i'm about having a heart attack what is that please

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incentive to change? Do we just rely on the kindness of their hearts? I'm not sure how much I trust that at this point. Please don't think I'm criticizing you or your post. This is something I'm genuinely conflicted about.

No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that if we want to elicit change we should not be so aggressive and reactionary. We should not be attacking and using loaded language. 

When someone attacks you with loaded language, do you shut down or do you listen to what they have to say? My guess is that you shut down. You block out everything that they are saying to you. I know that this is what I do. So, what is the best way to have your voice heard? It starts with making someone respect you. If someone respects you and the way at which you converse with them they are more open to listen. They are more open to listen and to value your opinions. This is why certain critics may be able to get through to Jason about the HUGE error that he made in the show. 

I am conflicted about how we go about trying to get change, but I just know that (me personally) I find it very uncomfortable about how certain people in the fandom are trying to get change. What I REALLY REALLY want to avoid are people stereotyping and mocking the Clexakru fandom by saying “oh the angry lesbians. watch out.” I see this happening and I hate it. I hate that this will most likely be turned into a joke. It will be turned into a joke and our entire agenda for change will be lost. It won’t be the focus of articles written….it will be about ‘the angry lesbians.’