i'm about to have a really important interview

  • Interviewer: What's your ideal type?
  • Ten: they should have pretty hair
  • Ten: I prefer taller and older people
  • Ten: they have to speak English
  • Ten: I really like Americans so that would be a plus
  • Ten: they should cook with me, especially chocolate
  • Ten: a dancer, that's important
  • Ten: oh they have to make shitty puns
  • Ten: they should have famous friends
  • Ten: it'd be great if they had a radio show
  • Ten: and have knowledge about fashion, maybe even a fashion show
  • Interviewer: you're basically describing Johnny
  • Ten: Maybe and maybe I wanna be on we got married with him but like that's not what I'm saying, that's what you're saying
Mtothedestiel: Writing Realistic AUs

AO3 Profile


An Alternate Universe can be quite difficult to write because it usually requires a lot of research in order to make the story more realistic. Mtothedestiel, however, is a writer who seems to have no difficulty in doing that. She enjoys doing the research and it makes her AUs vivid and it effectively puts her characters in a different world without making them out of place.

Mtothedestiel ( @summersteve ) is the author of The Tsesarevich Lives!, Healthy Impropriety and Vkusno! She writes a lot of AUs that are inspired by books, movies, and other media like Pride and Prejudice and Anastasia. Keeping the flavor of a well-known story while making it fit for her characters is a challenge that she really likes.

Her Anastasia AU (The Tsesarevich Lives!) is one of my all-time favorite fics. It’s a story about Viktor being an orphan with no surname and with no memories of his past while Yuuri is a con artist who thinks Viktor might be the missing Nikiforov heir.

It’s a really satisfying story. I’ve read some historical AUs in the past, but so far, I’ve come across none that can be at par with how well Mtothedestiel writes hers. Her tone of writing matches the genre she writes in and her dialogues are convincing. The dialogues, I repeat. They’re very good. I just have to emphasize that because many times I had read dialogues in historical AUs that sound more likely to be said by someone in our time instead of someone who lives in the past.

Here’s an excerpt from Healthy Impropriety:

“Ack!” Victor tosses his crumb filled napkin into the bushes, and hurriedly straightens his coat. “Ring for a valet at once, we’ll need someone to see to Mr. Katsuki’s bags,” he orders Yuri, before thinking better, “Wait!”

“What?” Yuri demands.  Victor holds out his arms for Yuri’s inspection.  

“How do I look?”

“Like a lovestruck dolt.”

“Perfect,” Victor declares, “Then he’ll recognize my intentions at once.”

Mtothedestiel is quite a detailed writer. Learn more about her by reading the rest of this article under the cut.

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I'm scared they'll do bi Lance but no klance. I'm sure they're doing big Lance, like no doubt about it, but the interview and the tweet lauren retweeted makes me feel like they're just doing bi Lance but no klance pls help

i get a lot of people are personally attached to klance, FUCK dude… i’m one of those people!!! but i will still gladly take lance being bi even if we don’t get klance??? like??? i will love any rep we get. i’ll be disappointed and sad if klance doesn’t happen but just having a main character be confirmed bi is really important, especially in a kids’ show… and it doesn’t mean we couldn’t get another LGBT couple or anything… klance isn’t everything. as much as i love it, i think a lot of the fandom only focuses on klance and i wish that wasn’t the case. lance being confirmed LGBT is definitely going to happen and no matter what pairing happens, i will still be endlessly happy about that


It has absolutely nothing to do with HTTYD BUT it’s still important!

You surely don’t know about that but I’m a really big fan of Disney universe and I always dreamed about working there so I applied to a summer job.

And guess what? I just received this:

It’s an invitation to a job interview at Disneyland Paris!

I’M SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! And I just wanted to share this with you my dear friends!!

Hope you have a nice day!

In a very real way, one writes a story to find out what happens in it. Before it is written it sits in the mind like a piece of overheard gossip or a bit of intriguing tattle. The story process is like taking up such a piece of gossip, hunting down the people actually involved, questioning them, finding out what really occurred, and visiting pertinent locations. As with gossip, you can’t be too surprised if important things turn up that were left out of the first-heard version entirely; or if points initially made much of turn out to have been distorted, or simply not to have happened at all.
—  Delany, Samuel R. About Writing: Seven Essays, Four Letters, & Five Interviews. Wesleyan University Press.  
Aaliyah on her love life (2000)
  • Interviewer: Are You Taken?
  • Aaliyah: I'm very single, Unfortunately there's no boyfriend.
  • Interviewer: What do you look for in a guy?
  • Aaliyah: I love to laugh, so that's number one. If you're funny, you've got me. And someone who can deal with my work that's really important to me,I've been doing it all my life so if you can't deal with me traveling it's not going to work.I like guys who are secure and know what they want.
  • Interviewer: what about DMX who is also in the film ?
  • Aaliyah: (giggles) Don't take me there! DMX is really nice and he does have the qualities that I do find appealing so maybe... I think if you put him and Jet together then you have my man.

