i'm actually really excited for her


“Someone stole my pashmina from Lassiter’s wedding and I’ve been freezing ever since.”

Kira’s getting her own episode

After missing out on the fun of the finale, Kira will return in a big way. “We have a really big episode which is all about Kira and Noshiko going off on their own story to try to figure out how to tame the fox spirit within her and it takes place actually in the desert in New Mexico where they have to journey.” In other words, there’s a possibility for a familiar face/place … we hope. (source)

Pizza as Promised || Darren + Dianna

Darren was pretty glad that he had his Glee co-stars here with him in Bayview. It meant a lot of get togethers and dumb jokes and a familiar feeling. So maybe he had been a little excited when he asked her to dinner. It wasn’t really a date. They were just going to get pizza, catch up, have a bit of fun. He didn’t mind that at all. Actually, he was pretty happy to see her again; it had definitely been a while.

As they had agreed, she was going to pick him up, which gave him some time to get ready for the night. He decided to wear something nice and simple and comfy. It was just pizza anyway, a friendly date, and nothing too fancy. Darren looked at his watch, then once he had finished getting dressed, he sat on his couch and decided to watch some TV as he waited.


okay so I’ve become super invested in this Steven Universe/Legend of Zelda pseudo-crossover/AU that’s basically Wind Waker except with SU characters and I just started writing up the character’s new backgrounds and someone help me I’m in too deep


Jax was maybe dancing around a little too much, but he couldn’t keep his excitement inside. “ – So you really want me to travel around with you? And be backstage with you? And take pictures with you?” Okay Jax, stop being a fanboy we get it. “I mean, I just didn’t think that I mattered to you that much, I mean yeah, I took you out on a few dates when you were here, but I didn’t think you actually liked me.” Jax please stop, you gushing over her is just..

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I'm really, truly, excited about Bobbi's recovery arc, since they did a kick-ass job with Fitz imo. Because not only she has to work through her physical problems, she has to deal with her ideals crashing down on her. ((although I'm super pissed that we're gonna have a Lincoln 'recovery' arc because we didn't get a Jemma one, and I know that's horrible, but god dammit, I just want her to deal with her trauma.))

yes i’m really excited too!! like, quite apart from clearly being able to relate quite a bit myself at the moment, i actually just really love well-written recovery arcs. love them. and quite apart from the framing aspects (in which the narrative crapped all over jemma), i thought fitz’s was pretty well handled. they always give the actor a lot of room to work with it, too, so i can’t wait to see what adrianne brings to the table. 

and YES the ideals thing!! very important. there were a lot of reasons i hated the torture thing at the end of last season (obviously) but one of the biggest tragedies is that it was written in a way where a) kara was made to be the villain when she was actually a victim, and b) bobbi wasn’t in a position to apologise or discuss or, you know, fall apart (as terrible as that is). we saw hints of how broken and dejected she was, back at the base, but that whole thing was just structured so so poorly that it screwed both of them over. so to be able to get ANYTHING to salvage that would be good. i just really hope they try to explore some of this stuff, at least a little.

and yeah, look. this show is bad at deciding who they’re going to give recovery arcs to. they made jiaying the villain and killed her for it, while cal got some sort of redemption. the kara thing. and of course, jemma. jemma, who doesn’t even get the dignity of having her trauma acknowledged. and yet lincoln gets one. nothing against lincoln (or luke) at all, but it’s shitty of the writers to keep doing this sort of thing. it’s just bad. and it should be called out.

but!!!! that’s no reason to begrudge bobbi for actually getting one, since we’re, you know, actually getting one for once. and it’s no reason to shit on lung problems as being weak, or any of that other ableist stuff i’ve been seeing (this is obviously not directed at you, anon). so YES fingers crossed the bobbi arc is a good and respectful one, and that jemma FINALLY GETS HER TRAUMA ACKNOWLEDGED and we get some narrative focus and support and now i’ve gone beyond the realm of the possible, i feel

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I’m sorry i won’t be very active these next three days because i’m meeting for the first time with a tumblr friend irl so i won’t be at home so much. I’m really excited, actually i’m going to the railway station to pick her, wish me good luck! And have a nice day you too ~

Qos spoilers

Is Aelin really going to forget everything Chaol has freaking done for her?? Saved Fleetfoot??? Killed Cain???? Sent her away to stay safe??? So that she could be free like she always wanted??? Just because of something he had nothing to do with?? And she still is after having forgiven him (for absolutely nothing in the first place) in CoM????? ???? ???? ??? Why is this book going to ruin everything??

Disney really needs to fucking get its act together

I know a lot of people are excited about Moana’s design, but it’s really, really uninteresting. I’m glad disney gave her, like. Thick ankles and chubby feet, but she still looks way too similar to other characters they’ve had before. Firstly, she just looks like of Elsa had a baby with Nani. People have compared her design to Nani actually, which I don’t like very much. I mean yeah, there are similarities in the body a very slight bit, BUT Nani is beautiful, she has an interesting face and body she is one of the most original designs to EVER come out of Disney. She was very interesting to look at and her nose and eyes and every feature is different from other Disney chatacters, but I just find Moana to be extremely bland. She’s boring to look at. Her face has the same basic structure as Elsa’s except that they broadened her face EVER SO SLIGHTLY, but you know? That isn’t enough. Just because they gave her thick legs doesn’t mean she has a different design. Her torso, arms and neck are still very thin like the other princesses. Her nose is still pretty small and her eyes are still identical to Elsa in shape, size and placement on her face. In short, I’m still extremely disappointed in Disney. Moana’s design is a bit better than I thoguht it would be, but that doesn’t mean it’s original or good. It still looks the same. Don’t praise disney for making the smallest variations in designs, they’re doing LESS THAN THE BARE MINIMUM. And frankly, I prefered Honey Lemon from Big Hero Six, at least I realized she had a different body from Elsa when I first saw her.

Woke up from a really interesting dream and this is the first time I’ve felt inclined to maybe write a YA type book? Protags are a transgirl and her twin brother, both like 15 or 16ish years old. Features deals with inhuman creatures, fairytale type magic, rebellion against cruel adults, and my typical trademark of way too many plot twists.

Bc i don’t feel comfy writing my usual level of angst/violence with teen protags, i think it’d be more fairytale in nature and whimsical. And probably actually suited to YA fiction.