i'm a photographer look at me

  • him: haha so do you have any fantasies? ;)
  • me: i've published a critically acclaimed new york times bestselling novel and i'm set for life on royalties alone. i attend a charity event for supporters of the arts. i meet lin manuel miranda. he tells me he's glad to meet me and he enjoyed my book. i burst into tears in front of everyone; nobody says anything about it, they all understand. when i recover we jokingly discuss a stage adaptation. freddie mercury is back from the dead and he's performing. i look good in every photograph taken that night.

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Alexandra Nataf for Matteau Swim SS17

  • Aries: Are you my appendix? Because I have no idea how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • Taurus: Do you have a name or should I just call you mine?
  • Gemini: Spell me. (M-E) You forgot the D. (There isn't a D in me.) NOT YET!
  • Cancer: You look a lot like my future husband, I promise to take great care of you and our kids.
  • Leo: I'd rate you a nine out of ten, only because I'm the one you're missing.
  • Virgo: I may not be photographer, but I can picture you and I together.
  • Libra: You remind me of the sun because you constantly brighten up my world.
  • Scorpio: If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, then I'd only have one dollar because you never left my thoughts after the first time.
  • Sagittarius: You must not of took your vitamins today because you look like you're lacking in vitamin me.
  • Capricorn: If you were a triangle, you'd be a right triangle because you're ALWAYS right!
  • Aquarius: I'm good at math ok. U + I = 69, and the value of I is 59 because U are a 10.
  • Pisces: You must be a masterpiece because I want to pin you up against a wall and admire you whenever I see you.

wasn’t prepared to be hit with dreamertrilogy content today but here we are let’s go through the list

  • new character Unwin, homeboy that has Ronan’s photo on his phone
  • Ronan got photographed wearing a tie and he’s mad about it
    • why are people taking pictures of Ronan and sharing it with strangers, that is wicked concerning
  • we have a timeline
    • he’s about twenty. this means maybe 1-2 years after TRK (just before Thanksgiving and just after Ronan’s birthday), and about 1 year after TRK’s epilogue (beginning of summer)
    • Adam’s well into college then, maybe finishing his first year, or into his second
  • the narrative isn’t just going to be from Ronan’s POV, we will get perspectives from other characters
  • other people think Ronan is super fucking hot

(This edition of the manga reads left-to-right).

My parents at their wedding in Pakistan, January 1998

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I'm a sucker for some good Marichat sleepover sin & fluff

Okay, I’m not technically taking prompts right now, but reading this ask gave me an idea, and I couldn’t say no, so…

“I haven’t looked.”

Adrien sat up slowly, rubbing his head and trying to make sense of where he was. “What happened?”

“Ladybug dropped you off here,” Marinette answered, facing towards the wall. “She said you umm… got hit by some catnip? She couldn’t stay, and she asked me to keep an eye on you.”

He slowly recognized the shapes of her furniture and the bits of photographs he’d seen before in the slivers of moonlight creeping from her windows. “Catnip?” His mind felt slow, as though every thought was fighting through a thick layer of fog to reach the surface.

“Yeah, she said it should wear off overnight. As soon as you, um… lit up, I made sure I didn’t look. Your identity is still safe.”

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He’s asked me twice if I’ve gotten enough food, I assure him I did. He’d been this way the whole day. First making sure our photographer’s gotten enough portraits then pushing back time so she could grab more. He offered outfit ideas, asked if we needed help carrying equipment, all while talking about how beautiful the venue was. He had just left a tour of the theater with fans and had retained everything he learned. There was lots of talking, hand motions and run on sentences punctuated with good-natured expletives. Someone mentioned a Trump rally that took place at the venue, he immediately stopped his brows furrowed, he listened attentively.
—  LADYGUNN about Dan
  • Sarah: And saw this one??
  • Dallon: Yep.
  • Sarah: And this???
  • Dallon: Yeeeep.
  • Sarah: And what about this one???
  • Dallon: I saw that too.
  • Sarah: So????
  • Dallon: ...
  • Sarah: ...*coughs*
  • Dallon: Okay!!! Your husband is fckn hot and he's the cutest thing in the universe and yes I admit that I'm slowly dying everytime I look at those pictures!!!
  • Sarah: I just wanted to hear that the photographer is great...but this reaction isn't surprising either.

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Any tips on how to get your foundation and concealer to not look cakey? I have that problem some times and I'm not sure if it's lack of skill or if I'm missing something. Also any tips for a contouring noob?

*cracks knuckles* Aightsoboom 

PRIMER, PRIMER, PRIMER. Silicon based primers are everything to me. Especially if you have more pronounced pores bc if you put foundation on sans primer it’ll sit in those pores and then you’ll add more foundation to compensate for that which leads to a freshly baked cake on your face. 

