i'm a time traveler. i point and laugh at queues

  • <p> <b>Doctor Who:</b> The Doctor has a wondering emoji<p/><b>Me:</b> they have Capaldi Eyebrows Emojis! *would insert emoji but I'm too afraid to*<p/></p>

Can we just talk about this for a moment. How much sense does it make for the Winchesters to be Time Lords? They’re very fond of earth. They save the world over and over with no thanks. They fled here during the time war and became human to hide from the Time Lords and Daleks alike. Jon and Marry were time lords too. When the died they were transported back to Gallifrey.

Why River-Doctor is my OTP...

You know that moment in “Let’s Kill Hitler” when they are about to hurt young River, and the Doctor, nearly dead, yells at them to stop?

Then, when asked, “Why would you care?”

….Literally answering the question: Why do you care? I’m not dead. 

The Doctor will care about River Song as long as he lives. She meets him for the first time in this episode and gives up immortality for him.

Your argument against this is invalid.

“Maybe what the Doctor tells me, isn’t altogether true…

“But I love every tale he tells me…

“I dunno any better ones, do you? 

“My friend the Doctor says the world is full of fantasy!

“And WHO are you and I to disagree?

“Let’s hope and pray that is the way the life we love will always stay…

“For my friend the Doctor, my friend the Doctor and me!”

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