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#watchfuturama meme [8/10 scenes]: Greatest Opera of All Time Sucks

“Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can’t just your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!” 

In my life I’ve made exactly one android oc and I was when I was freshly turned 13 and very into vocaloid. I’ve been playing a certain game and felt like drawing her. her name is Wakana and she needs to put some clothes on 


You know what that means?! I’m now 25 diddly-dang years old!




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What would a TFA yandere Optimus and MTMTE Ratchet be like?

Optimus Prime

  • He means well, truly he does, but that noble drive of his to protect you and keep you safe sometimes borders on the obsessive.
  • He’s never had this much responsibility before.  He doesn’t know if he’ll make a good leader, or if he can even do this job at all, but you’re in his charge and he’s vowed to protect you with his very life if need be (like a night pledging his service to his lady.)
  • There’s so much about you that Optimus admires – your strength, your passion, your kindness. In his eyes you truly are the best of what humanity has to offer.  You have such a brilliant inner light about you, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure no one tries to snuff you out.
  • He’s chivalrous and courteous to you right from the very beginning, treating you with the same respect he would the other members of his team and not shutting down your ideas or telling you what you can and can’t do just because you’re a human.
  • He doesn’t even approach you with romantic intentions for fear of spoiling your friendship.  (You’d have to be the one to reach out to him if you wanted any kind of relationship.)
  • That’s not to say he doesn’t love you – Primus does he love you!  You’re all he ever thinks about!  Your smile sets his spark on fire and when you say his name, it’s all he can do to keep from overheating.  He wants you so badly that his desires have begun to seep into his dreams at night – dreams that he dare not even think about.  
  • He doesn’t breath a word of this to anyone of course, especially not you.  Optimus is very good at hiding his true feelings.  It’s not right, he knows it’s not right for him to feel this way about you.  He feels as though he’s betrayed your trust in him simply by having these feelings.  Even if he can’t have you the way that he wants, at least he gets to see that beautiful smile of yours every day.
  • But worse than his feelings for you are the twisted pangs of jealousy he gets whenever he sees someone trying to get close to you.  Optimus knows he has no right to be jealous, why should he?  He can’t even blame you for flirting back because he knows you’re oblivious to his feelings – by his own choice, no less.  He hates himself for it, and yet he can’t bring himself to stop.  The longer he goes without confessing, the darker and angrier his possessive streak grows.
  • He hides it well, because of course he does.  No bot would ever suspect the esteemed Optimus Prime of harboring those kind of murderous thoughts, that is until they’re backed up against the wall of a dark alley with an axe blade to their neck and Optimus growling poisonous threats into their audials.
  • You’re blissfully unaware of any of this of course; he makes vitally sure of that.  But you can’t help but notice the almost animalistic rage that overtakes him on the battle field when he feels there’s a threat to your safety…


  • His obsession with you stems less from attraction and more from a possessive need to keep you safe.
  • Ratchet often has a habit of “adopting” some of the younger/smaller/innocent bots on the crew, so it’s little wonder that he would take the one human on board under his wing.
  • He really is a wonderful guardian, if a bit overbearing at times.  He constantly nags you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself (getting enough to eat, exercising, taking your vitamins.)
  • Primus help you if you have an erratic sleeping schedule.  You’re going to bed when Ratchet says you are, no excuses!  Don’t make him come over there and carry you!  
  • He’s not what you’d call a cuddly bot by any means, but he does like for you to sit on his shoulder while he works.  He finds your presence comforting.  And Primus knows he needs all the calm he can get on this ship.
  • He’s extremely protective of you.  He doesn’t like for you to be out of his sight for too long.  What if you wandered off somewhere and got lost?  What if something happened and you couldn’t reach him? What if you got stepped on?!  The only people Ratchet trusts to look after you while he’s away are his fellow medics.  (He knows they’ll also force you to eat and sleep regularly when he’s not around.)
  • He’d never tell you who you can and can’t talk to, but he strongly advises you to stay away from bots like Whirl, or any of the larger bots that might accidentally crush you without realizing it.
  • You notice a change in Ratchet when Drift is sent away.  He becomes more frustrated, unfocused and despondent, often ignoring his own advice and forgoing sleep or refueling.  You can tell loosing someone so close to him is taking a mental and physical toll on him.  You just wish there was something you could do to help.
  • He starts becoming more affectionate with you, often sitting you in his lap to stroke your hair and back absentmindedly while he works, or carrying you around the ship in his hands.  You don’t mind the extra attention.  If holding you somehow brings him one small shred of comfort then you’re happy to oblige him.
  • His worry for you also increases tenfold.  It gets to the point where he doesn’t like you to leave the medbay unless he’s there to carry you.  He even offers to help you move some of the stuff from your shared habsuite there so you’ll be more comfortable when he’s working late.  It’s a bit smothering at times, but you grin and bear it for his sake. After all, he’s done so much for you already.  The least you can do is be there for him during his time of grief.
  • It’s only when you awake one morning to find that you’ve been stolen from your bed as Ratchet pilots a stolen escape pod halfway across the galaxy do you realize (too late) just how wrong you had been…