Also, I see people putting on a lot of foundation and powder (in real life and online) and yes that may photograph beautifully but in person, it looks cakey. You really don’t need so much foundation for your face.

SOMETHING ELSE I SEE WHICH GRIND MY FUCKING GEARS, is people setting their face with a pressed foundation powder. Now listen if you are one of my beautifully chocolate girls then I get it, translucent powder (and even banana powder) can have you out here looking all types of crazy but there are brands that make setting powders in other shades (I’ll be happy to post some links bc honestly the powders look BOMB and I need some for my clients) but circling back to layering foundations, to do your makeup is to add layers to your skin. putting a heavy powder (or just a fuck ton of powder) on your face over your foundation is to add a layer to your skin which you may not need!

SKINCARE, SKINCARE, SKINCARE. The easiest way to a flawless and smooth foundation is to have a nice, healthy, taken care of base. A lot of times foundation will cling to dry patches on your face (if you have them) or just dead skin that you have on your face so EXFOLIATE, not every day!! At most 3 times a week depending on need, please consult with a skin care professional, I can give you the information of an online one if you would like, she gives a personalized skin care consultation to revamp a routine or help figure out how to deal with any skin problems you may have. She is amazing seriously. (and a personal friend who has skincare down to a science)

Technique!! The technique you use to apply your foundation is a big factor in how the finish will look! I think the best technique is stippling motion, either with a brush or a sponge, really pressing the product into your skin can help it melt and blend into the skin, achieving that flawless finish we all crave.

Concealer, DON’T APPLY TOO MUCH AND ONLY PUT IT ON AFTER YOUR FOUNDATION. Concealer is made for problem areas, and some of these areas are covered adequately with foundation, so put your foundation on first and then take a look, if you can still see redness or breakouts through the foundation then you can conceal them. Also for under the eye again NOT TOO MUCH putting a fuck ton of concealer on under your eye is not only harmful to the very delicate skin under your eye but it causing a lot of creasing as the day goes on. So, conceal sparingly under the eye. Also, try to avoid really heavy or chunky/creamy concealers, I love the Urban Deacy Naked Skin concealers bc they are SO lightweight. 

Contouring is a kind of personalized thing, to adequately advise on that I’d need to know your face shape and undertones.

I hope this helped!! Ask me to elaborate on anything that isn’t clear! 

Talk to me about makeup guys!!

  • I'm in my 90s, sitting on my porch and looking at the sunset, with a melancholic look in my eyes.
  • My granddaughter silently approaches me, puts a hand on my shoulders and asks me why I'm sad. Is it about grandpa? Do you miss him?
  • I slowly turn my head and regard her in the eyes. A bittersweet smile appears on my lips.
  • I put my hand in my pocket and get out an old photograph, yellowed and ripped at the edges. I open it and slowly, with tears in my eyes, I start telling her about the Flinthamilton reunion.

160903 | Chen at his friend’s wedding

  • yeo wool: *taking a photo of soo ho and ban ryu being drunk and doing something embarrassing*
  • ah ro: what are you photographing?
  • yeo wool: what does it look like? i'm documenting two idiots in case i ever need to use it for blackmail. you'd be surprised how much shit i have on these two. it's kind of like my full time hobby. here, let me show you.
  • yeo wool: *pulls out other photos*
  • yeo wool: so this is when ban ryu and soo ho popped molly an hour before the performance.
  • yeo wool: and this is when ban ryu talked about one of your erotic stories for half an hour after hotboxing in the queen's personal bathroom.

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if you're still doing these, i wish you'd write something extra angsty and depressing, because i'm in that mood and you always know how to break me 😙

His world was too quiet now, Robert decided, looking around the empty flat he now called home. He’d moved into the tiny one bedroom flat in Leeds nearly two years ago now, and it still didn’t feel like home. He hadn’t exactly put up any homely touches, no photographs, nothing.

He didn’t have much of a life, not anymore. 

Robert sat down at his kitchen table, cracking open a fresh bottle of whiskey, satisfied by the burning sensation he felt in his throat as he knocked some back, relishing in how it made him feel awake, made him feel something close to alive again. 

Aaron was getting married today. 

They’d tried to hide it from him, Victoria and Diane, but Robert had found out. He’d seen it on Facebook, on Liv’s Facebook page - a cheesy post about getting ready for her brother’s wedding.

