i'm actually pretty proud of how this turned out


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


have some bakudeku content i made for their ship week and of course missed

the theme was: Backs 

  • back hugs
  • sleeping on backs
  • crying into backs (idontliketheCOLORING)

Oh, we’re just “best friends”


Congratulations @frozen-delight! Here’s your prize for winning the Gif-a-Thon! Buy here or here. Commissions are open!

“Can you even get drunk anymore? It’s sort of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?”

Cagliostro request from the stream! When I first saw her design revealed before AXZ aired, I was like “oh no” but in actuality she’s really cool and fun? Her bio also made me wary about a tasteless portrayal too but I had nothing to worry about. It would have been so easy to just have her a shallow and unfortunate character but surprisingly she turned out to be one of the best parts of AXZ. I love her…


!! This is gonna be the first qr code I’ve ever shared, but I’m proud of how this one turned out!

A pretty lacy dress for your super summer cuteness needs~ ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

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Girl couples, Colour schemes and Smiles 🎶


I am sure I shall be forgiven for allowing myself the pleasure of recording some personal memories here— memories which will enable me to recall these girls in all the bloom and spontaneous enthusiasm of their youth. I might almost say their childhood. For these were girls who fell victim to a dreadful fate at a time when others were blossoming into womanhood.

–Pierre Gilliard

† 17th July 1918

I went to the Thor: Ragnarok premiere tonight and cosplayed Loki in his “witchy” suit and I felt like I did a pretty good job with it???

Don’t assume that I’m always with you
It’s just where my mortal body happens to be

Obligatory art of evil future Danny now that we are in the future. Hurray! Happy Ten Year Anniversary! I remember when Danny Phantom premiered ten years ago. I was actually afraid (don’t laugh) to watch it because I have a fear of ghosts, but I did anyway because I was a big fan of Fairly Oddparents. Glad I did. Probably my most favorite cartoon ever. And I love this evil little a-hole. ♥

on anatomy

or: the glorious collarbones of a majestic baby giraffe

↳ for @tea-with-miss-smith


My friend is watching Teen Wolf for the first time and she made me super nostalgic for season 1 where everything is simple and they’re happy, so I felt the need to make a bunch of icons. (LOOK AT HOW INNOCENT THEY ARE MY POOR CHILDREN.)

Almost all of them are from episode 11 and gee I wonder why I like that episode so much, but feel free to use any of these! You don’t have to give me credit (although I’d appreciate it if you did), but please like/reblog this if you’re going to use one so I know my hard work didn’t go to waste. Thanks!

Also, just as a reminder, I’m still taking icon requests!

P.S. I’m putting some alternate versions I made under the cut because I liked both. :)

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