i'm actually kind of excited for this

Hidden Figures was really good!

I was a little worried that it might take after films like Apollo 13 in terms of being slightly over-the-top with melodrama, but it was actually really humorous in addition to being endearing, and managed to tug at your heartstrings without being overly saccharine. Also, it made mathematical computing kind of…exciting? I’m dyscaluliac and abhor math but somehow this film got me cheering for equations. The acting was superb and the costumes were to die for. I can’t believe we’re just learning about these amazing women now, but I’m glad they’re finally getting their due.

 A++++ go see it! 

Welcome Home

Request: Hi I absolutely love your work! Could you please do one where Shawn finally comes home : ) you can make it a bit smutty but up to you if you’re not comfortable

a/n: thank you for your kind words ! I’ve actually never really ~written smut haha like nothing against it but whenever I’ve tried it just turn out really awk so I just always allude to it at the end!

Being away from Shawn for such a long period of time was something you don’t think you’ll ever get used to.  Two years of dating and the time zones still messed you up, and while the Skype calls made you happy, they always fell short because he was never actually right there in front of you.  There was always a screen and an ocean separating the two of you.

But now Shawn was only a fifteen-minute drive away.  He’d come back from during a few radio promo tours in the UK two days ago. Of course you wanted to see him right when he landed, but you wanted him to spend some quality time with his family. Family was the most important thing in the world to Shawn, and you could understand why.  He tried to see you when he first landed, but you made sure that he spent the first few days with his mom, dad, and sister.

Tonight though, the two of you had plans for a nice dinner in Toronto.  You told him over and over again on the phone that you were fine just ordering in pizza and relaxing at either his or your house. But Shawn was adamant on treating you to a nice dinner after being away for so long.

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I usually never make posts like these when I reach this first milestone, but I actually felt excited and happy when I saw that little number. 100 of you found my blog and gave me a chance, so I must be doing something right? Thank you. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I’ve had so far with Tina. The FBAWTFT / HP universe fandom is so amazing, kind, and open. I’ve talked to some astounding writers and dare I say I even made some new friends! 10/10 would do again. So, without further ado, I’m going to be listing off a few blogs that I enjoy.

The people who have made my time MOST enjoyable!

@iinyougo, @lcgilimens, @missperegcine, @queeniies, @hcpscotched / @guerirsorciere@gcldentina, @ncthehero

And the people I really admire and am dying to write with!!

@magizcclogist, @nwtscamandcrs, @legatvm, @gigglejuiced, @anobscurial, @salemsociety, @findsbeasts, @aurthority, @caduceusine, @beastadvocate, @nxmaj, @wellwiisher, @fantasticauror, @briefcased, @swoopiingevil, @graveruse, @silverspelled, @beastlynewt, @ismiracle, @simutare, @creaturecase, @moonthropic, @mslynch, @sternumbreaker, @abandcnmentissues, @clcra, @dontchahoney, @snivelling, @scamomder, @lilypadpotter, @bookwormed, @miistergraves, @gryffindorhead, @toujourslamcur, @macusan, @aurumette, @prcphvcies, @daddyclaaus, @starsmade, @flyingonaswitch, @lightfcrged, @lightfeared, @eisoteric, @mudblccded, @badgerseeker, @pecuus, @deicere, @exnoctis, @jalopiisms, @notasquib, @fantasticbaker, @mcgicveined@exumbrae, @servinglies, @lockpickett.

Thank you all!

Thank you all that have shared and/or donated so far to my top surgery fund! Just in about 24 hours, you have helped me raise 300$!! That’s amazing! I appreciate each and every one of you, whether all you could donate is 5$, or just sharing it and getting it out there. You the real mvp!

oh man i’m making dinner and it includes both quinoa and kale

who have i become

Ah, my scanner is kind of gross, but I keep thinking of this.

  • Jumin is the PRO golfer (like literally people cry when they lose to him because this boy can play a perfect game no sweat)
  • Zen is actually terrible at golf (he’s mostly there to nag Jumin about his grandpa outfit)
  • Yoosung likes to play for fun (but he’s always lowkey excited for the food Jumin buys after every game)
  • Seven is actually really good! (but never leave him alone with the golf cart! It’ll probably end up in a lake somehow)
  • Jaehee keeps score (but when she plays, she’s the only one who can almost beat Jumin)

the conversation has moved to Kennedy and I’s deb balls. I may actually get to have my dad at mine?? That’s awesome?? I’m excited??

I’ll be honest, I love how Victuri/Victuuri Week ends on Feb 14 (the day before my birthday) so I can read all the amazing fanfics and see all the beautiful fanart before I have to go on a road trip! ^^ I may actually bookmark some fanfics that look interesting and wait till Feb 15 as a small little birthday thing for myself! As for the fanart, I’m saving them all!

I know there is a lot of talented artists and writers in YoI’s fandom! I love seeing everything people put out even if I don’t like/reblog! Honestly, bless artists and writers! I love them and everything they give out to each and every fandom! ❤️️


Since I have a hobby of collecting useless but hilarious screenshots of minor characters, I’ve decided I kind of want to start that up again since GF is over.

