i'm acting like a 15 years old

look i’m just saying that pre series! pre niall’s death! gansey definitely had some kind of crush on every single member of the lynch family besides matthew (because he was like… a middle schooler or something) so hanging out with ronan at the barns as a 15/16 year old boy at the height of puberty was a special kind of bisexual purgatory 

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My mom is always like when i'm watching anime "wtf, why are they so angry all the time?" And I'm like idk mom, how would you feel if you were a hormonal 15 year old boy, who's mom is dead, dad is gone, leg and arm is gone, brother is a literal suit of armor and you have to live with the guilt that that's all your fault, that you're a child soldier, you hate your commanding officer, and you are a human weapon that is suppose to be use for war and genocide when you don't believe in killing. Idk ma

That’s exactly what my mom says too. Like, it’s voice acting, gotta make every emotion ten times stronger to touch a weeb’s heart.

My Mom, While I'm Watching Miraculous
  • Mom: You're just a 15 years old teenager, watching cartoons, being in love with a blondie guy who really doesn't exist and trying to act like a girl wearing a spotted mask by shouting everyday 'Miraculous Ladybug!'... You have issues daughter.
  • Me: ...But I love them. 😐 Don't ever mess with Adrien and Marinette again... Mother. 😑😑😑

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god it's so unfair when people tell you you're not acting your age like i'm pretty sure 15 is too old to not understand people are going to be pissed off when you spread misinformation about them

Exactly. Also no offense but I’m also certain this person is agefaking bc they’ve been 15 for two years now

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i've never seen you get as angry as you did about the whole snape thing and i'm kinda surprised

ok so this is the anon that just sent the ask about you getting angry about snape, and I’ve just realised it may have sounded harsh. ofc it’s your opinion… i have very mixed feelings about snape, but tbh, i wish things could’ve worked out between him and lily AS FRIENDS

that’s cool, anon. like 90% of that was just me being melodramatic (as usual haha).

i just hate when people act like the personality of 15 year old james is obviously the personality he’ll have for the rest of his life - like that one little snippet we got of him bullying snape is all there was, is and ever will be to his personality, like he wasn’t just a kid and obviously didn’t mature and change. 

i was a total bitch at 15. i like to think that i’m not quite as much of a bitch now. no one stays static and trapped in the same personality as they had when they were a teenager and i get frustrated when people discount all the good james canonically did. i mean, he became head boy and lily - unfailingly kind, sweet, lily - fell in love with him. obviously he was doing some good at that school.

and as for snape. he’s an amazing character and shit human being. having a hard life isn’t an excuse for being a dick. i wish he could have rekindled his friendship with lily, too, but it didn’t happen because he called her a horrific racial slur in front of a large group of their peers when all she’d done was try to help him, and because he started dabbling in the dark arts, and then he refused to apologise for it. all he had to do was stop messing about with the dark arts and they could have worked things out, but he refused, and that’s no one’s fault but his own.

yeah, his home life was hard and he had a few run ins with the marauders but, from my understanding of canon, he picked fights with them too. and like i said in those tags, having a rough life isn’t an excuse to be a total arsehole. remus had the shittiest childhood ever and he managed to resist the lure of the dark arts. 

snape choose to let his bitterness and hatred fester over decades. he held on to a schoolyard rivalry and let it inform every aspect of his life. he expected a girl to love him purely because he loved her, even when he treated her appallingly. he joined a criminal hate gang and only changed his mind because of his obsession with lily. and playing the double agent was risky, yes, but while he was doing that snape outright bullied and harassed students between the ages of 11 and 17. a grown arse man regularly terrified 11 year olds, purely because of a rivalry he had with a man who was long-dead and whom none of those children even knew. that’s not the mark of a good person.

snape’s background helps us as the readers understand his actions, but it should not be used to excuse them.

nothing can excuse you from being a terrible human who had plenty of chances to make amends and chose not too. 

  • some asshole: you can 't fucking analyze beavis and butthead;. you fucking idiot !!!!!!
  • me: beavis is an autistic 15 year old boy living with his abusive and possibly antisocial friend/caretaker. both boys crave stimulation but don't realize the ways they cope with boredom indirectly harm people around them. they only act the way they do because they're practically orphans and grew up without the essential bond between a parent and a child, and instead learned their behavior from cheap means of entertainment like tv.
  • some asshole: damn tho....