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 511: Gunslinger

This has always been one of my all-time favorite host sketches. It’s so quiet and melancholy; a little bit sad, but not depressing. I can’t think of another time during the Joel era where the parent/child relationship between Joel and the bots was so apparent and beautifully handled. In terms of tone and poignancy, I think the only host segment from Mike’s era that comes close to this one is this one.

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Chronically ill, or robotic alien vampire fairy princess? You decide.

[Image is a drawing of a seven-panel comic. In the first three panels, a little stick-figure boy is talking to a stick-figure girl. “Miss Vanessa, how come you’re sick all the time?” He asks. She leans in and whispers, “Can you keep a secret?” He nods. “It’s because I’m a robot made from spare parts, and some of my pieces are broken.” In the next three panels, the stick-figure girl is telling different things to different kids. First, “It’s because I’m secretly an alien doing research on humans.” Then, “Secretly I’m a vampire…on a diet.” And finally, “I’m actually a fairy princess, but I was kidnapped and now I’m slowly running out of magic.” In the final panel, the kids are all shouting their love for the stick-figure girl as she happily walks away.]

Someone: *post giant rant about how much they hate ZeroX saying it’s terrible and not canon*

ANYWAYS BOY I LOVE HOW GAY MEGAMAN X AND ZERO ARE I love that they love each other and love to make out and hold hands. Gosh I love how gay and in love they are, they’ve got such a healthy happy relationship :)

LWA But It's a Groupchat
  • Chariot Jr: I made a groupchat!!!
  • Latte: Akko, this has just started and I already have concerns
  • Chariot Jr: Um what??? It's just a chat, what could go wrong?
  • Mushroom: You say that all the time and every time something goes wrong
  • Food Overlord: I don't have any complaints!! Except one. Someone ate all of my chips so I hope y'all are ready for death
  • Robot Overlord: Me
  • Coven-dish: I just want to study. Why.
  • Broom Overlord: HOLY SHIT this is gonna be awesome
  • Chariot Jr: I just thought it would be fun!! It's not often we all get to hang out together, so this is like,,, idk,,, someway we can all communicate.
  • Broom Overlord: Brb I'm gonna send memes
  • Coven-dish: DON'T
  • Robot Overlord: Amanda please
  • Latte: Well I'm not against memes but spam is against the rules. Not in my good Christian suburb
  • Broom Overlord: Lotte did you just,,,
  • Latte: :3c
  • Mushroom: this is why I want death every single day
  • Food Overlord: Did you eat my chips
  • Mushroom: If I said yes can you throw me off the roof of the school
  • Coven-dish: Its 3 am and we have a test tomorrow. Please sleep.
  • Chariot Jr: shouldn't you be asleep??? Why are you awake?
  • Coven-dish: oh I'm studying. I never said I sleep.
  • Coven-dish: Coffee
  • Latte: Diana be wildin
  • Broom Overlord: truuuueee
  • Robot Overlord: See now I'm actually trying to sleep so
  • Mushroom: Akko passed out what potion should I use tonight
  • Food Overlord: Don't you have one that makes you itch really bad?
  • Robot Overlord: Arsenic
  • Coven-dish: CONSTANCE
  • Robot Overlord: What

(god i hope this loads right) June and Arcee fae au fanart!! I hope you like it !


Oh my gosh!!!  I love it!  It’s so cute!!!  Arcee’s little freckles!  <3 <3 <3  Thank you so much!!!  ^___^