i'm actually obsessed with this video


I’ve been thinking… You know how the very first episode of Yuri on Ice starts off with Victor skating on the ice,  while Yuuri is watching? Well, I’ve seen someone point out that maybe Yuuri is actually watching Victor skate in person, which led me to this (probably obvious?) idea…

We all know that Victor became Yuuri’s coach because he saw the viral video of Yuuri skating his free program, “Stay Close to Me” (and even though Yuuri was skating in front of just Yuko at the time, we also know he was thinking of Victor when he did so ;) 

So, what if the series ends with Victor skating “Stay Close to Me” for just Yuuri, and only for him?  (I should also point out that in the screenshots from the first ep above, Victor is indeed skating his “Stay Close to Me” program in front of Yuuri; the arm movements are the exactly same.)

This would also explain why the final track of the Yuri on Ice OST is a duet version of “Stay Close to Me”; if Victor does end up skating “Stay Close to Me” for Yuuri, then both of them would have come full circle. (And then, Yuuri could join Victor on the ice. ;)

I thinking I’m going to try to make stimboards again later today. It was pretty relaxing


The true meaning of this scene.

Y’ALL ARE NOT EVEN READY FOR MY TITANIC DISCUSSION VIDEO. I’ve been doing so much extra research, watching the bts footage obsessively, listening to every audio commentary, watching every interview, reading so many articles (and all the comments), watching so many youtube reviews of the movie, gaining different perspectives by trying to understand where the haters are coming from (and preparing a strong defense against practically every con they have of course), basically just breaking down the film to its bare bones…… 

While organizing my thoughts, I cried like.. 10 separate times today alone and I KEEP crying randomly!!! Because as soon as I think I’ve hit every bullet point and have dug as deep as I can into a scene or line – I think of something else and LOSE IT. I just sob. Idk how I’m even gonna make it through filming the video without crying, lol. Once I reallyyyy get talking about it… I get so wrapped up… Ugh. The video is going to be a celebration of the film and it’s legacy, sort of trying to pinpoint the secret to its continued success 20 years on, peeling back some of the more profound layers that people overlook or don’t even notice, and just giving my argument for why it’s simply DA BEST!!!!! lol so.. yeah.

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

@ta-dala tagged the Mara Jade squad! 

  1. Star Wars was my first online fandom; the first fandom in which I read fic, message boards, hunted for fan art and videos. I was a lurker and was too shy to ever actually strike up a conversation. I was in high school. 
  2. At the time I was equally (if not more) obsessed with The X-Files, and I spent a lot of time on X-Files fansites as well. I never read the fic, though. For some reason I couldn’t do it. 
  3. I burned out on Star Wars by the time I got to college and completely lost interest. I also developed a snobbery towards fanfic and refused to read it. 
  4. There were a lot of hardcore Harry Potter fans in my social circle in college. I’m very fond of Harry Potter but was never that interested and was a little irritated by how prevalent it was in my life at the time. I still know way more about Harry Potter than I wish I did. 
  5. For about five years or so I got deeply into Doctor Who, the fandom that got me truly hooked on fanfic. I was also only a lurker in that fandom. Then I burned out there too, and now I don’t even watch the show any more. This doesn’t bode well for my current Star Wars fixation.  

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You’ll think it’s only an AU Steroline fanvid, and half of this didn’t happen in TVD but Kristina put the Steroline’s whole existence point in that video : 

“Stefan came back to Mystic Falls to move on from the Petrova obsession and fall madly in love with Caroline Forbes" 

I’m wiping actual tears from my eyes


“we take jokes way too far
and sometimes living’s too hard
we’re like two halves of one heart
we are, we are, we are…

The original singer and composer of Bunga Terakhir, a song that Ryeowook sang in Super Show 6 Jakarta, has seen the video of the performance and praised Ryeowook for it.

“Thanks to Ryeowook from Super Junior for having ‘robbed’* me of my own song. Great voice, perfect articulation, dad is proud of you!”

* The composer was known to be one of X-Factor Indonesia judges. He would say 'rampok’ which means 'robber’ to any contestant who did a great performance. So 'robbed’ here actually has a positive connotation.

** He also referred to himself as ‘dad’ to the contestants he mentored.