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Okay so I have a thing: according to tungle.hell, aging characters up to ship them with people is paedophillia right? Well, I low key ship Moana and Maui from the movie Moana, and in the movie she's 16, and Maui is a demigod, but acts like he's around 20 or so (obviously Moana is aged up I'm not stupid). Clearly paedophillia in action. Here's the thing though: im 16 years old, like Moana. What ever shall they do?

You forget that when the whole memufacturing drama went down, he was 14/15 (something like that, I forget, apologies) and Tumblr called him a paedophile. 

Basic understanding of different concepts isn’t exactly Tumblr’s strong point.

Move it to freeform and save this show. It's the only way to make it reach its full potential.

Idk why y'all are freaking out over Lucas choosing Riley. Even if he chose Maya… Disney couples now are always shit thanks to disney’s stupid ass kid rules the couples they have on every new Disney show don’t even act like couples, they only kiss like once in a season and it’s not even a intense and passionate kiss or anything, it’s some constipated bullshit kiss.. I mean what kind of couple kisses once in 4 months? watching Disney couples now it’s just like watching two best friends who once decided to try kissing but didn’t work and the kiss turned out ugly and constipated so idc if he chose Riley they won’t act like a couple anyways, even if he chose Maya it would be the same, it would be just like watching maya and Lucas from season 1 and 2 lol until Disney changes their stupid ass rules and realize that 15 year olds nowadays actually kiss passionately constantly and have cute couple moments sometimes then I don’t look forward to watching any couple being endgame Bc it would be just like watching 2 friends so what’s the point? Disney acts like the characters are 11 and can’t ever have a passionate kiss or hell even more than one kiss per season lol idiots. It says a lot when disney can’t even let couples act like couples, I mean that’s some pretty immature shit.. this show is going nowhere while it’s on Disney. Nowhere.



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I really don't mean to be rude and I agree with just about everything you say, however as a 15 y/o I am sightly insulted to have you say that 15/16 year olds know nothing about the world when I scored above average on my SAT. Of course, I know 20+ year olds who are immature and dare I say ignorant, so I'm not saying that all 15/16 year olds are well informed. But there are quite a few of us. Other than that love your blog! Bye! ^-^

omg lol

I don’t mean to say that 15/16 year olds can’t be knowledgeable about stuff, for example school subjects…. you really don’t have to tell someone like me that when I scored a 31 on my ACT and was ranked #1 at my high school lmao. but in terms of life experience, 15/16 year-olds are very much behind those who are 18. At 18 a person is generally already in college. they’ve experienced much more of the world. so there’s no doubt a disparity there.

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I would like to express my opinion about the Baltimore riots in a very peaceful manner. Im not trying to offend anyone, but right now I'm honestly offended. To make things clear I'm a 15 year old "white" female. Never once in my life have i committed a act of violence towards someone or their property, nor do i condone it. in all honesty i find violence stupid, a waste of time, immature! I also think the violence in Baltimore is immature.

dont do this its 12:30 am

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I'm a teenager, 15 years old. I honestly have no idea what I want to do with my life. I want to see the world yet I like staying home a lot! I feel so conflicted within myself a lot of the times. I often feel as though I have to have a set personality, for example I'll find a role model like A celebrity then I'll try to act and look like them! I don't know why buts it's very frustrating! Maybe I'm just a complex person but it's exhausting and always has my mind. -q anon

hey. Don’t feel bad everyone feels conflicted within themselves at times. Celebrities are cool, but they should never be role models. They are still human and make many mistakes. Admire the areas of success they have achieved and that’s it.

I realize a lot of people of our generation idolize celebrities too much and it make them subconsciously forget how awesome they are. My friend YOU ARE awesome, YOU ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. What you came to do in this world no1 else can do. The more you believe that, the clearer your dream will come to life. Frustian is not your heritage so dont accept it(I know it is easier said than done). Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions. Stay blessed :) 

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  • John Green: *Makes a post*
  • Tumblr: *Tells him to eat a dick, to go fuck himself, that everyone hates him, that he's a piece of shit*
  • John Green: Um, could you not?