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Caught (M) Jimin X Reader

Requested by anon:

can you do a dom!jimin smut where jimin, the reader, and all the other members are at the dorm maybe watching a movie then jimin is feeling kinda frisky or maybe he is jealous over the others flirting with the reader so he does “some things” and even though the others already figured out what jimin and the reader are doing jimin still continue doing what he is doing even though the others are looking so like everyone would know that the reader is his only sshSHJSD I DONT KNOW

Sorry this took so bleeding long! I hope you like voyeurism, ‘cause that’s what you’re getting! This basically just PWP, but I hope this is more or less what you wanted. Enjoy! ;)

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Blood-curdling screams filled the room, and you barely blinked an eye as a woman lost her arm to an insane serial killer. It was movie night at the dorm with the rest of Jimin’s group, and in truth, you were not finding this particular movie that scary. Gore didn’t bother you, so that evening’s movie was not one that took effort to endure.

Not for you, anyway.

Beside you, your boyfriend, Jimin, was practically shaking with what only could be fear. Subtly, you turned your head to face Jimin. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and were glued to the screen, a grim expression upon his face. The poor guy was clearly not enjoying the movie.

You placed your hand on his shoulder gently, about to remind him that it was just a stupid movie, but the small touch practically made Jimin jump out of his skin. He snapped out of whatever terror-fuelled reverie in which he had been enraptured, and turned to face you with raised brows.

‘You made me jump, idiot,’ Jimin murmured under his breath in an exasperated tone.

He turned his face back to the screen, pouting - or, at least you think he meant you to believe he was looking at the screen.

Apparently, Jimin must have thought you were born just yesterday, or something along those lines. Because it was blatantly obvious that, although he was facing the direction of the television screen, his eyes fell upon the DVD player below the TV screen.

What a scaredy cat.

Leaning over to Jimin, you quietly asked, ‘Not scared, now, are we?’ A smirk spread across your face as Jimin frowned at you.

‘Don’t be stupid,’ he softly stated in a defensive and entirely unconvincing tone. You raised an eyebrow in response, clearly indicating that his lies were transparent.

Huffing, he rolled his eyes and said in a small voice, ‘Fine. Maybe I am scared… but just a little.’

Smiling to yourself, content now he had told you the evident truth, you turned your eyes back to the screen.

The movie continued, more people died, and ten minutes on in the gruesome movie, Jimin turned to you and buried his face into your shoulder.

‘(Y/N),’ he whispered, ‘I’m scared.’

‘Awww, poor baby,’ you replied in a condescending tone, as you rubbed his shoulder soothingly.

Jimin pulled away to look into your eyes, and you swore under your breath as an expression with which you had become all too familiar with spread across Jimin’s face: lust.

For God’s sake, why in the middle of the movie?

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Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins
Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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Evermore (Belle’s Version)

For me the world was much too small.
Some said I can’t control my fate.
I only ever had my father in my life,
I hope I’m not too late,
For I’ll never shake away the pain
If you are gone but I’m still here.
I let you steal into my open, lonely heart
It’s more than I can bear.

But I swear I’ll never leave you
Even though I went away. 
I will always love you, hold you, kiss you,
Save you, come what may.
Living in a golden tower,
Laughter heard beyond the doors,
I swear to you I’ll walk back in
To be with you for evermore. 

I’ll conquer all the trials of love,
Darkness will flee before the light.
You believe my heart to be beyond your reach?
It’s never out of sight.

So I swear I’ll never leave you
And I’ll never fade from view.
This love will inspire us,
Be a part of everything we do.
Living in a golden tower,
Laughter heard beyond the doors,
I swear to you I’ll walk right in.
These long, dark nights will have an end.
Watch the light come pouring in.
I’ll love you for evermore!

I wrote this a couple days ago because I was wondering what Belle might have been thinking as she rode back to the castle to stop the mob. We know she cared about the Beast obviously, but I think while she was on that ride she was beginning to understand just how deeply she cared for him. So I listened to “Evermore” about thirty times in a row while writing out a version of the song that I think Belle would sing as she goes to try and stop the mob. Hope you guys like it!

Some people have expressed wishing to do a recording of this version of the song, which flatters me to no end and would be freaking awesome. All I ask is that you credit me with the creation of this version and also Alan Menken and Tim Rice for the original song. Thanks so much!

2AM Thoughts

I never imagined I’d be that girl who sits in her room all day and gets high alone.
But I do.
I never imagined I’d be that girl who would poke herself with needles for hours on end, struggling to find a vein that works.
But I have no choice.
I never imagined I’d be that girl who began shooting up in her feet because everywhere else had become so damaged.
But my feet allow me to still feel something. I never imagined I’d be that girl who got a blood infection and was hospitalized for three months, unable to walk, in a wheelchair, barely able to move because the infection was so severe.
But it happened. It was terrifying.
I never imagined I’d be that girl who gave up her entire life for a substance.
But I did.
I never imagined I’d be that girl who sold her soul for false happiness.
But I needed something.
I never imagined I’d be that girl who pushed everyone away and blamed everyone for leaving.
But it was my fault.
It was always all my fault.
I gave up everything and everyone for substances.
I don’t know what happiness is, but when I feel that rush, that’s something.
Oh, that’s something.