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“Legends of Tomorrow's season finale enters its last week of production today.”

What on earth is happening in the finale if J.R.R TOLKIEN is going to be in it

As far as all the rumblings about what is to come with Once…

One thing I’m thankful for is this. However this show does or does not end, this fandom will write through fic and illustrate through art infinite different versions that will inevitably be more nuanced, thoughtful and appropriate than anything we will ever see on our TVs. And while this sounds like a slam of A&E and the writing staff (which isn’t necessarily false) it’s just a fact. We care about the small moments as much as the big milestones and have the time and desire in our art to delve into them. We remember every tiny interaction and take time to tie up loose threads, maintain continuity and make sure there is a payoff for every crisis. There are simply too many characters and storylines and realms and curses and villains and heroes and lions and tigers and bears for A&E to focus on what we want all of the time. Thank god we have this space to do it for ourselves. I can’t wait to see what this fandom creates.


That being said, fuck up Emma Swan’s happy ending and I’m gonna riot.

“Laurens I like you a lot” is maybe the biggest understatement in the history of musical theater. 

I'm horrible with indirect confessions

Person: Hey, my friend likes you.
Me: …Okay. [Walks away]

Person: [Calls me over]
Me: (Huh? I know I’ve seen this guy around but we’ve never interacted. How does he know my name?) Yes?
Person: Do you want to be my Juliet and I could be your Romeo?
Me: …They both die in the end due to misunderstandings. I’d rather not.
Person: Then how about being my Lady Macbeth?
Me: That’s worse. [Walks away]

Person: [Confesses via text message while I’m in another province for an exchange program during the summer]
Me: [Forgets to reply]

Friend: I think he likes you.
Me: …And?

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Shelolly the x files au.

Sherlock and Molly teaming up to investigate possible alien encounters? Um, yes please. Where do I sign up?

Sherlock doggedly pursuing any leads to prove the existence of alien life forms. (His sister disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was a child, and he’s never been able to forget the bright light that lit up the house the night she vanished - no matter what his older brother Mycroft says.)

Molly as his skeptical partner-in-crime, assigned to work with him because she believes in science and facts above all else. (I mean, she’s already a pathologist - this AU practically writes itself.)

Together, they probe into cases that have so far gone unsolved, dubbed “The X Files” because the only space available to file them is in the almost-empty “X” filing cabinet. They come to depend only on each other, even though it takes them way longer than it should to admit their feelings for each other.

Add in Mycroft as a top government agent who secretly gives his brother information, and Moriarty as the leader of a shadowy government agency known as the Syndicate, and I think we have a winning combination here.

With all my heart.
to those who still attacking pewdiepie here, the media lie too you. they damage this men.  let me say, this can happen to you, if you think it can’t it will, remember people will gossip, people will lie about who you are just to destroy  who you are cause some have a need to hurt others and they don’t care what pain they can cause. because all they care about is what they can get from it. (so be careful with what you believe when someone tells you something about another person.)

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