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getting sick
  • normal kids: awe man this sucks, hopefully I'll get over it soon
  • choir kids: nOO *drinks 80 cups of water and lives off of cough drops and DayQuil*

Stiles and his Emissary uniform. [Triskelion added once he–loudly–joined the Hale pack.] Special kudos to anyone who recognizes the symbolism on his jacket. XD

*The Hale family jacket for the more extravagant evenings or meetings with other pack leaders.  [Usually taken off almost immediately after said meeting so Derek can sulk in comfort. ]

types as epistemological justifications

ESTJ: logical positivism
INTP: scientific method
ESFP: skepticism
ESFJ: coherentism
ENFJ: internalism
ISFP: externalism
INFP: foundationalism
ENFP: transcendental idealism
ISTJ: Occam’s Razor
INFJ: foundherentism
ENTJ: pragmatism
INTJ: induction
ISFJ: deduction
ISTP: abduction
ESTP: probability theory
ENTP: infinitism

Five months. Five whole months. I told myself I’d be okay by now. Ages ago, infact. I’m not. Although I did genuinely expect to be- I’ve never been hung up for this long on some boy before. But you- you’re different. You’re magic. You made me light up and i’ve never been happier than when I was with you. Never. Gosh I miss you so much. You’re doing fine though. I wish I moved on as quickly as you. But here I am still wishing you’d come back and we could be something again. Friends, something more. I don’t know. Anything but this. I can’t be whatever we are for any longer. I want you so much, please come back.
—  Please.

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Applying Lawyer Vision(TM) to Ace Attorney

So I am currently playing the Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice/Gyakuten Saiban 6. I’m playing it in Japanese - not least because I have a Japanese 3DS and 3DSes are region-coded - but I played the first 4 Ace Attorney games in English. OTOH, I played Gyakuten Kenji (AKA Ace Attorney Investigations) 1 and 2, Dual Destinies, and Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton in Japanese. Which is not the point of this post, but is some possibly interesting context.

Now, I love these games. I love them a LOT (with the exception of Apollo Justice, which annoyed me both from a plot and game mechanics perspective). I have loved them since I first played 1 to 4 in around 2007, and Spirit of Justice has been providing me with endless glee.

Nevertheless, as a lawyer, sometimes the illogic drives me up the wall. I mean, I am sure non-lawyers also stop and go “wtf?” at the fact that you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that SOMEONE ELSE DID IT for the person on trial to be found not guilty… but I suspect that my own desire to howl NOOO, WHYYY at the screen or choke with incredulous laughter and bang my head against a wall is exacerbated by my training and profession. I know I did headdesk at a lot of this stuff the first time round, but I swear it is worse this time. Which is odd, actually, because I don’t practice criminal law and I would have studied criminal law not that long before playing the games, so it should have been a lot fresher in my mind. Perhaps it was just as frustrating, and I am misremembering this.

However, like with movies and TV shows that are so bad they are funny, at a certain point all this legal ludicrousness becomes as hilariously ridiculous as it is insanely maddening, and so a few years ago when Dual Destinies first came out, I turned it into a game and started keeping a list of things that nobody in the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten universe really knows or cares about. In all fairness, I am approaching this from the angle of an Australian lawyer and the Gyakuten legal system is (very loosely) based on the Japanese legal system, so some of these things don’t apply or at least not to the same extent if you view it in that context. Still, at least some of this stuff is universal, and either way it amused me, so: I present to you the list of legal concepts that nobody in the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten universe legal systems knows or cares about, originally posted to LJ in 2013, now updated for having played DD, AAI2, and most of SOJ (spoilers for 1-4 and 6, mainly, but the spoilers for SOJ are marked and after a long gap).

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