’s better than her when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Lucy more than makes up for it with clever attacks, quickly changing in and out of star dresses, and making good use of the advantages each star dress gives her.
  • Both of them are really, really enjoying this. They can’t stop smiling.
  • They’re not holding back, but they don’t wanna use their super powerful magic attacks. The place they’re at is the same place they always go to when they want some quality quiet time and to catch some fish. It’s their special place and they don’t wanna do any damage to the trees or the flowers or anything that’s there.
  • No Celestial Spirits. No AoE Fire spells.
  • It’s like they’re dancing.
  • After some time, they’re both out of breath, but neither of them wants to give up.
  • They charge at each other for one last attack.
  • Natsu decides to do his own version of the classic Lucy kick, but his leg meets the scorpion tail of Lucy’s Scorpio star dress.
  • Both jump back, but the fight’s not over yet.
  • Somehow, both of them decide this can only end with a punch in the other’s face. They’ve been spending a lot time together lately, so, naturally, they’ve started to think alike in a lot of situations.
  • Natsu’s right forearm meets Lucy’s.
  • They look at each other and realize they’re a bit too close for comfort, both of them panting, faces red.
  • Before things escalate, Happy interrupts them with a high-pitched shriek.
  • He took advantage of them not paying attention to the fish they all caught and ate most of it. But to avoid clashing with Natsu when he jumped back after his (failed) attempt at using a Lucy kick, the Exceed accidentally pushed the basket with the remaining fish in the lake. Tragedy.
  • They spent the rest of the day trying to calm Happy down (which included catching more fish) and stealing glances at each other that left them blushing and even stuttering at times.
  • Nobody won the spar, but the day was definitely a huge win for both Natsu and Lucy.

sign of the times (a riley matthews fic)

But she swallows the tightness in her throat, forces a small smile on her face and hangs up the graduation picture of her and her friends above her desk. Her heart tugs as she thinks of them all, scattered across the country. All off to find their own destinies. Her fingers ghost over her ribcage, the galaxy etched into her skin burning at the thought of them all. The pride that she often feels when she thinks of her friends comes crashing onto her like an ocean wave.

She ignores the bitter feeling of loneliness that follows it only moments later.

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets New Beginnings) 
Ships: Riley/Lucas (main romantic pairing), platonic Riley/Clique Six, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Dave & Riley/Asher 
Word Count: 11k+ 

Notes: Well here it is friends, the first chapter of what will hopefully become my best work yet. I’m so excited for this fic and everything I plan to do with it and I hope you guys are excited too. Special shout out, as always to @friarlucas for editing and overall supporting this endeavor. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! Also, this fic takes place in the same canon verse as Maggie’s “Gravity on the Open Road” fic, you don’t need to read that fic to understand this one, although I highly recommend it, because it’s a wonderful fic!

Riley enters college under the complete and total assumption that she’s going to love it. She has no reason to think otherwise, especially after bidding all of her friends goodbye on their road trip across the country, and their wide-eyed and blinding smiles burned in her memory forever. They were all excited for the next chapter in their lives, and she was too. Of course she was nervous, but those nerves were overshadowed by something stronger, an anticipation and excitement of things to come.

So when she drudges across the main lawn of New York University, her backpack on her shoulder and duffle bag in hand, her parents bickering behind her and her younger brother by her side, a smile finds its way across her face. Things are going to be different – no friends, no Lucas, no dad as her teacher, but she has faith that it will be a good different.

Her room is a cramped double in the third floor corner of the largest freshman dorm, and her roommate merely nods at her when she first enters. While this dampens her spirits momentarily, she catches a glimpse of the New York streets below her window and realizes that things aren’t all bad. She’s Riley after all, always finding the good in otherwise unsatisfactory situations.

She won’t lie and say the less than pleasant living arrangements she finds herself in makes the goodbye she bids to her family hurt any less, but she plasters on her ever-present Riley Matthews smile and knows that things will get better in time.

Her roommate, as she learns over the next couple of hours is named Hannah, is a chemistry major and is not in college to make friends. That stings a little and Riley’s childish dream of being best friends (as best of friends as one can be with her true best friend across the country in California) with her college roommate immediately crumbles around her in a cloud of dust.

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Hello! I love your blog, and just saw the Birthday ask, mine is actually coming up really soon and to say the least... I'm not excited. So I was curious as to how the RFA + V + Saeran would react/what they would do when they find out the MC really, really dislikes her birthday (Due to crappy birthday experiences for the past several years)

sorry it took a while!! happy (late????) birthday, anon!!!!!!


