i'm actually obsessed with this song


What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/y358ZtfZ4dQ

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Team Leckie goes Ghostbusters

“If there’s something weird and it don’t look good - who can you call?”

                               “ G H O S T B U S T E R S ! “


Gif source:  Stiles

Imagine Stiles getting annoyed at your obsession for Fall Out Boy, and annoying him even more by belting out the lyrics of their songs into his ear.

——— Request for anon ———

“I swear,” Stiles shouts as he punches the radio off in annoyance, cutting off the beginning of a Fall Out Boy song, “if I have to hear another damn Fall Out Boy song on this road trip!”

“Oh, come on, Stiles!” you whine from the back seat, looking to Scott for some backup, but he’s too amused with how you had managed to get Stiles so riled up with your constant sing-along to every FOB song you heard to be of any help. “Sing it with me: ‘She’s an American beauty! I’m an American psycho!’”

“I’m gonna’ go psycho if you keep shouting that song in my ear!”

So I was thinking about homestuck in the car on the way here and I just have to say, Roxy is a great character? Like, Hussie presented us with this girl that could have easily fallen into a tropey “girl problems” thing–she was a little flighty, obsessed with romance, a silly drunk–and THEN he not only lets her conquer her big issues, he has her still maintain her fun, feminine qualities AND points at those qualities saying “this is what makes a leader. This is what makes her the most qualified to take charge” and that’s really awesome? 

Also 8tracks changed some stuff and now my Jake English playlist doesn’t have the Indiana Jones theme or Jake’s Flight from Avatar, and I need to fix that bc it definitely needs both of those things

The extent of my obsession with The Phantom of the Opera:
  • Me: Hey where's (*inserts name of friend*)? She's pretty late...
  • Other friend: I don't know, maybe call her?
  • Me: *calls her*
  • Friend: *does not pick up despite my several attempts of calling and messaging*
  • Me: You know, I actually know a song that suits this moment...
  • Other friend: Oh no.
  • Me: I gave you my music, made your song take wing and now how you've repaid me...
  • Other friend: *stares at me with the look of "hOE DON'T DO IT"*

The original singer and composer of Bunga Terakhir, a song that Ryeowook sang in Super Show 6 Jakarta, has seen the video of the performance and praised Ryeowook for it.

“Thanks to Ryeowook from Super Junior for having ‘robbed’* me of my own song. Great voice, perfect articulation, dad is proud of you!”

* The composer was known to be one of X-Factor Indonesia judges. He would say 'rampok’ which means 'robber’ to any contestant who did a great performance. So 'robbed’ here actually has a positive connotation.

** He also referred to himself as ‘dad’ to the contestants he mentored.