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Adult!Bakushima/Kiribaku being like:

- Kirishima: “fuck me stupid.”

- Bakugou: “fuck me, stupid.”

Which convey different meanings…but get the same result nonetheless.

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.
  • Harry: And what are you supposed to be?
  • Draco: I'm the love child of stupid and sexy.
  • Harry: But you're only wearing glasses-
  • Harry: and what's with that messy zigzag on your forehead?
  • Draco:
  • Draco, looks at harry defeatedly: stupid and sexy.

“I am the daughter of the leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Midford: Elizabeth! The Wife of the Queen’s Watchdog!

  • Book 1: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm a bitter old ass."
  • Book 2: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm a bitter old ass but I kicked Lockharte's butt in front of the whole school so readers temporarily like me more."
  • Book 3: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm such a bitter old ass that I'm willing to send an innocent man to his death and deprive an abused child of a loving home to satisfy a childhood grudge."
  • Book 4: Severus Snape and "Wow I really must be a bitter old ass if I'm throwing a hissy fit about a couple of stupid weeds when the child who used them is fighting for his life in a tournament he didn't even want to enter."
  • Book 5: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm a bitter old ass who is invading the privacy of an abused child's mind without really teaching him anything but this was the year The Stupid Pink Toad was here so the readers hate me less by default."
  • Book 6: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm such a bitter old ass that I've inadvertently injured my favourite student via the means of my least favourite student/favourite student's not-so-secret object of obsessive affection."
  • Book 7: Severus Snape and "Wow I'm a bitter old ass but I died in an act of basic human decency so sure, go ahead and name your kid after me"

Period Drama Meme{1/7} Scenes - Ankhesenamun’s Pregnancy Announcement

Glorious goddess, love this embodiment of you.

We open our hearts to your mysteries.

Choose her. Bless her as mother.

May your son live for 1,000 years.

The signs as weird shit my friends have said to me:
  • Aries: "The towel is my lover. No, fuck you, I'm not washing it."
  • Taurus: "You kissed like...right on the fleshy part of her lip."
  • Gemini: "I'm a colored pencil hoe."
  • Cancer: "I'm naming my child Mesopotamia."
  • Leo: "My eyeliner is sharper than your stupid knives."
  • Virgo: "Okay but...what if Darth Vader was a furry?"
  • Libra: "God damn, you're throwing some shade on Facebook at Tr- that's me. You're throwing shade at me."
  • Scorpio: "You're the sluttiest virgin I've ever met."
  • Saggitarius: "Don't think that just because I have a dick I can't do a split like the best paid stripper in town."
  • Capricorn: "Maybe if you'd stop being a goddamn, weakass bitch about it, you'd be able to hold his fucking hand. But no, youre a little wimp."
  • Aquarius: "I wish I looked like a lotus flower. Then I'd be like...petaly."
  • Pisces: "I named the little piece of hair that sticks up on my head Jennifer."

anonymous asked:

I've gone my almost my whole life dating men and lusting after women. I finally got with a woman, and realized why none of my previous relationships worked... uh cus I'm pretty gay. But it feels like it shouldn't have taken this long to realize that... I mean I'm 25 years old with a child! And part of me feels stupid coming out now, but I feel like I need to do it. My co-workers and some family know... do you think I'll still be accepted into the LGBTQ+ community being so "late in life" ?

Ofcourse! Some people don’t realize they’re LGBT until they’re like 80. It’s totally okay! It’s hard to figure out your sexuality, especially when you’re taught that you’re automatically straight your whole life. I’m so proud of you!

Ok so - if you know me at all you know that I have been ADAMANT from the beginning that Beth knew that Sarah would be at that train station at that time. That’s just WAY too big a coincidence, plus she shows no surprise when she turns around and sees Sarah’s face, AND she leaves her shoes as if to say ‘step into my place’. It’s all been very clear but for the life of me I could not figure out HOW this could be true.

Until today when @punk-rock-science and I realized something: it is entirely possible that the entire plot of Orphan Black rests on -


Yeah, that Bobby. The bartender.

We know that she knows Sarah through Felix. We also know that Beth had a serious substance abuse problem. So, it is entirely possible that -

-Bobby knew Sarah when she was with Vic.
-Beth came into Bobby’s bar at least once, possibly several times, but most notably on the night before she confronted Evie for some liquid courage.
-Bobby happened to mention how 'oh wow, you look exactly like my friend’. They strike up a discussion about this friend and how she is coming back into town that night on a train. She knows this from Felix, who (in this theory) was complaining in the bar about Sarah’s absence and her sudden intent to reappear in his life (We know he had advance notice of this because he is expecting Sarah when they first meet up in the bar).
-Beth leaves the bar and has a Pretty Rough Night, during the course of which Evie tells her to 'use that gun on yourself’. However, instead of doing this, she remembers Bobby’s story about her friend who looks 'exactly’ like her. Her friend who is coming into town that night on a train. And makes a different call.

Now, you could say that Beth knew exactly who Sarah 'the Lost Clone’ Manning was from her previous digging into clone lives, or you could say that she just assumed this was a random new clone - one she wouldn’t be letting down by stepping in front of that train, but still could trust to take over for her. Either way, it could work.

Just because i'm short doesn't mean...

1. I’m suddenly stupid
2. I’m a child or that you have to treat me as a child
3. I can’t be independent/do things that “challenge” my height
4. I’m an armrest. Because for the love of holy this is so annoying and 100% a turnoff. Like yeah, sometimes if you have a really tall friend and you can joke with each other it’s fine, but seriously doing it as a greeting? Not funny.
5. You can take my things and hold them high in the air. (As I discussed in 4. unless we’re BFFS, its a no-no)
6. I can’t keep up with your pace.
7. I am SUPPOSED to wear something due to my height. (Not all of us love heels you know.)

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