-it’s not that he doesn’t care that MC hates their own birthday
-bc he super does
-it’s just that he’s determined to change that
-he wants MC to anticipate their birthday, rather than dread it
-because…….. it’s the anniversary of the day that MC came into being
-it’s one of the major things that brought MC into his life
-and he feels so incredibly lucky that they’re here, in his life!!
-but i mean,,,, if MC insists that they rly just wanna,, Not. do anything. for their bday,
-he won’t push
-he just
-he just cares so much about MC


-he’s not sure he understands but…..
-he just wants to make MC smile
-even if MC doesn’t look forward to their birthday, dreads it, even
-one smile from them
-would be a victory better than winning at any event in LOLOL
-so, even if MC doesn’t want to celebrate he still does stuff for them
-full on Domestic Yoosung
-cleans Everything
-cooks a shit ton of food (and bakes a cake!!!)
-draws them a soothing bubble bath
-shoulder massage!!
-it’s rly fuckin nice omg thanks 4 ur hands yoosung


-understands, for the most part
-she hasn’t looked forward to her own birthday for years
-not since her parents…..
-but still wants to at the v least spend some time with MC
-no expectations
-just time together
-prolonged bath time tbh
-comfort foods delivered right to their home
-cozying up in blankets on the couch
-hot drinks (and maybe some cocktails or something lbr)
-the watch Homeward Bound and both cry this was a poor choice let’s watch Zen’s musicals instead g o d
-it’s a low key, kinda nice day


-he asks all the questions
-wants to understand the reasoning behind this hatred
-MC pls he just wants to spoil u
-but if MC doesn’t want to do anything for their birthday, then he respects their wishes
-tho he does do a few little things
-breakfast in bed
-a small gift
-a single rose
-aaaand the day after MC’s birthday he takes them out on a fancy date bc
-“Since you didn’t want to do anything on your birthday, I figured the day after would be preferable. Was I wrong?”
-he is actually nervous pls b kind
-y is he so precious wat t h fUkc


-first of all he listens
-he understands
-hasn’t rly celebrated his own birthday
-especially not in his own childhood and since leaving Saeran
-he makes the shittiest powerpoint presentation for MC about all the reasons they should celebrate their birthday and look forward to it
-first slide is just photos of cakes
-they aren’t even all birthday cakes, and the photos are all diff sizes and resolutions and they’re all crammed into the slide and sitting on top of each other it’s a mess
-next slide is one stock photo of a wrapped gift box and the caption “P R E S E N T S”
-the bg can actually be seen and it is the most eye-searing orange with gradient to one corner of bright-as-the-sun yellow
-it’s physically painful
-he did this on purpose the lil shit
-one of the slides is just text.
-it’s statistics. the probability of MC’s birth, etc. and how that makes them a miracle
-there’s definitely at least three slides of cat photos
-one is entirely Elizabeth the 3rd
-even if MC still doesn’t want to do anything for their birthday, Saeyoung would just be glad to have gotten a laugh out of them about the shitty powerpoint


-doesn’t understand the appeal of birthday parties
-too many people
-too much noise
-all that shit to clean up afterward
-would much rather spend time with just MC
-doesn’t want to share? MC’s attention???
-he kind of gets the appeal of birthdays in general
-like……. a day devoted to someone’s life
-it sounds……………
-but he ends up treating MC’s birthday mostly like any other day, except that he’s more cuddly and less caustic
-on this day the birth of his SO….. he just wants to please them
-but don’t expect him to bend over backwards for them


-low key upset about this
-high key upset for MC
-like……… how dare??
-how dare bad things happen to his sweetheart MC on their birthday????
-h e c k
-insists that they can make new memories for their birthdays from now on!!
-better ones!!!
-after all the past does not have to define the future
-asks what MC wants to do for their birthday and makes sure that thing happens
-small get-together of just them and their friends? he organizes it!!
-a walk in the park?? happens!!
-staying in doing nothing, just existing? he is for it!!
-as long as MC is happy!!!!

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So uhh.. Is there ever gonna be an actual encounter between axe and the ex? I dunno I just wanna see the skelebae get protective yeeeeee!!!

Yup. ;)   It’s gonna kinda go along with this ask: 

All that actual plot I had built up before we got around to fluff and dates is going to come back next month, after the Halloween chapters.  

So, to spoil a few things– there’ll be the dinner with the parents (though she’ll probably go home for that, and her family’ll come to the lodge later), and the re-appearance of the ex.  Because I mean, really, her life is going pretty well right now, so of course he’d try to weasel his way back.

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so i think I'm starting to worship Aphrodite, i've always felt a connection to her and i've always really liked her. but I'm confused about offerings. if you offer food and do you do with it? i don't think it would disappear, so should i throw it away after a day? or eat it? or not even set it out? like how do i actually send offerings to her?

Awesome!! That sounds exciting!

How you handle the offering depends on what it is. Here are some broad categories:

Food/Drink - It is traditional to eat food or drink after offering it. Say something like “This is for you because xyz”, leave it a bit, and eat it during ritual. If you can’t eat it or don’t want to, you can also throw it away, saying something like “Though the physical food is discarded, the spiritual offering remains”.

