i'm a taxidermist and this is my job

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Hello there! I really don't mean to bother you but I was hoping you could tell me how you ended up at your job. I'm currently stuck in a rut career wise and could use some advice on finding something I actually enjoy. Thanks for being rad!

Stay in school. Eat your vegetables. Do as I say, not as I do.

That having been said, I got my job via dumb luck and recklessness.

As a kid, I bounced between wanting to be an opera singer, a historian, a librarian, or a taxidermist, even though all of my teachers fiercely encouraged me to pursue poetry and theatrical costuming; my father wanted me to be a physicist, and my mother wanted me to be a mortician.

I had interest in all of these areas and I was a GIFTED CHILD so, naturally, when it came time to pick a career, I said, “Fuck it!” and became a birthday party clown and did elaborate poetry readings for friends.

When my boss wanted to start her company, she approached me due to my independent success as a juggler and storyteller, and I said, “Sounds neat,” and now I do exactly what I was already doing, only now I have more money and less time to play video games. So, you know, plusses and minuses.

I’ll eventually finish up my Library Science stuff, but for now, I’m paying my bills and going to therapy and trying to do one thing a day that makes me happy, which is pretty good.

Newsflash: I'm a Taxidermist

And taxidermists work with dead animals.

Thought that was kind of a given considering there’s a picture of me skinning a roadkill coyote with yellowtulipfinch on the front page of my blog, but evidently, some people are still perturbed when they discover that my beautiful innocent nature blog also features pictures of me just doing my job.

I try to tag all my taxidermy stuff with “taxidermy” and “Vulture Culture”, so if you’re here for the pretty nature pictures only, block those tags. Please remember, though, that my job is a huge part of my life; I will often mention taxidermy, dead animals, and other aspects of my chosen profession in public asks and in written responses to other posts which may not be tagged.

If you’re really genuinely freaked out by dead things that much, it’s probably best that you simply unfollow me now.