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How I’d personally like Otayuri to develop

Obviously, we’re all hoping for our own things out of this movie and so on, we’re hoping to progress and get to know the character’s personalities even more and follow them on more of their incredible journey. But on the topic of Otayuri?

I want it to hurt. 

I want to see stupid teenage pining and Yuri being a dick to Otabek because he can’t comprehend his feelings. 

I want Yuri to experience the most confusing and exhilarating time of his life with his best friend by his side, regardless of if they’re a couple or not. 

I want Yuri to learn about love because we barely, barely got there in season one, but I want him to experience it in the way we all do. The confusing and heartbreaking way, where nothing makes sense and everything is wrong until suddenly it’s not. Suddenly it happens and with a burst of fucking light Yuri finally fucking realises that love isn’t about sex appeal or what stupid crazy things you do for the other person, but it’s about how much you care for someone. 

I want Otayuri to be cannon, but I also want my heart ripped into a million pieces as the whole fandom howls and screams at the screen for Yuri being an idiot. 

I want the slowest of all slow burns because life is a fucking slow burn if ever I saw one.  

getting sick
  • normal kids: awe man this sucks, hopefully I'll get over it soon
  • choir kids: nOO *drinks 80 cups of water and lives off of cough drops and DayQuil*
types as epistemological justifications

ESTJ: logical positivism
INTP: scientific method
ESFP: skepticism
ESFJ: coherentism
ENFJ: internalism
ISFP: externalism
INFP: foundationalism
ENFP: transcendental idealism
ISTJ: Occam’s Razor
INFJ: foundherentism
ENTJ: pragmatism
INTJ: induction
ISFJ: deduction
ISTP: abduction
ESTP: probability theory
ENTP: infinitism

TV for 200, Alex

A/N: So I’ve been watching a lot of Jeopardy lately because I’m taking the tryout quiz in a couple weeks. This has most likely been done already but I thought this would be a cute drabble thing. It hasn’t been beta’d by my bff @sandwich1317 so if it’s bad I have no idea. Please tell me, though! 

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“Oh come on, you guys, I never get to pick what to watch,” you moan to Sam and Dean from the couch. It was a slow, rainy day and the three of you were stuck in the bunker.

“Y/N, I almost always let you pick what we watch,” Sam sighed from his spot next to you. “Just yesterday I watched four hours of Law & Order with you.” It was true, you couldn’t get enough Benson/Stabler action.

“Yeah but you’re my boyfriend so you choose to do stuff like that. Right, Dean?” You look to where he sat at the table behind the couch for support.

He didn’t look up from his laptop. “No comment,” was all you could get out of him.

You check the time and give a flirty little grin, “How about I find us something we both would enjoy?”

Sam gave you a quick naughty look and you give him a playful shove.

“Not that - get your mind out of the gutter!” You turn the TV on and flip to the right station, “this.”

The channel pulls on just in time to hear the announcer say “This is Jeopardy!” and Sam gives you a nerdy smile.

Dean in turn gives a groan from the table behind you, “Oh come on, y'all. Not this nerd crap.”

“You’re on your computer so what does it matter to you. Besides, you might know some of these.” Sam came to your defense.

After all the players were introduced and Alex Trebek gave his intro spiel the game went under way.

“These two similar sounding -ologies are the study of word origins and the study of insects,” Trebek read to the players.

“What are entomology and etymology,” you and Sam say together while watching the screen.

“What are entomology and etymology?” answered a contestant named Nan.

“Correct,” noted Trebek.

You and Sam smiled at each other again and Dean laughed, “You two are made for each other.”

This process continued through the first commercial break: the clue would be read, you and Sam would try to answer and see who got it right. Sam, you’d admit, was a little smarter than you, so he’d usually get the question right that you’d get wrong. Your competitive side was starting to get riled up. You kept hoping you’d get one right that he’d get wrong.

“This is the university across the pond attended by John Cleese and John Milton,” said Trebek.

“What is Oxford,” Sam answered with a contestant named Jeff.

“What is Cambridge,” you said at the same time as them.

“No, that’s incorrect,” replied Trebek. After time ran out he gave the answer, “Cambridge was the correct answer.”

You laugh and turn to give Sam huge smile. He nods his head in defeat.

“Ha! Looks like someone isn’t Mr. Know-it-all after all,” Dean joked from behind the two of you. Sam only replied by chucking a pillow at his brother’s face.

You smiled to yourself at the pleasantness of the afternoon, sitting here with the two men you loved most watching one of your favorite TV shows. You really did have a good life despite all the crap that got thrown your way.

“This series of books by Carver Edlund tells the story of Sam and Dean as they ‘save people and hunt things,’” said Trebek.

Your eyes grew to saucers as you turned to Sam’s matching expression. You both look back at Dean and he was just as surprised as you two.

“Are you kidding me?” you say incredulously.

The contestants stood in silent perplexity.

The timer ran out and Trebek looks to the players with a smile, “What is Supernatural. A little lesser-known series.”

“Excuse me?” Dean said with offense.

“Well, it looks like we’ve made it now. We’re a Jeopardy question,” Sam says with a smile and the three of you share a laugh.

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I’m up north in Manistee, MI :)

All that sand that you see in the beginning and the end of the video is because of a giant avalanche. And those giant concrete boxes in the water are old septic tanks :(

Because these houses overlook Lake Michigan they need to be literally moved back every 50 - 75 years. Apparently they didn’t remove the old septic tank and that caused the bluff and dunes to become unstable and they collapsed.. Thankfully my grandpa’s side is still okay and is healthy.