Objects - Place objects on Her altar, or somewhere else and treat them as a sacred object. After all, it’s Aphrodite’s now, isn’t it?

Plants, grown or picked - Keep them on the altar or another space and tend to them. When they wilt or die, feel free to throw them out or bury them. It’s pretty much the same as giving a plant to someone as a gift.

Incense/Candles - Burn until the flame dies out. Don’t snuff it out yourself. (Candles can be a real pain in the ass in this regard as they’re designed to last a long time.)

Action - Perform the action while thinking or saying, “This is for you”.

Offerings are sent by simply declaring, “This is for you”, and giving it to Them as a gift. That’s it.

Hope this helps! Have fun worshipping (´∀`)

Fic Preview

Louisa rests her chin on his bare chest and looks up at him.

“While we were, you know, you said something, Drake. I probably misheard…”

His heart stops. She’s giving him a chance to take it back and pretend tonight was just a one time thing. He almost does it, almost tells her it was nothing and that she did mishear him, but even as he opens his mouth to respond, Drake realizes he doesn’t want that. He wants her and he’s tired of playing it safe and acting like he doesn’t feel anything.

“I said I love you.”

anonymous asked:

I'm really liking this woman I met online. Talking with her is so easy and we're going on a date next week. I'm so excited and we both communicate really open about how nervous we actually are 😂. My previous relationship was a disaster mostly because I was afraid to communicate with her because of her anger issues. The fact that we can be so honest with each other already makes me so happy and I actually think the date will be amazing. Do you have any tips to rock this date? 😊

Omg that is amazing! I’m so excited!!!

Nope haha! Just be yourself, man. This is awesome, you’re gonna have such a blast. Keep being yourself and the enthusiasm will continue endlessly for you both! And don’t be afraid to do random things, such as going to an amusement park or something. It makes things extra awesome.

Have a lot of fun sweetheart! 😘😄

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Is there anyway you could write something short about the reader knowing pidge as Katie and recognizing them at the garrison(sp?) after they cut their hair? Like maybe they just kinda look at them and think it's Matt before realizing who it is??? I'm sorry this is so long. I just really love pidge and am super excited that someone is excited to write them!

god pidge needs all the content omg// be as detailed as you guys would like!!! they help me construct an image and then create a story actually!

You knew Pidge since you were little. Long before the mission, long before she became sad. Long before she left. 

You knew her for her smile. Her laugh, the way her smile creased. You knew her for her smart nature, and quick wit. You knew her for her stubborn nature. That was the Pidge you got your first crush on. Happy Pidge, with the small cheeks and the cute dress and her side ponytail.

But Pidge left you. She left you and never looked back. One day here, the next gone. Her mom only said that she’d left to go to school, and so you picked up and left too. There was no use in spending the school year sad and around the same house as your crush.

When you first saw him, you were in the cafeteria. For some reason, the side view of this persons’ hair as they stood in line reminded you of Matt. The hair color, everything.

You shook away the thought and carried on. But the second and third time you saw him confirmed your suspicions. 1. This was not Matt, as he had been several inches taller 2. Therefore it must be either a. another secret sibling or b. a twin.

After careful scrutiny based on looks (you hadn’t heard them speak yet,) you assumed that the guy was in fact, a guy.

That was, until they walked right by you. You could have sworn that they had jumped when they had seen you. 

“You alright, Pidge?” The lanky one asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” That voice. You thought, ‘Katie Holt!

That would explain why the hair looked similar - was she trying to pose as Matt? It would also explain the voice and the similarities in facial structor. You smiled at yourself for getting it.

You stuffed your hands in your pockets and turned away from your first love it, whistling a tune as you walked down the hall. It was her story, you decided as you walked away. May as well let her tell it heself

OKAY HEAR ME OUT, Klance Descendents AU. Keith is Mal and Lance is Ben (the others show up somewhere in the plot). Lance decides his first proclamation is to allow 4 kids from the Isle of the Lost to attend Auradon Prep which, of course, includes Keith. Adjusting is hard at first but Keith quickly gains popularity from his ability to use magic (because he’s a child of Maleficent). Learning that Lance’s “girlfriend” Nyma will be seated close to the Fairy God Mother’s wand during Lance’s coronation, he has to find a way take her place so he can follow his mothers orders and steal the wand. Keith laces a cookie with a love potion and gives it Lance, making him fall madly in love with Keith. They end up going on a date and during the date is when Keith realizes he actually likes Lance and isn’t just using him for his mother’s plans. At Lance’s coronation, Keith gives him a brownie containing the love spell’s antidote because of the guilt it is causing him. Lance tells him that he was already freed of the spell since their date when he went swimming in the Enchanted Lake, believing that Keith only did it because he really liked him. During the coronation Maleficent shows up to steal the wand and Keith makes the decision to go against her and defeat her. Keith and Lance end up happily together in the end. Bonus points if Keith has purple tips or streaks in his hair.


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Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3