i'm a patient not a criminal

but like…can you imagine how awful harley’s first stay in arkham as a patient would’ve been 

all of her former colleagues would’ve been her doctors and all of her former patients would’ve been her peers

she would’ve been forced to face the fact that she flushed her career down the toilet and that no one really liked her anymore

i mean harley is an asshole don’t get me wrong and i know that it was her choice to become a criminal but… i feel like that would’ve been so hard on her and it makes me sad to think about :/ 

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Gimme some hoennchampionshipping AUs I'm dying without any content of them

Coming right up, nonny! Thank you for being so patient! *kisses*

  • Bounty Hunter AU where May is the brawns and Steven is the brain. Hoenn went to hell after the battle and now the remains of the country have turned to anarchy and lawlessness. May and Steven work to bring in criminals and try and help restore some form of order to the country. 
  • Disneyland AU because why the hell not? May is working as Belle and isn’t the biggest fan of this until she meets this really hot nerd who describes to her how she’s such an inspiration to him for being so bookish and smart even though people think she’s weird. Maybe this job isn’t so bad, especially since he seems to keep showing up in her area.
  • Mix-Up AU where Steven and May accidentally pick up the wrong Pokemon from the daycare and have to track each other down. Cliche but cute rom com adventures ensure and their Pokemon work together to get their two very awesome but very oblivious trainers to go on a date with each other.
  • Perhaps a Moulin Rouge AU? I’ve never watched the movie but I know that’s a popular one in many fandoms to utilize.
  • Twinsies AU where May has a twin sister named Sapphire. Imagine all of the events of ORAS but with another May who’s more wild and prone to acting on impulse. Steven doesn’t realize they’re two different people until he sees them both standing next to each other.
  • Doctor AU where May is a new doctor who happens to fall for the really hot surgeon who just happens to be the best at the hospital. And he takes a liking to her.
    • Alternate idea is an AU based on that one Tumblr post about the person in the hospital who seduced their doctor with the “fight me” thing. Steven is May’s personal doctor (or vice versa) and she tells him to “fight me”, even though she can barely breathe. He then leaves her number with “fight me?” on the side.
  • Red Riding Hood AU, perhaps? Or any variant on the fairytales? A cute one might be the Tin Solider :)

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Yaaaaay!!! Thank you so much!! I'll help you decide whatever you want. No, I don't think they remember each other right away. Not sure they remember each other at all, but that's up to you. Maybe like, flashes/dreams of past lives? Idk, you decide <3 And Gal was in a movie called ''Criminal'' - which is listed in the video's description.

Oh my gosh, of course!

Thank you for the help I’m horrifically indecisive; I think I might have Diana recognize him since she’s been around the whole time but Steve will definitely have some catching up to do! (I definitely am planning some flashbacks.)

And thank you again !! I totally should have looked; that was stupid of me. But thanks; I’ll be able to get some inspiration from that film!

college life

Alex was already waiting for Carlie at the airport with a bouquet of roses. Her flight would be landing any time soon and while his classes were difficult, he enjoyed it. Alex was loving college and even thought about joining a club that had to do with criminal justice; he thought it would be fun. He glanced around for her, sighing when she hadn’t arrived yet. Alex was never a patient person.