i'm a stupid shit

Mun is sick~

I have a horrible sinus infection/ cold/ flu thing. Idk what it is, but the original idea for Thirsty Thursday and Freewrite Friday might have to wait. 

Until I’m better, Ask Box is still open. Thirsty Thursday requests include NSFW asks, headcanons and writing prompts 

Send them my way, and if i’m not feeling too miserable I might try to give answering a few a shot. I’m surprised I was even able to write that angst fic earlier, tbh. lol. 

  • Bokuto: Bro
  • Kuroo: Yeah Bro?
  • Bokuto: What do you call a snake that's 3.14 metres long?
  • Akaashi: Oh no
  • Kuroo: I dunno Bro
  • Bokuto: a Pi-thon
  • Kuroo: Bro...
  • Bokuto: Bro..
  • Kuroo: Broo
  • Bokuto: Br-
  • Akaashi: Bokuto-san, Kuroo-san, shut the fuck up
  • Kenma: *looks up from gaming console* Get rekt
  • Me: I think I'm gonna work on being a better person by letting go of my anger
  • Some asshole: *does unnecessary stupid shit for no goddamn reason*
  • Me: It's time 2 murder


someday i’d like to break into jj abram’s house and beat him over the head with a box. then when he asks me who i am and why i’m doing this, i’ll tell him it’s a fucking mystery and then beat him over the head again for the next two years or so