i'm a true inspiration

All I’m trying to do is be here for you.

You know? To be here for you through thick and thin. To be here when you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong. To be here whenever you say goodnight after the first text because, I know, I annoy you sometimes.

To be here for you when you hate me.

To be here to comfort and love you unconditionally, even when it feels like you hate my guts.

—  @loveactivist // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10

“Sir Francis, he was a figurehead of great courage and bold exploits. No one like him ever existed in my family. Why do you think I drink? Because I know I’ll never be like him.”

Suffolk County Charter School: It  Actually Happened (sort of)

I haven’t seen anyone connect this any where else so I thought I would share what I found out by accident. If its old news then ignore me

Wow. Okay. So, I stumbled upon this area in my exploration of the Commonwealth Wasteland in Fallout 4 months ago before I completed my first play through. Suffolk County Charter School.

It was creepy and had a story to uncover so I went in. Im sure most of you know what I’m talking about so, no big deal. Its not secret or hidden. Just one of those cool Fallout areas that don’t have a quest attached but you feel compelled to figure out what the fuck happened.

Inside there were pink ghouls.

And pink goo.

While splattering these guys and looting everything in the facility (because Fallout) I uncovered the story behind this location. If you haven’t found it yet, SPOILERS, heres the summary:

“In exchange for funding, Principal Jackie Hudson agreed to implement the government’s experimental Nutritional Alternative Paste Program (NAPP) at the school. Participation required limiting food consumption within the school to a government-provided food paste. This decision was apparently made without the consent of faculty, students, or parents.

Per Principal Hudson’s announcements, the NAPP was launched on October 18 and any outside food was to be confiscated from then on. These announcements can be heard on three holotapes found throughout the school.”

So yeah. I just murdered a bunch of kids that were unwittingly being experimented on. I felt sort of shitty. My Sole Survivor didn’t give a fuck. She would gladly murder actual babies for that issue of Unstoppables or a bobblehead. She’s a collector, almost to the point of compulsion.

I found this area so interesting and tragic that I sought more info on the Fallout Wiki. There (and other sources/theories I’ve read) talk about how the pink goo is probably a reference to the film The Stuff (1985). 

A more popular theory is that its actually referencing “The Pink Slime”

“The food paste as a whole is a reference to Pink Slime, a food additive consisting of low-fat meat which was ground into a paste. It’s particularly infamous after being widely used as a meal alternative in American school lunches during 2012, which resulted in major controversy.”

Huh. Okay cool. I was satisfied with these being possible references. It made sense. And I never thought about it again. I mean, it was like, a year ago or some shit. I don’t know, a long ass time ago.

But then last night, while avoiding doing adult things, my ADHD kicked in as my meds wore off and I decided to hyper focus on watching weird YouTube videos covering topics like horrendous incidents, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, that kind of stuff. Basically I sat there in my own world watching Rob Dyke and Dark5 videos.

Im not weird.

Anyway, Thats when I saw this and holy shit. I immediately thought of Suffolk County Charter School in Fallout 4. Something I hadn’t thought about in forever from a game I haven’t really played in months.

You can watch the video or heres a quick summary of events that took place at a school in Massachusetts:

“A group of former students who ate radioactive oatmeal as unwitting participants in a food experiment will share a $1.85 million settlement from Quaker Oats and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More than 100 boys at the Fernald School in Waltham, Mass., were fed cereal containing radioactive iron and calcium in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The diet was part of an experiment to prove that the nutrients in Quaker oatmeal travel throughout the body.” New York Times, 1998

Yep. It happened in Massachusetts. MIT was involved.

Maybe all of this is stupid to everyone but honestly shit like this is why I LOVE video games. A simple location with no real importance to the main game (except collectibles) held a really interesting story that stuck with me, at least subconsciously. 

Easter eggs and references in games aren’t new but the fact that even after researching the in-game location I didn’t see any mention of the Fernald School (which could have been because the game was still fairly new then) and then randomly I stumbled upon what I think is unquestionably the real inspiration for this area is so cool to me.

Fallout lore is so dense and so far reaching, referencing other games, media, pop culture, and real life events. I fell in love all over again with this franchise based on this one small detail that dosent even matter in the grand scheme of the story. 

I had to share this because I couldn’t get it off my mind. That moment of being like “HOLY SHIT WAIT. THIS IS IN FALLOUT.” was something that I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate to and its exciting and interesting.

Hopefully you guys find this cool too!

What to write 39

Person A is hopelessly in love with Person B. They’re a close-knit pair and Person A constantly fears Person B finding out the truth about their feeling. Everyday is a stroll through angst and a stomach full of butterflies.

And the one day Person B asks Person A a fatal question…

“I like my girls like I like my coffee” I say

“How’s that?” You ask

“Gay” I whisper, as I pour glitter into a mug made of flannel. How it keeps its shape you do not know. I have not added water to the mug. I keep pouring the glitter. Surely the mug cannot hold that much glitter. I stop pouring the glitter, and, without breaking eye contact, take a sip. You are confused but do not question it. It is gay culture.

I’m far from perfect. I’ve made mistakes and I’m sure I’ll make more somewhere. I don’t have a lot of money, nor do I own fancy things. I don’t even have much to give. What I have to give is yours. My heart and the pieces of me that could easily break me, belong to you. All of my love belongs to you. And when the choice is mine, I will always give my time to you.
min yoongi probably.....
  • Jimin: *in the bathroom*
  • *CRASH*
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: what just happened
  • *muffled banging*
  • Jimin: shit the shower rod fell get in here and help me put it back up i can't reach
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: i am literally a centimeter taller than you
  • Jimin: TWO centimeters
  • Yoongi: no jimin literally one
  • Jimin: whatever still come help
  • *ten minutes later*
  • Jimin: *staring at the shower rod which is at a sad height* this seems like a problem for dad
  • Yoongi: yeah namjoon can take care of it

samwpmarleau  asked:

I was looking for some ASOIAF fanart, and I was wondering if you have any favorite artists you recommend?

oooOOO, I love so many artists for ASOIAF fanart, I can’t possibly list them all omg, here are some of my favs in alphabetical order, honor on their families and their cows for bringing A Song of Ice and Fire to life:

There are waaay more, if I’ve left anyone off this list I definitely love you, I just can’t remember everyone right now, I’m sorry!!!

Also, honorable mentions to blogs that reblog a lot of ASOIAF art: @artofthrones, @asongoficeandfanart, @justinajordan, @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly, @pre-gameofthrones (pregot is my sideblog, it’s awesome, u should all go follow it)

EDIT: @justinajordan keeps a great list of ASOIAF artists HERE.