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I'm so disappointed with Likey. The Lyrics are just about wanting to be pretty and being desperate for some Likes on social media. I love the girls, but as a girl myself I feel disgusted by the lyrics. It's so shallow and superficial. I can't believe the girls like this song themselves. It makes me question their characters too....

I find it a bit satirical and self-aware actually. The lyrics continue along the lines of their previous song lyrics, and if anything, they point at the superficiality of it all in a fun-filled way that’s made out to be lighthearted but can be interpreted different ways.

(Before I say my POV I want to say that regardless of your interpretation, keep in mind that the girls have no say in their title track song lyrics and Korea and kpop are both very… Well, many, many words. But that’s for another time. These are far from the most problematic lyrics, and the song/MV has a lot of different things going for it.)

Anyways, I do think there’s more to the song. If you read the lyrics again and think about it from a female living in Korea’s point of view, it really puts a lot into perspective. Living here myself, I can honestly say first hand that it’s a materialistic culture where women are expected to be perfect. Image is everything, but many do realize how shallow and unachievable it all is. Here, just take another look at the lyrics:

“Keep wanting to show it all again and again. Every single little thing inside the small screen, I wanna be the prettiest. Yet still I hide my feelings deep inside. It takes so much effort to get the perfect look. But it is something I can never give up. Makes my heart beat everyday, it’s something you must never know. Then I go on pretending.

“I hold my breath to pull up the zipper, tighten the waist again. Cheer me up I’m done dressing up. Baby there are so many pretty things to wear. (this is the part in the MV where Jeongyeon wears the questionable Power Rangers-esque outfit lol) BB cream pa-pa-pa, put on some lipstick mam-mam-ma. Pose for the camera. Aren’t I pretty? When you see this, make a smile, and press hard on that cute red heart, heart. Like is such a common word, not enough to express my feelings. But I like it, even if I can’t sleep, even if I run late, like it anyway.”

There’s an endless pursuit of beauty and love/attention even though one acknowledges it’s silly. There’s a ‘you can’t win so might as well just try your best to flaunt your own beauty knowing that’s what’s expected of you’ kind of mentality. That’s my take on it but yeah~

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Hey, I love your writing so much 💕 Maybe when I send you this request you could cheer me up a bit? Hope it's okay that it's sad actually Request: So I did something wrong and now I don't know if other people hate me and I don't want to leave my apartment ever again. I'm so sad and unhappy and disappointed of myself. Then Seb (or any of his characters) comes along and tries to help. Sorry if that's a weird request, I don't know how to do this. I just don't know how to live, it's my first time

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A/N: Hey, sweetheart, I hope this makes you feel better! If you want to talk about it don’t be afraid to message me! (on or off anon)

Huddled under a heap of blankets, watching sitcoms and romcoms is how I plan to spend the rest of my life. The cool, rainy weather seems to match my mood as I wallow in self despair. I try to distract myself with something, anything, but all that keeps running through my head is how much I messed up. How everyone must hate me now and I can never show my face to them again. I can’t believe I let this happen, I’m so ashamed in myself that I can’t even imagine how others must be thinking.

I hear a knock on my door as a fresh round of tears begins dripping down my cheeks. I plan to just ignore it, whoever it is will get the hint eventually, right? Apparently not. The knocking continues for what seems like forever until I finally give up. Untangling myself from my nest with a huff. I quickly wipe the final tears away before opening the door.

“What?” I practically shout as I open the door.

“Where have you been? You haven’t been answering your phone, (y/n), I’ve been worried sick!” Sebastian walks past me into my apartment, taking in the scene of blankets and tissues thrown about.

“What are you doing here?” I sigh

“What am I doing here? I’m checking on my favorite girl”

“Why do you even care? I messed everything up, I know that. Can I please just hate myself in peace?”

“Babe, you don’t mean that. What do you mean you messed everything up?” He looks thoroughly confused by my statement.

“You know what I mean” I assure him.