I’m creating a SU-themed blog dedicated to collecting awkward in-between frame screenshots of a new character from the leaked Stevenbomb.

 I’ll release the URL when the eps actually air so y’all can go watch them before you scroll through them in all their glory.

I’ve already collected a few…gems already, I’m happy to announce.

When I first heard the news about a possible Hydra!Steve, I was kind of on board. I assumed it’d be a clone or brainwashing or something that wasn’t our actual Steve Rogers. Reading what Nick Spencer has said that this is Steve and they’ve even retconned his back story, well, that destroyed me.

I’m a Jewish person. I didn’t think this would hit me as hard as it has. But here we are.

If you’re excited for this, great. If you’re not, I beg you, do not buy Captain America: Steve Rogers comics by Nick Spencer. Don’t support erasure of Jewish hope and the destruction of a superhero for the sake of “plot twists” and “we need readers.” This wasn’t how you got them. I’ve been an avid reader of Cap comics and now I can’t even pick one up without feeling sad. I’m not angry. I’m not calling for anyone’s head.

I’m just sad.

8 Random Facts About My OC Shem:

  • his head is removable 
  • if it gets destroyed and/or lost, he can just grab any old pumpkin laying around and once it makes contact with his neck, it’ll morph itself into his head. the previous, discarded pumpkin (if it wasn’t destroyed) will revert back to its original state. (he actually enjoys how people freak out when they witness it firsthand)
  • since his head is a pumpkin, you’d think he’d have to worry about it going rotten with time. however, that isn’t a problem, as once the pumpkin becomes his head, its rate of decomposition slows down significantly, to the point where he doesn’t have to replace it for years. though in some cases when he’s feeling unwell, it will start to look weathered, and will easily disconnect from his body.
  • his current age appearance-wise, as well as mentally is that of a 13-14 year old.
  • october 20th is his “birth” day.
  • he is unusually strong, but also a bit clumsy.
  • he serves as a live-in housekeeper for a powerful witch (who is absent most of the time) and is highly domestic.
  • his current and very short list of friends consists of: Pepper the Raven, and the aforementioned witch he serves, as well as her familiar Gwladys.

more to come soon! this is some of the least spoilery info i can provide atm, and i figured it was time i shared them with you guys. =)

I am literally trash and so excited for Pokémon go

Like how can you not be excited about it:

●It’s literally the first game of it’s kind and a enormous leap in the direction of immersive RPGs (SAO here we come we-hey)

●It’s an amazingly innovative idea, and completely different to the usual “more-of-the-same” pokémon games we’ve been getting since the Gameboy

●It’s gonna turn us into irl pokémon trainers

●What if they modify it in future for things like becoming a pokémon breeder? Or a way for you to actually do the Pokémon league? Or become a gym leader? Or be like a Pokémon centre nurse or Police officer??

●It could be turned into a good way to meet new people with similar interests, since I know I actually find it difficult to meet people into the same stuff as me in real life

●It’s actually probably the best way to get gaming shut ins like myself out of the house, I mean like what better motivator is there than the chance of finding rare pokeymans

●Finally a new game that no one needs to buy a new console for since it’s mobile and most people in general have a mobile phone

it’s gonna turn us into irl pokémon trainers

The Cute Boy at the Tattoo Shop

Summary: Punk!Phan. Dan, the typical punk covered in tattoos and piercings, decides to get a second lip piercing. Phil is his piercer.

After years in the making, Dan finally achieved two sleeves of tattoos. He put a lot of money into his tattoos, but they were all badass and awesome and he kind of missed planning for the next one. He didn’t doubt that he would be getting another one somewhere else on his body eventually, but he had recently decided to give his wallet a break from tattoos for a little while.

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7.2.16 // UNICEF club applications! Promoting Model UN! Prefect Duties! Subcommittees! Suddenly all my responsibilities have appeared like wild Pokemon at the safari and unfortunately, I can’t throw even throw rocks to scare them away.

Instead I had to settle for the next best course of action - which was apparently studying at the library & going out for dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. Luckily, tomorrow is a national holiday, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to utilise it effectively in order to prevent sudden death get myself on track. ;)

  • My (10 year old) brother has really long hair and everyone is always telling him he looks like a girl, but it never phases him and yesterday this happened...
  • Older brother: You look ridiculous!
  • Little brother: Why? What’s wrong with putting my hair up?
  • Older brother: You look like a girl!
  • Little brother: ...so? What’s wrong with that?!
  • Older brother: Well you’re not a girl!
  • Little brother: Doesn’t matter. I’ll look like a girl if I want to. It's my hair!

Pixels makes me extra mad because I saw the trailer for it and I actually got kind of excited, because the premise seemed totally ridiculous and FUN and the CGI actually looked appealing and I was like this could go sO MANY SILLY PLACES-

and then fucking Adam Sandler showed up and I was like ‘oh’

I don’t think I’ve ever been so quickly interested in a movie trailer and then IMMEDIATELY DISAPPOINTED in my entire life