i'm actually proud of these gifs

Something I did
That failed to be charming
Things that I said are
Suddenly swarming
And, oh, I’m losing sight, I’m losing touch
All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse me
That I might lose me

Video Speedpaint here: Youtube

Inspired by this: (x)

Twas inspired by this song and the need to see these two smoochin ;3

Granted, my animation skills don’t give it that effectiveness, but I’m getting better I think. It’s a WIP. I MAY just color it ;)

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

I can’t stop thinking of Jimin being all shy with his English while recording and Jungkook patting his back and giving him encouraging heart eyes and generally being a super supportive boyfriend arhfowjfjs this duet cover is giving me too many feels 😭

Gif credit mintsugakookies