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  • Nick: When I got this job you were one of only four people I told that I got it.
  • Harry: Who were they?
  • Nick: I told my mum and dad, I told my friend Aimee, and I told you. And did you keep it a secret?
  • Harry: Yeah, I did. When I don't tell anyone big secrets, it's more for selfish reasons. When it gets out and I know I haven't told anyone I feel quite proud of myself.
  • Nick: So you were not proud of my job...
  • Harry: No, I was proud of the job! But I was like 'YES! I didn't tell anyone!'
  • Nick: When you played me your song I didn't tell anyone what it sounded like because I thought 'Oooooohhhh, he's testing me to see if I'm a big mouth.'
  • Harry: This is called trust.
  • Nick: Cause sometimes I think you think I'm a big mouth.
  • Harry: No! I actually don't think you're a big mouth.

~The Holy Trinity~

So i heard you sinners had a Priest kink for Eddie. sick fucks

also i haven’t posted much of the costest i did the other week and feel real bad so here. Also i have yet to edit my Vampire!Eddie. For shame on me i know. also this Priest!Eddie was kinda inspired by this fic on AO3


03.11.2017 // Physics ✨

Two days before the start of my oh so called most important exam of my life and I was feeling useless, so I did a formula sheet thing! I once almost did pretty bad because I forgot them during an exam and had to make them up, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!


Another year behind oh boy (and I’m still posting reborn stuff oh boy) 
Happy 2018 everybody I hope you all have very nice and fortunate year!


Hey there studyblrs! Here are some motivational lock screen wallpapers that I made by myself! A way to say thanks to the studyblr community that has helped me so much.

Please note: Pictures & quotes are not mine; full credits to owners. I only edited the pictures and put the quotes in it. And please don’t take this text down.

Draecember : Day 18 : As a villain

This was very different from what I normally do but very fun and challenging at the same time.  So EreVaard has actually existed for quite a while now as an inside joke.  It was fun to actually draw it.

A Silly Meme For Sucky Days

Does your muse have an embarrassing favorite movie?
A memory that will turn your muse’s face royally red?
Has your muse ever cyber stalked someone, (& were they caught)?
Did your muse ever leave someone a drunken voicemail?
What is the worst texting slip up your muse has ever experienced?
What is your muse deathly afraid of?
What music does your muse listen to on an (emotionally) rainy day?
$ Has your muse ever spent too much money on something stupid?
Has your muse ever told a ridiculous lie to keep the peace?
Has your muse ever built a snowman? (Was it ‘traditional’, or ‘unique’?)
If asked, what would your muse think is their defining quality to others?
If your muse got kicked out of a country, what would it be for?
What is your muse’s go to excuse for being late?
☼ / ❅ Does your muse prefer sunbathing, or bundling up for winter?
If your muse could live forever, what would they ideally do?
    (If they’re already immortal, what would they do if they started over?)

What makes your muse smile at their phone like a dork?
❝❞ What would your muse’s cheesy yearbook quote be?

burningburden  asked:

Hey David, what would you do if Max scraped his knee from a fall?

“I’d grab a first aid kit and help him out, of course!”

a list of family mom-related hunk headcanons

  • he lives in a single mom, only child household
  • his mom is a big samoan woman who gives great hugs
    • lance’s mom is also a big lady, so the one time they had family day at the garrison and lance’s family couldn’t make it, lance was constantly finding excuses to hug her and cling to her
      • she smiled and let lance do it
      • she also would ruffle his hair 
    • if you’re feeling sad she’ll rub your back soothingly
      • hunk has picked this up from his mom and will rub soothing circles into your back if you cry into his shoulder
  • his mom owns a restaurant
    • when he was old enough he used to help out both in the kitchen and in the front 
      • this is why he was so good at both cooking and at customer service in the space mall episode
    • hunk also has a huge amount of patience for customers, to a degree that isn’t okay
      • when waiters complain about customers changing their mind to hunk, hunk is appalled that they would badmouth the customers over something so insignificant
      • he could have a customer yelling in his face and he’d still feel bad about badmouthing them
      • his mother has no idea where this came from because she has zero patience for horrible customers, especially if they yell at or belittle her son
  • hunk used to give his mom shoulder rubs all the time bc she was always sore from work and as a result he loves giving people shoulder rubs bc it makes them happy
  • hunk doesn’t get gender roles 
    • his mom filled both male and female roles for him so when lance and pidge talked about their families he was like ????
    • “yeah my dad used to teach and come home to my mom’s cooking and–” “wait why can’t your dad cook? did no one teach him?” “no it’s just my mom does all the housework and my dad–” “that’s awful she must be so tired all the time!”
  • hunk doesn’t feel bad about his weight and never has
    • his mom taught him to love himself too much for that shit
    • he’s actually quite proud of being a “big guy” bc it means he can intimidate bullies better 
  • hunk bakes when he gets nervous (which is canon) but to expand on this i like to think that 
    • he can soothe himself by working on a project with his hands and with figuring out how to make something work, so he COULD easily calm himself down by working on a machine but
    • the reason why baking in particular is his go-to soothing strategy is purely because it’s strongly tied to his mom and makes him feel safe

“Come on Thomas, turn that frown upside down! Or else Fredbear won’t stop giving you bear hugs!”

“Oh no Fredbear’s gonna nuzzle me to death! Whatever shall I do hehe!”

“HA! I knew I’d get you to stop crying and to smile again!”

“ Y-yeah. Thanks sis. Honestly if you weren’t around I don’t think I’d be happy ever again.”

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon then right? Now come on, lets continue playing! Fredbear and Funtime Foxy have to get their treasure back from foxy in your room!”

“Alright I’m coming! That fox won’t know what hit him haha!”

A picture of the sister from SL cheering up her brother who was feeling blue. (Probably caused by the masked brother)

Is That My Shirt?

A/N: Requested by @radxxregs . I have decided that flirty Bucky is my favourite Bucky and that I also got way too into this. It’s still a little shorter than I would’ve liked but it was fun to write! I hope you like it my dear c: 

Prompt: “Is that my shirt?”

Warnings: None just light teasing and flirting

Words: 956

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I don’t understand how wings work.

Does this count for a background?