i'm about to melt

I crave for older!Yuri with long flowing hair that reaches his back, always having it in fishtail braids or detailed buns and ponytails.
And then older!Otabek with stubble because maybe he didnt wake up on time that day to shave but Yuri doesn’t mind and will just walk up to his bf and rub his his jawline with his hands, teasing him playfully because their relationship is just them teasing each other come on now.
And Otabek, to get back at him, just wraps his arms around his waist, starts pulling him closer and acting like he is gonna kiss him, but instead goes on to press his face into the crook of Yuri’s neck and rubbing his stubble against his very ticklish neck.
All Yuri can do is squeal and hit Otabek’s chest as he laughs uncontrollably. And Otabek just keep tickling him until Yuri grabs his face and pulls his head away to pull him into a kiss, effectively getting him to stop.
And then they just kiss in the middle of the living room like dorks because yes.

And imagine Yuri’ hair routine for night time. He probably has to brush his hair forever to make sure there are no tangles and then put it in a perfect braid so he can wake up to those flawless waves he loves.
Sometimes he is too tired and will go up to Otabek with a brush and hair ties and ask so sweetly, “Beka, please?” And Otabek will give any reason to play with that soft hair so you know he is in.
He starts carefully brushing his hair, taking time with any tangles and running his hands through the ends whenever he could. After he was done with the braid, he looked down at Yuri who was sitting on the floor in front of the bed and see he fell asleep while doing his hair.
You will never see a softer smile from Otabek than at that moment as he leans down to lift his kitten up into his arms and lay him in their bed, tucking him in and going to his side of the bed to get in and almost immeadatly wrap his arms around Yuri’s body to pull him close, easily falling asleep that way.

Sooooo…let’s get to one of the meatier posts I’ve been wanting to do! I was considering waiting for My Brother’s Keeper to do this one, but establishing it from the beginning seems like a better idea. Plus, I’ve been on a roll today.

I wanna talk about Danny’s powers.

Or, more specifically, how I see them.

Looong post so it’s going under a cut.

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  • Me: *reblogs 10,000 things from awesome human's blog hoping they'll notice me because I have a huge friend crush on them and I want to be their friend*
  • Awesome human: *likes one comment I made*
  • Me: *grins like an idiot for the remainder of the day*
Moana: Treasure Trove, Part 3

Here it is: the grand finale.


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Nothing is better than listening to my gf talk abt all the weird, highly specific dreams she has or just generally any time she talks at long periods of time and I just listen with the biggest and brightest smile I can physically manage GOD love really is something else…

Keeping cool in the UK heatwave like a boss.

To do list

Not in a particular order but I have to write it down or I’ll forget it ( the sexy helsa comic should be released by 15th July)

- Anakin and Miraj Scintel
- that very cute kitchen and kiss on the counter scene from “You were only waiting for this moment to arise” by @flaminganakin
- those adorable headcanons by @keblava where Anakin makes feathers levitate with the force after a pillow battle with Padme and the one where he dreams to make love to her on Yoda’s seat in the council room
- various couples scenes ( Kit Fisto x Aayla, Kanan x Hera, Ahsoka x Barriss, an Obikin kiss, etc)..
- that nice scene from Beloved nemesis with Vader and Padme in a pink nightgown that dear anon suggested yesterday
- Ahsoka being the best auntie reading stories to kids Luke and Leia
- a Hans portrait because I miss this asshole
- scenes from Mud by @alcalina


Once Upon a Time 4x01 - ‘Do You Want to Build an Empire?’

An old flame of Regina’s mysteriously glides into in Storybrooke (played by Natalie Dormer, inspired by this (x).  Her name is Elsa and she wants Regina’s help in finding her missing sister, Anna.  And if she also happens to want to recapture the magic she once had with Regina…

Callout post

My girlfriend is an amazing woman and she deserves the world and she kinda just high-key blows me away every day because she is so determined and resilient and kind and wise and thoughtful and I just want to send all of the positive thoughts her way