“Are you talking about the-” I brace myself for the words to follow but they don’t come. Instead I suddenly feel Sebastian’s arms wrap around my middle before pushing my arms to wrap around his neck. “Baby no one hates you.” We stand there in silence for what feels like hours, my tears staining his shirt and his hand consistently soothing up and down my back.

“How can you be sure? Seb, I really messed up” I tell him once my tears have subsided.

“I know you think that, sweetheart, but nobody’s mad at you. Honestly, right now, everyone’s really worried. I talked to some of your friends to see if they’ve heard from you, I thought you were just avoiding me but they all told me that they hadn’t talked to you either. (y/n), everyone just wants to make sure you’re okay”

“I’m sorry, I turned my phone off ‘cause I thought everyone would be sending me messages about how much I fucked up, once again”

“It’s okay, just don’t disappear on me again”

“I won’t, I promise”

“You need to talk to your friends too”

“I can’t face them”

“Babe, they’re worried about you, you need to talk to them”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Maybe just listen to their messages and let them know you’re safe. But first, I think we should get you cleaned up and then we can go get some ice cream, maybe take a walk around the park, dance in the rain”

I can’t help but smile at his suggestions “that sound really nice Seba”

“Good, you go get in the shower, I’ll start cleaning up out here” he tells me, motioning to the mess of my livingroom. I nod my agreement before giving him a quick peck. Well it was supposed to be a quick peck, but as soon as I made contact he pulled me in by my waist. He deepens the kiss for a moment longer before breaking to rest his forehead against mine.

“I was really worried about you, please don’t ever do that to me again”

“I won’t, I promise. I’m so sorry Seba”

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summary: Lucy is not amused that she has to babysit Erza’s brats after soccer practice today, especially after Erza explains that Jellal is “distracting” her. Jerza. Implied Nalu.
M. Your imagination can make it higher, I’m sure.
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notes: Originally going to be <500 words. Oops. Relatively experimental writing. Not my usual and I’m not sure if it should be called fluffsmut or smutfluff. Or just plain smut.
more: Also, yes, I know it’s Angst Week. My muse likes to oppose me.

Erza falls directly into her bed when she comes home from work.

She feels worse than the wilted carrots that sit in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, still unable to participate in one of the week’s dinner stews—and when she remembers about the vegetables, she huffs again into her pillow, remembering that she still has to get started to working on dinner…

Not to mention she still has to pick up the kids from soccer practice in about twenty minutes.

So she kicks off her heels and rolls completely under the cover and between the sheets, making her body as comfortable as it can lie in her business casual pants and button up shirt. She rubs her eyes, blinking against the afternoon sun, but she lets the light warmth settle over her body.

She channels her inner house cat and closes her eyes. She decides to nap for just a moment, reaching her hands down to the waist of her pants to shimmy them down as she starts to fall…








No. Just…one…more—


“Mmrph, Jellal—“ Her eyes open and she sees his face on the other side of the pillow.

He smiles in amusement. “Good morning, love.”

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So there are rumours running around that Sana is basically almost confirmed as the main for s4 and what pisses me off is that I immediately see so many people saying how they don’t care about the trailer/next season anymore because it’s not about Even. Listen season about Even would be great but if you truly don’t care about the show anymore just because it’s not about him then I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you’re watching Skam without loving all the characters. I feel sorry that you are so invested in Even that you don’t have time to appreciate how fucking amazing Noora, Eva, Sana, Chris, Vilde, Magnus, Mahdi, Jonas, Linn, Eskild and everyone else on the show is.

 I understand that you’re perhaps disappointed. I am a little bit disappointed myself although I thought the chances for Even season were always very slim but saying that you don’t care about the show anymore? That you will stop watching? Then you will be missing one hell of a season that Julie I’m sure has planned for us. Not to mention that I’m 100% convinced that Even will have a big role in Sana’s season if the rumours about her season actually turn out to be true.