i'm actually ashamed of this


Have you lost your temper?

…You all thought there’d be art on this blog, didn’t you. And  all you get is ancient memes

Apparently I got sniped by someone taking it off my deviantart so… I dunno. Here it is anyway

I only ever want to live as my true genuine self. But it’s so hard in this day’s society where portraying an image is so much easier and yet so difficult to maintain. It’s unfulfilling. What kind of life stops you from doing things that you want to do because it’s “not like you”? Defy peoples thoughts, never blend in, be the person that never wastes a moment conforming to societies expectations. Be weird and wonderful and feel alive - because in the end none of it matters, nobodies opinions about you matter. Life’s too short to give a damn. 

some of you wanted more of this stuff

and in celebration of the new movie coming out– I MEAN, DID YOU GUYS SEE MOKUBA???? thank GOD he didn’t follow his brother’s actual fashion sense or it would’ve been chaos

What Apollo Said: As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.

What Apollo Meant: Percy Jackson is so hot. Like gods damn so hot. Those turbulent sea green eyes and tousled bed hair… mmm good shit. And those cheek bones man. Meg, have you seen this kid’s jawline??? Sharper than his sword I swear to gods. If you think he’s hot now, you should see him when he’s angry. And man this kid just rocks that bad boy look, thank the gods he didn’t get his father’s sense of style. Good shit.

“It’s distracting”

Illustration for Blackout - Chapter 7: Rules and Some More Rules


Back to the Future // Rick and Morty

Merry christmas @zeldris-in-a-dress /Lirri!!!!
Guess who your Secret Santa is - right, me x’DD <3
I really hope you are having a wonderful christmas and great holidays!
When I was told I’d be doing something for you, I immediately KNEW I had to draw Zeldris (in a dress because…BECAUSEEEEEE) and I asked @taizaidump for advice and she told me I needed to add bunnies. So I did!
Hopefully you like it a bit ;3
Also, I have no idea how they got him into that dress - OR INTO THAT WHOLE MESS - in the first place. He probably lost a bet.
Anyway, I really hope you have a great time! Take care Lirri >///3///< *hugs*