i'm a white girl too

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

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Why do you care so much about the skull thing? Many cultures decorated their skulls and/or skeletons it's not a big deal if a white girls do that too, I'm Hispanic and not really care about this.

(Hispanic is not the same as Mexican) The annoying thing here is probably not even the artist itself, she might even in her work and life recognize where she got the inspiration for her work, but that was not portrayed there, is how the video portray her work as this new innovation and creative way of seeing something that has been happening for centuries in other cultures that they don’t give any recognition to unless someone on etsy sets a cute “new” way of seeing things. Just like that French woman copying Mixe designs, making a profit (way bigger than the indigenous woman would ever think of making for their hard work) and giving cero recognition to the original idea, inspiration or whatever. It’s been done over and over again with things from Latin American cultures and history yet when someone talks about it they don’t think it’s a big deal.

rf10th day one - the first character you fell in love with

rosetta is the love of my life that i never married because rf1 gets very boring after the last boss lmao

A girl who will watch movies in a blanket fort with me all night long on a rainy day is a girl I can see myself marrying 👭💍

for a bunch of people who i can guarantee have never watched a bolly/wood movie in their lives my friends sure do have a lot to say about how shit they are


20 minutes later , Kagami was waiting in a suit, a flower bouqet and chocolate in his apartment. Kuroko was very surprised but happy. They kissed and Kuroko spent that night at Kagami’s and cuddled a lot with him (●´ω`●)

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