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What I say: haha I hate Bill/Bev

What I mean: IT (2017) erased Beverly’s childhood feelings for Ben that were present in the novel and made his feelings for her non-mutual in order to have Bill/Bev as the straight, non negotiable romance of the film. They did this because people are more willing to accept Jaeden as a serious love interest than Jeremy. They heavily promoted Bilverly scenes in TV spots and trailers whereas Ben was only shown as the nerdy kid, to the point where I was concerned that his feelings for Bev had been cut. Even though they weren’t, they were portrayed as pathetic or funny in most scenes since the film made it clear that Bill/Bev was going to happen and Ben was sad for thinking otherwise. And even though Bev and Ben get married as adults, now it’s going to be that she developed feelings for him when he lost weight which is really harmful and gross, plus the emotional weight behind them finally finding happiness together after all that time is lost. Bill/Bev was given backstory, development, a proper kiss because why not? They LOOK just like the pairing you’d expect, the most conventionally attractive guy got the girl. Of course I think Bilverly is cute but I can’t detach the fatphobia that motivated their storyline from their relationship and I just wish that there had been a more balanced love triangle because Benverly is an important couple to me and the fact that they erased it in this film is really upsetting to people who relate to Ben (me)

ATTENTION EVERYONE: I need y’all to know something very important that happened today. Do you see this beautiful and lovely smile? Do you see how damn cute PKane looks right here? WELL, this gorgeous and perfect grin came about during this interview earlier today when Patrick was asked what is his ideal number of preseason games that he’d like to play.

And from the background one Jonathan Toews yells: ALL OF ‘EM.

And Patrick smiles like the sun came out and it’s amazingggggg.

Thank you and goodnight.



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soft daddy Louis when Harry's had a long/bad day! just wants to make his baby feel good!


Louis’s got a bad habit of falling asleep on the sofa — to be fair, it’s a great sofa — and, consequently, spends a lot of time getting an earful over how awful it is for his back, as if Harry’s not twenty-three going on eighty.

Which is why it’s a bit strange when, rather than being prodded at unceremoniously, Louis awakens to Harry spilling into the tiny space between Louis’s body and the edge of the seat cushion, carefully arranging himself to fit. His arms slide around Louis’s middle, and Louis chuckles as he ducks his chin, buries his nose into Harry’s hair and inhales shampoo and summer-musk.

“You’ll fall, love,” Louis murmurs, even as he winds an arm over Harry and shifts farther back into the couch, tugging Harry in closer. Harry only hums disinterestedly and tilts his chin up with a languid blink.

“Can I have a kiss, Daddy?” he asks. Louis obliges, soft-lipped and easy, brushing his knuckles over Harry’s cheek. He’s been Daddy for years now, but it never stops feeling like a gift, like something he needs to keep safe and secure behind his heart, because Harry’s trusted him to do so.

Eventually, Louis tugs Harry’s head back with his fingers wound into his hair. His brow furrows.

I’ve got a sixth sense for these things, Louis’s joked, always know when my Hazza needs me. My baby.

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Diakko Week - Day 1: Stars/Astrology 

I’m late for the first day but I really love drawing starry skies and I just needed to do a clichè meteor shower scene for them..  <3 @dianakko-week

under read more for some sketchy crack bc I’m really dumb and so is my sense of humour.. orz

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Not being attracted to an entire race of people is an absurd concept and makes you a piece of shit by default, but feeling the need to tell people means you feel it would be bad if people thought you were attracted to that race. It’s super unlikely that anyone would notice if you just didn’t date that race, but you still feel the need to make it known? There’s a reason for that.

He feels different. Physically.

Alex has stubble for one, small hairs the graze Aaron’s skin just enough to make him feel it. His mouth is different too, opening not quite as much as Aaron is used to, lips a tad more sculpted than he is used to, soft and pliant and they fit between Aaron’s differently too. They are sitting on a sofa and for some reason Aaron wants him pinned against the wall but that doesn’t seem to be on the table.

Aaron tilts his head and he deepens the kiss, tentatively sliding his tongue between Aaron’s lips but not pressing too much - a soft kiss, gentle and kind. Exactly like he seems to be. No manipulating, no lies. Just a good person. Aaron isn’t used to it.

Aaron’s got his hand on his side, can feel the firm muscle of his stomach moving beneath his fingers. He is so much more muscular than Aaron anticipated, his softness abandoned for defined lines that are apparent even through the fabric of his shirt. Alex has a hand on Aaron’s thigh but it isn’t daring, it’s caressing small circles onto his jeans, not pressing for anything more than the soft touches of their lips, the gentle back and forth that Aaron is happy to take part in.

It feels different in his head too. It is easy to sit there and kiss him. It isn’t dangerous, isn’t causing someone pain or burning Aaron from the inside, isn’t searing his skin and consuming his every cell. He takes what Alex can give him, doesn’t demand more. Alex was the same at dinner, letting Aaron talk as much as he wanted, tell the stories and anecdotes that felt natural to tell. It’s so easy and Aaron finds himself sinking into it, tugging on Alex’s shirt to get him closer. He doesn’t move.

Aaron pulls away and sees Alex smiling, a smile that engulfs his face and pulls his red and puffy lips apart. He smiles back but it feels different too. 

It isn’t heated, it doesn’t demand Aaron hand over part of his soul with every touch, it doesn’t fill his senses and make his stomach flip with every new breath against his skin. It is just simple, not numbing the senses to everything around him. Aaron places a hand on Alex’s face and pulls him in for more.

Their lips touch and Aaron doesn’t feel like moaning. 

It’s different to Robert. Maybe that’s okay.