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Some love for leothegiant​? Why, of course~!  (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

So this is a companion piece to the one I made of Faun!Thom, and I may have gotten a bit carried away on this (again) but oh my goodness, this was so much fun to draw and make! I hope I did well and I hope you like it, Leo~! ;;;v;;;/ (Yes that is a bear because giant faun forest guardian, y’feel me yo okay I’ll see myself out)

Do you ever just cry sometimes because Ryan Ross

but after zuko grows his hair out, do you think katara braided it whenever he fell asleep at his desk (because he was tired from fire lord stuff) because she knew it made him laugh? But then after the first few times, she starts doing intricate braids and it becomes a calming activity for her and their friendship just becomes stronger because of this silly, ridiculous thing. But this funny little joke becomes so important to them and becomes symbolic of their relationship with each another like sjajsjdjdksk?

joshaya headcanons (✿◠‿◠)
  • they may be playing the long game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t become really good friends along the way, and they really do, sometimes when josh makes an appearance at the matthews’ apartment he’ll help maya with her homework “can’t you just give me the answers?” “i could but then what would you have learned?” “you really are a matthews aren’t you?” 
  • they bond over their love for horror movies, one night maya, josh, and riley decide to watch one and riley can’t make it halfway through without holding a pillow over her face and eventually retreating to her room for the night, maya and josh though, are on the edge of their seat, stuffing their faces with popcorn, and end up standing on the couch when it gets to a really scary part, they’re so loud cory has to come downstairs at 2am and tell them for the fifth time to go to bed 
  • they’re prank masters, their target usually being cory who always seems to fall for the whipped cream on the nose trick when he’s asleep on the couch, it takes a while but eventually they get bored of pranking everyone else and start going for each other, the problem is that they’re both just so good that they can’t seem to get away with anything, they’re always anticipating the other’s moves “you can’t get me, hart, i’m untouchable” “we’ll see about that, uncle boing” 
  • when the time comes for maya to start learning how to drive, josh is happy to allow her to practice with his own car; they start off simple and stay in a parking lot, maya is a confident driver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s good; “i swear, maya, if you get one scratch on miranda…” “miranda? don’t tell me you named your car” “i did and she’s a little old so try not to kill her will you” “maybe i should work on trying not to kill us first” “good call” 
  • josh walks in one time when everyone is hanging out in topanga’s after school, “boing!” because maya has never stopped doing that when he enters the room, then she calls him over and says she wants to tell him a secret, but when he leans down maya grabs his beanie and puts it on her head “how do i look?” “not that many people can pull off a beanie you know” and maya looks offended “but it looks good on you maya” and he doesn’t bother taking it back from her when he continues walking over to the counter; “i want my own boing!” “smackle!” then auggie, sitting on riley’s lap: “is maya going to be our aunt?” “yeah, auggie, maya is going to be our aunt”   
  • maya starts dating, and josh wishes he could be upset about it, but he’s too busy being happy for her (even if he does tease her about her boyfriend once in a while) and pretty soon josh has a girlfriend of his own, but their friendship hasn’t changed one bit, josh ends up breaking things off after a few months because things just aren’t working out with the girl 
  • maya on the other hand is happy to accept her boyfriend’s invitation to prom, but the night doesn’t go as planned, the guy turns out to be a jerk and she takes the subway back to topanga’s, still wearing her dress, expecting her mom to still be at work but is surprised to see josh sitting at one of the bar seats, so she sits next to him, telling josh all about her night, and he told her about his breakup too, then josh stands up and offers her his hand, “what are you doing?” “everyone deserves to have a good prom” “you can’t be serious josh” “why not? there’s even music” so they slow dance in the middle of topanga’s and don’t care one bit how silly they look, and it’s the happiest both of them have been in months, “are you still in it for the long game?” because she hasn’t asked that for months either, “i never stopped” and by that point the rest of the gang had shown up, because of course they weren’t going to stay at prom when their friend was having a miserable time, and they watch maya and josh dance the night away, eventually joining in on the dancing themselves

You know what? I kept it together and didn’t cry for the entire episode, and then this thing shows up in the last thirty seconds and I lose it. I’ve been watching WordGirl since the beginning, when it was a two minute short at the end of Maya and Miguel and these five dorks were the only villains. I guess seeing them together one last time just made me remember how much I loved this show as a kid, and how much I still love it now. 

When Steven says “it’s over isn’t it” at the end it makes me so emotional

Cuz like

Greg and Pearl’s animosity is finally over… They understand each other…. They’re hurting and healing together. They’re starting to move on from their grief but also the resentment and tension and awkwardness between them - they can now work through it together and not alone because they know how the other feels. They get it. They talked honestly and now they both feel some sort of closure.

I always wanted them to make up and be friends but I didn’t realize how much I’d be emotional over it. I’m so glad. I’m so glad. This episode is beautiful in every way.