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Nobu throws dirt, not shade


Crossover: Super Mario X Pokémon

No one knows why, but one day, Pokémon were found everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopa Troop, wasting no time, caught a bunch of them while Bowser built a League and kidnapped Princess Peach afterwards. After receiving a Pikachu and Pokédex from Professor E. Gadd, Mario or Luigi must collect eight keys to enter Bowser’s Castle and save the princess, while Wario or Waluigi tries to do the same.

It was here that I realized Butters is my spirit animal.

Kenma has never been good with words. 

He observes Tetsurou’s dark circles when he comes home from work every night, in turn kissing them all, a silent “i’m glad to be home”. Tetsurou never complains, though. He loves teaching little kids about chemistry and physics and the secrets of the universe. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s wearing a pair of ratty old sweats, eating popcorn and laughing at really bad movies with the rest of them. And he always brings back leftover candy from school.

He observes Keiji’s mouth, a slight droop of lips indicating his discomfort at having to work overtime at the hospital. Keiji never complains, though. He loves helping people. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s at home, absorbed in a good book, his head on one of their laps, enjoying one of the quieter moments with the rest of them. And he always brings back flowers that remind him of them.

He observes Koutarou from a distance, a star shining almost too bright to look at directly. But he sees the sagging of his shoulders, an indication of self doubt and dejection. Koutarou doesn’t complain about it, though. He loves playing volleyball and he knows his students look up to their coach, a figure of strength and resilience. But Kenma knows that no matter how spirited Koutarou might appear to his students, he likes it best when he is sitting under the blankets with the rest of them, late at night, talking about the latest ghost story he’s heard from his students, an act that always always leads to cuddling. And he always hugs them all so hard, lifting them off their feet and planting a kiss with a plop on their cheeks.

Where does Kenma find himself in this equation? How does he show his love, when he can’t even say the words “i love you”? Maybe he doesn’t have to.

He decides to make them a playlist.

Kuroo Tetsurou

you and i - ingrid michaelson // who do you love - marianas trench // can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  together with the sundown - stephen jerzak // promise the stars - we the kings // a sky full of stars - coldplay // symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson // u just can’t be replaced - gnash ft. rosabeales // shooting star - owl city // just the way you are - bruno mars // kiss me - ed sheeran // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

Akaashi Keiji

for him - troye sivan ft. allday // lovers in japan - coldplay // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // rollercoaster - bleachers // i won’t give up - jason mraz // moonlight - ariana grande // vanilla twilight - owl city // goner - twenty one pilots // true colours - tom odell // i do adore - mindy gledhill // truly madly deeply - savage garden // always - panic! at the disco

Bokuto Koutarou 

treasure - bruno mars // somebody to you - the vamps ft. demi lovato // love on top - beyonce // tear in my heart - twenty on pilots // missing you - all time low // love is easy - mcfly // i really like you - carly rae jepsen // top of the world - greek fire // say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // just give me a reason - p!nk // give me a try - the wombats //  turning pages - sleeping at last

8th August ~ Water

Decided not to use the meaning of the element but rather the element itself,
because kiss in the rain~!


Tamlen and Dorian (and I) wish you happy holidays!! :D

(And Dorian is just kidding of course. Even if Tamlen was 7 feet tall and twice as heavy as he’s now he’d still let him use him as a pillow.)

Although Tamlen doesn’t celebrate Satinalia (he had actually never heard of it until Josephine had suggested to hold a Satinalia ball at Skyhold) he likes the idea of giving gifts to your loved ones during that time a lot. He used all his sewing skills to make a fur-lined scarf and gloves for Dorian, so that the poor hothouse orchid would freeze a little less during the southern winter months. And since great minds think alike Dorian gave his Amatus a new scarf as well - in is favourite color :D

Feel free to open the images in a new tab to see a slightly bigger resolution!

markired  asked:

okay... i'm jumping on the anti in glasses bandwagon and i bring you this... anti not wearing his glasses because he feels it messes up his 'edgelord' look like "dark i can't wear glasses, i'm not a nerd." and dark tries to show him that it won't mess up his look like "anti, wearing glasses does not make you a nerd. see?" and he wears his own and anti can't help but stare because whoops dark looks damn good in them *fingerguns out*

I am living for this. LIVING. The boys in glasses makes me smile so wide oh my gosh.

“Now you really look like an old man, Dark~”
“… Anti, you prick. I’m going to-”
“But you’re pretty good-lookin’ for an old man, I guess.” He shrugs.

And then they start wearing them more often, even when they don’t need to.


(Inspired by this episode of Star Trek)

I blame marty-mc for this monstrous plot we’ve come up for a trc grease au I can’t believe it I really fucking can’t-


“I can’t quite believe yet that I’m really here again.”

“Me neither… and yet I’m incredibly happy that you are.”


I felt sad yesterday so I decided to draw the nerds to cheer me up :’) I’ve missed them a lot <3

y'all can keep your headcanons about muggleborns singing queen songs, i’m more interested in muggleborns reacting to what was happening in the 90s while harry potter was busy saving the world:

  • duels over blur vs. oasis
  • spice girls dance routines in the corridors
  • shell suits on hogsmeade weekend

but more importantly

  • muggleborns reacting to politics
  • muggleborns whose parents voted tory arguing with muggleborns whose parents voted tony
  • muggleborns sitting on the edge of their seats in the great hall waiting for the muggle newspapers to arrive via owl so that they can get news about election results
  • muggleborns dealing with the fact that muggle that britain is changing, but magical britain just seems to be going backwards
  • the intersection of magical and muggle politics, not just in the 90s, but throughout history……………

From the Decks of the World : Vol 3

“Mt. Colbo”