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getting sick
  • normal kids: awe man this sucks, hopefully I'll get over it soon
  • choir kids: nOO *drinks 80 cups of water and lives off of cough drops and DayQuil*
How I’d personally like Otayuri to develop

Obviously, we’re all hoping for our own things out of this movie and so on, we’re hoping to progress and get to know the character’s personalities even more and follow them on more of their incredible journey. But on the topic of Otayuri?

I want it to hurt. 

I want to see stupid teenage pining and Yuri being a dick to Otabek because he can’t comprehend his feelings. 

I want Yuri to experience the most confusing and exhilarating time of his life with his best friend by his side, regardless of if they’re a couple or not. 

I want Yuri to learn about love because we barely, barely got there in season one, but I want him to experience it in the way we all do. The confusing and heartbreaking way, where nothing makes sense and everything is wrong until suddenly it’s not. Suddenly it happens and with a burst of fucking light Yuri finally fucking realises that love isn’t about sex appeal or what stupid crazy things you do for the other person, but it’s about how much you care for someone. 

I want Otayuri to be cannon, but I also want my heart ripped into a million pieces as the whole fandom howls and screams at the screen for Yuri being an idiot. 

I want the slowest of all slow burns because life is a fucking slow burn if ever I saw one.  


Stiles and his Emissary uniform. [Triskelion added once he–loudly–joined the Hale pack.] Special kudos to anyone who recognizes the symbolism on his jacket. XD

*The Hale family jacket for the more extravagant evenings or meetings with other pack leaders.  [Usually taken off almost immediately after said meeting so Derek can sulk in comfort. ]

Jon/Dany AU’s - Talk politics to me [9/20]

It was already dark outside when Jon came to her room. After months of discussion and compromises they had finally agreed to work with each other. After all they needed the majority in congress in order to reach any of their goals. While Jons main aim was getting back the political power from the other party to finally change the system before people started to die on that minimum healtcare the current adimistration was granting and a political riot would break out, Daenerys had set her mind on the precidency. 

Those late night debates have slowly become a habit of theirs. They could think more rational without people stressing them and constantly ringing phones, they claimed. Also it wasn’t always welcomed to drink red wine at strategy meetings.

“Tyrion would go crazy. He would never let you endanger your current high approval ratings in order to take a risky chance by openly joining forces with an underdog like me.” Jon said, still pacing through her small hotel room.

“But why not? The underdog has always been the popular choice. Just imagine the medial circus - two young good looking politicans taking over the country!” Dany joked in a dramatic voice, while raising her brows. But there was more to it, something Jon couldn’t quite place. Was she flirting with him?

“So you’re calling me good-looking now?” It was a bold move but this whole power talk was making him kind of daring. Or maybe it was the wine.

“That is the only message you got from this?” Dany was flat-out teasing him now, her lips pursed and eyes almost seductive. Oh it was definitely the wine.

Real fast, I want to hear you guys’ opinions on Thrawn with pupils VS Thrawn without pupils. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and really want to know what people prefer and why!

Please keep debates against others on this post to a minimum! I don’t want this to turn into a Thrawn based gang war, hahaha!