I really have to say how much I love the way that Dominique and Katherine represent our community. Unfortunately, a lot of straight actresses on one hand say how proud they are to represent us, but on another they try so hard to distance themselves from the community; they take every opportunity to mention just how straight they are so that, god forbid, people wouldn’t think that they’re one of the gays. And I don’t want to assume their sexuality, but Dom and Kat never do that. They truly ARE proud to represent us. They talk about their characters without ever implying that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian/bisexual. These two amazing human beings insisted that their characters should be complex and not just token lesbians, which is exactly the kind of representation that we need. But at the same time that relationship is so important and they portray it so beautifully. Straight people (writers and actors too) mostly don’t even bother to understand; Kat and Dom actually went and did a research on queer representation in media and its problems. And they really do seem to get it. They know what’s important and they talk about it in every interview. They know how important it is for their characters to be complex and have a proper storyline like any other character on television. And they’re proud to portray them.

In conclusion: Words cannot describe how grateful I am for these two wonderful human beings, and I could never thank them enough. 💜

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just wanted to let you know i have accepted a job working as a collections assistant at my school and when I mentioned the brain scoop in the interview the woman was really excited about it!! (she knew some of the people at the Field Museum) I'm so thrilled I'll get to do some of the stuff you've shown in the videos! You've helped show me (and others) that collections are so important and I'm so excited that the work I'll be doing will really be making a difference!

YEAAAAAAH GO YOU! Congratulations on the new position! I’m glad this show can open so many doors for people to learn about the neat work happening in museums everywhere. 

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My ask doesn't really add to the conversation so feel free to ignore me but a few days ago I had an interesting experience in a disussion with non fans regarding the individual appeal of the boys. I'm not really a 1D fan, I'm here for Larry - 27 female - though my friends don't really know about my secret passion. Anyway I was having drinks with some friends at my place - 2 girls, both straight and 4 guys, 2 gay and 2 bisexual (I'm adding their sexuality because I think it might 1/3

be important for the observation) We were talking boybands and it came out that none of them really heard of 1D except for maybe a song on the radio. So I showed them some recent pictures and interviews and the reaction was so unexpected for me. The girls thought that zayn was ridicously hot (no surprise there haha) but all the guys were had over heals for Louis. And it wasn’t even all about being attracted to him – though you can believe me there were some pretty graphic comments ;) - 2/3

all of them thought he was very charismatic and they liked his sassy attitude and also one of the guys immediately perceived that he seems to be kind of the leader because the others are steadily looking for his attention/reaction. During the conversation neither Niall or Liam were mentioned once and no Harry comments other than ‘nice dark voice’ and 'quirky style’. I think the reaction was so interesting in terms of how much influence the media narrative has within the fandom. 3/3

That is fascinating, thank you for sharing. And so, sO, SO interesting to me that no-one honed in on Harry as the 'hottest’ or anything. AGAIN, it goes to show how much their images successfully manipulate the fandom. Harry was cast as the front-man and the hot one, so that is what he IS to the fandom, even though to the general public maybe he ISN’T. 

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"I pretend to be blunt about it...I try to hide it but I can't" this line is so important especially to all those people who think yoongi is such an "asshole" or has no feelings, doesn't care for the members etc when actually he is such a sensitive guy cares a shit ton about bts and the 'coldness' (although I don't really see it) is just a front. He has such profound thoughts and I'm always in awe of him, he makes me want to be a better person. Seeing those lyrics I was like NOOO yoongi :'(

and Yoongi has said before in interviews that he’s just bad at expressing himself? I think Armys who have known BTS for a while know that behind his lethargy is his hard work, and behind his “coldness” is his inability to talk about his feelings.   

I’m seriously not surprised at how humble and meaningful the lyrics for Young Forever are. I completely agree with you anon, Yoongi and quite honestly BTS in general makes me want to be a better person