i'm a stupid shit

The surgery scheduler said the hospital suggested I try the local “ride on” transportation company or a taxi for transportation home. The “ride on” transportation is heavily impacted and can’t guarantee anything, and the estimated cost of the taxi for a 35 mile drive is $130. But it’s cheaper than the insurance costs of staying overnight and driving myself home the next day. So I’ve put in an online request with a taxi company to pick me up at about 12:30 tomorrow, and hopefully my neighbor can drive me up there at 7am in the morning.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed and think good thoughts so this all works out and I don’t get stranded 35 miles away from home after my procedure tomorrow.


“Why don’t you talk to each other?
Why don’t you talk to each other, just give it a try…”

- Look, if I were you, I’d hate me too.

- I don’t hate you.

- But I knew how you felt about this show and I left anyway…

- That wasn’t a problem.

- Than what was?

- You loved this show too…

*bonus: Dan as Steven


also y'all: -ships two cannonly straight guys, clearly erasing their sexuality- this is so cute!!!! i don’t care if they’re straight!!! uwu

quietdoppelganger  asked:

Okay so... 76 getting a dog for his PTSD nightmares. Like, he picks out a big, smart dog (maybe a Belgian Malinois?) that's been trained to comfort soldiers with PTSD, wake them from nightmares, perform a perimeter sweep of a room, keep people from crowding the soldier/former soldier, help calm and ground the owner during flashbacks, etc. So he just has this big dog flanking him at all times when he's not in combat.

Sorry so I have to respond to this because I’ve been thinking about 76 with a dog and I hate it so much because he would love that dog so fucking much okay and I have a lot of feelings about 76 with a dog, maybe lots and lots of dogs because dang it, he meets a lot of strays when he travels around and dogs are so much better than people okay, dogs are so fucking pure and amazing and who would leave these poor puppers out on their own.

Tiny dogs, big dogs, disabled dogs, whatever it doesn’t fucking matter 76 will love them a lot because he still wants to protect things and dogs are quiet and loyal and won’t ask uncomfortable questions like humans will, so they’re a little easier to be around.

But yes he has to have one favourite. Maybe the pupper is not the favourite, it’s just super loyal and its super smart and is like ‘you know what human you look like you need someone to stick around with you so I’m just going to follow you even if you tell me to go away I’m just going to pretend I don’t understand I’ll stay with you’ so then it becomes the favourite

It’s big and maybe kind of fluffy and pupper looks after 76 as much as he looks after it. It gets big and growly and scares people off on the base when 76 is just not in the mood.

And then you come along and you are obviously the most amazing shining beacon of light ever. And the pupper is like ‘yes this human is good and seems to make my human okay, so maybe good human can stay with my human too also they give good treats and pets so i get good things this is goodness’

Now 76 is concerned because sometimes his pupper will wander off whenever you’re nearby and kind of nudge you and he’s scared they’re annoying you and he ends up talking to you more and maybe you really love dogs too and you tell 76 that you think it’s really nice that he brings strays into the base to look after sometimes and if he needs any help you’ll definitely give him a hand.

And then sometime in the future some how you and 76 are together and have lots of fur babies and the favourite pupper is old too and its like ‘yes good i have left my human with another good human with other good orphans brothers and sisters and now i think i can sleep for a long time because i’m tired but i know someone can look after my humans now’

and i’m crying at work i really love dogs and i want 76 to be happy too so MY EMOTIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

I didn’t know Homer was not the only source about greek mythology! I FEEL SO ENLIGHTENED!! im totally gonna do some “serious research” because i have never done that before.

Fucking Ezria

Are you for serious right now? 

Literally the moment I realized Ezra was proposing I fucking shut my laptop. You can’t be serious.



This is why this show is the goddamn worst. I can’t even anymore.


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