He was getting married today. The love of Robert’s life was getting married to someone else today, and it made Robert want to curl up and die

How had he managed to make such a mess of it all? He’d ruined their marriage before they’d managed to even make it a legal one, he’d ruined the life he built with Aaron in a matter of weeks, a life he’d spent months and months working to have a second chance at.

All ruined because of her.

Because of one mistake, because of a baby that had never existed in the first place, because he’d been too weak to hold himself together, too stupid not to jump into bed with the one person who’d been out to ruin him and Aaron from the day she’d arrived in Emmerdale.

Robert could remember the fight as if it had happened last week, instead of close to two and a half years ago. The way Aaron had just crumbled when Rebecca had played that voicemail in a pub full of people, the way Aaron had just cried, and cried, and cried when Robert had admitted it all.

The way Aaron had set his wedding ring down on the kitchen counter and told Robert that was it, that it was over, that there was no coming back from this for them.

Robert didn’t remember much of the last two years, if he was honest. He’d spent most of the first one in a drunken haze, draining bottle after bottle of whiskey for the first few months, until Victoria had demanded he get help.

That’s when Robert had decided to move out, live somewhere no one could judge him for his drinking habits. 

He was better off alone, anyway. This way at least, the only person he could ever hurt was himself. 

Glancing at his phone, Robert knew he shouldn’t look, that he shouldn’t check, but he couldn’t help himself, bringing up Liv’s Facebook page, his stomach churning as he looked at the newest post.

Happy wedding day bro.

Aaron looked happy, one arm around Liv, another around his husband, a dark haired man with a bright smile and nowhere near the baggage Robert had come with. He’d overhead Victoria telling Diane Aaron had met him at Bar West, a chef who lived in Hotten who worshipped the ground Aaron walked on.

A man who loved him the way Aaron deserved, a man who didn’t hurt him the way Robert had.

Robert couldn’t stop the tears as he threw his phone across the room, the smash as it connected with the kitchen counter too satisfying, another broken piece of Robert’s broken, useless life.

Everything felt too loud now, his thoughts screaming at him, telling him he was never going to be good enough, asking how he’d ever even thought that he could be good enough for Aaron, for anyone.

Reaching for the whiskey, Robert put the bottle to his head, knowing the alcohol would put an end to the screaming thoughts he had in his head. Maybe drinking himself into oblivion wasn’t the healthiest way to cope with his problems, but well -

the love of his life married someone else today.

send me a fic you wish i’d write 

brutalite  asked:

Hi, I've been reading through your theories for a few days now - great work, I'm immensely impressed I'm aware that the Netflix series operates on a different level than the books but there's one thing that has been bothering me - during The Miserable Mill episodes on the Paltryville VFD photo - shouldn't Beatrice stand together with Lemony? Why was she associated with Bertrand and this point when Lemony - literally - was still in the picture?

Good tidings to you, @brutalite!

Well, this is actually similar to the books. In “The Hostile Hospital”, the Baudelaire orphans find a photograph of their parents with Lemony, back when he was still dating Beatrice: 

The first person in the photograph was Jacques Snicket, who was looking at the photographer and smiling. Standing next to Jacques was a man who was turned away from the camera, so the children could not see his face, only one of his hands, which was clutching a notebook and pen, as if the obscured man were a writer of some sort. The children had not seen Jacques Snicket since he was murdered, of course, and the writer appeared to be someone they had never seen at all. But standing next to these two people were another two people the Baudelaire children thought they would never see again. Bundled up in long coats, looking cold but happy, were the Baudelaire parents.
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Seven]

“This photograph must have been taken a long time ago,” Violet said. “Look how much younger they look. They aren’t even wearing their wedding rings.”
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Eight]

Given the context, it appears that Lemony and beatrice were put in the middle of the picture, as a couple. However Lemony felt the need to hide his face, which meant their relationship wasn’t obvious to the oblivious Baudelaire orphans. Apparently Lemony’s tendancy to hide his face long predates his inculpation for arson. In “All The Wrong Questions”, all the illustrations fail to show his face. In the un-Authorized Autobiography, Lemony can’t find a single photograph of him as a child.

“And on this page,” Violet said, picking up a page I cannot bear to think about, “it reads, “In photographs, and in each public place, Snicket rarely shows his face.
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Five]

The Netflix series uses a vastly different continuity and we’ll have to see how it deals with Lemony’s and Beatrice’s break-up. In the books it’s implied they rarely (if ever) saw each other after that because Lemony was on the run (and, later, because she married Bertrand). Perhaps Netflix’s writers have something else in mind because in this picture the Baudelaire parents are clearly holding each other in a romantic manner and Lemony is on the sideline:

It’s either a plothole or a change in Beatrice’s storyline. Let’s hope for the latter rather than the former!