i'm actually about to lose my shit

Shit wait, but back in episode 7 Locus called all the special ops guys back because of a ‘change of plans’ and then right after that the reds and blues met up again. Was it actually to escort the reds and blues or for something else hmm.

All I want next episode is an appearance from Carolina and Church tbh. A tad worried about Wash too, but not overly, just slightly more than my standard levels of worry for Wash.

Also I really can’t wait for Felix’s reaction when he finds out they managed to get into the Fed compound with nothing but dumb luck and the skills to build snowmen. I can’t fucking wait lol.

We lose at least two followers every time we talk about how much we want to die like

how did we falsely advertise to you that we are non-suicidal and actually doing okay? how did you come to the conclusion that almost every day we do not want to die? 

anyway, we’re down 8 followers so far today because I’m a piece of shit who can’t force my brain to stop being unhappy. 

So happy birthday to us I guess.